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Overpowered Sword Chapter 82

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Level up to black (82)

Leon’s eyes turned golden.

At the same time, the entire world was divided into black and white, and the flow of time gradually slowed down. As consciousness surpasses the body’s reaction speed, the aftereffects affect the optic nerve.

Limitations of moving body vision.

If it weren’t for the eyes that had been trained with the Eye Method, all the blood vessels would have burst out before it could last even a few seconds.

‘It’s Drake…’

The first emotion Leon felt when he faced the guy in that state was one of despair.

Drake, with his wings spread, was even able to cover the sky.

It was darkness in the shape of a dragon.

A sharply slitted pupil twitches at the center of the eye, filled with murderous intent, on scales that do not reflect a single ray of light but rather absorb it. That vicious presence was so terrifying that the heart of an ordinary person stopped just by daring to face it.

Indeed, it had the majesty of a monster of S+ rank.

‘Let’s think about it.’

We must make the most of this moment of leisure.

Leon looked at Drake’s entire body as time almost stopped. The threatening horns, the scales cracked by the giants’ attacks, and even Karen’s daggers that have fallen out before you know it.

Coma Leon, who analyzed the guy in just a few seconds, frowned.


‘The defense is too high. If the giants’ attacks don’t work, mine and Karen’s attacks won’t be able to inflict fatal wounds.’

The level of <Auror Weapon> was higher on their side, but attack power was ultimately the sum of physical power. The power wielded by giants who are 4 meters tall and weigh in tons is more than enough to overwhelm them.

Even if you focus that much power on cold weapons, if you have minor injuries, it is impossible to attack him in areas other than his vital areas.

El Cid added as if confirming his judgment.

[Well, it’s probably just the wing membranes and eyeballs.]

‘I guess that’s the case.’

Leon rolled his eyes as if he knew that would happen.

Wing sheaths and eyeballs.

Either way, it was a difficult area for weapons to reach. The former was because the creature was so large, and the latter was because it was an area that the creature had no choice but to be wary of.

Above all, the eye’s vulnerability was due to the fragility of its lens, so it was possible to gain protection just by closing the eyelids.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘…I’ll have to find the timing.’

The moment a person’s consciousness ignores a vital point, they have to find the pattern to win.

After thinking that far, Leon’s sword slipped.

The acceleration of consciousness was also slowly reaching its limit.

The light bursting from the tip of the blade brought the fight to a close.


The sword bounced off Drake’s claws, and the recoil made Leon’s wrist tingle.

The reaction speed is not suitable for a huge body.

He blocked that surprise slash without any hesitation.


Leon groaned involuntarily.

To react at this instantaneous speed was with unbelievable agility.

Leon, who felt a wall with a single slash, took two steps back, and the giants who jumped in behind him closed the gap.

The spear and ax struck the front, creating a gust of wind.


A circular shock wave exploded, turning the ground in the area upside down.

Even if a catapult falls right in front of you, it won’t be like this.

Leon let the vibration go and tensed his body. There was no way Drake would stop with this level of attack.

just as expected.


From daotranslate dot com

The tail sticking out through the cloud of dust swept horizontally. The two giants and Leon jumped up without any hesitation.

If you take that attack head-on, you will die on the spot.

‘This is what the weight class difference is…!’

Both attack and defense power are on different levels.

Even if you hit this guy 100 times, you won’t be able to defeat him, but you can annihilate this guy with just one good hit.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I was amazed at the Titans who had continued the unfair battle for dozens of minutes. The conditions are better than Leon, but they are also smaller and lighter than Drake!


It was then.

Drake noticed that no one was hit by his tail, so he spread his wings and swung them with all his might, kicking up the dust.

No, it wasn’t that much.

A gust of wind caused by the flapping of wings stopped the three people in mid-air.


“Prepare for impact!”

The giants realized his intention and strengthened their defenses, but…


From daotranslate dot com

Once again, the tail was swung and it bounced away.

At least 200 meters or more.

As if he couldn’t target all three with a single blow, Leon was the only one left and landed on the ground with both legs. At almost the same time, Drake retracted his tail and looked down at him with arrogant eyes.

A desperate life.

Leon felt his spine freeze. The giants were coming back in a hurry, but it took more than a dozen seconds for the gap to be restored.


Survive until then.

Even though he knew that the possibility was very slim, Leon calmed his body’s tremors and aimed his sword.

But there was one more person left here besides him.


A dagger shot from somewhere hit Drake above the eye.


Still, it doesn’t work.

The guy who reflexively closed his eyes and flicked the blade away with his eyelids roared with deep anger.

Sound is the vibration of air.

A loud sound itself becomes a shock wave.

The power that shot out from Drake’s mouth blew away the forest in the direction where the dagger was fired.

“Hehe, it wasn’t right!”

