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Overpowered Sword Chapter 83

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Level up with swords (83),

crackle, crackle.

There was the sound of a bonfire burning.

Soon, starting from that noise, my deeply sunken consciousness emerged, and my five senses that had been closed began to return one by one.

It started with hearing.

The sound of leaves rustling, the sound of firewood burning, and even the cries of monsters echoing from afar.

After hearing returns, light comes on in both eyes.

As the light seeping in from beyond his eyelids flickered lightly, Leon’s consciousness fully rose. He came to his senses in just a few seconds and blinked his eyes, looking around.

“Are you awake?”

Karen, who was sitting right next to him, welcomed him when he woke up.

Perhaps because he moved quite vigorously while fighting Drake, I noticed that his night clothes were torn and frayed in various places.

The good news is that no major wounds are visible.


Leon called out to her as he stood up and felt all the strength drain from his forearms on the floor.

My physical condition has not fully recovered yet.


Karen quickly supported his shoulder and comforted him.

“Don’t overdo it. I think we’ll both be safe for now. Isn’t that right, you two?”

The giants who fell for those encouraging words laughed.

“Haha! Of course. “It is said that it is a virtue for a Titan warrior not to speak twice.”

“I’ll make sure neither of you get a drop of blood on your hands until we reach the village. “Please rest assured and rest well.”

Leon, who had just woken up for some reason, saw the two giants sitting across from them.

The wavering flames elongate the shadow.

The already large size seemed to swell even more.

‘…It feels bigger when you look at it up close. ‘It’s almost 4 meters.’

The body of the Titan itself is not much different from that of the Ogre.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Mountain King.

A being that dominates the area with its innate strength. They were monsters that could break rocks with a punch and break a giant tree with a kick without any skill.

However, it is not just about strength.

Even “Auror Weapon” cannot penetrate deeply into the defense power of tough leather, high muscle density, and a solid skeleton.

That would be enough to call it a foul.

‘Unlike the ogres, the Titans are training. Build muscles and learn martial arts. Difference between peasant and knight level. Therefore, the actual difference in combat capability is likely to be more than ten times.’

Leon unconsciously rolled his wary eyes.

Even though he knew they had no hostility, the density of their power made him nervous. Even if they were completely tamed, the Titans were like that, just as they were reluctant to stay near a wild beast.

Just sitting there, its strength spreads through your skin.

“A warrior.”

“Good eyes.”

But the giants were not at all displeased with the reaction. Because his vigilance was respect for their strength.

“Young warrior, I want to hear your name.”

The giant leaning against the window next to him spoke first. To the warriors of the Titan race, social classes are meaningless and worthless. Only the strong could be respected by the giants.

And Leon and Karen proved their power by defeating the scourge called Drake together with the giants.

“This is Leon.”

The two giants muttered his name a few times and then responded by tapping their own chests.

“My name is Ur, as you can see, I am a spearman.”

“My name is Zulu Axeman.”

Friendship with the Titans begins with the common name.

From daotranslate dot com

Leon remembered it a beat later and realized that he had made a good impression on the giants.

Thanks to Drake, our first meeting ended on a good note.


Leon thought about that and brought up the topic.

“What happened to Drake? “I even remember getting one of my eyes pierced.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“You ran away. “I flew away without even looking back.”

Spearholder giant Urga shrugged his shoulders.

“It was so fast that it was hard to see its tail. “They said Drake’s flight speed was faster than that of most birds, and that was true.”

“Still, you did well. “Drake’s recovery is not great enough to regenerate his one-eyed eye, so he will remain quiet for the time being without any further activity.”

Zulu, the axe-wielding giant, praised him.

It would have been better if he had been killed on the spot, but just cutting out an eye was a great achievement.

The biggest disadvantage of having one eye is the loss of sense of distance.

Even Drake, who had all five senses sharp, could not be free from that common sense. Perhaps it won’t be able to take on a strong opponent until it adapts to its broken sense of distance.

“How is your body? It’s not like you were hit by that guy’s breath, right?”

When Urga asked that, Leon closed his eyes.

From daotranslate dot com

It was to contemplate one’s own body.

‘…There are no major injuries. Excluding muscle fatigue, is the problem due to using up all of the aura? I’ve used up everything I saved on the holy sword, so I guess I’ll have no choice but to wait for natural recovery.’

There aren’t even any auras left that could serve as a focal point to draw in the surrounding mana.

It meant that the fight with Drake was truly close.

To the point where I didn’t even have an ounce of energy left.

“it’s okay. “I will recover within a few days.”

Nevertheless, Leon optimistically diagnosed his physical condition.

This was because the concentration of mana in this area was so high that natural recovery was also progressing at several times the speed.

As a rule of thumb, it will return to its usual state in about three or four days.

If it had been outside the Titan Mountains, it would have taken 15 days longer.

“Thank goodness. Isn’t it a waste of skill to end it with just one eye? “Someday, I have to finish him off once and for all.”

