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Overpowered Sword Chapter 264

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Level up with swords (264)

Leon questioned those words.

‘Wait a minute, Simgeom?’


‘That legendary state where if you cut with your heart, you will actually be cut?!’

Martial arts is literally a path with no end in sight, so practitioners have created numerous classification methods to check their position.

I am not discussing names such as Auror User or Expert.

‘Sword and Sword Unity’, which refers to the level where the sword and body become one body. ‘Sword Qi Shaping (劍氣成形)’, which allows you to reproduce the prowess even without holding a weapon.’ A ‘spirit merchant’ who can subdue an opponent just by emitting an aura. It refers to a practical concept like this.

Among them, ‘Simgeom’ is by far the best, and its very existence has been questioned many times.

The phenomenon itself is very similar to the ‘spiritual merchant’, but the fatal difference is that it executes a slash without using any aura at all. If you use it for a surprise attack, even the Auror Master won’t be able to react.

[Well, it’s not wrong.]

El Cid affirmed.

[If you reach the peak of Heart Sword, you can kill an unwary Master with a single blow. If you are in a combat posture, it will end up as a serious injury.]

‘Huh? If you’re prepared, can you evade or block it?’

[Of course you idiot! Even for people like you who have not trained in telekinesis, an Auror Master is someone who has stepped into that realm. It’s even weirder to not be able to react when faced with the threat of death.]


Then El Cid, who started crying, explained further.

[The Sword of the Heart is not as grandiose as the delusions of those who have not even crossed the threshold. Immediate movement of the heart. If the sword can move as the mind moves, then it is also a mind sword.]

Leon listened to the teachings and cut off the head of the swamp troll that attacked him again. The regenerative power of the body that existed during life is completely gone, and the body that existed due to the immortality of the demon world rots away at once.

Take a step back, avoid the debris, and take another step forward.


The hair branches of the gnoll and ghoul caught in the crosscut bounce side by side, and kick the harpy that had fallen while aiming for the gap, shattering it to pieces.

They are corpses with more than half of their bodies rotted away.

I don’t know about the attack power, but the durability was already close to its limit. Since it was not cut with a holy sword, it could not destroy immortality, but it takes a considerable amount of time to repair the shattered body.

There was no need to waste energy trying to finish off each one.

[Martial warriors who have entered the path of Mind and Sword can even accelerate time or jump through space within their sword power.]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

For some reason, something came to Leon’s mind.

It was the move of Kasim, the death penalty that had been challenged dozens and hundreds of times in the Titan Mountains and could not land a single effective hit.

Even though it was moving a few beats slower than me, I had no choice but to be one step behind even my defense against the attack that was faster than me and seemed to have skipped the intermediate process.

The extreme of the last-first-come-first-served system.

Maybe that movement too.

[Eventually, you can reach a point where you skip even the movements of the deep sword, but the efficiency is not very good. It has hands and feet, but it’s like wielding a weapon using only your mental power.]

While engraving El Cid’s words in my mind, I focus on my sword fighting.

Radius 2 meters.

It uses a space that may be even smaller than that as its territory and kills everything that enters it. It felt like the enemy’s presence, which I couldn’t recognize with my senses, was within my reach, so it was enough to just extend the optimized sword path.

Even if it attacks from behind or rises from the ground, it is not a threat at all as long as you can respond one step ahead.

‘You clearly said that manipulation of space and time is possible… right?’

In Leon’s opinion, if El Cid’s words were to be followed, it seemed like the Heart Sword could be developed into its own form like <Auror Blade>.

So how should he make his heart sword?

It was a question of whether to move forward in a way that further highlights the strengths or to complement the weaknesses.

‘Both the ‘Sun Sword’ and the ‘Seven Star Sword’ have sufficient destructive power. I never thought that speed was particularly lacking.’

I doubted whether my body would be able to withstand even if I increased my output even more than now.

It was unlikely that he would be able to overwhelm the enemy he had to face, Vritra, with the scale of his power.