However, Karen, who moved one beat ahead of the bastard’s roar, sneered and waved both hands.

There were 16 beams of light coming out from that hand.

16 daggers simultaneously dug into the creature’s wings and eyes.


And not a single sack was left behind. Drake’s skin and eyelids were tougher and harder than expected.

‘Karen’s dagger throw doesn’t work… It might be difficult to cut even with <Eclipse> on.’

Even though the eyeballs were protected by eyelids, it was almost bizarre that even the wing membranes were so hard. It is a part that needs to be flexible in order to flap its wings, but it has the strength to not even scratch a dagger that pierces a full plate?

Leon once again clicked his tongue at that defensive ability.

Karen must have felt the same way, and complained as she urgently dodged Drake’s tail.

“Even if it’s S rank, isn’t that a bit too much?!”

Unlike complaining, there is leisure in the movement.

While climbing a tree branch, you change direction several times and repeat acceleration and deceleration using not only your legs but also your arms.

The extraordinary mobility of the elite assassin only showed its true value in a forest full of obstacles like now. Even Drake couldn’t keep up with Karen’s movements and was getting nervous.

“That’s amazing, girl. Is this your lover? “I’m going to have a hard time.”

“It moves like a flying squirrel! “You’re very quick.”

When the giants, who had returned to the time she had earned, told a joke, Leon spoke with a shocked expression.

“Let’s start by talking about that lizard. “You both know where to aim.”

“Wings and eyes…?”

“The problem is that it is difficult to access either way.”

As befits the Titans, who are both warriors and skilled hunters, the two giants answered before he could mention them.

Next, the giant holding the spear spoke first.

“You should aim for the eyes rather than the wings. Even if it loses its wings, there won’t be much difference in its power. But if you attack the eyeball properly, it can also cause damage to the brain behind it.”

“But attacking the eyes will be twice as difficult as the wings. Look at that reaction speed. Even though the young lady’s dagger caught him off guard, he blocked it with his eyelids. “It won’t work unless you have an attack method that can stab your eyeballs faster than you can blink.”

“My spear… that would be too much. “I will definitely be on guard before then.”

Leon, who was listening to the two giants’ story, said.

“it’s possible.”


“What do you mean?”

“If that thing can destroy an eyeball faster than you can blink, I’ve mastered one.”

The giants’ eyes widened at those words, and then they nodded without even once asking if it was true.

It was because I felt sincerity in Leon’s straight voice.

Thanks to Karen, the three people who had reorganized took up arms again.


Drake, who had turned over the entire nearby forest in a matter of minutes, looked back at the three of them. Karen’s already dark red eyes were fluttering even deeper, as if she had run out of patience just to provoke the guy’s hostility.

The killing intent of a man who had been toyed with by his prey swelled.

When the tense atmosphere that feels like it’s about to attack at any moment is about to reach its peak.


Another dagger struck the man’s eyelid.


Finally, Drake, whose eyes rolled back, could not overcome his temper and roared loudly, the giants who took advantage of the gap rushed in.

The division of roles has already been completed.

Leon aims for Drake’s eye, and the others become the cornerstone to create that opportunity. To prevent Drake from knowing what they were aiming for, the two giants strictly targeted only the body parts excluding the eyes.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Blood spurts from the ankle where the ax was stuck.

No matter how strong Drake’s body was, he couldn’t withstand the Titans’ full-strength blow.

The spear that pierced right after that opened the wound.

Although it was not enough to touch the deep bones, the pain of tearing and cutting through the muscle layer drew out the man’s anger.


Drake struggled violently.

It waved its two pairs of claws at random, flapped its wings, struck the ground with its tail, and swept through the forest.

It was a literal luminescence.

The gesture of losing one’s composure and running wild is nothing more than an opening that can easily be stabbed by a trained martial artist. But no one could get close to stabbing him.

“If you approach me, you will die.”


That whirlpool is like a storm of death. The physical force is such that even giants cannot be guaranteed survival if they are caught in it, and it is constantly changing direction by the second.

There was no room to target the eyeballs.

It is a movement without rules at a speed that makes it difficult to see where the eyes are.

Leon was taken aback by the ridiculous scale of the struggle, and then…


His eyes widened as he read the youthful malice in Drake’s eyes when they momentarily made eye contact.

It’s a trick!


Leon shouted loudly and increased the power of the holy sword.

I didn’t know what the guy was aiming for, but it was clear that he had sinister intentions.

It is true that he went crazy with anger.

However, Drake’s cunning took advantage of that luminescence to catch them off guard and prepare something. A trap that can wipe out insolent prey in one go.

Unfortunately, that intuition turned out to be exactly right.


Unlike before, a roar with an ominous, singing sound echoed in all directions.

It was that moment.


Darkness has arrived.

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Leon froze at the sight of an unbelievable phenomenon.

