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Overpowered Sword Chapter 35

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Level up with swords (35)

Underground of district 23.

Leon, who entered through the hole prepared by Khan, immediately felt his nose numb. The density was so high that the air was mixed with the stench of blood, which was almost poisonous.

Cesare’s expressionless face also became blurred.

I could tell because he had more experience with bad things than Leon. So many lives were lost here, and how much pain there was in the process.

Like a cat, it keeps walking without making any sound. I passed a few rooms and checked their interiors.

A room filled with human skulls.

A room containing a collection of torture instruments.

A room where unknown flesh squirms.

It was a sight that seemed like a nightmare. Leon managed to suppress the nausea that had built up to the base of his uvula, found an item that could serve as evidence, and put it in his pocket.

[Hold on.]

El Cid said in a stern voice.

[You shouldn’t get used to it. We must not ignore this tragedy. Even if no one remembers, the warrior must remember. Because this is the image of the enemy you will have to fight against for eternity.]

‘…Not the devil?’

[under! Do you think the demon lord Naburaengi can become an enemy? This world is not so cheap that you can be saved by defeating one villain.]


A person who brings about a better tomorrow than today.

According to <Goddess Battle>, that is the only role given to the warrior. There is no such thing as a classic mission to defeat the devil or evil beings.

But El Cid knew better.

That guideline is the duty that a warrior must bear, and that it is a powerful enemy that can never be defeated.

[Poverty for the poor and disease for the sick are like the devil. There is no rational cause and effect for that misfortune. Can you cut poverty with this holy sword? Can disease be eradicated? Compared to that, a demon king who can be cut to death is nothing.]

Even the Holy King Roderick could not win.

The warrior is destined for ultimate defeat. The meaning of their existence is to pass on dreams and hopes to the next generation, hoping that defeat will lead to a better tomorrow.

No matter how terrible it is, we must not turn a blind eye. The tragedy had to be faced face to face until the source of evil was cut off.


Leon takes a deep breath and his eyes sink.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The hands that were picking out the evidence stopped shaking, and the disordered steps returned to their normal pace.

Even Cesare, who had been concerned about his agitation, was slightly impressed.

I couldn’t see the skill of defeating Oedo because it was behind my back, but it only took a few seconds to put my mind and body back in order. It was a mental strength that was difficult to find in a young man of that age.



The two stopped walking without worrying about who went first.

This was because a significant number of people felt popular.

‘The space we passed was just a place used to dispose of corpses, and this is where the proper facilities start.’

If you go in blindly, you will end up in big trouble.

It was a fluke that I easily won the first fight. The guys who were relieving their tension were caught off guard, and the foul play of the Holy Sword and Cesare’s surprise attack worked perfectly.

However, we couldn’t hope for the same luck against an enemy with double digits. After thinking for a moment, Leon took out a scroll.

‘I didn’t want to use it if possible…’

This is the item Khan handed me.

Even though he received the request, it was natural for the warrior to feel uncomfortable because he felt indebted to the gangster.

As he hesitated, a scroll tore from his grasp.


Then, the light protruding from the scroll penetrated Leon’s eyes. A magic that grants temporary clairvoyance to the user.


Leon, whose eyes were colored blue, quickly read the structural diagram of the underground facility. It’s not a very good scroll, so it’s a good thing if you can last 30 seconds. With 〈Anbeop〉, you absorb as much information as possible and memorize the people and structures on the other side of the wall.


From daotranslate dot com

“it’s okay. “It’s no big deal.”

There was a loss of clairvoyance and nosebleeds.

Leon applied pressure to the area around the bridge of his nose to stop the bleeding and engraved the structure diagram of the facility he had seen into the ground.

I had to get at least one more thing before I forgot.

“The underground facility itself is not that large. There are 24 people who can be considered enemies. There are 10 5 5 4 people in the order of north, south, east and west. Also, there was an impenetrable wall in the center, and the entrance was in the eastern section.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Could that be the key?”

“Maybe. Unlike the west, south, and north, where discipline was a bit lax, the personnel moving around the eastern section were quite strict. “More than half remain only near the entrance leading to the center.”

