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Overpowered Sword Chapter 50

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Level up with swords (50)

Crown of the Star.

It refers to the northern tip of this continent.

It was a place that could only be reached by traveling far beyond the Clyde Empire, which ruled the northern continent. Snowstorms rage throughout the year, and monsters more ferocious than wild beasts fight over what little food there is.

A land that even the Clyde Empire has given up on exploring.

There is no benefit to occupying it. You can’t farm, you can’t raise livestock, and the only buried minerals are worthless.

Nevertheless, there are people who live on that land.

The headquarters of the Holy Order, a group of people who ignore wealth and fame and devote themselves to the glory of goodness, was located right there.


A historic event was taking place in the center right now.


Holy light overflows.

sun and moon.

The power symbolizing the goddess was divided into two colors, gold and silver, and filled the room.

It was truly enormous.


This is a phenomenon that cannot be reproduced even if ten cardinals are gathered together. The unbelievable holy power that can instantly cure even a dying person as long as they are still breathing swirls around like a whirlpool.


In the vortex of light, someone opened their mouth. It was a voice that made my mind feel refreshed just by hearing it.

If you look closely, the silhouette resembles that of a mature woman.

“I can accept anything that is your vessel. “A long-cherished wish spanning 300 years that the saint has passed down from generation to generation.”

There was a girl sitting in front of her.

Her silver hair is neatly trimmed near her shoulders, and her golden irises shine through her faintly open eyelids.

The appearance of saints always had something in common.

Silver-haired and golden eyes that sparkled even without light were one of them.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The light swirling throughout the auditorium subsides. No, it wasn’t going away, it was being pulled around the girl.

It was absurd.

It was clear that even a person who had reached the level of a master would not be able to suppress that power and would explode to death if one person accepted a holy power exceeding that of 10 cardinals.

“300 years ago.”

The 7th generation saintess, who was sitting across from the girl, spoke.

“The first saint who accompanied the great hero Saint King Roderick realized her helplessness during the journey. A woman who can only crouch and hide behind the warrior’s back and pray. “He didn’t think that was the role of a saint.”

After returning from her journey with Roderick, the first saint completely changed her own and the policies of the Holy Order.

Because I realized that power without justice is worthless violence, but justice without power is also nothing more than meaningless public opinion. Rather than appealing to someone else’s power with good intentions, he thought that the clergy themselves should have the power to defeat evil intentions.

“Seongcheolsae (聖鐵鎖).”

That’s how the Seongcheolsae Knights began.

Although its beginnings were humble, it is now one of the strongest armed groups on the continent. People who were favored by the cult gathered together one by one to punish evil and do good in the name of the goddess.

It was from then on.

The reason why past saints served as vice-captains of the Holy Iron Chain Knights.

“The position of leader is only for the warrior. When you think about it that way, you are truly blessed with destiny. Being able to fight together with him is what all the saints have hoped for and hoped for in their lives.”


The girl smiled, surrounded by brilliant light.

“I think so too, Mom.”

Some will deny that.

Just as heroes are born in difficult times, the appearance of a warrior was a herald of a world in chaos. The saint had no choice but to stand at the center of the storm.

However, the two people laughed while looking at each other like mirrors.

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For those who inherited the legacy of the first saint, trials were something they had prepared for since ancient times.

“This time, I will fulfill my role together with the hero.”

It’s a whopping 300 years.

The inheritance of divine power that has continued since the first saint has already reached its limit. If the qualifications of the girl who became the 8th generation saint of this generation were not exceptional, it might have already gone bankrupt.

But the succession ceremony was by no means meaningless.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Suddenly, the light swirling in the room calmly subsided and soon was absorbed into the girl’s body.


The 7th saint looked at this with an expression of deep emotion.

Finally, the day came when their long-awaited wish came true. The strongest and best saint who can support the hero has just been born.

“Acht, candidate for sainthood. “I declare the completion of the succession ceremony.”

The girl stood up proudly and raised her voice.

Small and slender body. Holy power like a volcano boils over from a body that cannot be seen as the vice-leader of Seongcheolsae. A sacred and majestic presence naturally covered a radius of several meters.

