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Overpowered Sword Chapter 59

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Level up with swords (59)

[―I’m back ahhh!]


Leon was startled by the shout and fell to the floor of the carriage. Since it was El Cid who was speaking directly to my head and not someone else, my body could not react.

My back is throbbing because I fell without being able to use the technique.

For a moment, Leon was happy to hear a voice for the first time in a month, but he gritted his teeth against the pain and spoke.

“It happens very loudly, huh?”

El Cid answered those words slyly.

[Imagine that you were forced to sleep for a month and then woke up. Wouldn’t you like to stretch as hard as you can?]

“So you screamed in my ear?”

[Well, that’s what it means!]

Leon, who was infuriated by the brazen answer, grabbed the back of his neck.

“I’m already starting to miss a month ago…”

It’s a pity when it’s not there, but it’s annoying when it’s there.

There were times when I missed this noisy atmosphere, but when I thought about it, I realized later that there were many times when it was a pain in the ass.


Because there was literally no time to be alone.

Leon was so angry that he took a deep breath.

El Cid, who noticed this, raised the medicine again.

[Oh my gosh, the guy called ‘disciple’ is scolding me for waking me up after I helped him through the pain! “I should have been beaten like a piece of cake by that giant to know how precious I am!”

“Is it okay for a teacher to be condescending to his student?”

[You don’t know anything about the military department! In my time, my teacher was both heaven and king! You should take care of it yourself!]

Leon, who was taken aback by that rude behavior, retorted.

“So you did that yourself?”

[no? I was self-taught, so I didn’t have a teacher?]

This time, Leon, who was at a loss for words, fell silent.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Holy King Rodrik.

A genius who became a sword master at the age of fifteen. Who could teach such talent? We had forgotten about him because of his light actions and tone, but he was the greatest and greatest hero in human history.

If the request for courtesy was made seriously and not jokingly, Leon had no choice but to accept it.

[The child is nodding off.]

Of course, El Cid had no intention of doing that.

[I’m comfortable with this relationship, so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s also strange to bow down to Mugi.]

“I see.”

[Something like that. Well, that’s enough of the jokes. Tell me a little about what happened so far. I’ve been sleeping for a month, so I guess nothing happened in that time.]

Leon nodded at those words and slowly began to talk, looking back on the past month.

The story after the subjugation of evil has ended.

A story about Cesare discovering his true identity.

The story of recruiting Karen as his first colleague.

El Cid stopped talking right at that point.

[You mean the guy who was disguising himself as an adventurer at the time?]

“Yeah, as for how that happened…”

When I told her the story about her, El Cid spoke in a voice that seemed to understand.

[It’s okay. Even though he has been committing murders since childhood, there is no distortion in his personality. Is this atonement for the past or making up for it? If that’s what I want, there’s no reason to betray you.]

“Personally, I think it’s trustworthy.”

[This is a person who can complement your inexperience in terms of skills and experience. [You chose well.]

The most dangerous job for an inexperienced warrior was assassin.

From daotranslate dot com

The power of the holy sword is meaningless against humans, and with lack of experience, it is difficult to deal with an assassin who will use any means possible.

And Karen was a colleague who could compensate for that weakness.

[An assassin’s greatest enemy is an assassin who is better than him. Not only is the technique difficult to read, but the defense power is lacking compared to the attack power. If you lose the initiative, you fall dead before you can

last even a few seconds.] I also liked the fact that my experience as an adventurer was as a log.

Although it was often ignored at lower ranks, Rogue was a profession whose abilities were used in many ways. An A-rank rogue was indispensable in dungeon raids and guerrilla warfare.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Since Leon had no other skills other than swordsmanship, Karen’s abilities were essential in many ways.

After thinking that far, El Cid suddenly remembered and asked.

[Oh yeah. Have your skills improved? “It’s not like we just played and ate for a month, right?]

“Why don’t you check it out?”

[What? Why not check it out? Are you feeling a bit confident?]