Cesare thought for a moment.

There was a possibility that it was a trap targeting that guess. There is no trick more common than the twist that what was thought to be a basic weakness of a strategy, which was to catch one off guard, was actually a strength.

However, the basis for it being a trap was too weak.

Looking at the structural diagram that Leon had drawn on the ground, there were no other important parts.

“Maybe District 23 is an empty shell used to dispose of corpses and District 25 is the real base.”

“What you said is correct, Bishop.”

This is an issue that must be checked and resolved.

Cesare also agreed with that opinion. The next time I come, my guard won’t be as lax as it is now, so today was my biggest opportunity.

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The two who set their primary goal began to move.

There are 12 enemies to deal with until you reach the entrance to the center. Since the direction they emerged from was south, their patrol routes overlapped a bit.

‘It has to be handled as quietly as possible.’

Fortunately, the only lighting here was a few torches hung at wide intervals. It was disgusting, but there were so many empty rooms and plenty of places to hide.

The conditions were perfect for infiltration.

The two people moved through the darkness silently but at a fairly fast speed. Even though the floor is unkempt, he walks without kicking a single stone.

The enemy was discovered within a few tens of seconds.

‘Are these two patrolmen from the southern district?’

If it’s the same level as the guys you first faced, it’s no big deal. The moment Leon made that decision and was about to look at Cesare,

he burst into laughter!

Chains that blew like a gale wrapped around the two men’s necks.



At the same time, ‘Tdu-duk!’ A sound rang out.

The neck was broken by the pressure of the chains. Gently knocking down the bodies of those who died instantly, Cesare retrieved the chain.

It was a surprise attack that was even terrifying.

It only took about a second for the chain protruding from the sleeve of the robe to wrap around his neck and break it. This is a speed that even seasoned mercenaries cannot react to. Indeed, when dealing with members of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, they see no value in a fair fight.

“Let’s proceed.”


Leon took a step forward, feeling a little scared.

The two bodies were properly hidden.

And not long after, we encountered patrols again a few times, but won without difficulty. It was an easy fight as Cesare started off by killing one or two people with a preemptive attack.

It was basic for those who were ambushed to deploy their defense shield first, but Leon is the master of the holy sword that pierces that defense shield like water.


Once again, another guy fell to the ground with his head cut off in vain.

“Huh?! “Krrrrrrrrr…!”

His confident face changed into a look of ‘this can’t be happening’ and he soon lost all blood and rolled on the ground.

This is the 11th person.

There are five who guard the entrance. Since it was impossible to defeat them all with a surprise attack, this time Cesare had to swing the iron ball properly to deal with the enemy. Since the external method is a force that does not know what will come out and how, it was best to defeat it before it becomes dangerous.


The head of the last living creature explodes. It was a good attempt to avoid it, but the iron ball barely grazed it.

You could say I was luckier than the others. Because the body was left in fairly good condition except for the head. Most of them were bloodied, leaving only one or two limbs.

Still, what Cesare said was truly outrageous.

“Hey, I’m finally feeling better now. “Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I can’t run as wild as I did in the past.”

Leon pretended not to hear and turned around.

After defeating all twelve enemies, the entrance to the center was finally in front of them.

It was a door of unknown material.

Even if you pull or push with all your might, let alone the handle, it won’t move.

The parts where the unidentified letters were engraved were all glowing dark red, reminiscent of blood flowing from a wound. Cesare also seemed to feel ominous when he saw the door and lifted the iron ball.

“Move aside, brother.”

The iron ball rotates with a buzzing sound. It seemed like a swarm of bees had swarmed around. The steel, which had acquired horrifying destructive power by accelerating several times, exploded against the door.

The very moment of collision.


…and the iron ball that made a dull sound bounced out.


Cesare and Leon’s eyes widened.

A single blow from before could break through any castle gate. But after receiving that destructive power, there isn’t much noise? It was not physically possible.

El Cid, who realized the reason before anyone else, said.

[Illegal matter…! This is the first time this method has been used since it is a door made from an extradimensional material.]

‘Improper object?’

