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Overpowered Sword Chapter 48

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Level up with black hair (48)

Prima District 13.

Unlike the slums, it is a place where people who have not deviated from the shackles of the law entrust their lives. There are many buildings without owners, so homeless people can stay there, and because they are given simple jobs, they can make enough money to live on.

And it was all thanks to the Holy Church.

Because the nobles and the upper class took notice of the religious order, relief supplies continued to be provided, although it may not be a large amount.

Since the minimum level of food, clothing, and shelter was guaranteed, there were almost no people coveting or stealing from each other. That was a fatal difference from the slums where the winner-takes-all system was the norm.

“Take one more with you. “You said you have three kids?”

“ah…! thank you.”

A poor man from District 23 bowed his head, shedding a few tears, at the unexpected favor.

But the person distributing rations waved his hands.

“I didn’t even bring it, so what? If you want to be that grateful, go to the building over there and pray to the goddess. “If the church wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this luxury.”

Even the poor people knew it.

The church located in the middle of the city, on the outskirts of the city where no one visits, is said to be the only savior.

There is no need for your children to starve because there is nothing to eat.

You don’t have to shiver from the cold because you have nothing to wear.


The fact that there were no thieves or thieves in these desolate streets was thanks to Cesare’s daily patrol. Although the speed is slower than that of evil, goodness also spreads among people.

Even people who were harsh with each other gradually realized how to open their hearts and be generous to others.

“…It’s really different from District 23.”

He was given an extra bag of food because he had many children, but no one was dissatisfied with it or followed him. It was completely different from the slums where people would immediately bite at the slightest opportunity.

Naturally, his gaze focused in one direction.

This is because I remembered what the person who was distributing food said.

“Let’s take a look.”

It wasn’t that far away.

Holy Church.

The protagonist of the battle that completely destroyed District 25 a few days ago. Because he was caught up in the aftermath of the subjugation war, District 23-24 became an environment difficult for people to live in, and he and his family fled together to Prima District.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I thought the difficult days would continue for a while, but I never dreamed that I would end up living like this.


It was then.

It wasn’t long before the church got closer and a pattern symbolizing the goddess came into view. The man stopped at the sound he had heard countless times in the slums.

The sound of blades clashing together.

The power is enormous, as it resonates far away. My body, having guessed that from experience, froze in fear.

“Hey, you’ve been doing it all day today too.”

“That’s right. “I thought adventurers were all people who just play and eat, but I’ve changed my mind a lot.”

“I guess I have to do that if I’m going to make a living eating cut-and-dry food.”

But the people passing by him were also calm.

How can you be calm while someone is stabbing you like that? His expression became subtle in an incomprehensible situation.

The man had no choice but to ask people passing by.

“hmm? That sound? Ah, it must have been a while since I came here. It’s not a big deal, so don’t worry about it. They say it’s the sound of adventurers staying at the church training. “It’s already been a week and I’m very enthusiastic.”

It was a much simpler answer than I thought.

The man, who had put his mind to rest, thought for a moment and then started walking towards the house. Even though I knew it was safe, it was still difficult to approach the direction where the sound was coming from.

It was a habit that had been ingrained for several years, perhaps more than ten years.

Hoping to be able to thank him in front of that building someday, the man put strength into his forearms holding the wheat bag.

* * *


Leon, who was thrown off by one hit, quickly corrected his posture.

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The landing was so rough that my ankles were throbbing, but I had no time to show the shock. A special assassin is one who can defeat someone of equal skill even if there is only a gap as small as a stitch.

Fortunately, Karen stopped chasing after him because he was ready to immediately counterattack with the <Bobeop>.

“You use your feet better than you think? “More like me than a knight.”

Her empty eyes glanced at Leon’s feet.

It was a type of skill that adapts to the situation and environment without insisting on a straight posture. Knights who specialize in both dueling and warfare cannot respond so flexibly.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Whether in the mud or on ice.

It was a movement similar to that of occupations such as assassins and rangers, where one must demonstrate one’s capabilities in any environment.

“The technology itself is superior to mine, but…”

Karen’s body slowly sinks.

The upper body along with both knees were bent horizontally, reminiscent of a bowstring ready to be fired at any moment.

In reality, the rush was like an arrow being fired.

“It looks like there are still a lot of immature aspects…yes!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her body became blurry.

The speed of creating an afterimage in just two steps.

Even though it is so fast, there is no trace on the ground, so it is like a ghost that disappears with a blink of an eye. So Leon didn’t blink his eyelids even once.

From daotranslate dot com

Even my visual acuity, which had been greatly improved by 〈Anbeop〉, had to do my best to catch up with her.


He noticed the afterimage and was bitten on the right foot.

At the same time, the sword that was struck collided with the dagger that Karen had thrown, creating strong sparks.


Take three steps back.

Leon felt his grip being torn apart. Sword and dagger. A power that overwhelms the difference in mass of the weapon itself. His weight was also pushed unilaterally even though he was above him.

Breaking through one point.

Unlike Karen, who concentrated her power on one point, Leon responded with a straight line, so it was a natural result.

‘I’ve done really absurd things over and over again…’

But that response wasn’t wrong.

Karen, who was able to cross the limits of ‘Anbeop’ in just two steps, was just outside the standard. His skill in controlling the center of gravity and inertia was several levels higher, and his dagger skills were extremely sophisticated.

Not only throwing it, but also stabbing it while holding it in your hand. It was powerful enough to tear apart several sheets of steel even without an aura.

“What are you seeing at this speed?”

On the contrary, Karen was also surprised.

“I didn’t even focus the aura on my eyes, so you can see my movements with pure body vision?”

No matter how much you train, there is a limit to human physical ability.