Leon grinned and countered, and El Cid fell for the provocation, giggling as if it was fun.

It’s been a while since I remembered his status window.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: “Teacher-Bashing” Hero

Level: 28

From daotranslate dot com

Strength D / Stamina D / Dexterity D / Auror C

〈Sword Mastery (Intermediate) Lv.7〉

〈Rodrik’s Martial Arts Lv.4〉

〈Acquired Boneless ( Level 3)〉

〈Aura User (Intermediate) Lv.3〉

〈Arcane Swordsmanship (Seven-Star Sword) Lv.1〉

Not only El Cid but also Leon looked through the details.

You can view your own abilities objectively.

It was an opportunity to see in what ways I had grown further and in what ways I was still lacking. Leon, who compared the content with what he saw last time, suddenly realized.

‘You surpassed all of Lian’s abilities…?’

The Auror who was lacking in E rank jumped up two levels, and even his stats grew to an equal level. In terms of ‘Auror User’ and ‘Sword Mastery’, he was two levels higher each.

It is said that actual strength can be known only by directly clashing swords, but if you look at this ability alone, Leon has already surpassed Lian.

Ryan probably hasn’t been playing around for months either.

‘I don’t think he trained more rigorously than me.’

There were limits to the experience one could gain at the academy.

This is different from Leon, who broke out of his narrow cage and faced his own limits every single day.

Leon fought against monsters until he was covered in blood, sweated, and eventually survived the fight that put his life on the line. Comparing the quantity and quality of experience was itself unreasonable.

[…I didn’t sleep for about two or three months, not a month, right?]

El Cid, who had been quiet for a few seconds, opened his mouth.

[You worked hard while I was gone, but seeing as you have reached level 1 in <Seven Star Sword>, I guess you must have mastered at least one move?]

“Because you showed me something. “I can only use Merak so far.”

[That alone exceeds my expectations. Maybe you were born with the ‘talent to learn.’]

It was a talent in a different field from that of a genius.

Unlike those who pioneer their own path, this is the realm of those who follow someone else’s footsteps. If you can receive proper teaching, your sincere attitude and mindset will support you more than anyone else.

El Cid was inwardly happy as he analyzed Leon’s growth.

[I guess the reason Aurors grew so much is because of that preacher. There was a lot of power, but the power absorbed was so enormous that even after piercing part of the veins of your body, it remained inside your body.]

“Has the level of <Acquired Boneless Bones> increased?”

[That’s the effect. 〈Sword Mastery〉 must have been realized while learning the Seven Star Sword.] As I

experienced several intense battles, I grew step by step to 〈Anbeop〉 and 〈Bobeop〉. No, El Cid’s experience of moving his body also played a role in this.

Ideal body movements.

There was more than one thing I learned from the remnants.

[In the end, it’s

all thanks to me.] El Cid said triumphantly after finishing the story.

[I was just trying to save a bad student, but that led to his growth. How much of a true teacher is this? Isn’t that right?]

“…I feel like I’m trying to be grateful.”

[You ungrateful bastard!]

The two giggled in an awkward voice and soon changed the topic.

El Cid asked in a puzzled voice whether he had sensed the scent through Leon’s senses.

[Anyway, the smell of sand is a bit strong. Where is this? Seeing that they were traveling by carriage, it looks like they went quite far.]

“You said we have to go to the Titan Mountains? So I’m on my way.”

At those words, Leon got up and came out of the carriage.

Perhaps because the sand was a bit deep in the area, the carriage’s moving speed was slow and it was possible to get off on the ground and walk around.

No matter which direction you look, the horizon is nothing but yellow-brown sand.

Karen was seen climbing onto the roof of someone’s carriage from afar, as if she had gone to get some snacks again.

“I received an escort request from the top. “They say they’ll pass through several territories and head in that direction.”

[Hmm, it’s not a bad idea. Even so, isn’t it too harsh for a desert area?]


