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Overpowered Sword Chapter 58

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Level up with swords (58)


Waves of light spread out.

The flash of light coming from the blade pierced through several trees and cut through the darkness of the night, chasing the forest troll.

One beat later, the trunks of the cut down trees are misaligned and even the wind flow is cut off, erasing the sound. Both its power and speed were a bit lower than during the evil subjugation battle, but it was more than enough to kill a single forest troll.

In just a few seconds, 〈Merak〉 crossed the man’s waist.


The forest troll was astonished.

I didn’t feel anything, but my lower body fell and internal organs and blood poured out. It is a forest troll with a lower regenerative ability than a swamp troll.

It was impossible to recover from this level of damage.

The one that was trying to cross to the next tree fell to the ground.


The guy who fell headfirst to the ground instead of landing struggled to survive for dozens more seconds. A whitish foam bubbled up on the cut side of my waist, but I was unable to regenerate my lost lower body.

Because of its vitality, the forest troll could not die immediately and went crazy, but then died with its eyes closed.



Leon, who watched the scene until the end, lowered his sword.

‘I thought I might have missed it, but I’m glad I did.’

As soon as I let go of the tension, my knees bend.

The remaining Aurors are not even 10%.

Unlike 〈Eclipse〉, which only fixed the power to the blade, the consumption of 〈Merak〉 that was emitted was enormous. It was fortunate that it could be used twice even in perfect condition.

The cool air and the feel of the soil calmed him.

“and! Did you really win? As expected, a warrior. amazing!”

Before he knew it, Karen had come to his side and sat down next to him.

It was only then that Leon remembered that she was there. The fight against the forest trolls must not have been that easy.

Come to think of it, there was no need for him to finish off the forest troll.

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Even if 〈Merak〉 had not been used, Karen would have prevented his escape, so in some ways it could be said to have been a wasted effort.

‘No, it wasn’t in vain.’

The sensation still remaining in that hand was vivid. This is a skill that I have never succeeded in practicing.

The level of completion was not high. If I were asked to unfold it again, I’m not sure I could do it like before. Nevertheless, Leon was happy. The fact that I was able to successfully use the technique taught by El Cid on my own without his help.

It’s one step further than last night.


At that time, Leon’s vision was interrupted once and then returned.

“Ah, is this the limit? Is it because of the last technique used? Just looking at it, it looks like the cost will be huge.”


“Don’t worry, you can rest well. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

I surrender myself to her voice as if I were being led by it.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he felt as if he was falling into a deep state of consciousness and Karen, who lifted him up, was jumping.

After that, I couldn’t remember anything at all.

A deep, dark sleep took hold of him like a blanket. It had been a long time since I felt that comfort. I liked it when I was young, but after meeting Lian, I felt like sleeping time was such a waste.

With each night that passes, the gap with Rihanna widens. At that time, it felt unfair to give equal time to everyone.


I was able to fall asleep dreaming of a better tomorrow.

I fell asleep with the satisfaction of having gone one step further.

* * *

The next day, Leon woke up in a shaking carriage.

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The ceiling of the carriage was bright as if the sun was high in the sky. The sunlight stinging his eyes made him frown.

As consciousness rises, the sensations of the body gradually return.

The pain in my body, which was creaking from the fierce battle, immediately chased away any remaining drowsiness. It seemed like my body hadn’t fully recovered from just one night’s sleep.


Now that I think about it, something came to mind.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Leon placed his hand on the sacred object hanging around his neck. It was an item given by Bishop Cesare of the Blaine branch.


As soon as his will was directed, a soft light flowed from the necklace. The light overflowed from the necklace into Leon’s body and soon completely erased the fatigue that remained in his body.

“It’s much more effective than you thought?”

It is a holy relic that is at least intermediate level and possibly upper level.

‘You said it was no big deal, Bishop.’

Leon chuckled as he remembered Cesare’s face.

It was clear that he was paying attention while pretending that he wasn’t.

When I think about it again, it couldn’t have been something trivial. It is natural that the token that allows the church to summon the Holy Knight is itself a sacred relic of considerable value.

Anyway, thanks to that, Leon regained his strength and got up and walked out of the carriage, which was starting to slow down.

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“oh? I woke up. Can I go around already?”

He must have been on the roof of the carriage, but as soon as he got out, Karen jumped down and landed next to him.

Leon nodded and answered those words.

“Thanks to the items the bishop gave me, I recovered quickly. “What is the situation?”

“Shall I explain after you fall asleep?”


He walked and listened as Karen led him.

“The troll hunt was successful in its own way. I caught three out of four, so it was a good performance for a troll who said that even if you only catch half of them, the battle is worth it. “The one who ran away was also treated pretty harshly, so there’s a good chance he won’t appear in this forest again.”

“Are you that scared? “It’s a medium-sized monster?”

“You lost your whole group. “You won’t even look at this forest until we increase the number of people, right?”

The danger level of forest trolls is ultimately B rank.

Even after adjusting for the forest environment, the actual strength itself was not high even among medium-sized monsters. They were making up for their lack of strength through group action, but now that they are suddenly left alone, they have no choice but to become cautious.

It was only after hearing everything she said that Leon became convinced.

By the time the story was over, the two had also arrived at their destination.

“This is…”

“It’s the corpse of a forest troll. Including the ones you caught, three. If I convert it into money, would it be worth 80 gold coins?”

“That expensive?!”

Leon was surprised while looking at the troll carcass loaded on the wagon. 80 gold coins was enough to buy one high-grade artifact or weapon.

Of course, the subspace bracelet was more than that, but the achievements made in the subjugation battle were nothing compared to a few forest trolls.

“Not only is it the raw material for potions, but the body itself is often bought by wizards. “The guy you defeated was bleeding a little too much, so it looks like you’ll only get 20 coins.”