This was especially true for the eye senses, which were difficult to train. In a world where life and death are separated by an inch, the importance of full-body vision goes without saying.

If you can see the movements of A-rank Karen, who boasts the highest speed in her class, it is already close to superpower.

“He barely used Auror, but he was quite sincere…”

Karen thought for a moment and then her eyes sparkled.

It seemed like he had a bad idea.

“Okay, let’s test how far we can see.”

Karen’s footsteps, which had already made no sound, became blurred.

It wasn’t just fast. It is a walking method that uses direction and even optical illusions to deceive the human eye.

A murder technique honed over decades as an assassin.


Karen’s appearance became disheveled after revealing the name of the technology. Its shape became unclear, like a haze that appears in the desert.

It is different from self-immolation.

Rather than being divided into several people, one person appears to be multiple. It was a technique so advanced that even Leon’s eyes could not see through it at once.


Then Karen rushed in.

The speed itself was slower than before, but the problem was that it was distracting the eyes. Not only the direction but also the sense of distance is ruined. Is it left or right, is the arm straight or bent?

Leon’s eyes rolled up and down and left and right.


The muscles around the eyes shriveled from the sudden overuse. Leon frowned at the pain and raised his sword.


A blade that cuts through the air unlike before. Leon, sensing failure, let out a long sigh and looked to the side.

just as expected.

“With this, 102 wins out of 102 fights. Right?”

Karen, with a mischievous smile, was aiming a dagger at the back of his neck. If it had been a real fight, he would have died the moment he made a mistake.

Leon smiled bitterly and raised both hands.

“Is it so fun to harass juniors who aren’t even B-ranked?”

“Hehe, of course it’s fun.”

Karen, who knew his identity, grinned.

This sparring had already gone over 100 times.

The attempt to learn from a top assassin was okay, but she and he were very different. The foundation upon which talent and aptitude were built had little in common.

So the two have been training in this format.

‘The use of Aurors is similar to that of physical strengthening, but without throwing. Even if we fight in an open space, I won’t be able to win.’

It was a condition full of advantages for Leon.

Dagger and sword.

If two weapons clashed head-on, even a novice mercenary would know which would have the advantage. Moreover, it was an empty space with no shields or obstacles. Karen, who was prohibited from even throwing, had to fight at a disadvantage even after breaking through a gap that was two to three times larger.

If you are in the same class, you will definitely lose.

Even if you are one level above, you are at a disadvantage.

The penalty is only equal if you are two levels higher.

‘But even so, I couldn’t win even once.’

Leon calmly accepted that reality.

Because of his great performance in the fight against the Outer Wizard, he had a high opinion of himself, and the gap with Karen was enormous.

Of course, I didn’t do my best, but that’s the same for Karen. If she resolves all the conditions and fights sincerely, she will probably be killed one-sidedly within 30 seconds.

“So what do you think?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Leon, who had cooled off his sweat a bit, asked a question carefully.

You can’t just fight.

Since someone several levels higher in skill was actively responding, it was wise to borrow their power. Even though the path forward was a little different, Karen was clearly a master.

“It was okay.”



Karen looked into his eyes and explained.

“If you can see my acceleration, even a level 1 assassin can’t use deception in front of you. Even right after the shock, I couldn’t see any gaps. “Your skills are already above a B rank.”

“Even though I can’t use the typology of Aurors?”

“The power of the Auror Weapon is powerful. But if it doesn’t work out, that’s it. “Your eyes and footwork are capable of that.”

Typical Aurors tear through iron and break rocks, but do not have the ability to chase down and defeat evading enemies.

Karen knew that well.

Most assassins are one or two steps behind their peers in martial arts capabilities. The only way to win is through techniques that catch the opponent off guard and tactics that do not distinguish between means and methods.

Nonetheless, victory is victory.

Little Karen also took down her targets like that.

“Well, if I had to point out a drawback…”

Karen said, recalling the sparring from a little while ago.

“The basics are very strong. Since I have good eyesight, I don’t easily get tricked. However, it is just that I am not fooled by the enemy, and I do not have the talent to deceive the enemy. So, once you get pushed back, it becomes difficult to turn it over.”

“…deceive the enemy.”

“Don’t find it difficult. Cheating is ultimately meant to make up for the skill gap. “This is the groundwork to build a foundation for a turnaround.”

However, Leon was lacking in that area.

“I don’t know who taught you, but it must be either an outrageous genius or an outrageous monster.”

Karen declared even though she had never met him before.

And it was true. This was a problem that arose because El Cid was the teacher.

The weaknesses she pointed out were ultimately due to lack of skills. If you are stronger than anyone else, there is no need to deceive your enemies. All you need to do is defeat it from the front without being tricked. Holy King Rodrik during El Cid’s lifetime was such a being.

But Leon wasn’t him. He wasn’t the most powerful person in the world.

So I had no choice but to find my own answer.

“In short, there is a lack of creative attack methods or movements. “You don’t have to follow me, but try to have more variety in your hands.”

It would be great if you had an unconditional winning hand. Otherwise, the best thing to do would be to increase the types of cards and strengthen them.

Leon thought for a moment as he took that advice to heart.

From daotranslate dot com

There wasn’t much that came to mind.

Karen watched him and clapped her hands together.

“Okay, that’s it for today’s sparring. “Let’s move on.”


The two moved from the vacant lot into the building. There was no need to move the body in the training from now on.

This is for Leon to officially move up to B rank.

It was training for the typification of Aurors, ‘Auror Weapons’.

“How far did you go last time?”

“The relationship between Auror attributes and training methods.”

“Oh, okay. Let’s go from there. “I remembered it.”

Karen, who was sitting across from the table, began to talk.

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