Its output already exceeds master level.

She reached a level that only the Seven Great Saints reached in their prime, at the same time as the succession ceremony was completed.

“I admit it.”

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The 7th generation saint said the woman who no longer was a saint.

“From now on, you are the 8th Saint Ellahan. “Live a glorious life as one who inherits Seongcheolswae and its name.”

“I am willing to give up this life.”

The 8th saint, Ellahan, answered in a polite manner.

Now there was only one procedure left for her.

“We will proceed with the final test.”

As the former saint took the lead, Ellahan walked calmly behind her.

The inside of the Great Hall was much quieter than usual.

This was because all the people who would normally have stayed inside left to avoid interfering with the succession ceremony. The two walked leisurely through the silent, thoughtful space.

The place where they stopped was in front of the back gate of Daesinjeon.

“Elahan in combat posture.”


Ellahan walked out at the words of the former saint.

He then took off the robe that covered his body, but what was revealed underneath was not a priest’s uniform.

Full plate mail.

The armor, as sturdy as a fortress, was shining brightly. The silver shiny surface is mithril, the gold decorated part and the blue seams of Orichalcon are adamantium.

An armor that is literally a walking castle, made generously with three of the world’s most precious metals.

“…Deus Lo Vult.”

After reciting the three-word movement spell, the armor surrounding Ellahan’s body began to respond.

The golden lines on the surface of the breastplate, shoulder gauntlets, and greaves are like the blood vessels of the human body. By spreading the overflowing holy power throughout the armor, it greatly increases its senses and not only improves the wearer’s physical abilities, but also has the defensive power of a confrontation class.


A helmet protruding from inside the armor covers Ellahan’s head.

The front of the helmet, where the eye holes should be, is blocked by a mirror that is transparent like glass but cannot be seen through from the outside. Only the golden light shining within it made me realize that there was a person inside the armor.

The already powerful holy power becomes even stronger. Her presence was so amazing that the former saintess stumbled without even realizing it.

But that wasn’t the end.

“Hold the Holy Iron Chain.”

You cannot be ready for battle with armor alone.

You also need an offensive weapon that matches your defensive power. Ellahan followed the instructions of the previous saint and approached the wall next to the back door.

There is only one purpose.

It was to grab the large mace hanging in the center of the wall.


Ellahan’s golden eyes trembled inside the helmet.

Seongcheolsae 〈Elahan〉.

It refers to a mace, not a chain, and is now a mace symbolizing the vice-captain of the Seongcheolsak Knight. This was also the reason why successive saints inherited the name ‘Elahan’.

Its history goes back as much as 300 years.

Holy King Rodrik was strong. He is considered the strongest in human history, to the point where there is no weapon that can match his strength. The famous swords and treasured swords that Roderick had wielded before receiving the holy sword from the goddess were all shattered.

The Holy Church later collected the fragments and finally succeeded in processing them into a Great Mace.


The moment Ellahan’s fingertips touched it, the handle resonated.

It was a reaction as if it recognized the owner.

Soon she was holding the handle of the mace and as she exerted strength, the mace, which weighed over 30 kilograms, slowly moved. A long handle like a mace-headed spear, which is larger and thicker than the torso of an adult male, seems impossible to handle in a normal way.

However, the former saintess turned around as if it was natural.

“Please follow me.”

I walk out through the back door that I had previously opened. Ellahan walked a little fast so as not to miss her, but if someone saw him, he would have been very surprised.

The full body armor alone weighs more than 20kg.

In addition, a large mace weighing over 30 kg was slung over his shoulder, but there was no sound in Ellahan’s steps. A gentle step like a cat. It was proof that not only was he strong, but his martial arts skills themselves had entered the realm of the absurd.

The two people left the main shrine and continued towards the mountain behind them.

And it arrived not long after.

“You know where this is, right Ellahan?”


Ellahan agreed to those words and looked ahead.

The end of the world.

At the ‘Top of the Stars’, a mountain range stood tall in front of them as if it could pierce the sky. However, Ellahan was not surprised by the grandeur of the mountain.

“That’s what the Holy King left behind…!”

