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Overpowered Sword Chapter 298

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Level up with a sword (298)

Leon-style Mind-Blade

Solitary Star Light

A ray

of starlight spreads out and splits the wall of darkness.

Even though it was a wall, its essence was a collection of gravity through which not even light could escape, but it was meaningless in front of <Heart Sword>.

Even if you bring a real black hole, you can’t win against the light that ‘goes through anything’. Just like 〈Heart Sword〉, you can only become equal once you step into the transcendental realm.

It was because of this that Leon was able to struggle against Vritra until now.

“omg…! Huh…!”

My lungs are shrinking.

My muscles burn and my bones creak.

Flying quickly on the “Icarus Wing,” Leon straightened his vision, which was constantly losing focus.

[Come to your senses. The fatigue you are feeling right now is not physical. Your body still has room left.]

‘…It’s a matter of mental strength.’



El Cid said.

[〈Heart Sword〉 is literally a sword of the heart. You don’t need stamina or auras to wield it. If only the minimum required for development is satisfied, that is enough.]

Nevertheless, warriors who reached the transcendental state could not use their mind and sword indefinitely. Even if you don’t use stamina or aura, there is something that is consumed in exchange for the mind sword.

It is mental power (Willpower).

Normal people would tilt their heads at that statement, but for warriors who have passed the level of an Aura Master and whose mind body has been unified, even if one of the three elements is missing, it will have a negative impact on the other two elements.

It would have been possible to achieve balance if the body and aura were also consumed, but the sword of the mind completely consumed only mental power.


As if not giving him any time to catch his breath, he aimed at Leon once again and the light of destruction erupted.

〈Photon Ray〉.

Like a prism, dozens of rays of light that change into all kinds of colors depending on the angle spread out and dance as if surrounding the entire area. Of course, it was impossible to avoid the light rushing at the speed of light.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

This time, I brought down the Holy Sword once again and cut down the <Photon Ray>, and the diffuse reflection of light that was tearing up the whole place stopped.


In an instant, the wings fluttering behind Leon’s back suddenly disappeared and his body fell down.

The rapid consumption is such that not even <Icarus Wing> can maintain it.

Leon barely regained his body balance and landed on the ground, rotating half a turn in the air. The melted ground had not completely solidified and was flowing like lava, but he calmly prepared himself for battle on top of it.

It was then.

【Is it as expected?】

Vritra said without even hiding her relaxed expression.

【If you change the real world with your images, what you use in return will also be images. If you’ve been contemplating your thoughts for a long time like Kasim, you wouldn’t know it. Yours is so poor.】

“Is this something a guy who is so scared that he can’t even take a single step would say?”

【Unlike Rodrik, is there any need for an ordinary man who was only chosen by her to grab a hand with you directly?】

Leon sneered at those arrogant words.

“You coward.”


“Are you so afraid of Rodrik that you hide from him for a hundred years even after his death, and that you can’t even dare to deal with me directly, even though I’m far inferior to him?”

Before Vritra could refute his provocation, Leon fired off a few more sentences one beat ahead.

“You just said that. I’m just an ordinary person who was chosen by the goddess. Yes, that’s exactly what you said. The situation is quite different from yours, who wasn’t even chosen. huh?”


“The Goddess said in that scripture. He loves those who are courageous and give. “But you are a coward who can’t even fight until the end, and you are the bastard who made his world look like this.”


From daotranslate dot com

“Do you really think that disgusting obsession and possessiveness of yours is love? Or didn’t you just have a hole in your brain as you accepted the devil’s power?”

From Leon’s point of view, it was a provocation aimed at buying him time to recover, but it seemed to work better than expected.

Space is distorted around Vritra’s body.

The emotions that couldn’t be suppressed were just overflowing, and the space that couldn’t hold them in was twisted like a twist.

Vritra finally took a step and growled.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

【…I guess I only learned how to use that tongue, not the holy sword.】

The magic circle blinking behind my back increases in number.

A salvo of ultimate magic.

Unlike what I have written so far, it is a combination method that does not cause any problems even if it is integrated into one type and manifested at the same time. The method of canceling out one magic circle with one slash is no longer used.

Leon noticed this and narrowed his eyes.

【I swear. I will make you submit alive, first rip out your tongue, and then cut off your head.】 The murderous

intent transmitted through mental waves instantly caused dizziness, and Leon’s posture was slightly disturbed.

Vritra’s wave offensive has begun again.


The sword swung with a half-beat difference cuts off “Hell Fire” and burns down along with a few strands of hair.

From daotranslate dot com

That’s not all.

A chain of attack magic with no elements that can legally interfere with each other, solely to destroy the enemy. A type of linked magic that can even create synergy in some areas.

[2 seconds. If you do not fight back, you will die.]

It was just as El Cid had said.

As soon as the momentum is taken away by <Hell Fire>, your ankles are tied up in space and you are surrounded from all directions by a type of magical attack whose details are completely unknown from beginning to end.

There were too many of them and not enough mental strength to offset them one by one.

This is the end of a fight that can be fought with just the basics.



flowed elegantly over the Solitary Starlight Holy Sword, and Leon turned his upper body as if to shake off the Shinigami’s scythe that was touching the side of his neck.

