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Overpowered Sword Chapter 300

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Level up with swords (300)

At that moment, Leon was certain.

Vritra dies.

Neither the immortality realized through external methods nor the innate vitality of a dragon are meaningless in front of <Heart Sword>. Since it was a power that destroyed the opponent at the law level, an equivalent power was required to counter it.

However, Vritra simply accepted the devil’s side and did not ascend to the realm of god in and of itself.

The dragon heart, which can be said to be the most vulnerable vital point to dragons, was crushed to pieces of the demon lord within it, so it was inevitable that he would face death.


A death-like silence descends.

Likewise, all the people who sensed the death of the Demon King were silent.

Only Vritra looked down at the starlight stuck in the center of her chest, as if denying the reality that had come before her. Long, slit pupils and bright yellow irises vibrate slightly, revealing distrust.

【…This body has been defeated?】

The scales, which had been dyed black by the power of the Demon King, are split one by one and lose their color like gray hair.

The infinite boiling magic subsides, and the power that seemed to be able to grab the sky and the earth and tear it apart disappears.

The starlight, which had consumed most of its power as it pierced through his body, soon dimmed and disappeared as if it had never been there to begin with. However, the wound pierced by the starlight sword only widened further.

【…This can’t be happening. It couldn’t be like this.】


No matter how much I denied it, the reality in front of me didn’t change.

The victory that was within my grasp has receded beyond the sky, and death, which I had been ignoring and running away from for hundreds of years, has come behind me.

Despair and anger fill in the gaps left by madness.

If you can’t have it, destroy it.

My selfish and narrow-minded nature made me make a determination that I could not have made as soon as I knew my life would end.

Goddess, if you will reject me.

【This body is Vritra…also! I will reject this world!】

Even though he received the final blow, he did not die instantly.

The vitality overflowing in my body left me with the energy to move for a few minutes even with my heart missing.

Vritra moves.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The one who realized this fact before anyone else was Leon, who was barely able to stand on his own two legs at close range.

“Tsk, you’re a lousy guy to the end.”

The emotion revealed on his face is a resignation that is even reassuring.

There was no strength left to recreate the <Heart Sword>, and even his right arm was blown away along with the Holy Sword.

Ten claws flew in fiercely from left and right.

Although it was a raw gesture with no magic or martial arts involved, it had sufficient destructive power. Leon, whose artifacts had all been lost due to repeated collisions, had no means of defense.

Still, I won.

He was able to reliably perform his duties as a warrior.

‘thank god.’

Thinking like that, Leon lowered his eyes and said,

“——You’re too quick to give up, heir.”

I could feel the wind pressure of the claws tearing the air dangerously before my eyes. His eyes widened as he remembered someone’s deep yet somehow murky voice.

Beast King Hakapel.

Fenrir, who could be considered the best in the world when it comes to sprinting, was supporting Leon.


“Please feel free to call me. “If it’s Brother Rick’s former self, he’s someone I can’t look down on.”

As Leon heard those words, he looked back at Vritra and realized that the distance had increased by hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

It was an absurd speed.

Vritra, who lost sight of the hated enemy in front of her, soon finds Hackapell and Leon and turns towards them.


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“You can’t pass from here, lizard.”

The warrior leader Vulkan blocked the guy’s path by spinning his spear, which had been cut in half.

A spirit so strong that it distorts the atmosphere.

Titan’s interference, which would have been laughable in just a few minutes, is now holding him back.

Moreover, Vulcan was not the only one in the way.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“It’s not to my taste to cut down a dying man, but I can’t help it because it’s my fault.”

Cedric, who brought out all the power of 〈Dine Life〉, said,

“…I will concentrate on assisting you. “I’m not confident that I can accurately tell the difference between friend and friend at this distance.”

Astrid activated the two remaining orbs again and asked,

“Can you fight more, Adella?”

“If you tell me to leave, I will kill you first…?”

Irexana and Adela, re-armed with more anger than sadness, said,

“Taking time is my specialty.”

“If possible, we will end it with our own hands, sister.”

Karen and Ellahan blocked the guy with murderous faces.

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Some people were in a state of complete exhaustion and others were exhausted.

Although he was in a dying state, even though he had lost the power of an ancient dragon-level dragon demon lord called Vritra, his bare body’s combat power was far superior to that of even a disaster-level monster.

Nevertheless, not a single one backs down or is afraid and confronts them.

From Vritra’s point of view, the bugs that he could have easily trampled to death just a few minutes ago were gathering their strength to fight him.

【Get out———–!!】

With a roar that shook the ground, the dragon transformed into a strange shape and attacked on all fours. Tentacles that had dried out on the skin, protruding ugly protrusions from each bone joint, and muscles that were swollen large and small to the point where the balance of the limbs was unbalanced.

There was no trace of the dragon, which was even beautiful.


Vulcan, who thrust his spear between Vritra’s eyes, bounced off and rolled on the ground, and Cedric entered the empty space and slashed his sword.

A blow from <All Crushing>.