“Oh, I guess so.”

It was only natural that it was torn in two.

The most expensive thing about a troll’s body was its blood. Since it was poured out, it is bound to be worth less than corpses that are in good shape.

Leon looked at the forest trolls in the wagon with a little regret.

‘One of them was hacked to death with at least four types of weapons, and the other had its head crushed on impact. ‘I know who did it.’

It’s probably Gustav’s work.

Considering his strength, he would not be defeated even by a forest troll, and his sword could even touch the head of a 4 meter tall creature.

Looking at the large scar left on the upper abdomen, it seemed like they attacked the stomach first, lowered their posture, and then targeted the back of the head. To Leon, the series of movements seemed to flow before his eyes.

It was then.

“ah! Are you here? “Karen, Leon.”

“Sangdan lord.”

Arnold, who discovered the two people, quickly approached them.

“You did really well last night. “Leon, who killed one of them, and Karen, who listened to my request.”

“I was just doing what I was asked to do.”

“Haha, that’s virtue.”

While talking like that, Leon suddenly remembered something and asked Arnold a question.

“How many casualties are there?”


Arnold, who had a gloomy expression on his face, answered those words.

“There are 8 dead and 21 injured. “There are no serious injuries, but it looks like a few people will have to stay in the next village.”

“Eight people….”

“Yes, we have to hand over their remains and bodies. “The guild will also help with funeral procedures, so there won’t be any major problems.”

When Leon, who was not used to death, remained silent, Karen instead stepped forward and held out her hand.

“Sangdan lord, what is the price of the troll?”

“Of course I have to give it to you. “I have to give you 30 gold coins for one animal, but there wasn’t much blood left on the carcass.”

“I don’t really like bargaining. Let’s take 20 coins.”

“I can give you up to 25 coins, but…”

Karen did not waver even when she said she would give more money.

“That’s Okay. “It’s not that I don’t know the market well, and I’m not so poor that I have to be indebted to five gold coins.”

“Have you been caught?”

Arnold, whose intentions were discovered, smiled awkwardly.

The relationship with A-rank is priceless.

If I could buy favor with 5 gold coins, I would have to give it as much as I wanted. However, Karen cut it off without giving him any room to do so. It was a completely different area from receiving a high-quality carriage.

If you accept someone’s favor, there comes a time when you have to return the favor. However, she had already been accompanying Leon for a long time and no longer needed to be dependent on anyone.


Karen, who received the gold coin bag, put it into her arms.

Although it was safe to store it in Leon’s bracelet, it was better not to use the subspace bracelet in front of others.

The story with the merchant owner ended there.

As Arnold left in another carriage, Gustav, who had been waiting some distance away, quickly approached.

“You’re awake! “I’m so glad that there doesn’t seem to be any damage.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


“Haha, Gustav is enough except when working. Anyway, how did you do that? “I came here because I was curious about that.”

Where he pointed, there was a troll carcass cut in two.

“You cut off not just the neck, but the whole spine and the waist. Besides, the cross section was very neat, right?”

“It’s a secret sword technique. “It is my foundation.”

“Okay, then that’s a bit of a question to ask.”

Leon, who made Gustav step back, opened his mouth.

“Are your colleagues okay?”

“hmm? Ah, no problem. “Hansen and Leonik only got a few scratches, and Hamel was lying down because he was tired, but it’s no different than usual.”

“thank god.”


Gustav must have felt what those words were saying as he glanced sideways at Karen, who was standing behind him.

“Don’t think too seriously.”


“Everyone who participates in dangerous work is prepared to die. There are many people who carry a will in their arms. “It is your heart that pities that death, but there is no need to be heartbroken.”

When Leon opened his eyes wide, Gustav, with a rock-like face and a grin, tapped his shoulder.

Then, without saying a word, he walked away in his carriage.

Karen, who was looking at his back, giggled.

“Are you comforted, warrior?”


Leon, feeling embarrassed for no reason, waved his hand at her.

Gustav’s advice pierced his innermost thoughts, as if leading a mercenary group wasn’t just about being strong.

Once I got back to the carriage, I thought about those words.

It was natural to mourn and feel pity for someone’s death. But those feelings are for the living, not the dead. It is to move one’s heart. Even if he is a warrior for all, that principle does not change.

‘Neither too heavy nor too light…’

El Cid also said this once.

A person who is driven by a sense of duty will not last long.

Beliefs are values that permeate one’s life, not fuel that will run out one day.


Leon, who had composed himself, blinked his eyes.

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Once I got my mindset under control, my mood quickly calmed down.

And Karen, who had been looking at the map the entire time he was meditating, told Leon about his future schedule.

“After leaving the forest, they return to the plains and pass through a few small villages before entering the desert area on the border. “They say there won’t be much danger before then?”

“It’s a desert area…”

It is said that the great desert, which spreads across the western part of the continent, is always in chaos due to the desperate struggle between nomadic tribes and countless monsters.

Land covered with sand, not dirt.

Weather where there is little rain and the temperatures reverse between day and night.

The desert was a particularly unforgiving environment for living things.

“It says that the desert area around the border is not very large. “They say you can cross it by carriage in a week.”

“It doesn’t seem like a proper desert. So how much longer does it take to reach the desert? “If it’s a small town, you won’t stay long.”

“Well, at this rate, maybe five days?”

For five days, Leon repeated those words and touched the hilt of his sword.

By then it was time for El Cid to wake up.

I didn’t listen to him for a month, so I missed that chat a little. El Cid, who was a fun colleague but also a great teacher and an annoying friend, was bigger than I thought.


Before I knew it, the scenery outside the window began to change.

Perhaps we had come out of the forest, but instead of trees, the sky and a wide plain stretched far into the distance.

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