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Overpowered Sword Chapter 91

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Level up with swords (91)

‘It can’t go on like this.’

Karen was thinking the whole time.

She once became infamous under the name ‘Guardian’ and ruled the slums of Blaine. No one there dared to challenge her, and even the most famous Khan tried to avoid fighting her directly.

Super Assassin.

It was a being that could definitely kill anyone of the same level, and could handle even an opponent that was one level higher.

If you bring them into a fair fight, there is no one stronger than an assassin in a fight to kill and die. Karen was also proud of her own skills.

‘…I was a frog in a well.’

However, as she journeyed with the warrior Leon, she was soon forced to realize something. Being a special assassin is nothing in the path of a hero who guides the fate of this world.

If you think about it, it was the same during Blaine’s subjugation battle.

She also played a dual role and did quite well, but it was Leon who defeated the monster that appeared in the end. In the face of a truly powerful enemy, assassination skills were ultimately nothing more than a residual skill.

‘I have to become much stronger than I am now.’

Otherwise, you will be left behind in the warrior’s journey. Whether you die or get seriously injured, you will face consequences you cannot bear.

Leon’s growth rate is incredibly fast.

When I first met him in Blaine, I could defeat him within a minute, but now it’s a life-or-death struggle. It may be because of the poor compatibility of Auror attributes, but the skill gap was narrowing significantly.


After inheriting the legacy of the previous warriors in this village, we will become even stronger.

She may become so strong that she is no longer needed.


I didn’t want it to end here. I wanted to make my name known as a Karen, not as a “gwan keeper.” She wanted to become famous enough to be heard by her parents who abandoned her in the slums without even knowing who she was.

‘You have to become stronger.’

I haven’t trained since I became a top assassin. No, training didn’t mean much. Physical abilities had already been developed to their limits, and the quantity and quality of Aurors did not increase overnight.

However, there was no other opportunity to learn new arcane sword techniques or auror techniques, so all I could do was check what I knew how to do.

This was the limit of someone who was raised as an assassin.

I don’t know how to become strong on my own.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The person who first showed her the light when she was so thirsty for power reached out to her once again.

It was Leon who brought old books and grass cuttings.

She accepted the gift with a puzzled expression. An elixir that has been aged for over 300 years in a martial arts book written by Rodrik himself? It was such an unrealistic story that nothing felt real at all. It was also true that he and the Giant King had a death penalty relationship.

“I think I’ll be locked up with the death penalty for a while.”

With a slightly paler face than usual, he gave her a gift she couldn’t handle and turned his back on her.

Is there some special training that is passed down to warriors from generation to generation?

Karen sent him away with a blank face and looked down at the thing in her arms. Only the unique scent of Yeongcho, the smell of worn-out paper, and the light weight felt realistic.

I could become stronger now.

I wanted to become strong for someone else, not for myself.

“…〈Run Dance in the Dusk〉.”

You can tell without looking at a few pages.

It was a martial arts book for her.

It is suitable for warriors with dark or shadow attributes and mainly uses fast, stealthy movements and out-of-guard techniques. Karen felt goosebumps running down her spine just reading that description.

Karen was also a genius at assassination, so she guessed the outrageous capabilities of Roderick, who wrote this book.

‘Even if I can only learn half of this martial arts book…!’

You can overcome the master’s wall.

Karen’s eyes were bright with confidence. If I couldn’t put in the effort to lay the floor like this, it would be better to die.

It was from then on.

When the Titans found out who she was.

“Can I participate too?”

From daotranslate dot com

Practice is all about refining your form.

To learn its essence, you had to put it into practice. Although she couldn’t fight to the death, there were beings stronger than her scattered throughout this Titan village.

The Titans were literally the assassin’s natural enemies.

All of its sense organs are several times more sensitive than those of humans, and the defense power of its naked body is enough to halve even the Auror Weapon. Even if Karen thrust out the dagger with all her might, it was doubtful whether it would even penetrate the bone.

“I will not only memorize but also use poison. “If you think it’s difficult to handle, it’s okay to decline my challenge.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Hoo? “You are a brave girl.”

“That human warrior is worth carrying around.”

For Titans, fear is an emotion that is thrown out as dog food. Her provocation actually attracted the interest of the Titans, and warriors who had never experienced fighting an assassin flocked to her.

The fight in the depths of the mountain range is ultimately a clash of powers.

The stronger and the quicker wins.

When competing with his compatriots, skill was important, but he was not sophisticated enough to target others or use deception.

“Wow, that’s very annoying!”

“If you miss it once, you won’t know where it will appear again!”

“If you attack blindly and widely, you’ll get caught in the gap and aim for the crotch or eyes, so it’s hard to get hit!”

And the Titans could learn.

From daotranslate dot com

How annoying is the assassin’s method of attacking unilaterally and leaving the range.

However, Karen was not necessarily at an advantage.

She could be a nuisance, but the Titans’ toughness negated the killing power of memorization and poison, and running away without losing was the best she could do.

‘It’s faster than yesterday. I went deeper than the day before yesterday.’

Acrobatics dancing with one’s life on a blade.

Even without Aura, the Titan’s strike is enough to crush her body in one blow. In that gap, he repeats narrow evasions, attacks unilaterally, and escapes.

It is in extreme situations that genius shines.

Karen, who was getting stronger every day, was able to improve her skills with the active cooperation of the Titans.

“Let’s try this glue. “We use it for anesthesia, but if it’s the monsters outside the mountain, they’ll die right away.”

“Do you see the purple mushroom? If you touch it with bare hands, your nerves will melt, so be careful. “If you wrap it in cedar leaves and squeeze out the liquid, you can make a strong caustic.”

“It is famous that basilisks have the ability to petrify. But many people don’t know that the effect can be recreated with water extracted from its eyeballs.”