Even though he was in a near-death state, the blade did not go all the way in, and in that moment, Vritra struck Cedric, who was stiff, with his tail. Cedric, with several broken ribs, vomits blood and collapses.

1 second to here.

As Vritra tried to take a step, her legs dug into the ground that had become soft like a swamp, breaking the gap in her quadrupedal walking.

【The lowly elf bitch…!】

Without even a chance to take out her anger on Astrid, she said,

“Death to Ethan.”


Irexana’s mace struck the jaw, and Adela’s regime cracked a pair of fangs and struck the cheek.


Anger is greater than pain.

Things that could have been easily stomped to death just a moment ago have forgotten how to control themselves and are now climbing up!

The feeling of shame at myself for not being able to attack those arrogant guys made me even more angry, and my already cloudy eyes became even more distorted and I went crazy.

Jet-black martial arts

Towards Vritra, who was trying to tear up the swampy ground and jump into the sky with her muscles contracted in anger.

Projection Type 5:

Dozens of pairs of arms rose from the shadow of

Torachiri and wrapped around the giant body.

The restraint of shadows materialized in 〈Auror Blade〉.

As the guy lost his momentum just before leaping and stumbled, Ellahan dug in at that moment and hit Seongcheolsae again.


Due to the tremendous impact, the large head was thrown upward, and the body, which must have weighed several tens of tons, rose from the ground.

Vritra stumbled from the concussion she had experienced for the first time in her life.

A ray of reason comes back to me in such great shock and pain.

‘It’s all wrong. If things continue like this, rather than killing him, his life will be taken away by insignificant things.’

I couldn’t give my life up to the scum, lest I be killed by a warrior.

He must take revenge on the goddess who rejected him.

If you can’t kill the hero, leave the biggest wound.

So that I can remember myself every time I see that scar.

【…Hehehe hehahahahaha!!】

Vritra suddenly stopped in place and went crazy.

Adela saw that and twirled her index finger.

“What is it that has finally caught up with you?”

“No problem. Since the source of power has been destroyed, there is a clear limit to how strong one can become with madness.”

It was just as Irexana said.

Madness amplifies one’s physical abilities and mental power beyond their limits, but being pushed to the edge only hastens death.

Nevertheless, the explosive power could not be underestimated, so the strong people surrounding Leon held their breath as if protecting him. Since we cannot know what a madman is thinking, the best response is improvisation.

Increase reaction speed to the limit and focus on counterattack.

It was that moment.


In front of them all, Vritra flew up with not even a single corner of her body left intact.

Even if the wing was broken, there was no problem.

A dragon’s flight ability can be used even without wings. Wings are ultimately just an auxiliary organ, and for a dragon that can directly control mana in the air, this was an easy task.


Someone who was at a loss for words muttered as he saw the guy moving away in an instant.

“…You ran away? “Now that you’ve come?”

“If I do that, I’ll die soon.”

“He was ugly until the end.”

Those who ridicule, those who doubt, and those who feel reassured.

People who had stretched out their weapons relaxed by spewing out words that were closer to a monologue than a conversation.

As the nerves, which had been stretched so tightly as if they were about to break, became loose, some people stumbled as if they would faint at any moment. It was such a difficult and precarious fight.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Hero! “I’ll attach your arm!”

When Ellahan, who was carrying his torn right arm, applied healing techniques to his cross section, a soft light flowed out, soothing his tired body.

Leon, who stored the holy sword in its scabbard, blinked.

His eyelids were getting heavier and he was about to lose consciousness

[——No way.]

When I heard El Cid’s tense voice, I shook my head.

I had a headache and dizziness, but it was bearable.

Leon, thinking about the people around him, asked carefully.

‘what’s the matter?’

[…Do you remember what was in the direction that guy left?]

‘The direction that Vritra fled to? ‘If it’s over there, it’s definitely…’

Leon soon realized what El Cid was implying and turned pale.

〈Dimension Crack〉.

It is the largest and most dangerous demon world on this continent, and a hell where no one but Cassim can survive. It’s a shame that the Titans have continued to manage it until today, otherwise the monsters that came out from beyond the crack would have taken over the entire mountain range.

A place where countless transcendental species that can place even S-rank monsters at the bottom of the food chain live.

[If that bastard risks his life to tear open the dimensional rift, this world will come to an end.]

‘If that bastard is Vritra… he would have committed more than enough.’

It’s hard to believe it’s a dragon, but it’s a small, cunning personification of malice. There was a very high possibility that he would try to drag this world along as his companion like a water ghost.

Leon, who escaped Ellahan’s embrace, unfolded ‘Icarus Wings’.


“Why are you like this, warrior? “What else is there?”

Ellahan looks at him with a puzzled look, and Karen looks around with a puzzled look.

There is no time to explain to them and ask for their understanding.


“Just in case, I’ll check on Vritra’s death and come back. “I’ve recovered a bit, so even if I fight again, I won’t lose.”

“yes? “Wait a minute…”

“Don’t worry, Ella.”