“Nothing like cancer.”

The giants laughed heartily, as if encouraging him.

Even in the depths of the Titan Mountains, prey like drakes are rare. However, since the giant was defeated by a small and weak human warrior, it was no wonder that the two giants were excited.

At those words, Leon looked in the direction where Drake had run away with a suspicious look on his face.

‘Now that I think about it, I heard that the demons of the sub-dragon world are cunning and cruel in nature, so they never forget their grudges.’

There was a high possibility that Drake, who was one-eyed by him, would do the same.

The day will come when we will have to fight again in the near or distant future.

Feeling a premonition that was close to certainty, Leon fiddled with the handle of the holy sword hanging on his waist a few times.

“Hmm, but why did you come to these mountains?”

The two made eye contact at Zulu’s thoughtless question.

There is no reason to come here and lie.

If your first meeting wasn’t good, you might be able to ask them for guidance now that you’ve made a good impression.

“I came here because I wanted to ask the Giant King something.”

When Leon honestly revealed his business, Urga and Zulu’s eyes widened. A human from outside the mountains has direct business with the Giant King? It was decades, maybe even a hundred years ago.

Urga revealed her true feelings without hiding them.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I had to see him. “It’s not like you’re a special envoy dispatched by the empire or something, right?”

Leon laughed lightly at that and asked back.

“Do we look like that kind of people?”

“No way! “I only see one warrior who stood up to Drake proudly and cut out his eyes.”

“Even if you keep praising me like that, I have nothing to give you.”

“what? Hahaha!”

The giants and Leon and the others talked for a long time after that.

The Titans greatly welcomed stimulation from the outside for the first time in a while, and Leon and the others were also able to hear a little bit of what was going on in the depths, so the four people’s mouths could not rest.

After talking like that for an hour, all the petty topics were gone and only topics that were difficult to ignore remained.

The Titans’ Auror operation method was also one of them.

“I didn’t know that Titan warriors used Aurors.”

I’m not kidding, Leon was freaked out at that time.

It was a shame because the operation of the Aurors was at a rudimentary level. If they had been able to use Aurors at the level of Leon or Karen, it would have been possible for Urga and Zulu to slaughter Drake together.

The Titans’ use of aurors was that shocking.

“Haha, there’s nothing to praise that much.”

Urga said with a wry smile on her face.

“As you have seen, even Titans can learn Auror, but it takes tremendous effort and time to raise the level. “Even for me, I’ve been training for 30 years to get to this point.”

“30 years…!”

Leon and Karen were both astonished and shocked.

To be honest, Urga’s auror management was at a beginner level.

Even among average knights who slightly strengthen their physical abilities by circulating auras in their bodies, his skills are in the middle or lower tier.

A talented person could reach this level in about three years.

[Why are you so surprised? Of course.]

El Cid, who had not said anything since before, opened his mouth.

[The bodies of the Titans are huge. Not only is it taller, but its volume and density are several times superior to humans. So the amount of aura that can be contained in that body is enormous.]

‘…Isn’t that a good thing?’

[If only I could fill the unnecessarily large bowl.]

El Cid’s words hit the nail on the head.

As the saying goes, the Titans were a case in which the shortcomings of great maturity were maximized in exchange for having a body superior to that of any other intelligent race.

To become skilled as an Auror, one had to understand the principles of controlling power by filling and emptying the vessel. However, the Titans’ bowl was so large that it took a long time to fill it all, and their skills in recognizing and handling small amounts of aura were greatly inferior.

[Well, since his physical ability is so strong, even if he were at the level of an ordinary knight, he could easily kill an A-rank person.]

In the original, it is a power that the Titans should not have.

Therefore, it is not easy to learn Auror, and even if you do, it is difficult to raise your level. Even giants who have been trained by fighting in the depths for decades cannot rise above the level of ordinary knights.

For that reason, it is said that Titans that can use <Auror Weapon> or attribute activating methods are so rare that they can be counted on two hands.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“You have to be at the level of a warrior to put that power into a weapon.”

The two giants grumbled that if that were possible, they would have been able to break Drake’s head.

It’s scary that in reality, that’s true.

The attack power of 〈Auror Weapon〉 is difficult to compare to before, so it is enough to draw a line in dividing the realm among warriors. What if ‘Auror Weapon’ is added to the destructive power of a giant that is already like a siege weapon? Drake’s tough body will be torn like a piece of paper.

‘No, then what if there are Titans who have surpassed <Auror Weapon> and entered the next realm…?’

It may be at least master level or higher.

And goosebumps appeared on Leon’s body as he guessed just how powerful the giant king who reigned over them was.

How many rumors have you picked up so far?

Like catching a dragon flying over a mountain range.

Like smashing the skull of a devil that came out of the demon world with his bare hands.

Like causing a landslide with one punch.

It was all nonsense so I just ignored it.

‘…no way?’

He had a hunch that maybe the rumors were true.

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