In a world where all vision was colored in black and white, he felt something that could only be called fate. Why did El Cid teach him the ‘Seven-Star Sword’, out of all the sword techniques? Why did Leon think of ‘Star’ in the form of a heart sword that can extend infinitely?

Is it coincidence or inevitable?

To sum it all up, it was just fate.



The speed of the mind is faster than the speed of light, and even skips continuity by one step, surpassing time and space.

Immediate movement of the heart.

The sword swung three times in an instant, causing a cluster of stars to bloom.

Hocheon Samyeonseong (壺天三連星)

Three stars rise from the blade colored with starlight and shatter the magical storm pouring out in front.

A flame that burns everything.

A flash of light that freezes time.

The wedge of space that was about to return behind the back.

The ultimate magic, which even archmages would have to struggle with to understand a single line of formula, was cut into pieces like a picture drawn on drawing paper and returned to nothingness.

Leon looked behind him at Vritra, whose eyes were wide open.

‘This moment is the first and last opportunity!’

Unfolding 〈Seven-Star Sword〉 with 〈Independent Holy Light〉 was easier to succeed than expected. I couldn’t get a feel for <Sun Sword>, but maybe it was because of the commonality of ‘stars’.

If he had used this power a long time ago, Leon would have been able to do better. It may have hurt Vritra quite a bit and created a fight that looked like a whistle.

But that was far from enough.

‘There’s no way that sneaky lizard would be fooled by a technique he’s seen even once. ‘This is where it ends!’

The reason I continued to use only the basics, even when my mental strength was exhausted, was to catch the guy off guard. Ultimate magic was clearly powerful, but it was not the best weapon for Vritra.

The man who secretly acts as the archbishop of an evil cult is a monster who is skilled not only in ‘Foreign Law’ but also in all kinds of tricks.

If you don’t overthrow it once, there won’t be a second time. Even before the starlight of

the Grand Chariot

<Hocheon Samyeonseong> had completely faded, Leon’s sword began drawing constellations again.


A fishy smell fills my mouth due to the blood rising to my throat.

The mental power that has revealed its bottom hurts the body and reduces its vitality to the point of pulling out its marrow.

Leon’s eyes were stained red with bloodshot eyes.

Kill with one blow.

You can’t win if you don’t give it your all! Even though the entire body


the five-star wheeled vehicle

is trembling, the sword play calmly draws a circle and completes the four previous sword strikes.

A starlight chariot that can break through and advance through anything.

〈Five-Star Wheeler〉 advanced towards Vritra.

The process took dozens of sentences to explain in words, but in reality it happened in less than a comma second. A blow that pierced through the moment when Vritra was unable to overcome the challenge and used her ultimate magic with all her might.

Vritra, whose eyes were wide in astonishment, was swallowed up by starlight.


Heaven and earth are shaking.

One wall of the crater burst open, soaring into the air, and even the clouds dispersed in its wake.

Leon couldn’t confirm that.

No, I couldn’t confirm.


Leon, who barely managed to not fall after sinking the holy sword into the ground, spewed out bright red blood. I’m continuing to recover from the ‘Guardian’s Stigmata’, but I can’t keep up with the wear and tear.

〈Simgeom〉 was not enough, so I used Yeonshikoui twice.

Among them, 〈Five-Star Wheel Gear〉 was the strongest and greatest sword technique that Leon could use right now, so if he couldn’t defeat him even with this, his chances of winning were not even a dime.

【——I was surprised.】

The guy walked out from inside the wall that had been devastated by the Five Star Wheeler.

【It may not be comparable to Rodrik’s sword, but it has surpassed the minimum limit for calling oneself a hero.】 It

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

wasn’t to the point of being a total wreck, but the guy’s appearance was also a mess in many ways. As it was compressed to 3 meters, even its muscle density and skeletal strength, which had increased several times, could not withstand it, so one of its arms flew off, leaving its amputated surface clearly exposed.

It was difficult to find intact parts of the shiny black scales, and the horns also had several cracks.


“Damn it…”

It was a sight that Leon could not help but feel dark before his eyes.

The attack he attempted a moment ago is the strongest hand he can inflict. At the point when I failed, all my winning spirit disappeared and I had to face what would be Vritra’s last attack while exhausted.

That’s it.

As if declaring that reality, he took a step forward.

【For a final struggle, it was a pretty good blow.】

I won’t give up until the end.

Leon strengthened his grip on the hilt of his sword as he leisurely faced death approaching him. It was difficult to even lift it, let alone swing it, but it is the destiny of a warrior to fight until his last breath.

It was exactly twenty steps.

As if mocking his defeat, the presence of the guy slowly approaching step by step pressed down on Leon, who was already struggling to stand, and made him stagger.

【Don’t be sad. You fought well. She will cry for you. This is indeed an enviable thing.】

The guy stopped after the tenth step.

Leon was desperate.

There wasn’t enough time yet to deliver the final blow. If you come a little closer, you can try Donggwijin. According to the feeling I felt before exhaustion, the battlefield was tilting toward the Allied forces’ superiority.

