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Overpowered Sword Chapter 8

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Level up with swords (8)

There may be an era in which heroes are not born, but there is no era in which fools are not born. As if to prove that fact, the idiots gathered around Leon showed clear hostility.

The emotions shown in their eyes are jealousy, contempt, and distrust.

They were people who judged a person’s value based on their status and doubted the excellence of others before blaming their own shortcomings.

Leon also realized what their intention was.

“…If you are dissatisfied with the rankings, why not go to the instructor?”

It was a standard answer, but there was no way people who would accept that much would come all the way here.

“How dare you talk like a commoner!”

“How do you know what trick you have done!”

“It was strange that a guy who didn’t even swear loyalty was in 9th place. It’s finally revealed its true colors! “Which family is this doing?”

There was no communication from beginning to end.

No, I didn’t come here with the intention of talking.

How easy it must have been for a world that followed my will from a young age. No matter how good a person is, the voice of a commoner can be trampled by a single kick from an aristocrat.

Whether Leon’s ranking is true or not is probably a good thing in the end. They just came to pull out the eyesore weeds.

“Sleep, gentlemen. “Don’t get so excited.”


At that time, a young man with butter-colored light blonde hair waved his hand and stopped the other students.

Of course, it wasn’t an attempt to help Leon.

This situation itself was going according to his thoughts.

He spoke in a boastful manner while looking around at the noble children who had acted according to his will.

“Even if you are a commoner, you are an equal student at the academy. So, it can be said that it is the dignity of our nobles to give you a punishment appropriate for this place. “Isn’t that right?”

“It’s as you said, Elmont!”

“As expected, you are the pride of Bourbon Street!”

Leon couldn’t help but laugh at the contrived skit, but he twitched his eyebrows when he heard the family name along the way.

‘El Monte on Bourbon Street?’

[What is this great family? Seeing him walking around with these idiots, he seems like a worthless guy.]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘He was in second place until the last physical fitness test.’

He analyzed the situation while answering El Cid’s words.

‘If I remember correctly, he is probably the second son of the Bourbon family. I heard a rumor that my older brother was so talented that he was crooked, so it must have been quite unfortunate that he was pushed down by me.’

[Isn’t it the same for Rian?]

‘Well, Rian is in a position that is almost inviolable.’

There is no way the nobles were not interested in Lian, whose identity was hidden. Nevertheless, no one was able to find out his identity, and that fact immediately proved how great Lian’s background was.

Even if we put it low, he is a high-ranking nobleman higher than a marquis!

He might be royalty from another country, so I wouldn’t have even dared to touch him.

[Actually, it is rare to find a race that is as subservient to the strong as the nobles and strong to the weak.]

‘Is this just an experience?’

However, before El Cid could respond, Elmont, who had brightened the mood, approached Leon.

Then he casually held out his left hand.

“I’m sorry that our first meeting was like this, Leon. It might be a little unfair to you, but we also can’t understand it. “I hope you follow my suggestion if possible.”

Leon answered without even looking at his hands.

“Let’s listen to that first.”

Someone’s cocky! He raised his voice, but Elmont stopped him with a faint smile. Anyway, if I had my way, I would be able to punish this arrogant bastard as much as I want.

El Cid easily read the intentions hidden in that face.

[Wow, this guy with no blood on his head is rotten to the core? The others are just windbreakers. I tried to create this situation from the beginning. Soon, they’ll make an unfair offer, thinking it’s the best. The content is probably-]

“How about competing a few times under the instructor’s observation?”

Leon tilted his head for a moment at those words, but remembered what El Cid said and his face hardened.

From daotranslate dot com

In Elmont’s words, there is no condition of ‘not using Aurors’.

In short, it means that they will use Aurors.

It was a disadvantageous situation for Leon, who had not yet mastered Auror. Even if he raised an objection, he would brush it off by mentioning ‘a method that fooled even the instructor’, and if he refused to compete, it was obvious that they would try to slander him in other ways.

It was at that moment that Leon, who was in trouble, looked away.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Lian, standing far away, was looking at him.

They had been at odds for several years already. The intention behind that gaze was immediately recognizable.

If he asks for help, I will get him out of this situation immediately.

‘…Do not be ridiculous.’

Coincidentally, that gaze was what pushed Leon’s back.

Help received from a rival is no different from begging, and is a bigger and more intense insult than a provocation.

Leon, shaking off Lian’s gaze, proudly puffed out his chest.


“Oh, you’re saying you’ll accept my offer?”


From daotranslate dot com

Elmont, who was surprised by the answer without hesitation, grinned, and the eyes of Lian, who had secretly overheard the conversation, widened.

You accepted the offer even though it was clear that you had an intention to lynch people in the name of sparring? Since I made eye contact with him, I could have helped by just nodding my head once.

But Leon’s words did not end there.

“Instead, the person who will be observing is Instructor Helmut, and I would like to place one person per day on the condition that the results of the match will be kept confidential. “Can you show me this level of generosity?”

“Hmm, you are Instructor Helmut…”

Elmont’s relaxed face was disturbed for the first time.

The same was true for those standing around him.

