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Overpowered Sword Chapter 295

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Level up with swords (295)

A transcendent species that is called the strongest race on earth and has no growth limits as a mortal from birth.

They are guaranteed a longer lifespan than the elves, who boast the longest lifespan in humanity, and once they enter the ranks of ancient dragons, they are beings that not even the heavenly gods can treat lightly.


Even from childhood, when they are protected as ‘hatchlings’, their body strength is incomparable to that of other races, and once their magical core is fully established, dragons are soon treated as transcendents. Because they are a race born as guardians of natural laws, they cannot attain godhood, but it is quite common for them to be revered as gods in other dimensions.

A body that makes it difficult to cut off a few scales even with an Aura Blade, and a magical core that can unleash dozens of shots of ultimate magic.

Their combat ability, combined with their innate ability ‘attunement’, was enough to dare to say that it surpassed that of demigods.

Among them, breath is considered the strongest attack method.

[You can’t avoid it! Fight back or block with the holy sword!]

El Cid shouted harshly.

It had to be that way.

〈Doom Breath〉 was the highest power of the dark attribute, corresponding to the higher compatibility of 〈Dark Breath〉. Unlike 〈Dark Breath〉, which merely neutralized the durability of the material, Vritra’s breath even erases the concept of space.

Regardless of the speed of the breath, it erases the space in its path, so it is hit at the same time as it is fired.


It was truly an instant.


The reason Leon was able to respond to that was because he himself was a transcendental person who was one step away from the constraints of time and space.

Unlike the body, the mind can stay in the past or the present.

Just before the <Doom Breath> was fired, Leon, who had anticipated the attack one inch ahead, was already swinging his sword. Techniques that required preparation and concentration of power could not be used.


Sunrise (太陽招來)

As soon as Leon could make his move, the small sun that had been floating in the sky moved in front of him.

A change in location similar to instantaneous movement.

〈Sunshine〉, the power of which he had accumulated over the course of several hours, was a technique developed after he mastered the Mind and Sword. Therefore, unlike the three types of <Seven Star Sword> or <Sun Sword> that had been used frequently before, it could be handled like a heart sword.

‘I have to offset it somehow! Otherwise…!’

The trajectory of <Doom Breath> did not extend towards Leon in a straight line, but rather shot across the middle of the battlefield.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Vritra does not distinguish between enemy and enemy.

To be precise, there is no one I recognize as an ‘ally’.

The monsters he brought with him and the Three Demon Lords. It was just a prelude to reducing Leon’s power. Even if they are wiped out along with the Allied Forces, they will not feel a single regret.

Leon, who saw through that evil intention, widened his eyes.

Leon-style Mind-Blade

Solitary starlight The starlight


You should not cut it down blindly.

If you split the <Doom Breath> in two, it will sweep away the Allied Forces while it is in two pieces. Even if the troops caught in between were safe, the damage that would occur would have been impossible to just ignore.

Okay, let’s pour it out.

Not a vertical cut, but a diagonal cut.

As time stopped, the holy sword El Cid flowed arrogantly like the Milky Way in the face of destruction approaching right before our eyes.

Time and

space were cut apart.

At the moment of a flash of sword light, <Doom Breath> stopped in place and hit a cross section of time and space.

Even with Vritra’s special move, there was no way it could break down the boundary of the dimension. The power he inherited as the Demon King also only worked within this dimension, so collapsing the dimensional wall itself was close to impossible.


There was no crash sound.

Even the air that was supposed to transmit sound was erased, and a terrifying silence descended upon the entire area.

All noise from the battlefield temporarily disappeared.

From daotranslate dot com

The darkness swallowing everything and the sun blocking its path. A moment from the ancient myths and legends that I grew up hearing only as a child was unfolding. Some with fear, some with emotion. Even the monsters, deprived of their reason, looked up at the sky with blank expressions.


There was a sound that shouldn’t have been heard.

The dimensional cut that was cut with 〈Individual Light〉 is healing back.

A restorative phenomenon close to self-cleaning action.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Leon’s complexion turned pale when he saw that. There was neither strength nor time left to cut down again.

It was right after that.