Moreover, as he accepted the ‘demon king’s side’, he ceased to be a pure dragon. As long as it was possible to deliver effective hits with a holy sword, the high or low output was likely not a big problem.

Therefore, the ability that Leon must have now is one that neutralizes the opponent’s evasion and defense rather than a special attack.


From daotranslate dot com

At that moment, Leon’s movements changed strangely.

El Cid let out an inexplicable laugh when he saw that.

[Are you really planning to do that? Not bad. [The biggest problem is whether or not it will be possible to improve the level of completion within the deadline.]

If successful, it was a weapon that could definitely turn the tables.

There were plenty of subjects here to test it.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


It was some time after that.

Leon, who had slain a thousand monsters and restored the rest they had lost for hundreds of years, stretched out his sword.

It’s more difficult and cumbersome than expected.

A battle that would have taken less than 3 minutes if it had been wiped out with the <Sun Sword> took nearly an hour. It was a part that showed how much he relied on ‘Sword of the Sun’ and ‘Sword of the Seven Stars’.

[Good work. Shall we go deeper now?]

“Not even taking a breath?”

[You’re not that tired, are you? You can recover your stamina by walking. If anything, I can just ask that golem kid to protect me and then get some sleep.]

After hearing those words, Leon remembered Rodelin’s existence and turned around.

There, just like the first time, there stood a girl with her ‘Exile Barrier’ open and her eyes wide open.

From daotranslate dot com

Rodelin said as she made eye contact with Leon.

“We have confirmed the extinction of hostile entities. Is it okay to disarm the ‘Exile Barrier’ and switch to alert status?”

“Oh yeah. Please.”

“As Master Leon commands.”

As soon as the bluish shield disappears, one or several layers of magic waves spread out in all directions.

It’s probably the magic equivalent to the ‘alert posture’ that Rodelin mentioned.

She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them and said.

“The magic fog is interfering with detection magic. The range that can be explored under my own power is estimated to be around 2 kilometers in radius with an error margin of 15 meters. “We judged that this number would get lower as we went deeper.”

“That’s enough. “What are the chances of getting lost?”

“We could not find any features that misled our sense of direction or distorted space. If you build an internal map using my data, escaping from the Demonic World itself is not difficult.”


Leon nodded once and turned forward again.

“Going deep. Don’t stay away from me and focus on self-defense when the fight starts. “If my condition worsens or a threatening situation arises for me, I will allow myself to act at my own discretion.”

“Yes Master. A preliminary order has been entered.”

As Leon moves forward with his red cloak flapping, a small girl follows behind him.

It was a scene that did not fit the gloomy, dark landscape.

The two people’s figures disappeared into the fog, and only a thick, wet fog remained, as if something had happened in the place where a fierce battle had taken place a moment ago.

The ‘Famous Songs’ of the Four Great Demons of the Continent were only the beginning.

* * *

After Leon and Rodelin entered the demon realm, Karen and Ellahan, who remained around the entrance, were in the middle of a class.

William, the second cardinal of the Holy Order, explained at length in a stiff tone, perhaps feeling awkward about having so much to say on a rare occasion.

“Do you understand?”

“…Not at all?”

When Karen, who was pressing her temple, responded, William also let out a long sigh and grabbed the back of his neck.

It had to be that way.

They had something in common: they had elf blood, but teaching Karen, who had never lived like an elf, her innate abilities was frustrating in many ways.

Spiritual arts.

The ability that was like a symbol of the elves, to use the will of Mother Nature, was actually a skill that could not be taught.

How do you teach something that can be done like breathing?

“It’s difficult. “I think I’ve heard that people of the same race who spent their formative years outside the actual forest often have a dulled ability to communicate with spirits or their affinity deteriorates.”

Karen’s case was a bit different.

Unlike ordinary elves, dark elves often communicated with spirits that deviated from pure elements, and sonic attributes such as ‘darkness’ and ‘shadow’ corresponded to this.

