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Overpowered Sword Chapter 272

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Level up with swords (272)

For Leon, the awakening was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Overworking your body until your mind and body are in tatters.

All I had was my poison, so I could ignore the screams of my own body. Leon’s mental power rose to the level of a superhuman from that time on, as the two types of spirituality – his natural nature and his acquired character – came together.

He couldn’t even learn the basics of how to use an Auror, let alone arcane swordsmanship, so he broke a thousand wooden swords by repeating a few basic techniques taught at the academy countless times.

A pointless effort.

Worthless suffering.

When his scream reached beyond the sky, the penance that should never have been rewarded blossomed.

Cheoyeomsangjeong (處染常淨).

Like a lotus flower that preserves its color and scent even if it blooms in a dirty place, the level that Leon stepped into, regardless of his talent or destiny, was a realm that even masters could not dare to disparage.

The origin of flame and its driving force—


Leon, who regained consciousness, reflexively stood up.

His sense of time was still frozen when he was fighting Sisyphus, and he felt like he was going to grab the hilt of his sword at any moment.

But before I could even stand up, my knees gave out.



Just as Leon was about to roll over awkwardly, there was someone supporting his weight from behind.

It looks like a small girl, but its essence is the core of a giant golem.

It was Rodelin who returned in the form of a core body.

“I checked the master’s mood. How are you feeling?”

“What is your physical condition? “Oh, wait a minute.”

Leon, embarrassed by the situation in which she lifted him up, lowered his eyes for a moment and contemplated his own body.

More than 30% of the area has ruptured or damaged muscles. There were no cracks in the skeleton, but the ligaments and cartilage were slightly swollen, perhaps due to constant overload.

‘It looks like you recovered a lot while you were down. Since the regenerative power could not be promoted with aura, it is natural that internal injuries would remain.’

Although it could not be said to be a minor injury, Leon was surprised to find that his body was in better condition than expected.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Every time he clashed with Sisyphus, he attacked with his bare body.

It seemed that the other party had also adjusted his strength, but it was impossible for him to survive after colliding with the Grandmaster without raising his Auror.

“are you okay. “It’s not fully healed yet, but if I rest a little more, I’ll be back to normal.”

“Shall we perform a recovery spell? “I used ‘Great Heal’, ‘Cure’, and ‘Refresh’ 13 times, but it is an error in my calculation that it has not yet been completely cured.”

“No, it’s okay. “The reason your recovery magic didn’t work completely is because it conflicted with the power of stigmata.”

The divine power concentrated in the stigmata is stronger than even the high-ranking holy laws.

So much so that even an unconscious Leon could cancel out more than half of the high-level magic activated by Rodelin’s output.


“It’s over there.”

As I turned my eyes following Rodelin’s pointing, I saw a monster dozing off sitting on a huge rock.

Sisyphus, one of the legends of ancient mythology.

The person in question was dozing off in a pitiful manner.


Rodelin said.

“Immediately after the Master lost consciousness, I immediately attempted to avoid engaging with the entity named ‘Sisyphus’ and fled the area with the Master.”

Leon pointed out something unusual in that sentence.

“I tried… so does that mean I failed?”


Her hair, flowing as finely as gold dust, bobbed up and down once, following Rodelin’s nod.

She explained that she only looked at Sisyphus with both eyes.

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“I accompanied the master and used the flight function to leave the current location at a speed of five times the speed of sound. “There were no obstacles or abnormalities in the movement.”


“The moment we got exactly 2 kilometers away from the entity name ‘Sisyphus,’ the master and I were back at the starting point.”


Leon, whose eyes were wide in astonishment, looked back at Sisyphus.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

That monster, who is still snoring and dozing off, is holding two people captive?

Rodelin continued to report with an emotionless face.

“Into the air and underground. I tried to break away several times, but they all came back to their original position. Recognizing the meaninglessness of the task, I gave up trying to escape and waited for the Master to wake up.”

“good job. “What else do I need to know?”

“Not in my judgment.”

Nodding his head once, Leon raised himself up on his knees, which had regained strength before he knew it.

The hilt of the sword hanging at my waist clanks.

As if I was drawn to that metallic sound.

Sisyphus, who was sitting on the rock and nodding his head, opened his eyes.


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Sisyphus jumped off the rock with a bright smile and approached Leon in one step.

Even though it’s coming right in front of you, you can’t read its path.

Leon let out a long sigh as he realized once again the enormous difference in level that existed between the two. My memory was a bit hazy, but even in the trance state where I showed off my best abilities in my life, in the end I couldn’t even make a single scratch.



“Did you do this?”

Even if it is not possible to communicate through words, it can be conveyed through gestures.

“Are you the one who held us here?”

He points once at himself and Rodelin, then at his feet, then again at Sisyphus.

Sisyphus, who understood the meaning of the gesture, smiled bitterly.

He then pointed his finger at the rock placed behind me.

“…what? “What’s wrong with that rock?”

Leon just tilted his head because he didn’t know why he was doing that.

[Oh, I see.]

‘What on earth?’

Only El Cid understood the meaning and agreed to it alone.

