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Overpowered Sword Chapter 88

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Level up with the sword (88)

Giant King.

Unlike the Titans, whose true nature is mostly concealed, the existence of the Giant King is like a well-known legend. Since the time of Holy King Roderick, his power and prestige have been spreading throughout the continent, and even after he was confined within the mountains, rumors often spread about him.

It is said that he tore the clouds apart with a single punch.

They say he brought down a cliff with one kick.

It’s impossible even with the sword master’s full power, but what if he’s a giant king? It was not uncommon to see people tilting their heads.

It is not for nothing that people say, ‘If not, will there be smoke in the chimney?’

It was a clear fact that the empire that attacked with an army of 300,000 people was defeated and that the dragon, completely devastated, escaped from inside the Titan Mountains.

Of course, I couldn’t know the detailed story, but it was clear that the Giant King was a being that transcended common sense.

“This way.”

As soon as Leon received the call, he followed Chief Balkan. Unfortunately, Karen could not accompany him.

Because that was the only thing the Giant King called.

As he followed Vulkan’s wide strides, Leon looked around at the increasingly unfamiliar surroundings. Even though I stayed here for several days, it was an area I couldn’t enter.

[It’s probably the way to get closer to the dimensional rift.]

El Cid said as if it was obvious.


Dimensional crack.

It was the reason the Titans stayed in these mountains and the source of the mission given to them directly by the goddess. Since he had been subduing monsters pouring out of other worlds for hundreds of years, his contribution could be said to be immeasurable.

‘If it wasn’t for the Titans, I wouldn’t have been able to survive, right?’

[Well, that’s right.]

As Leon marveled, El Cid also agreed without saying anything. It was in the depths of the Titan Mountains that it was difficult for other races to survive alone.

If that’s not enough, they fight non-stop for hundreds of years?

It was too much for them, who were weak both physically and mentally.

[Ogres who haven’t awakened their intelligence are so tough, but what about those who have continued to train and even armed themselves with a sense of duty? I can move without stopping until I die.]

It was the same when fighting Drake. If it had been a different species, when it was caught in its aim and crushed by its claws, its body would have exploded like a tomato as it could not withstand the pressure.

However, Urga was not able to withstand the downward blow, so she just had to catch her breath and stand up to fight.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The fundamental durability of a living being itself was of a different level.

‘So the goddess appointed them as the guardians of this mountain range?’

[The problem was that I only made the appointment and did everything else…]

‘Ha haha…’

Is it because I had a tantrum once before?

El Cid grumbled at his words, but didn’t say anything more and just sighed.

Leon couldn’t think of anything to comfort him, so he just laughed and said,

“From here on out, it’s a forbidden place where we Titans can’t enter without permission.”


“If you go in, it’s a treasure and there’s nothing there. Even if there is an intruder, they will just die soon.”

It was bloody, but it wasn’t wrong.

Those who overflow from <Dimension Crack> have a risk level of at least B rank or higher, and on average, they exceed A rank. This was the Hell Island where S rank, which was talked about for decades even if it only appeared once, was also commonly seen.

If you reach there without knowing anything, you will have no choice but to end your life at the hands of monsters pouring out of the crack.

“And all the warrior commanders except me reside in that area. “The village also needs to be managed, so one person serves as the village chief, but even that role is rotated by one person every three years.”

“How many commanders are there in total?”

“It’s five. “There are four of us staying here.”

Leon once again shuddered at those words.

‘I have five forces that may be master level or higher…! Even if the Giant King didn’t come out in person, it would be the same as Iron Fortress.’

There was a reason why the Clyde Empire pulled out.

With the national power of the empire, they could have dispatched an army of 300,000 troops as many times as they wanted, but they acknowledged that it was not possible.

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It was that moment.

Leon and Vulcan looked ahead without worrying about who would go first.

“Hmm, someone is coming.”

The sign of someone approaching with no intention of hiding is truly blatant.

The unusual presence of pressure pressing down on the ground proves its strength even before it is visible.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It’s a bit different from showing off one’s power.

It felt like the excitement right after the battle was still there.



And the two parties faced each other in a narrow street.

The other party was also a Titan.

Not one, but six people. Among them, the presence of the giant in front was not inferior at all compared to Vulcan.

It means that he is one of only five warrior commanders.

“Vulcan! “Why did you come up here when you should be hanging out in the village?”

The warrior-chief-level giant teased him with a happy expression.

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“bloke! Flirting! “Then will you become the village chief instead of me?”

“Hahaha! no way! Why do I do that boring work? “I still have two more years left, so go take a nap.”

“Ugh Sarunga. “We’ll see when it’s your turn.”

“My turn is still eight years away. ha ha ha!”

Balkan, who could not win the argument, took a step back and growled, and the giant called Sarunga laughed.

The mace behind his back clangs as if to the beat of the laughter.

It was a weapon that resembled a flail.

There was no significant difference except that it was several times larger and dozens of times heavier than those used by humans.

‘…No, blood is flowing?!’

Leon realized this belatedly and his eyes widened. Sarunga’s presence was so big that I couldn’t recognize him.

Most of the blood stains on his upper body were from monsters, but blood was still flowing from the gaping hole in his side and the stab wound below his ribs. Not only that, but the other giants were also in a state of complete disrepair with injuries big and small.

Nevertheless, the two giants talked without paying any attention.

