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Overpowered Sword Chapter 257

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Level up with the sword (257)

As a result, it was a task that should not have been done due to El Cid’s cubic crystal, so Leon looked down at the holy sword with an expression of exasperation.

If Karen had not been able to break through Rodelin’s defensive magic with new technology, the fight just a moment ago might have lasted nearly an hour. The synergistic effect of the magic given to the body by the dragon directly on the fuselage designed and manufactured by the Sentai Grand Meister was truly terrifying.

Even with 〈Sacred Barrier〉 and the assistance of Holy Law, Ellahan was limited to briefly hitting it, so if the defensive magic was in effect, there was a high possibility that even 〈Five-Star Wheeler〉 would not cause fatal wounds.

The attack and defense power are so ridiculously high that they make up for the shortcomings in mobility and flexibility!

‘It’s literally a walking fortress.’

Leon looked at Rodelin’s body, which had been damaged by the Five-Star Wheeler, out of the corner of his eye a few times, and realized that the damage was not serious.

Unlike Irexana, I have never seen the blueprint, so I have no way of knowing its internal structure, so it is difficult to say whether it could have been neutralized in one hit. It was at a level that dared not be compared to the Imperial Guardian.

“Well, let me see.”

Albion, who stopped the battle with a single punch, approached Rodelin’s side. There was quite a bit of heat left in the aftermath of the fierce clash just moments ago, but dragons are known for not even damaging their scales even when using the furnace as their own bathtub.

Albion caressed Rodelin’s torso like nothing else.

There was a hissing sound from the white, thin fingers, but no trace was left on the skin.

“…The damage to the left arm joint and facial area is 28%, and the damage to the right foot joint is about 7%? “Self-repair will be enough.”

Rodelin blinked as if agreeing with him.

《The time required is estimated to be 1 hour and 31 minutes.》


“Even if it is torn to pieces, it can be fixed in a day or two, so it won’t be a big deal. “The question is, is it still a magic furnace?”

《Yes Master. With my ability to think, I couldn’t find the cause or solution to the power leak that occurred in the central horsepower furnace. In addition, part of the magic circle was damaged due to the idling of the magic power, and the core output was reduced by 12% due to the recoil that overheated the auxiliary magic power path. To be precise, for

Leon and his group, this meant that the hit from one Karen was a fatal effective blow. As if ignoring the ‘Exile Barrier’ and entering was not enough, it even penetrated the armor’s defense and damaged the magic path inside.

Considering Rodelin’s function, it was an impossible result.

The magic level that Albion had imprinted inside and outside was 8th rank, and if he was willing to risk damage to the core, he could use even the 9th rank ultimate magic several times.

Even if it was an attack that jumped or penetrated space, it was impossible to ignore its defense and hit the inside.

Rodelin didn’t know that either, so she said it again.

《Master, please check whether a functional error has occurred in my body. If this continues, it will act as a fatal weakness if the same problem occurs in the future.》

Albion thought about those words for a moment and then shook his head.

“No, there is no problem with your function.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


“Next time, use magic that directly interferes with probability to defend. There is no solution other than that. “That is a technique that cannot be fundamentally countered unless ultimate magic is used.”

Albion dismissed Rodelin’s words and turned his attention to one of Leon’s group.

Karen suddenly made eye contact with the dragon and hid behind Leon.

It was an instinct cultivated and trained as an assassin.

For them, confronting something stronger than themselves was a taboo that they had nothing to say even if it meant death. Albion smiled and opened his mouth at the scared look.

“You’re using techniques beyond your level, girl.”

Although he does not know 〈Jet Black Dance〉 as thoroughly as El Cid, the transcendent species’ vision sees areas that mortals cannot see.

She sensed a familiar yet unfamiliar flow in Karen.

A method of freely changing the reality and illusion that Roderick showed in the distant past as if it was nothing special. Compared to him, he is not even a beginner, but the basic principles of martial arts are the same.

Transformation of truth and reality.

“To enter, you must reach at least the level of Grand Master, and to master it, you must overcome the wall of demigod.”

“Is that so?”

“Crossing the border between reality and reality requires taking risks, even as a transcendent species. If you are not careful, it may dissolve into an illusion and not be able to return to reality, or it may become something that ‘never existed’.”

Leon, whose eyes widened at the terrifying story, secretly asked El Cid a question.


[uh. It’s a skill I’ve only shown once or twice, but I remember it well. They say the dragons don’t know forgetting, is that really true?]

‘No, did you teach Karen something so dangerous?!’

[Are you crazy? Even if I wanted to teach you how to do good deeds like that, I can’t. If that were possible, I would have made the completed form of ‘Seven-Star Sword’ from you first and blown away the archbishop’s head.]

El Cid said.

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[That young lady’s achievement happened to be a case in which there could be no exceptions.]

In the old teachings of the East, there is an expression called ‘awareness of knowledge’.

This means that enlightenment is not something that is reached through a series of efforts, but rather something that happens suddenly. It was the same sound as jumping from A and landing at Z, rather than arriving at Z via BCD from A.

It could be said that it was simply luck, but the level and power that one entered into in this way was bound to be unstable.

[It’s not that big of a problem. It matches the properties of ‘shadow’ so well that I just found a shortcut, so if I tell people to be careful about the path they shouldn’t take, there will be almost no side effects.] ‘

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Well, that’s a good thing.’

While the two were talking, the conversation between Albion and Karen was already reaching its end.

“It’s a shame because this time it was an opponent through whom your strength worked. If you try to interfere carelessly with an opponent who is not at that level, not only will it be nullified, but you will also face backlash. “Be careful.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

For a dragon that is notoriously arrogant, Karen nodded deeply and responded to the advice given in a very kind voice.

