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Overpowered Sword Chapter 289

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Level up with black hair (289)

At those words, Vritra tilted her head, which had one of its horns broken, and asked back.

【A bet?】


answered the goddess.

“I know you want me. If I lose in this match, I will make your wish come true.》

【…Even if it contains deadly poison, it is a temptation so sweet that I have no choice but to accept it.】

Vritra, who was at a loss for words, muttered.

His attitude so far has been contradictory.

Even though I did not doubt that my love would be fulfilled, I believed more than anyone else in the stubbornness of the goddess who rejected that love. So, he said that he would devour the entire world and even have a goddess to protect it.

【Keep talking, goddess.】

Pushed by Vritra’s urging, the goddess immediately opened her mouth.

“Kasim, by neutralizing that child, you can say that you have almost won this war. If we avoid an all-out war like this, inducing the consumption of the warrior’s party and increasing the scale of damage on the entire continent, it will exceed the area that the Allied Forces can deal with.》

【It’s as you said. I was thinking of doing that too. Are you planning to destroy my strategy by discussing it in front of me?】

“Yes, I intend to.”


Vritra’s eyes were sparkling with interest and lust.

【Then I should listen to the details of the bet. “ No way,

” the

goddess answered, shaking her head once at his sarcasm.

I wanted to suggest something like that, but no matter how crazy I was about Vritra, I would not choose to fail.

“Please do not avoid all-out war. Additionally, retreating after a full-fledged battle has begun will be prohibited. Avoiding a fight with a hero, even for a moment, is also prohibited.》

【Hmm, these are strict conditions.】

《The Allied Forces will also decide the starting point of the battle.》

If it were not for what the goddess said, the prize for the bet would have been. If it weren’t for her, it was a sound that would have been heard.

Vritra has already won.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

There is no need to annihilate the hero’s group and the allied forces from the front, but just take the two remaining Three Demon Lords and travel around the continent to stir up monsters, and humanity will be destroyed before they can last even 20 years.

No, it wasn’t necessary to wait 20 years. Another solution was to raid only the warrior and his companions as soon as they recovered from their injuries.

【But why should I accept your offer?】

Vritra glanced at the light in the shape of a goddess with a gaze filled with deep malice.

A desire that is even disgusting comes out like poison.

【Goddess, it is a very sweet temptation for you to be embraced by me of your own will… but I don’t feel the need to take the risk of leaving the checkmate move alone. Anyway, if I swallow this whole world, won’t you become mine too?】

It would be fun to embrace her who came to me on her own, but it would also be fun to enjoy the flowers I was forced to pick.

From Vritra’s point of view, it didn’t really matter either way.

The feelings he claims to be love have already degenerated into obsession and madness and become unrecognizable. After holding it in my hand, I might not be satisfied and break it.


“I’m here to suggest a bet because that won’t happen, right?”

The goddess shot back without wavering even an inch.

【What do you plan to do?】

《I swear on my reputation. If you want to run away and achieve victory, I will spend every fiber of my being to restrain you here.》


In the end, Vritra, who lost her composure, stood up and glared at the image of brilliance and screamed loudly. I hit it.

【Goddess, have you lost your mind! If you, who became unable to interfere with the phenomenal world due to your involvement in the last fight, exercise your high authority in the form of direct involvement with me—】 “

It will disappear. Without even leaving a trace. Even if you win, you won’t be able to have me.》

This time, Vritra was completely speechless.

Would you have expected me to threaten you with my life?

From daotranslate dot com

Unlike the small creatures on earth, the Lord God, who is immortal and the most precious among them, would commit suicide by his own oath!

【…I was planning on doing it this way from the beginning.】

Vritra, who was quietly rolling her eyes, soon lay down on the mountain peak again and let out a bitter smile.

It’s checkmate. He, who had come this far due to his mad love for the goddess, could not choose a choice that would lead to a complete reversal.

【I will accept it. Instead, the start of the battle will be at least a week later.】

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

《Okay. I accept it. Then the place?》

【Titan Mountains.】

Before the goddess could refute that statement, Vritra nailed it as if she had nothing more to say.

【I’m not asking you to go into the depths. Let’s deal with him on the outskirts. Since we dragged all the monsters around there anyway, it won’t be that unfavorable to your followers.】

《…I understand.》

Even she who holds the reins of Vritra is sure to rebel if she strangles him. So the goddess decided to take a step back and accept his demands.

If there was one thing that bothered him, it was the Demonic Sutra <Dimensional Crack> that remained in the depths, but even Vritra was not stupid enough to touch an area that he could not handle.

There was a possibility that they would die together if the situation came to pass, but there was no time to think about it anymore.


At the moment when she was about to withdraw her will from the earth, Vritra spoke in a low voice from behind the brilliance.

From daotranslate dot com

【Do you believe in that shabby and clumsy hero? To a human babbler who is incomparably weaker than Roderick and cannot fight me unless he relies on small creatures?】


【All-out war or no retreat. There is no way I can lose to that guy. If I were to break my will and become mine even now, I would at least imitate the mercy you represent and embrace the tiny creatures. This is your last chance, my lovely goddess.】

Turning away from Vritra’s heartbreaking voice, the brilliance disappeared beyond the sky. Finally, the goddess spoke in a cold voice without even looking at him.

“Let’s see if I can say the same thing in a week.”

* * *

As a result, the goddess’s strategy was successful.