“Are you on your way to meet the king? “You should be at the waterfall by now.”

When Sarunga pointed in one direction with his index finger, Balkan nodded once and walked away.

Leon followed behind and bowed once to the giants.

“Hmm, that human…?”

Sarunga, the warrior leader, looked at his back and was lost in thought for a moment, but then turned around and started walking towards the resting place.

From this point on, it was none of his business.

“The wound is pretty big. Aren’t you worried?”

Leon, who was quietly walking with Vulcan, opened his mouth.

Just because you’re a Titan doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt or die. They weren’t afraid of that, but the depths of the mountain range and the ‘Dimension Rift’ were full of monsters that could threaten even them.

But Balkan smiled and reassured him.

“Don’t worry. Around here, that kind of injury is considered a minor injury. “If I just apply some medicine and lie down, I can jump out and fight again tomorrow.”

“The side was pierced and several ribs were broken?”

“Isn’t it strange that they treat it as a serious injury, with a ruptured liver and a slightly torn lung?”


Leon, at a loss for words, fell silent.

The gap between humans and Titans was greater than imagined. Fortunately, without him having to say anything more, his destination was right in front of him.

It was a crossroads.

Balkan explained, pointing to the two paths one after another.

“It is said that the inside of that canyon is where the ‘dimensional rift’ opens. It is also the place where we Titans carry out our mission. “It’s held on a large scale about twice a year, but other than that, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Ah, then those people from earlier….”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Vulcan, who naturally disparaged Saurung, pointed his finger.

“And if you go down that road, you will find a waterfall. “Because it is full of mana, drinking it is good for recovery and for washing away the body covered in toxins from monsters.”

The two entered the fork in the road toward the waterfall.

Where the Giant King is waiting.

Thinking like that, the burden became blinding, but Leon soon came to his senses and grabbed the hilt of the sword at his waist.

I don’t know if it was my mood, but I felt a little more at ease.

How many steps have we taken since then?


A magnificent waterfall greeted the two people.

When you look up, the upper part of the waterfall is so high that it is obscured by clouds and you can’t see it well. When you look down, the water has turned into fog and billows like a cloud that has come down to the ground.

It was a scene that seemed to have been drawn from heaven.


It was then.

A giant appeared in front of them, cutting through the waterfall that poured down like a landslide.


At least 5 meters or more. It has a much larger body than the Vulcan, which is one head larger than the average Titan. Muscles as thick as rocks were studded all over his body, giving him an intimidating feeling that took people’s breath away just by looking at them.

Unusually for a Titan, his long hair is an intense red like a flame. The Giant King slowly walked out of the waterfall, his hair waving even though there was no wind.


Leon swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


The moment he saw the giant king, he was astonished.

I wasn’t surprised by his physique.

I wasn’t surprised by its appearance.

There was no sense of heterogeneity. It seemed as if something that was bound to be impressive to anyone who saw it had mingled with the water and wind.

A strong being inevitably exerts its gravitational force. In one sense or another, it was the powerful who had no choice but to change the world by spreading the influence that came from their power.

It certainly must have been so.

[Hoo, have we reached the natural body?]

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

El Cid’s voice was rarely excited.

[The stronger the innate power, the more difficult it is to shake off the excess, so I guess 300 years were meaningless.]

‘A natural body? ‘That?’

[So it’s very different from the natural body that idiots think of, isn’t it?]

In the world, they say that when martial arts reaches a certain level, it goes beyond the frame of posture and reaches a natural body.

However, El Cid casually denied that statement.

[It is a state where all actions are in accordance with reason, even if you are not conscious of it. Standing, walking, breathing. Even at this moment, countless actions are taking place in parallel, but nothing collides with each other and not a single thing is wasted. That is the real natural body.]

This is absurd.

Leon was even more overwhelmed because he could understand what he was saying.

Martial arts are ultimately a totality of efficient movements. More powerful and faster. To be able to kill more enemies, to be able to kill enemies faster. The basis of martial arts was to increase understanding of the human body and to skill and advance its use.

However, even if one has reached the level of a master, he cannot be perfect in every step or breath he takes. Only movements that have been practiced countless times and ingrained in the body can enter that realm.

‘But if that’s true, the Giant King is already…’

He is even transcending the realm of the Master.


No, only Roderick, who was born as a human being, went too far. Perhaps the Giant King had reached a similar eye level.

“Is it you, the guest who visited me?”

Leon was embarrassed once again.

Just 10 meters ahead.

In the realm of the masters, there was a giant king just a stone’s throw away. He must have been engrossed in a conversation with El Cid for a moment when he casually approached and stood there.

If you look closely, the marks on its chest are clear.

A scar that runs across the center of the upper body in the shape of an ‘X’.

Eerie sword marks that seemed vaguely familiar yet distant adorned the Giant King’s body.

‘…sword marks? ‘Why did you think that?’


As soon as Leon saw it, he was convinced that it was a mark made by a sword.

“Yes I found you.”

Regardless of the question, Leon’s mouth moved.

The reason why I had to cross the border to visit the depths of this demon world was right before my eyes.

A person who obeyed Saint King Roderick and fought against the Demon King’s army.

The first Titan.

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The warrior facing the giant king spoke of his right.

“Leon, the current generation’s hero. I have come to receive the legacy left to you by the previous hero, Roderick.”


The Giant King’s transparent eyes captured him for the first time.

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