“Yes, it is the world’s largest sword scar.”

This was because a very large knife mark was revealed, as if the mountainside had been carved horizontally once.

That scar came from just one sword attack?

It is a sign that not only were several mountain peaks cut into pieces, but the terrain was also turned upside down. Even monsters that are said to be capable of threatening a city or a country would be afraid of those traces and be reluctant to come down.

The demonic realm that the Holy Church had tried to block by establishing its headquarters there had been sealed with a single sword strike.

“And the traces carved on this cliff are the ones that the saints, including myself, left right after the succession ceremony. Of course, it is said that the first guest left a legacy in his later years.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

When I looked back at the place pointed out by the former saint, there was a cliff that was completely ruined, although it could not be compared to the knife mark that cut the mountain range.

High enough for white clouds to hover at the top.

Seven craters were carved at regular intervals on the wall of the enormous rock. Although not as large as sword marks, these were also traces that were difficult to believe were left by humans.

“Now it’s your turn.”

The 8th saint, Ellahan, did not answer.

She did not reply with her lips covered by her helmet, but walked away with the mace raised in her hand.

A silent protest to prove it with actions instead of words.


Ellahan, facing the cliff, stopped breathing.

Wholehearted effort.

He pumps up all the power boiling inside his body and focuses it on the mace he holds in his hand. The handle, which was about 2 meters long, turned golden, and soon the head of the mace also shined brilliantly in golden color.

It’s one room.

She stood with her legs wide apart and turned her body diagonally to firmly maintain her center of gravity.

‘Ah, warrior.’

The moment all that was left to explode was Ellahan, who prayed earnestly in his heart.

To my companion warrior whose face I have never seen.

‘I heard about your performance. There’s still half a year left until Trust Day, but you’re already so active. I’m just embarrassed that I’ve finally become a saint.’

While the seal on the Holy Sword had not yet been lifted, the disaster called ‘Devouring the City’ was prevented by confronting ‘evil’. Moreover, the news was delivered by Bishop Cesare.

Of course, those words were nothing more than a compliment to Leon, and Ellahan completely believed them.

‘What a brave man, what a manly man! I, too, will become a saint worthy of a warrior!’

Emotions are naturally heightened.

As his admiration for the warrior grew, Ellahan’s enormous holy power swelled even further. Her appearance from the outside already resembled a golden whirlwind.

Her natural aura also had a synergistic effect due to her holy power. Holy power strengthens the body and mind, and the strengthened mind and body make it possible to raise more powerful aurors.

The image of a golden lion rises above the mace. An embodiment that is equivalent to proof of an Aura Master who goes beyond typification.


Ellahan raised his mace with a short shout and said,


It struck with terrifying force.


Immediately after that the sound disappeared.

From daotranslate dot com

A roar so loud that it cannot be heard. The shock wave that shattered the wall of sound struck the entire area, dispelling even the dust clouds and shaking a radius of hundreds of meters.

Needless to say, there was a cliff that was hit directly.

Falling rocks and dirt poured down like a storm and swept the surrounding area like a landslide. It was a blow that made even the saintess of the previous generation, who was far away, turn pale.

It is closer to a siege weapon than a cold weapon’s blow, and closer to a dragon’s breath than a siege weapon.


The former saintess forgot what to say and just admired it.

The entire cliff, which had a total of 7 craters carved into it, collapsed due to Ellahan’s blow. It was a scene that seemed to represent the saints’ longed wish to rewrite history.

There was no worry about her being swept away by the landslide. The saint’s defense power was basically much higher than her attack power.


Sure enough, a golden orb appeared through the dust cloud. This is a function that exists in the armor worn by Ellahan.

A holy law defense shield equivalent to the confrontation world.

According to old legends, it can handle even ultimate magic. With a landslide of this magnitude, it is more difficult to create scratches.

“Hero, please.”

Saint Ellahan, who casually caused great destruction, folded her hands in a humble posture amidst the storm.

And I prayed.

“I hope you will accept me as I am so lacking.”

people say

The truth is somehow conveyed in the end.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but that moment coincided with the moment when Leon’s neck got shivers.

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