When Leon, unable to hold back his frustration, questioned, he began to speak in a low voice, as if recalling a very distant memory.

[According to ancient mythology, that man, Sisyphus, fell into Tartarus as a sinner who disrupted the games of the gods and insulted their majesty. [I explained it to you last time, right?]

Then El Cid began to speak.

[He not only blasphemed the gods, but he also threw the world into disarray by defeating the god of death with his force. The concept of ‘death’ temporarily disappeared, corpses came to life, the boundary between life and death was disrupted, and the ecosystem was disrupted.]

‘Because Sisyphus overpowered the god of death?’

[maybe. Thanks to this, he acquired immortality and gained an immortal body and an immortal mind, but he could not avoid the wrath of the god king Zeus. Zeus punished Sisyphus, who played with the gods, by having to roll a rock for eternity.]

When Leon heard that, he looked at the rock that Sisyphus had pointed to.

It is an ordinary stone block.

But that rock is the punishment of the god king Zeus?

[According to the record left by the priest, that rock is said to be the maximum weight that Sisyphus can bear, and if he stops rolling it, it inflicts the pain of being crushed alive. No matter how much you roll, it’s a bonus that it returns to its original position.]

This time, Leon, with a puzzled expression, refuted.

“You’re not rolling right now, are you?”

[Look carefully.]

El Cid said in a dry tone.

Unlike Leon, his insight was exactly what state Sisyphus was in.

Following that advice, we took a closer look at Sisyphus’ body


We could faintly hear the screams of flesh being crushed and twisted inside the skin tempered like steel.

There was no force actually weighing down the body.

In any case, there was only corresponding pain.

The weight of a rock that can only be rolled with all your might crushes your muscles and crushes your bones. Even as he felt this, Sisyphus did not twitch an eyebrow.

[You must have already become accustomed to the pain of being crushed alive.]

Only then did Leon think of the word ‘ancient mythology.’

Ancient times.

It refers to the distant past. A past that must be measured not in hundreds of years, but in thousands or even ten thousand years. I couldn’t even imagine how much pain Sisyphus must have endured in Tartarus, where even the flow of time is greatly distorted.

[There is nothing to pity.]

El Cid immediately woke him up.

[It’s not a problem you can solve, and you don’t even know how big of a mistake that guy made during his lifetime. It is neither the time nor the time to be crazy. Come to your senses.]


[And if the reason you’re tied up here is because of that guy’s punishment, you can just move with that guy or cut off that binding force. Don’t worry too much.]

El Cid asked Leon, who had shown him the path to take.

They were in a situation where every minute and every second was a waste.

[Now, let’s start again. How is your physical condition?]

“I almost recovered as we spoke. “Even if the power of the stigmata is reduced, it is much better than not having it at all.”


El Cid instructed after checking Leon’s physical condition.

[Before you attack Sisyphus, unfold your sword fist.]

“The sword fist?”

[The memories of writing in a trance will probably remain vague. [You have to bring that blurry image back to life clearly.]

As the saying goes, increase your concentration.

As if time had stopped, all the sounds flowing in from around me and the vibrations I felt through my skin disappeared like a lie.

A silence that borders on loneliness.

Leon, who opened his eyes there, expanded his territory.

With the feeling of pulling your consciousness out of your body.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The range of the sword is so that he can cut through space and time within the range he can control with one swing.


Leon was surprised to realize that the range had expanded several times wider and stronger than before.

Before colliding with Sisyphus, all I could do was concentrate all my mind and maintain control of the sword, but now I was able to completely control a 3 meter radius like the palm of my hand.

This is growth that cannot be assured even with annual training.

[That’s why I told you, it’s a coincidence.]

The Grandmaster’s realm is literally like a different world.

Bringing out the microcosm built inside you to the outside, creating a world governed by your own laws. That is the power of a transcendent person worthy of challenging the Grand Master Gods.

As it was, Leon’s sword power would have disappeared immediately as soon as it overlapped with Sisyphus’ domain and would have had no influence.

However, his transcendent mental power, centered around El Cid, a sword created by the goddess himself, held out until the end like a reef that does not know how to break even in the face of a storm.

[By confronting the transcendental spirit, your telekinetic power has advanced incomparably compared to before. It’s normal to die nine times and become a wreck once in ten attempts.]

I believed that I could definitely handle it as much as Leon.

Although Sisyphus’s power was greatly reduced, Leon’s mental strength was such that even El Cid had nothing to advise him.

A spirit that has been tempered with self-denial every day.

Willpower that could have been distorted into madness if directed in the wrong direction.

[Let’s move on to step 2, you wonderful disciple.]

‘Step 2?’


El Cid said, chuckling without realizing it.

[The first stage of Mind Sword is to expand one’s cognitive ability by using telekinesis to expand one’s range. So what’s next?]


Leon thought for a moment.

But the answer was simple. I was just hesitant about whether it was the right answer or not. Since I had seen powers that deviate from the laws of physics, such as <Tuhwa>, I couldn’t go wrong.

This is probably what the second stage of examination should aim for.

“Establishing your own unique laws.”

After hearing his answer, El Cid smiled with satisfaction.

[This is the correct answer.]

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