Vritra’s merciless mental waves attacked once, and the <Doom Breath>, which had lost most of its power, poured out.


Doom has arrived.

The darkness that poured into the battlefield with the disappearance of the dimensional wall did not distinguish between beginning and end.

It was just a moment.

〈Doom Breath〉, whose angle was slightly distorted by 〈Solitary Light〉, erased 10,000 troops and monsters at once. The furrow, several meters deep, stretched for a whopping 5 kilometers, as if it had been scooped up with a shovel and moved somewhere.


From daotranslate dot com



No screams, no screams, no wailing.

I couldn’t even raise my voice in the face of this absolute destruction.

20% of the Allied Forces’ total troops were destroyed in a single attack, which did not feel realistic at all. Was it really possible for life to disappear so vainly?

“It is the Demon King….”

This is the Demon King.

Humanity felt that fear again for the first time in 300 years.

“…We’re all going to die. “It’s a little disappointing.”

Archmage Astrid, who calmed her agitation with her elf-style detachment, let out a short sigh.

As soon as Vritra appeared, all five orbs were overloaded and even the connection to the <Constellation Magic> was cut off. There was no one who could compete with her accomplishments.

He is invincible and cannot be interfered with by those of low rank.

If there is someone who can defeat that monster,

“They must be at the same level or at the peak level, right?”

Adventurer Tyrone suddenly approached her and spoke.

He was able to shake off fear because he traveled every day in dangerous areas across the continent, crossing the border between life and death. If I had grown up like a flower in a greenhouse, I would have fainted while urinating.

Demon King Vritra was such a being.

“ha ha ha! “I can’t help but pray that the hero can overcome that!”

Tyrone let out a self-deprecating laugh.

I was confident that the whole world would have no enemies after defeating the Mountain Worm single-handedly, but is this a being that can’t even muster up fighting spirit?

Astrid, who was not a military person, could not understand or sympathize with his feelings, but as an older person who had lived much longer than him, she was able to at least comfort him.

“Don’t blame yourself too much for your shortcomings. For now, just think about surviving. “You’re still young, right?”

“…I never thought I would hear things like that even though my peers are past the age of seeing their grandchildren.”

Tyrone, who was scratching the back of his head for no reason, said.

“so? “May I ask our lady how she thinks she should behave from now on?”

“You mean I’m a young lady…?”

“Did it bother you?”

“no it’s okay. “Because it’s an unfamiliar title.”

Astrid changed her puzzled expression back to expressionless and looked up at the distant sky.

Then he opened his mouth.

“How should I behave… well, I don’t know.”

Her eyes immediately filled with light.

A flash of light that plunges into the darkness without any wavering, engulfed in rage like an active volcano.

“I guess I should avoid getting caught up in that fight as much as possible, right?”

The devil and the warrior.

The final battle has finally begun.

* * *


Leon was furious.

The aura emanating from his entire body surrounds him like the sun.

It felt like my blood was turning into flames, my body was getting hot and my brain was boiling, making a bubbling sound.

As a transcendent, my refined senses allowed me to know information I did not want to know.

The number of Allied forces killed by <Doom Breath> is at least 10,000.

Because he failed to properly block everything, there were more than 10,000 casualties. Each and every one of them is willing to die to save the world.

They were unable to leave anything to give to the bereaved families, not even the body.

Leon-style Mind-Blade

Solitary Starlight

Light Angel Constellation

The anger that dyed the vision red drew the sword.

Leon, who linked four “Seven Star Swords” so quickly and so furiously that he didn’t even know what he did, leaned forward.

At the same time, “Icarus Wing” was developed.

Light flames, more like a pillar of fire than wings, soared up, and even before the haze was created due to the heat.


Leon’s afterimage dispersed.


Covered in the light of the triangular pyramid built with the <Light Angel Constellation>, Leon crossed several kilometers in just a few seconds.

It’s not like I erased space like in <Doom Breath>.

It was just fast.

By the time even Vritra realized the counterattack, it was so ridiculously fast that he had already arrived right before her eyes.

Like a shooting star hitting the ground from a distant universe

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Leon, who fell at full speed, threw a stab with his body.

【What a mean thing!】

Surprisingly, Vritra reacted at that moment.

