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Overpowered Sword Chapter 285

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Level up with swords (285)


The walls of Area 13 spewed out fire again.

As Hrimturs left the battlefield after clashing with Leon once, Monster Wave had no choice but to be exposed to the merciless bombardment without any defense.

Every time the rain of cannonballs hits, the shattered corpses of monsters fill the ground, and blood flows and pools, forming a river.

Sisanhyeolhae (屍山血海).

Within a few hours after the full-scale battle began, the outside of the castle walls was turning into a hell that was difficult to look at with open eyes. Before I knew it, the crows roaming in the distant sky were looking forward to the dinner that would come soon.

Hundreds of monsters die every minute, and the speed at which their corpses are scattered exceeds the reloading speed of the cannon.

Monster Wave was slowly, very slowly narrowing the distance to the castle wall.

However, there was someone else who slowed down the pace of the advance.


The body of a beautiful woman whose head was blown off with a single blow stumbles like a doll with its strings cut, and then collapses and melts into the ground.

No, more accurately, I fell into the shadow beneath my feet.

Tutankha, a troll shaman from the Three Demons, saw the scene and said, looking in the same direction with all three heads.

“Is it an alter ego technique based on martial arts?”


“What a mediocre trick.”

“You also borrowed the power of elemental magic.”

Although it was an entity that had evolved through <corruption>, its depth of intelligence was at the level of an archmage. Tutankha, who had a rough understanding of the structure of the “Dance of the Black Dance” after one look, waved the staff in his hand.

It was a tool with a hideous appearance.

The stone statue made by processing the skull of a basilisk that was hunted, infusing it with enormous resentment, and then aging it is equivalent to a high-ranking artifact.

Karen also felt it.


She popped out from the shadows, did several somersaults, and landed. According to the plan, the plan was to keep increasing the medicine until the bastard became impatient, but Tutanka’s curse somehow even pursued the shadow.

Karen opened her mouth with a look on her face as if she had been punched.

“Ahaha, is this your first time seeing your face properly? Nice to meet you!”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Tutankha, who was staring at her, snorted and spewed out different words with his three heads.

“For a hybrid female, this is quite an outstanding talent.”

“I thought it was the main body, but is it also an alter ego?”

“It’s interesting because it’s a deception that even deceives my magic.”

This time, it was Karen’s turn to harden her face.

‘…Even if you can’t pinpoint my location, is it possible to tell if it’s real or not if it comes in front of you? ‘It’s tricky.’

As an assassin, I am used to the all-or-nothing game.

Die or be killed.

Nevertheless, Karen realized that the odds of winning in this gambling game were less than 50%, and decided that it would be better to buy time until Leon came rather than recklessly overturning the hand.

High shaman.

It is a being that I have never faced before. It was difficult to be confident because there was a critical lack of information and experience.

“Life has diminished.”

“Am I afraid?”

“What a rat.”

Tutankha read the signs and provoked her, but Karen’s eyes had long since calmed down without a single flicker.

It is a different level from the Myeongkyung Index.

There is no factor other than light that should cause the shadow to waver.

Jet-black dance

Dozens of Karens suddenly appeared, as if surrounding Tutankha, scattering daggers that were clutched in both hands.

All of them, without exception, are real.

From daotranslate dot com

Daggers with their tips swinging like poisonous snakes rushed in.

Projection type 1 (投影一式)

It is different from before

the emergence of poisonous snakes .

A mid-level shadow spirit is attached to each dagger and it swings back and forth in an irregular orbit, adding to the acceleration. A heavy rain of daggers that allows rapid acceleration and sudden stops thanks to the properties of shadows.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Its killing power increased several times compared to before dealing with the spirit.


However, when Tutankha stabbed the ground with his stone sword and spoke a spell in a monster language, all the spirits that stayed on the dagger were thrown out and its trajectory was bent arbitrarily.

Karen, who had become an elementalist, could see that in her vision.

The vengeful spirits wandering around Tutankha’s body and their screams burst out like a shock wave.

The stench of spiritual decay felt like my nose was going to fall off.

“Wow, I’m feeling nauseous.”

Karen growled, taking a few steps back and holding her nose.

“What a piece of trash. I finally understand. “You ate a Chinese food, right?”

It is not that rare for monsters to prey on their own kind, but this was a phenomenon that occurred due to a lack of individuals that could be preyed upon, such as in deserts and wildernesses.

From daotranslate dot com

In cases where a creature goes out of its way to eat its own species even though its habitat is rich, it is treated as a public figure even among monsters.

Congenital predation inevitably leads to distortion.

In terms of human society, it was similar to incestuous marriage. When blood is mixed with a close relative, the distortion will eventually develop into a fatal flaw, and the monster that repeats cannibalism will soon undergo an ugly mutation.


“The weak are eaten and the strong survive.”

“They were not my people, they were just prey.”

Not only the three heads, but also the face lances sticking out all over the body laughed and laughed at Karen.

He had no hesitation about what he had done.

“You’re annoying.”

Karen’s blue-gray eyes turned transparent like glass beads.

A third-rate assassin is desperate to kill, while a second-class assassin’s eyes are like blades. However, at the first level, the vital energy is completely contained within the body and does not flow outward, and at the first level, it becomes transparent enough to see through.

Karen’s eyes, sinking into the shadows, sparkled with life.

* * *

The biggest battle in the invasion of Area 13 did not take place on the castle walls facing the monsters, nor did it take place inside the castle, where Desmond led thousands of undead and infiltrated behind them.

The fight between Karen and Tutankha was quite fierce, but its scale was not particularly great.

Assassin and Shaman.