Since Karen was born with the Aura attribute of ‘Shadow’, I thought she would enter elemental arts without difficulty.

“It is an unprecedented situation that <Auror Blade> is hindering the development of elemental arts. “I don’t know how long it’s been since I last had a headache.”

“I’m sorry….”

“It’s not your problem to apologize. “It’s just the result of my shortcomings.”

William took his eyes off her and looked back at Ellahan.

“What about you, saint?”

“—It’s hard to put into words, but I think I get it.”

Elahan, awakened from his meditation by his call, answered.

“Due to the distortion of the ‘Famous Song’, the natural order of things around here has been distorted, and as a reaction, the effects of divine power and holy laws are several times more powerful than in normal space.”


“Inside this Demonic Realm, most high-level magic is blocked. “Unless you have a magic core inside your body like Rodelin, you cannot use mana from the natural world, so your available magic power will be limited.”

William nodded, saying it was as he said.

“Accurate. That’s why one of the nicknames of the Four Great Demons is ‘The Wizard’s Tomb’. A wizard who has reached the 9th rank may be able to control even that, but weakening itself is inevitable. “Although changing natural law to suit one’s taste is magic, it is difficult to interfere in the depths of the Four Major Demonic Sutras because natural law has been distorted from the beginning.”

The two quietly took his teachings to heart.

The knowledge he had accumulated as a cardinal of the Holy Church and the experience he had accumulated over his long life as an elf were nothing short of treasure.

Of course, whether they did it or not, Albion lay down on the bed he had summoned from subspace and took a bite of the fruit he had forgotten when he put it there.

Her role could actually be seen as having ended with bringing Leon and his group here.

However, the reason I didn’t immediately return to Rare was because I was really happy with the stimulation that came after a long time.

“I am the child of the World Tree.”

So Albion decided to show kindness.

“! Yes, please say it. “Facilitator.”

“Stop being polite to everyone. Cumbersome.”

Albion stopped William, who was about to kneel once again, and turned his eyes to Karen, who had a bad look on her face.

It’s elemental magic.

For the dragon people who could directly follow the natural order, elemental magic was a meaningless leftover skill, but that was why they knew it better. In a way, the dragon’s power ‘attunement’ was a higher level concept of elemental magic.

“Hand over that child to me.”

Karen, who had suddenly been pointed at, tilted her head.

William also seemed surprised by those words and asked back in confusion.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“…How come?”

“It’s a whim. “I think I know why you’re lost, so I want to teach you this myself.”

Albion got up from the bed and approached Karen.

“Not only the warrior, but you too have learned Rodrik’s martial arts.”

“yes? Ah yes!”

“The problem is that, as a martial art he invented, its principles are so profound that they have been refined to the point where spirits are frightened. The spirits probably recognize you as a high-ranking spirit from another dimension. So even if you talk to them, they don’t respond and just hide.”

〈Auror Blade〉 is the power to create your own laws.

In a way, Karen transformed herself into a spirit with Jet Black Dance and reached a point where she could control the attributes themselves.

A person who manipulates shadows in a way that deviates from the laws of nature.

To the spirits whose existence was based on natural law, Karen was an entity that could not help but be felt as an alien entity. It was so powerful that it couldn’t resist if it tied up the kite, so it was natural to try to avoid dealing with it from the beginning.

“Then what should I do? “Can’t I use elemental magic?”

“Didn’t this body set out to solve that problem? Originally, it was meant to be something to Roderick, but that damned person disparaged this body’s grace as a misguided trick, so he doesn’t deserve to receive it.”

Albion cut a small wound on the tip of his index finger, causing a drop of blood to appear, and then held out his finger.

Karen saw that and asked with a puzzled expression.

“Why the blood…?”


Albion looked down at her with a bewitching smile.

“I appoint you as my guardian knight.”

At the unexpected sound, not only Karen but also Ellahan and William’s eyes widened in shock.

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