[It is a substance based on laws that do not exist in this world. If I remember, there were some that froze when heated or burned when left in a cold place. And this door panel seems to be an unclean object that nullifies physical interference.]

Leon frowned at those words.

It’s not just physical interference. Considering that the clairvoyance magic didn’t work, there was a high possibility that the magic wouldn’t work either.

The only method left was Cesare’s Holy Method.

“Goddess, please bring the light of clarity to the tips of these fingers.” Cesare,

who must have been thinking the same thing, stepped forward and used up his saved strength to activate the sacred method. It’s not about training like an Auror or exploring like magic.

The power to prove it by accumulating devout faith and good karma.

Therefore, the Holy Law itself symbolized the nobility of the priests and was a power that could not be wielded by the corrupt.

Blah blah blah… blah blah!

As soon as Cesare touches it, the door shatters.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A door that can withstand a mace more powerful than a battering ram cannot withstand fingertips that only contain warm light.

Holy law is the natural law of this world.

In the end, the law from outside cannot defeat the holy law.


But just before the door broke, the light flowing from Cesare’s hand was cut off.

The power was exhausted by a narrow margin.

The strength of this gate was beyond imagination, as it was able to withstand the sacred laws poured out by the bishop-level Cesare. It’s not something worth using as a trap.

[You finish it. I will assist you with my strength.]


Leon, holding a sword, walked in front of Cesare.


He stands with his back to Cesare, who looks at him with a surprised face.

The power of the sun boiled within the body and naturally resided in the blade of the holy sword. Golden Auror. With Leon’s capabilities, he can’t make it tangible yet, but if he uses up the power he’s accumulated in El Cid, he can do it for a few minutes.

Unclean objects are also brought in through external law. If the opponent is a holy sword or solar auror, the irregular compatibility becomes disadvantageous.


While giving a short burst of energy, he swung the holy sword.

The light emitted from El Cid’s blade cut through the darkness and tore apart the cracks in the impure door.


The door crumbled with a sharp sound.

From where the cut was made, cracks like spiderwebs appeared and soon disappeared without leaving behind a single speck of dust.

unclean matter.

It was just like its name, meaning it could not exist in this world.

“…It was a great blow. “I think I underestimated your capabilities.”

“It was nothing. “The bishop did almost everything.”

“Haha, it’s a grace given by the goddess.”

The two exchanged good wishes, took a breather, reorganized, and entered the center.

There was no sign of presence beyond the wall where the door had disappeared.

Leon entered the room where even the torch was turned off, as it seemed to be always empty except when performing ceremonies. The smell of blood that assaulted my nose was the same here.


Cesare, who was following him, stopped.

From daotranslate dot com

One of the powers representing the Moon Auror is the ability to see through darkness, so he was able to realize its reality before Leon.


The Seongcheolsaegi Knight’s eyes froze.

‘I can’t see El Cid, so make it brighter.’


‘El Cid?’

[…Oh, right.]

El Cid reacted a beat late and radiated light.

In Cesare’s eyes, it may have seemed like a typification of an auror, but it was one of the holy sword’s own functions.

In an instant, the darkness in the room cleared and


Leon, seeing something terrible, reflexively gritted his teeth.

“What is this?”

There were small lumps of flesh inside.

There was a pile of things the size of a human head, bleeding and trembling.

The Aurasense tells you the truth that you did not want.


They were all alive.

What it was was flesh and blood that had been cut, cut, and scraped from life and gathered into one lump. I don’t know for what purpose it was made, but it probably wasn’t with good intentions.

[This is it.]

Only El Cid calmly understood the intention.

[The flesh of a living sapient race is cut and the blood is extracted and processed into a lump of flesh containing the essence of vitality. If they gathered close to 10,000 of them, there is only one intention.]


[A method of attracting monsters using huge amounts of live sacrifices as bait. The disaster was named as such because it devours a city by opening and closing its mouth once.]

“Devouring the City.”

It takes a lot of time and work to prepare in advance, but once it starts, no one can stop it. The monster summoned by that external method is a being that even the transcendental cannot dare to confront. As soon as it is summoned, it swallows the city in one swallow and returns to the outer dimension.

Blaine, Free City.

This time, this city was its prey.

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