The fighting style of both types is to thoroughly outsmart the opponent and destroy them by any means possible. Waste of power is not allowed in efficient combat, so even those who reached the peak of mastery only destroyed their surroundings in the area of precise combat.



When the sword light that bounced off Hrimturth’s fist grazed the mountain peak, a rock weighing hundreds of tons fell out and rolled onto the cliff.

The animals were frightened by the untimely landslide and ran away in a hurry, but the disturbance was not a big deal.

The animals that got close to Hrimturus while trying to avoid the landslide soon became stiff, their eyes turned a dull color like fish in a freezer, and they collapsed.

He froze to death in just a few seconds.

Save hahahaha!!!

Hrimturs, who was covered in blood after a close encounter with Leon, smiled as if his wounds were happy.

The mountain peaks, which were already in danger, are shaking again due to the sound that is louder than an echo, like thunder.

It is literally like a natural disaster incarnate.

Shake the ground with one step and crush a mountain with one fist.

[What a ruthless bastard!]

‘He’s strong. ‘It’s pure violence.’

Leon nodded as if agreeing with El Cid’s words.

‘Even though it runs wild, it avoids or blocks all fatal attacks, and due to the frost storm, ranged attacks using heat are halved or neutralized. If it was made aimed at me, I think it was successful.’

The most difficult thing was that each time he clashed, a large amount of his power was consumed.

Hrimturth’s innate ability: The frost storm swirling around his body slows his movements as soon as he approaches. Of course, if you were using the ‘Sun Sword’, you could shake off its influence, but it was true that it caused constant power consumption.

However, even if you continue to fire the light of the <Seven Star Sword> or <Sun Sword> from a long distance, it will not cause fatal damage to that large object.

[You have no choice but to approach him, but if you approach him, you will be at a disadvantage. If he made this with intention, I should raise the evaluation by two levels.]

‘Well, the possibility of that happening is low.’

Innate ability and potential were areas that even God was unfamiliar with before awakening them. This is something that a dragon contaminated by the power of the Demon King cannot do.

Leon, shaking off his distracting thoughts, readjusted his grip on the holy sword.

The exploration ends here.

If it took longer than this, Ellahan and Karen could have suffered great damage in their respective areas. If we had made it to a 1v1 situation, we should have definitely won.

[Are you going to do it?]

‘I wanted to avoid using it if possible, but I can’t beat this guy if I don’t use it.’

Not only <Singolgwang>, but also the five senses while writing <Corona> puts a huge strain on the body. Now that I have become a transcendental person, I feel a bit of a burden, but before that, I had to face death.

If Vritra was your opponent, the fight would be the final battle, so you could use it without hesitation, but if you poured your strength into Hrimturs or another Three Demon Lord and got stabbed in the blank, it would have been a disaster.

Still, I have no choice but to write.

I realized this after bumping into him a few times. Hrimtursman is a monster that must be faced seriously.


The giant, who had been running wild as if sensing an unusual atmosphere, calmed his breathing and took two steps back.

It is a wild nature close to precognitive ability.

I was foreseeing a situation where my life could be in danger.

Leon looked at this indifferently and lowered his sword.

In the image of the Leon-style Mind-Blade,

the Solitary Starlight


what should be drawn is a strike of starlight that can cut the enemy in two with one strike.

It was literally a moment.

A gap in time that is difficult to enter even if one second is cut into hundreds of times.

Hrimturth responded to the sword strike.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A huge amount of blood spurts out and falls like rain, painting the entire area with blue blood.


El Cid was the one who noticed the abnormality before anyone else.

Whether it was Cyclops or Cyclops King, the blood was red.

Even if he was born as a mutant and had a larger-than-average physique, there was no way his blood color would have changed.

Nevertheless, its blood was blue.


Because he stretched out his left arm reflexively, the light of <Singular Light> was unable to completely break the guy in two.

From left arm to left shoulder.

Beyond that, endless blue blood overflows from the cut cross section, as if it is concentrated on the left half of the body. Even if not fatal, it is a fatal wound.

Even though Leon knew that in his head, he couldn’t go any further.


The sense trained as a warrior warns me.

Hrimturs has become several times more dangerous than before.


It was right after that.

A deep voice came into Leon’s head.

【How can someone so small fight against me and push me to such an extent? You are the one worthy of my respect.】


There was no need to worry any more about who said it.

Hrimturth’s smiling face with the left half of his body split apart proved this. Even though its size was reduced, its momentum increased its density, making it difficult for even Leon to take a single step.

The wound freezes.

Hoarfrost settled on the cross section where blood was overflowing, stopping the bleeding and gluing the cut edge with ice.

It was an instant.



White smoke billowed out from all of Hrimturs’ pores.

I don’t feel any heat.

The giant, who was emitting steam like steam as if extracting moisture from his body, gradually became smaller. From 50 meters to 40 meters 40 meters to 30 meters.

In the end, the guy who had shrunk to 20 meters stood up from his seat.

From daotranslate dot com


Leon reflexively stepped back and held out his sword.

It had to be that way.

Hrimturth’s momentum became more intense as his body shrank, and the frost storm swirling around him also increased the coldness. Just by standing there, the power of the ‘Sun Sword’ was drained away.

【My nemesis, thanks to you, I was able to get rid of the unnecessary increase in power. I express my gratitude with respect.】

Hrimturs said.

【And if I win this fight, I will challenge the one who holds my leash. You will be my final ordeal.】

“…I’m sorry, but it would be better to give up that dream.”

Leon answered.

“I will end Vritra with my own hands. “I don’t have a chance to give it to you.”

【I see. If so, prove it.】


It cannot be compared to the previous fight.

Hrimturs and Leon, who had revealed their strengths, faced off again.

It was the start of the second round.

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