Just as Leon was able to counter the ‘Doom Breath’, he was also someone who could not be surprised by a surprise attack.

The two wings that were torn off by Kasim overlap in a circle.

Although it was not fully healed yet, <Heart Sword> was an ability that even <Reverse Heaven> could not block. Moreover, since the power was expressed through a holy sword, the durability of the body itself would be more effective.

That judgment was correct.


As the <Meteor Rock> exploded, Vritra’s large and heavy body sank hundreds of meters below.

It was ridiculous.

The weight difference between Leon and Vritra is hundreds of times more. Maybe it was a thousand times more. However, a human who was a thousand times lighter pushed the dragon down from above and threw it into the ground!

After seeing this, the morale of the Allied Forces began to rise again.

“The hero smashed the evil dragon’s head into the ground!”

“It’s not time for us to just watch! Those who can fight, take up arms!”

“Artillery! “Support fire is still far away!”

“So, if it doesn’t catch fire… what happens? “Ready to fire!”

The frozen battlefield atmosphere regains its heat.

I don’t know if I can truly say that the bloody scene was fortunate, but it was a hundred times better than running away or giving up on life in fear.


【…Right. Is this something that shouldn’t be blocked? “I understand.】

“Vritra, who was crushed to the ground by Leon and had not only her two wings pierced, but even her ribs were pierced, said.

It doesn’t care about the pain of wounds or humiliation.

All we have to do is calmly look back at the current situation and analyze cause and effect.

Leon gritted his molars after seeing the guy’s dull reaction.

‘If I push in just a little more, I can suffocate him…!’

An intuition that is close to predicting the future warns you.

If he goes any further than this, he will die first.

【Get out of the way.】

A chill ran down my spine.

From daotranslate dot com


When Leon reflexively jumped back and took his stance again, darkness like <Doom Breath> was sweeping all around Vritra’s body.

As the land in the area of influence is erased, the crater created by 〈Yuseongrak〉 turns into a hemispherical space.

And the darkness that had enveloped Vritra’s body cleared away.

“…What is that appearance?”

Leon, who had become even more alert, asked, and Vritra answered while looking down at her body.

A bipedal type that appears to be a little less than 3 meters tall.

Can we say ‘Dragonian’?

【I guess this seems better when dealing with guys like you and Kassim. For flies, a fly swatter is more effective than a typhoon.】

“So, you made the fly swatter yourself?”

【Think of it gloriously. Even Cassim didn’t see this.】

Leon broke into a cold sweat at those words.

No, it wasn’t because of the words.

The eyes integrated with the ‘Stigmata of the Watcher’ detected the power writhing within Vritra’s miniaturized body. In terms of density, which was not much different from when it was in dragon form, it was dozens of times superior.

[It’s getting tiresome.]

‘That’s right.’

A powerful and huge body like a dragon can be a great advantage in hand-to-hand combat, but it can also be a big disadvantage in battles in areas that surpass the laws of physics.

It’s difficult to keep up with small, fast enemies, and the density is high, so any attacks you have to avoid will get beaten up.

However, Vritra has long since abandoned all of the pride that is characteristic of the dragon race, and has fundamentally changed the shape of her body.

【I won’t back down because I have a promise with her, but there is no reason for this body to fight you directly.】


Breitra declared without heeding Leon’s rebuttal.

【Whether you block or dodge, do it yourself. Well, if you don’t stop it, those bastards will all die.】

There was no time for him to say anything.

What began to ripple behind Vritra’s back was a level of magical power that a human wizard could not even fathom.

Although he has been corrupted into a demon lord, his passion and magical abilities are still the same.

Dozens of mathematical shapes that would extend in kilometers if laid out in one line were tangled together to form a magic circle. 〈Hellfire〉 〈End of Eternity〉 〈Ceraunos〉 etc.

The ultimate magic that was said to have been used a long time ago is loaded.

【Now, shall we begin? Die as quickly as possible. Isn’t it too late to see her because you’re messing around with bugs like you?】

“I promise you one thing too, you character-impaired lizard!”

Leon shouted, standing proudly in front of Vritra.

“You will never see the Goddess again!”

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