Albion only nodded his head once at those words and then turned to Rodelin, who was still in the process of being restored.

“Put everything in except the Rodelin core body. “Until the horsepower reactor and its circuits are restored, the core output is limited to less than 30%.”

“Yes, Master.”

The moment Rodelin agreed to the unknown command, a brilliant light emanated from the entire body of the golden golem.

He was a magical maniac, one of the precursors to high-level magic.

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When there was a flash of light and the group opened their eyes again.


Leon rubbed his eyelids a few times as if he was doubting his own eyes.

It had to be that way.

“The core body was stored. “Fuselage recovery inside subspace is delayed by 21 minutes and 53 seconds.”

This was because a girl who only appeared to be in her teens appeared where Rodelin, the 20-meter-long golden golem, had been standing.

Her hair is blonde and yellow like sunflower petals, and her eyes are the same. For some reason, the outfit was a maid’s uniform, but the frills and bottom were gold, so it was extravagant.

The skin sticking out of the long skirt and sleeves is white, but the light from the magic circle engraved on it like a tattoo gently surrounds the body and flutters like fireflies.

She was a girl with the aura of a fairy.

“Oh oh!”

At that time, Irexana approached Albion with a rare expression of excitement and asked.

“Is this your master’s posthumous work?”

“So, did you recognize it?”

“of course. “I guess that girl is the result of the last subject that Master studied during his lifetime.”

It was an incomprehensible conversation for Leon and his companions, who did not know their past history.

Leon, unable to contain his curiosity, spoke first.

“Albion, is that kid…?”

“It’s as you think. “This is Rodelin’s Core-Body.”

Albion agreed to his question and motioned, and Rodelin approached with the steps of a noble lady. It looked completely different from the golden golem that boasted a weight of tons.

He was about 130cm tall, so when he reached in front of Leon, he couldn’t even look up at him without breaking his neck.

Ellahan’s cheeks blushed because he thought she was cute, but he was confused by the fact that she was the golem he had just hit.

“This child is the golem that fought us?”


“Such a small and cute child is such a piece of gold…”

Then Albion burst out laughing and boasted.

“Just because it’s a golem, there’s no need to maintain that volume on a regular basis. “The bigger and heavier it is, the more force it takes to move it, so it only needs to be transformed into a form suitable for emergencies.”

If wizards who have studied golems to this day heard it, they would start to wonder if it was as simple as it sounds.

What made up Rodelin was a magic circle that was hand-engraved by a dragon, known as the lord of magic, on a special metal that could make you rich and rich if you brought just a handful of it.

Even the wizards of old civilizations took decades to create a piece of equipment, only to have several towers fall due to losses.

Albion stroked Rodelin’s hair as she stood in front of him.

“With the subspace magic built into the core body, I summon ‘external combat armor’ around my body, and the ego created with my knowledge recombines the appropriate weapons for each situation and responds. “If we had fought outside of this rare, we would have used floating magic and flying wings to bombard the 7th rank magic.”

Leon, imagining the majesty, swallowed his dry saliva.

“…You didn’t even use half of your power.”

“Didn’t you guys do that too? “It ended too quickly because we were caught off guard by that kid, but we didn’t intend to fight to the point of hurting each other in the first place.”

And Albion, who cried out loud, took a step back.

Only Rodelin remained in place and looked up at Leon.

Clear and transparent eyes. Unlike humans, the beautiful gold, which felt even more like a glass bead due to its lack of emotions, stood like a human with enormous magical power.

Albion said.

“Rodrik I guess this is enough for what I owe you?”

The hilt of the sword trembled at Leon’s waist and responded.

《Ah, I have some change left over. “I tried so hard that it wasn’t like you.》

“…You were annoying until the very end.”

Albion frowned again at his unfriendly tone, but he seemed to have given up soon and parted his lips with a long sigh.

It was the end of a debt relationship that had lasted for 300 years.

“Rodelyn. As of this time, I will transfer your ownership to Leon, the human in front of you. Renew your master registration immediately.”

“Yes, thank you so much. Albion, my creator.”

Rodelin was not at all surprised by the sudden command, and turned to Albion, who was standing behind her, and greeted him politely.

Then he turned towards Leon.

Pick up the hem of your skirt that hangs over your ankles with both hands and gracefully pull one leg back while lowering your upper body and head. It was a posture and balance so perfect that even strict etiquette teachers in aristocratic society could not help but admire it.

Rodelin, who recognized Leon as the new master as ordered by Albion, spoke with her eyes shining.

“Greetings once again, Master. I, Rodelin, am a golem that was handed over to the Master from the former warrior Rodrigo El Vivar as a covenant made three centuries ago. “I will do my best to help with the functions of this body and my ego.”


Leon, who spoke respectfully in an unexpected situation, tilted his head.

Ellahan and Karen, who realized the situation a beat later, opened their mouths with dumbfounded expressions.

It was exactly 10 seconds later.



Leaving behind the panicked companions, Leon faced Rodelin, who was looking up at him with an innocent face.

It may be new to you, but he was born as a commoner.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I had never had a servant, let alone a maid, so I wasn’t used to standing on top of someone. But to hear that a golem with the appearance of a teenage girl with an ego is the owner?

In the end, Leon’s mind went blank and he smiled weakly.

“…I’m Leon, the hero. Please take care of me.”

“Yes Master Leon.”

When I place my hand on the top of my head in front of me, I feel a warmth even though I am a golem. Leon smiled and stroked her head, and Rodelin seemed to like the touch so much that she closed her eyes.

When Leon saw that, he felt some kind of satisfaction and thought.

‘I feel like I have a daughter even though I haven’t even dated, let alone married.’

And El Cid struck the candle as always.

[It’s thanks to me. Thank you, right?]

‘Shut up!’

I meant it.

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