Leon said while showing the map he took out from his pocket.

“What are you talking about? It’s a bit of a waste of movement, but there doesn’t seem to be a faster route than this, right? I don’t know if it means passing through a mountain range or a canyon, but…”


El Cid was confused for a moment, then looked down at the map with his eyes.

And not long after that, he raised his voice.

[Why is this a desert?!]

“Because it’s a desert. “I heard it was a desert more than a hundred years ago.”

[300 years ago, it was a fairly large grassland! It is an area with little climate change, but desertification has occurred in the meantime?]

Unlike Leon, El Cid, who realized the abnormality, said.

[It is not a phenomenon that can occur naturally. Someone turned this place into a desert.]

“…Is that possible?”

[If it was done in a short period of time, there is no reason for people not to know. It must have been disguised to look like a natural phenomenon over a very long period of time. It smells a bit suspicious.]

Leon, overwhelmed by the scale of man-made desertification, opened his mouth wide. Even if you fire dozens of strategic magic shots that can devastate a city, you will not be able to turn this land into a desert.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

But El Cid was convinced of the conspiracy.

[Tsk, even so, it’s a bit too late. If it had been a desert a hundred years ago, there would be no benefit from investigating it now. Don’t worry about it, just do your own thing.]

“If you’re going to do that,

then why don’t you teach me…” Leon, who had learned another secret of the world, sighed, and Karen came up to him just in time.

It is fast enough to leave a few afterimages even when walking lightly.


Karen looked into his face and her eyes widened.

“Sir, did something good happen without me knowing?”

“what? “There wasn’t anything in particular.”

“okay? You seem to be feeling a lot better than yesterday. “It looks like you had a good dream.”

Leon touched my face without realizing it.

Although he didn’t know it himself, he seemed to have been affected by El Cid’s awakening.

If you think about it, our relationship lasted less than half a year.

Nevertheless, his vacancy was quite large.

It was right then.

“stop! We’re camping around here today! “Put the wagons out of the wind and prepare dinner and a bonfire!”

With the loud voice of the Sangsanju, the wagons stopped.


Before I knew it, the sun was setting on the western horizon.

The desert night is cold and dark. If you take the temperature difference lightly, you could end up in big trouble.

If the desert during the day deceives people with its heat and mirage, the desert at night blocks people with its cold and darkness. Neither side was an opponent to be taken lightly.

[It’s a desert…]

For some reason, El Cid was speechless and looked around in all directions.

[Not a single piece of the grassland scenery I remember remains. I didn’t know 300 years would be such a long time.]

‘El Cid.’

The great hero seemed to have his own feelings, as his voice quieted down as he saw a scene that was far removed from his memories of when he was alive.

Leon could not guess his inner thoughts.

This is because the lives the two people experienced were very different.

[What’s good?]

El Cid seemed to have noticed that he was worried and laughed in a tone that made it seem like it was no big deal.

From daotranslate dot com

What if it was a desert, what if it was a grassland?

The person living in this era was Leon, not him.

[I’m sorry I missed you for no reason. And it seems like they’re calling you from over there, so can I not go?]

“It’s not urgent.”

It was obvious that he was turning his horse around, but Leon moved on without pointing that out. El Cid hoped he wouldn’t mind, so he planned to respect his wishes.

Everyone has a personal area.

The closer we got to the bonfire, the better the smell spread. Today’s dinner seemed to be meat stew.

“Oh Leon! “You slept all day and finally woke up!”

The “Steel Claws” mercenary group that arrived first welcomed him.

We have become quite close through our shared joys and sorrows.

Leon bumped his fists and shoulders a few times and took the bowl between them.

In a moment, the sun went down and the sky turned pitch black.


It is a different scene from when the sun is up.

The desert, colored by moonlight and starlight, looked like a sea of darkness. A land where the only light for several kilometers was bonfires.

I felt like I was a ferry boat drifting on the open sea.

The desert night has arrived.

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