If only Vritra can be defeated somehow, humanity will survive.

However, because Leon was defeated, humanity will perish.

‘Shit shit shit shit shit shit——…!’

I asked you to trust me, but what kind of disgrace is this?

Leon whipped himself with such anger that his eyes turned bright red.

Stand up, grab your sword, and cut him down.

Sparks fly from the nervous system, which has already been pushed past its breaking point, and the body, which had been paralyzed by intense pain, becomes numb. Still, time was running out. I need 15 seconds, no, 10 more seconds.

【Like I said before, I will rip out your tongue and cut off your neck.】

The darkness extending from Vritra’s body grabs the nape of his neck, blocking his airway and carotid artery.


I foresee a future in which my neck bones will be crushed. Leon concentrated desperately to lift the hilt of his sword, but his forearm muscles could not move even an inch, and he flinched, predicting a pathetic, even fatal death.

The tongue is dragged out from the mouth that is forcibly opened.

Nevertheless, Leon, who did not close his eyes, said,

From daotranslate dot com


I saw an illusion of someone very familiar suddenly falling behind Vritra.

It was right after that.


With a tremendous roar, the hammer Seongcheolsae hurled into the back of Vritra’s head, causing his body to tremble from the recoil.

The amount of impact is enough to crush a cliff with a single blow.

However, not a single scale was removed from Vritra’s body, which was imbued with the power of ‘Reverse Heaven’. Although a very small level of impact was barely delivered, it cannot be said to be an effective hit.

【…She’s the maid she chose herself.】

With an expressionless face, Vritra looked back and looked at Ellahan’s features, which bore a strong resemblance to the goddess.

Was it thanks to that?

Some of the power contained in Vritra’s hand gestures drained away.


Ellahan’s body, which reflexively lifted the Seongcheolsae, fell on one side of the wall. Despite the shock absorption of the <Sacred Barrier>, more than half of the armor is damaged, and the amplification rate of sacred power decreases sharply.

Still, it is possible to continue the battle.

Ellahan stood up, spitting out the blood that had accumulated in his mouth.

Vritra looked at that as if it was laughable.

【Are you planning to kick away the mercy this body has shown you?】

“Shut up, leader of the heresy!”

Ellahan said while squinting at Leon, who was completely injured.

“The virtue of mercy is not something light enough for someone like you to mention it. “A lizard who was born as a great race, but turned away from its grace and became tainted by evil!”

【…The little creatures are truly playing with my tongue.】 As

Vritra’s murderous intent swelled, Ellahan unconsciously took a step back and swallowed dry saliva.

It was a pity that I couldn’t use <Jeongbeop> just now.

As soon as I saw Leon’s crisis, I immediately rushed in, so I couldn’t use techniques that required preparation time like <Jeongbeop>.

‘Still, if I can hold on until the hero regains his strength…’

Her duty as a saint will have been fulfilled.

Elahan, prepared to die, was about to take another step, but he said,

“—She is a saint, so she has grown to that level in just 300 years.”

Someone’s deep voice rang out from the sky.

At that voice, Vritra’s face stiffened a little.

It had to be that way.

The dragon race does not forget. It must be the owner of the voice that rang out now, engraved in his memory. The

wolf that brought

the storm as if

leaping through

space, plunged its fore heel into the center of Vritra’s torso.


A heavy, dull sound erupted, as if a lump of metal had been kicked, rather than something alive.

Vritra, who had been pushed forward about 20 meters while standing, growled.

【You are a dead bug! The dog that Roderick raised. I didn’t know that you still haven’t given up on that miserable life.】

“At least I didn’t run away and die like someone else did.”

Hackapell, who pushed away Vritra, grinned and sneered.

“I heard that foxes are restless in places where there are no tigers. There is nothing wrong with the old saying.”

【Shut up!】

“I don’t like it.”

Unlike Ellahan, Hakapel, who did not waver in the face of the fury and just stood there, pointed his finger at the top of his head.

Leon and Ellahan followed his fingers and looked up.



Leon, who laughed involuntarily, stood up.

It was an awkward situation where I couldn’t stand.

Dozens of familiar and unfamiliar faces lined up on the edge of the crater were looking down at them.

A warrior is someone who must become stronger in front of people.

You must not show your weakness in front of the people you must protect and save. Additionally, the time gained with the help of Ellahan and Hackapel restored a minimum of strength.

【You annoying bastards.】

Vritra, who saw the uninvited guest just like them, said.

These were truly complex aspects, from affiliation to race.

Karen Rodelin Tyrone Astrid Cedric.

Adela Irexana Buried.

Balkan Sarunga Galek.

Each and every one of them is a powerful person who can leave their mark on continental history. Despite facing all of them, Britra showed no reaction beyond the fact that the number of troublesome things had increased.

【You guys are not even qualified to intervene in this fight.】

Vritra sentenced.

【Stand right there and watch as your hopes crumble in my hands!】

Inside his body, black and sticky darkness like tar created a hemispherical barrier at a speed that no one could cope with.

It was the power that symbolizes the Demon King, <Yeokcheon>.

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