Just a few seconds ago, the sun was shining brightly in the sky, and there was nothing blocking the view as the forest was devastated by Drake’s luminescence.

But what is this darkness?

I can’t even see an inch ahead. No, not only sight, but all five senses seem to have been shut off. I couldn’t see or hear it, and the wind passing over my skin suddenly stopped.


Only El Cid’s voice was clear to my ears.


Leon brought down the holy sword with all his might as if cutting through the darkness.


It sounded like a tough curtain being cut.

When the blade of the holy sword struck, the darkness split in two and vomited out the group trapped inside.

Not only the two giants, but even Karen could not understand the situation.

The five senses were temporarily blocked.

Leon quickly cut through the veil of darkness, but it was inevitable that he would experience a few seconds of stiffness.

Drake’s target was that moment.

“Is it breath…!”

Leon was astonished when he spotted the figure in the sky.

It also rolled its eyes, probably embarrassed by their quick escape, but pitch-black darkness was pouring out of its wide-open maw.

Breath, the strongest weapon possessed by the Argentine monsters.

Among them, Drake’s breath, which has reached its peak, cannot even be compared to that of a wyvern.

[Is it, after all, a ‘dark’ attribute? It’s dangerous.]

El Cid said.

[Dark attribute breath causes an encroachment phenomenon. Unlike poison or acid, it ignores the durability of the substance and dissolves it. You can block it by using magic or aura, but Drake’s breath output is so high that even the Sword Master will die in one hit.]


[You have to block or cut off the breath before it fires.]

Something struck Leon like a thunderbolt at those words. El Cid may have also come to that realization, but he did not give any further advice.

What I said a moment ago was enough.


Let out all the unnecessary breath.

As if chasing away the turbulence existing within the body and concentrating the aura on one point, focus your consciousness on the tip of the holy sword.

It was a skill I had only recently mastered.

The third secret of ‘Seven Star Sword’ that I learned. It was also a technique that was already intended to be used to target the guy’s eyeballs.


The darkness gathered in Drake’s mouth stirs.

Destructive power that can blow away a small hill with a single release. The storm was about to pour down on the heads of Leon and his group.

The giants and Karen, who belatedly realized the situation, stiffened.

It cannot be avoided or prevented.

Only Leon was trying to break through that desperate phase.

[Watch carefully.]

In his consciousness that had subsided due to extreme concentration, El Cid’s voice rang out as if guiding him.

[The size of the force is not important. Just as a small hole can sink a large ship, in a fight, the one who penetrates the one point of victory wins.]

It draws out all the power accumulated in the holy sword and the aura of the whole body.

As a result, golden Aurorfire burned with the sword. Although it is an imperfect technology, its destructive power is beyond the pale.

Leon’s complexion suddenly became pale due to exhaustion.

But his grip never weakened.


It was right after that.

The darkness gathered in Drake’s maw burned like a flame and poured out toward the remaining prey on the ground.

A flame of darkness so alien that it ignores air resistance.

〈Dark Breath〉 hit.

Leon just opened his eyes and glared.

Drake’s eyes beyond the flowing stream of darkness. The new five meanings of 〈Anbeop〉 and 〈Seven Star Sword〉 that have reached level 6. A breakthrough occurs when two technologies become intertwined.

“Grand Chariot.”

One step forward.

Take a big step and put your all into it.


Leon’s sword emitted a flash of light as it advanced diagonally.

The unique stab of 〈Seven Star Sword〉.

It is a secret technique that, when mastery reaches its peak, can penetrate even space. Leon is still less than half of that class, but


Nevertheless, even after breaking through ‘Dark Breath’, I still had strength.

The soaring light reached Drake’s face, breaking through the pouring wall of darkness and shattering its power.

Although he lost most of his power while piercing through the <Dark Breath>, the remaining power pierced the eyes that had not yet closed. The dark red crystal shattered, spewing out clear liquid and blood.


Absurd pain.

Drake, who lost one eye, stumbled as if he was about to fall, but managed to regain his balance and flail on his two wings.

The survival instinct that had been suppressed by anger and arrogance was awakened.

In a matter of seconds, its figure disappeared all the way to the horizon.

Unfortunately, the light that penetrated the eyes was blocked by the skull and did not seem to reach the brain.


Even though he had accomplished the task, Leon stared blankly at the guy’s tail and belatedly sat down from exhaustion.

It was difficult to even lift a finger.

〈Alkaid〉 was quite efficient compared to other five powers, but it was in a situation where no power could be left behind. Otherwise, it might have been limited to breaking through <Dark Breath> or even been pushed back.


Karen’s voice, heard nearby, feels far away.

The sense of accomplishment of defeating the S+ rank monster Drake was momentary. Leon closed his eyes and fainted.

[…What an unsightly ending.]

Fortunately, Leon did not listen to El Cid’s scolding.

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