Leon just smiled.

The role of a hero is to reassure people with a smile.

“Everything will be okay.”

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At the same time, platinum-colored wings flashed once, pushing Leon into the distant sky. He surpassed hypersonic speed in a matter of seconds and soon found a place where he could feel Vritra’s presence.

It was just as El Cid had expected.

The core of the Titan Mountains where the “dimensional rift” exists.

【…It’s too late, hero.】

Waiting in front of him was a dragon that looked like it was about to fall to its death at any moment.

All of the scales had fallen off and the exposed skin had dried out miserably.

The appearance of being so thin that the bones protruded above the skin was clearly not normal.

“Did you commit it?”

Leon said with contemptuous eyes.

Vritra nodded without hiding it.

【Even though the power of the Demon King residing in my heart has disappeared, I am an existence based on the natural order of this dimension. If you sacrifice me, it is also possible to provide the monsters from the outer dimension with the right to ‘rightfully come over to this dimension.’】

“Crazy guy!”

【Hehe, it’s your victory. But it is your loss.】

Instead of listening to Vritra’s words any further, Leon swung the sword with his left arm instead of his not yet recovered right arm.

The light emitted from the tip of the sword flashed, and Vritra’s hideously distorted face rolled on the ground. These were shabby words for the archbishop of an evil sect that had been secretly plotting for centuries to bring about destruction on the entire continent.

Leon stepped on the head and looked at the Demon Lord, who had become several times larger than the last time in <Dimension Crack>.

“…How do I do this?”

[You will never be able to close it with your own strength.]

El Cid declared without any room for doubt.

[You should not think about famous songs. At that time, it was easy to close because both the inside and the outside decided to close. But that magic mirror is like a powder keg about to explode. If you stab it once with the <Heart Sword>, it will spread and the monsters inside will come out.]

“…Ha haha.”

Leon was devastated and sat down on the spot.

What if I jump in there and take down all the monsters? It was impossible to attach the premise that Even Kasim’s limit was to moderately control his numbers by hitting and running away, but he handles it all by himself?

It was too much for him to know if Rodrik came back alive.

It’s just like what Vritra said.

He won but lost.

Vritra, who was about to die, ignored the oath he had made himself, turned the tables around, and succeeded.

[Well, for a guy like you, you did well.]

But El Cid’s voice was calm and weak.

Even though he was on the verge of destruction, he was confident as always.

The reason was simple.

[Now it’s my turn.]


[If there is something the disciple cannot do, the master must step in.]

El Cid said.

[Throw me into that crack.]

“…What are you talking about?”

[I told you to throw this holy sword into that demonic realm. Then everything will be resolved.]

“So what are you talking about!”

Leon shouted.

“What can be solved by just throwing in a sword?! “It’s impossible for the Holy Sword to have a self-destruct function…”

[How can that be possible, you idiot?]

El Cid, who had given him a reprimand, explained.

[The reason I cannot act directly in this dimension is because the law of causality restricts those who have ascended to the upper class. By the way.]


[From beyond, causality cannot interfere. I can use my full power to wipe out monsters and close rifts. Something like that.]


Leon pointed out something overlooked in his story.

“What’s beyond is an external dimension? “If you close the rift inside, how are you going to get out?”


“Answer me.”

[…Wouldn’t it work out somehow?]

“—Don’t be ridiculous!”

Leon screamed as if he was letting out all the anger he had built up.

“Leaning on you until the end?! Throw you out of the dimension and tell me to save the world!? If that’s the case, I’ll follow along! “If you’re doing so well, you can take me with you!”

[Oh, I don’t like that.]


El Cid said with a chuckle.

[Do you know how many years it’s been since you’ve been hanging out with that sweaty guy all day and night? I also want to have some alone time.]



My mind and body, exhausted to the limit and shaken by El Cid’s joke, exposed gaps that would not normally have been visible.

I was caught off guard.

Leon suddenly realized that his right arm had drawn the holy sword and was holding the end of the sword hilt. Unconsciously? No, it can’t be like that.

El Cid had intervened in his less healed nervous system.

“No don’t do that! Stop! “You son of a bitch!!”

[I’ll see you later, you foolish disciple.]

The right arm, which even I couldn’t control, naturally let go of the sword, drew a semicircle, and fell beyond the <dimensional rift>.

Leon hurriedly tried to grab the hilt of the sword with his left hand, but

[it was a pretty good trip for an outing that had been in 300 years],

but the holy sword was sucked in one beat before that.

It was right after that.


The light emitted from the ‘Dimension Crack’ bounced Leon away.

A power that does not feel hostile.

El Cid’s interference was clear.

“hey! El Cid! You fucking bastard!”

He immediately stood up after being thrown away tens of meters and returned to his original position, but

by that time, he was

already there.

“…El Cid.”

Leon was just silent as he stared into empty space.

He stared into the empty space without moving a single step until people came after him, who did not return.

This is how the subjugation of the demon king that began in the Titan Mountains ended.

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