Even the knowledge of poisons and poisons that even A-rank monsters that can only be found in the depths of the Titan Mountains cannot withstand.

The Titans’ kind teachings increased the types of poison Karen had by more than three times, and their killing power increased by more than ten times.

These were things that were too harsh for humans.

‘I have to protect my position!’

If you were a warrior’s companion, you had to do things that the warrior could not do. Isn’t a rogue who specializes in dismantling traps and exploring ruins a supporting character that appears in every story?

Looking at Leon’s growth rate, it was not possible to protect his presence with force alone, and it seemed better to appeal in other areas.

It was indeed a realistic judgment.

Although her motivation was misdirected in many ways, Karen was growing at a rapid pace.

* * *

Meanwhile, Leon was dying.


Anyone who has driven to the limit will know. How painful is the body of a person whose oxygen-deprived lung capacity has been completely exhausted?

The limit of expression was that I couldn’t even scream and just croaked.

Leon, who had been sweating like rain and had symptoms of dehydration, was convulsing on the ground. It had nothing to do with whether my physical strength was good or bad. Anyone who goes over the limit is bound to suffer.

“Not yet?”

“Not yet.”

Cassim answered El Cid’s question as if it were obvious.


It is the same power as the entry level to the transcendental realm that exerts influence on the material world with an intangible spirit. If I had been able to learn by trying for a day or two, I would have been able to become a master.

Kasim himself had learned by dying for several months, so he knew that the level of difficulty was ridiculously high.

‘Forgive me, priest. I’m not happy with this behavior either.’

Leon wasn’t just tired.

I was beaten until I was a complete wreck, so I used up all the strength I needed to recover. Leave it like this until it dies, then revive it right before that and repeat from the first step.

Even the interrogators who were accustomed to torture gave a standing ovation.

《I can’t bear it anymore. Recover?》


A soft light flows from the holy sword held in Leon’s hand, cleanly healing his bloodied clothes and body.

Because the mana in the air is overflowing, it is leisurely enough to become its own Holy Law event. From Leon’s point of view, it was like depriving him of a moment of rest, but El Cid didn’t have the personality to care about that.

Leon, who had recovered from the brink of death, opened his eyes wide.

“Huh! Huh! “Wow…!”

As his heart, which had stopped beating, regained its normal rhythm, Leon stood up again, breathing almost completely interrupted.

I don’t know how many times I’ve crossed the line of fire so far.

It was such a penance that even my sense of time was lost.

《Can you go right away? Or should we take a break?》

“…Let’s take a 5-minute break.”


Even Leon’s superhuman spirit demanded a short rest.

“Ha ha ha damn it. “If this continues, I’m really going to die.”

[don’t worry. Because I will save them all!]

“This is the first time I’ve heard the word ‘save them’ so seriously…?”

I frowned at El Cid’s playful words, but I didn’t even have the strength to get on my nerves, so I soon gave up.

Telekinesis training was that ridiculous.

It seemed as if El Cid’s teachings, which were difficult but had profound meaning, suddenly turned barbaric. In other words, it would only be possible if such ignorant methods were used.

“…El Cid.”


“How did you say you gained telekinesis? “I don’t know, so I’d like to give it a try.”

[Well, it’s okay to learn the theory first.]

El Cid said as if he had no expectations at all.

If it could be done by teaching it verbally, it would have been done that way a long time ago.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

[The consciousness of material life forms, including humans, is the totality created by the electrical signals of the brain. So, if you extend the brain wave network outside the body and synchronize it with the waves of the material world, you can interfere with substances outside the body just as you move your body. If you follow your mental power, you can change the weather or interfere with the consciousness of others and kill them just by putting your mind to it, right? In martial arts, it is called ritual murder or mental sword, but it is all a type of telekinesis.]


Even though they were using the same language, he could not understand a single word, so Leon’s eyes became as distant as the deep sea.

El Cid’s reaction? he asked.

[Did you understand anything?]

“…What kind of bullshit is this?”

[You don’t know, right? Then you should be beaten.]

“Damn it.”

There was no way Leon could wake up by hearing it once, which even Cassim, who had trained for 300 years more, could not understand.

Five minutes passed and Leon stood up again.

Kasim also slowly walked across from him.

“Ha, when will I be able to succeed?”

Some people might think he was impatient, but Leon wanted to escape this painful cycle.

An endless sparring with the giant king Kasim.

A repetition of the ending where one loses without being able to use one’s hands or feet.

Because you have to constantly experience your own helplessness, both your body and mind suffer. Even though I could feel my skills improving, I was unable to score a single effective hit.

‘Well, it’s not a difference in skill that can be used to discuss victory or defeat.’

I don’t even have the right to discuss luck or skill or condition.

The difference in capabilities between the two was greater than heaven and earth.

Even if Kassim fights with just one finger, Leon will die in one hit, and even if he ties up all his limbs and tells him to just headbutt him, the result will be the same.

You shouldn’t fight with the intention of winning.

That is arrogance.

“Let’s begin.”

Kasim, standing exactly 30 meters away, opened his mouth.

He doesn’t strike first.

It is said that it is advantageous for the weak to start in a defensive posture, but the gap between the two is wider than that. If Kasim attacked first, Leon’s defense and everything else would be over. Therefore, the right to go first was given to Leon so that he could struggle one more time.


There should not be an inch left to spare.

Leaving only his life behind, he puts all his power into it. Leon’s irises turn golden and aura fire surges from his entire body.

The combat time in this state is less than 15 seconds.

From daotranslate dot com

A do-or-die attitude that leaves you with no choice but to be exhausted, regardless of whether you win or lose.


Leon crossed the sound in one step and lunged at Cassim.

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