After receiving the confirmation as an oracle, Leon and Cassim could not help but look at each other with ambiguous expressions. I never thought that a goddess would bargain with her life to solve a problem that I couldn’t find an answer to even if I thought about it for a hundred days.

Ellahan also caused a stir while conveying her words, so it can be said that it was a negotiation too bold and terrible to be recorded in the history of the Holy Church.

If Vritra had rejected the offer and the goddess had disappeared, the Holy Church would have collectively fallen into a state of panic.

“It was a bad day for my heart…”

“Go ahead and rest for today. “Your complexion is not good.”

“Yes, I’m sorry….”

Would that Ellahan stumble around with a pale face?

For church members, the existence of God is like heaven and earth, so if he were to disappear one day, they would be shocked as if their feet had collapsed.

Even for Leon and Cassim, who had entered the realm of the gods, the goddess’ negotiation methods were almost heartbreaking.

“…Somehow it worked out well.”

Kassim said while scratching the back of his head.

“I didn’t expect the Goddess to go that far, but now his escape route is cut off. “The situation we were most concerned about has been avoided.”

“This is an all-out war in the Titan Mountains… The strength of the Titan warriors will be important.”

“Well, I don’t think Vritra will leave the Titan Mountains alone. “If the geographical features we remember remain the same, we wouldn’t know. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a difference.”

Leon said, “Ah,” and realized his mistake.

The only time he went to the Titan Mountains was before he reached the level of an Aura Master, so all he could remember was being overwhelmed by the grandeur of the mountains.

Since I had not seen it in a state where a single swing of the holy sword could collapse a cliff, split the ground, and dig out a large canyon, it did not occur to me that geographical factors could change suddenly.

However, the importance of the Titans was still high.

“Even if there is no geographical strength, Titan warriors will play the most important role.”

“Are you trying to guard against S-rank monsters?”

“Yes, the Allied Forces have only the Titans who can defeat them as a small elite. It is unclear whether reinforcements from the Great Desert will be able to reach the outskirts of the mountain range within a week, and the cardinals of the church are more effective in dealing with foreign magicians than monsters.”

One of the cards that Vritra had not yet taken out was the remnants of the evil cult.

There were still a few “Exorcist Bishops” left, and considering the power of the evil cult that had infiltrated this continent for hundreds of years, the number of Foreign Magistrate troops was undoubtedly significant.

It was not accompanied by Monster Wave because it could give monsters an instinctive repulsion, but that would also be an army-level force.

“If the elves arrive, suppressing the ‘Foreign Law’ will become considerably easier. “The innate abilities of the elves, who are close to natural spirits, make the natural order of this dimension more stable.”

“Are you saying that this will create an environment in which it will be difficult to use ‘Foreign Law’?”

“Well, since we have Vritra, we may not be able to suppress it as much as usual, but it will be much better than nothing.”

The hopeful observation ended there.

The two men mentioned the Three Horsemen without regard for who was first.

“The frost giants are the biggest variable.”

“I was thinking that too.”

Although he had only fought once, his potential was abnormally high. The guy who evolved further after being cornered by Leon was driven to the brink of death by Cassim’s blow not long ago.

It would be best if I died because the wounds were even more severe, but I knew very well that that was not possible.

Next time, he will appear stronger and intercept the Allied Forces.

“I am confident that I will win if I face him, but if Vritra is watching me, other people will have to take care of it.”

“Even if there are four or more warrior commanders, it will be difficult. After all, that lump’s innate ability is fatal in close combat. “The scale of the power is so great that even the flame-based <Auror Blade> would be no more than urinating on your feet.”

“Ellahan has to take charge of the evil cult, and Karen said she will deal with that troll again…”

There was no hand that could capture Hrimturs.

Even if reinforcements from the Great Desert arrive quickly, will the beastmen and Bedouin warriors be able to deal with them?

I had doubts as to whether I could even cut his bones with Al Razaz’s “The Wind God” and Hati’s “The Heavenly Wolf,” which had reached master level.

Leon soon let out a long sigh.

“I can’t help it. “I have no choice but to ask Albion.”

“I think it would be possible for her. “Now that all of the ‘corruption’ has been exhausted, there will be no need to worry about being contaminated and going crazy like before.”

As Kasim said, Albion was one of the forces that could deal with Hrimturus, but it was a very disappointing card for Leon.

If he and Vritra begin to clash properly, <Dragon Fear>, which controls the monster army, will also weaken. If Albion takes advantage of that opportunity and takes away even a portion of the monsters’ control, they will be able to neutralize the majority of the enemy’s forces in an instant.

However, taking away control of monsters while dealing with Hrimturs was impossible unless Albion returned to its heyday.

[Disciple, don’t try to look too far ahead.]

El Cid said.

[There is a difference between broadening your horizons and becoming distant. It’s not uncommon to overlook the rocks beneath your feet while trying to look far away. The only being who can perfectly predict the battlefield is the God of War!]

“Hmm, you’re not wrong. “There is no guarantee that they will fight in our positions.”

Is it for no reason that the old saying ‘top empty theory’ came about?

No matter how well you think about it or think about it for a long time, the actual situation can be significantly different from what you expected. If you focus too much on tactical strategy, you will not be able to overcome the unexpected situation and will be stranded.

If it is strong, it will break, and if it is soft, it will bend. Only when both efficiency and flexibility are in place will good results be achieved.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It was that moment.


A novel idea arose in the corner of Leon’s mind.

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