Helmut, the most disciplined and strict instructor at the academy, was a person that even the children of high-ranking nobles could not treat lightly due to his connections and achievements in the past. If he is an observer, it becomes impossible to manipulate the instructor.

“I understand, accept it on those terms.”

Elmont thought for a moment and then nodded.

The rest were insignificant conditions, and since I couldn’t lose to a commoner anyway, it didn’t really matter who the instructor was. It was just a little disappointing that I couldn’t beat him until he was relieved.

* * *

After that, after briefly adjusting the schedule and exchanging a few unexpected greetings, the Elmont gang left.

Leon also had more things to do, so he moved to the dormitory.

It looked like Ryan had something to say, but there was no time left for him. I had no intention of meeting in person until the next match began.

“I never thought I would gain practical experience like this.”

Leon returned to his room and said while changing his clothes.

What I said to El Cid was unintentionally correct. The old saying that words become seeds was indeed true that a person who would fight back and forth without hesitation actually appeared.

[It turned out to be a good thing! If I were a magic sword instead of a holy sword, I would have summoned an orc, but it would be of no use.]

“…Is that something a person called the Holy King would say?”

[It’s better than what people say who have never used it. Honestly, in terms of functionality, the magic sword is more useful than the holy sword. Drain is a passive skill, and magic can be used regardless of its properties, and there are no restrictions or seals.]

Leon, who was at a loss for words, remained silent.

How will the church that reveres Saint King Roderick as the goddess’ apostle react to these words?

They will say that the holy sword is fake and throw it straight into the furnace, or they will say that there is a devil impersonating a hero attached to the holy sword, so they will definitely perform an exorcism ritual. It was fortunate that only he could hear his voice.


Leon started talking to change the uncomfortable topic.

“Can I defeat them without an Auror? “I’ve never fought an opponent who uses aurors, so I’m not sure.”

[what? Of course you win.]


El Cid declared Leon’s victory without a moment of hesitation.

[Even if they know how to use Auras, they are just beginners and can only strengthen their physical strength or increase the power of their swords. Just avoid them all and counterattack, and it’s over easily.]

“Is it as easy as you say?”

[It will be easy for you now.]

Unlike Leon, who was still unsure, El Cid was sincere. Just as the sun rises in the east, he thought he could easily defeat them.

El Cid was wondering how to persuade him, but soon came up with a good idea and put it into action.

[Okay, this method would be the simplest.]

What is Leon? It happened before I even asked.

When the pattern on the back of his left hand lit up once, a text made up of letters and numbers appeared before his eyes.

Name: Leon

Title & Occupation: Warrior who “can’t even use Auror yet”

Level: 18

Strength 119(D) / Stamina 124(D) / Dexterity 115(D) / Auror 0(-)


<Sword Mastery (low) Lv.Max>

<Rodrik’s Method Lv.1>

<Acquired bone loss (stage 1)>

Leon blinked as he read the contents.

“El Cid, what is this again?”

[Well, that’s your current level. And this is the ability of the guy called El Monte or Del Monte. I wrote it based on my own standards, so it may not be very objective.]

Leon also looked at the letters floating next to it.

Name: Elmont Bourbon

Title & Occupation: “Blind from Inferiority”

Level: 15

Strength 97 (E) / Stamina 89 (E) / Dexterity 82 (E) / Aura 63 (E)


<Sword Mastery ( Ha) Lv.6>

<Arcane Swordsmanship (???) Lv.1>

<Auror User (Introductory) Lv.3>

Even without El Cid’s explanation, I was able to guess its meaning. Leon, who compared the two screens, spoke doubtfully.

“No, El Monte is this weak? “If you were the second son of a count, it would be rare for you to take an elixir that you haven’t tried, and you would have developed your strength through rigorous training from a young age, right?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[If you take a lot of elixir and can’t digest it, even if it’s just health food and harsh training, it’s nothing compared to you.] Perhaps it was a

reaction to his never being able to win against Lian, but Leon had a subtly low opinion of himself.

El Cid continued his explanation by pointing out that point.

[E-Rank 99 is the limit for physical ability that can be demonstrated without using Auras. But you overcame that wall with my help and your own efforts. Even if you don’t have an Auror, your strength is at a level that can counter those idiots.]

“You’re saying there’s no way you’ll be overwhelmed by your physical abilities…”

[That’s exactly what you said. Since no one was skilled enough to imbue weapons with aura, the outcome depended on each other’s swordsmanship capabilities. Then there’s no way you’ll lose to them, right?]

That’s true.

He has swung his sword more consistently than anyone else. Although the goal of defeating Lian could not be achieved, the efforts were not all meaningless.

The efforts of the past few years have been etched into my body and skills.

“Yes, it is as you said.”

Only then did Leon realize why El Cid was confident of victory. He raised his head, clenching his fists tightly.

From now on, it was time to look up, not down.

“There’s no way I can lose to someone like El Monte.”

However, there was one thing that needed to be pointed out.

“…Why is my title like that?”

[If you twist it, it will become stronger, Leon! When I was 18, I heard people say I had to become a sword master and become a hero!]

“This old magic sword is real!”

Leon was someone who had lost about 10% of his faith today.

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