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Overpowered Sword Chapter 94

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Level up with swords (94)

8th saintess Ellahan.

Like previous saints, she was found in an orphanage with no blood relatives, and was raised without any shortcomings at the headquarters of the Holy Church from the time she was an infant before she could even be weaned.

Silver hair and golden eyes.

Due to the overflowing sexual power from birth, all saintly women share these characteristics regardless of genetic traits.

Only those within the church knew what his appearance meant, but ordinary people tended to fear a child who was different from others. Therefore, saints were rarely raised by their own parents, and most of them were protected by religious orders in orphanages or slums.

Unlike cardinals, whose status is determined by effort, only one saint is born.

The goddess’s staff.

The responsibility and power attached to that title was enormous. The authority to command the Holy Iron Chain Knights, a group symbolizing the power of the Holy Order, was also under the jurisdiction of the saint.

If we lean in the wrong direction, it is bound to cause a catastrophe.

Perhaps that’s why the goddess used her power to limit the saint’s fate.

-My staff will not come from the blood of those who hold themselves up as noble.

The first saint is not born into a noble or royal family.

-My staff will not remain in the shadow of the wicked.

The second saint does not grow up under the influence of wicked people.


-My staff will not be tilted in the wrong direction.

The third saint does not favor a particular faction or act based on personal feelings.

The only exception was a warrior whose rank was higher than that of a saint. A warrior who was also an agent of the goddess could not be classified as a ‘specific force.’

The 8th Ellahan’s runaway was exquisitely keeping the line.

Other than punishing the wicked, he does his best to follow the hero and does his best to shake off his own immaturity by looking back on the places he has passed and his actions.

Even the power of the goddess could not suppress its pure meaning.


One of the bandits who had been hit by the Seongcheolsae was stuck on the ground, hanging limply with only his head exposed. Thanks to the method of maximum recovery, the shock of being brought back to life after dying once is great even if the body is fine.

It will take at least another week to move my body properly.

Ellahan looked down at his face with a very pitiful expression and withdrew the mace that planted 54 human cabbages again today.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“A group of strong men may not be able to plow the fields, but they are also pilfering the burdens of starving people… You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Although they were not evil criminals involved in human trafficking or drug cultivation, ordinary bandits could not be left alone. If you leave a small evil alone, it will grow into a big evil. Cutting it out in the bud is the best solution.

Ellahan, who had destroyed a living vegetable since dawn without the sun rising, said with a grumpy expression.

“Is it still far away?”

“…It’s all over!”

Khan hurriedly rushed out at those words and shook his heavy bag.

“There were several boxes buried in the basement of the hideout, so it took some time to get them all out. Forgive me for being late.”

“Well, if something like that happened, there was nothing we could do. great job.”

Ellahan took a look inside the pocket and expressed his impressions of the contents.

“There are not many valuable items. “Since they don’t have the power to target wealthy people, they probably concentrated on robbing people who had nothing.”

“I think so too.”

“I heard they eat the liver of a flea.”

In the end, the diet of the fittest was unable to break away from the vicious cycle.

The food chain continues endlessly, with the strong exploiting the weak and the exploited exploiting the weaker.

Who is responsible for the fact that farmers, unable to withstand harsh tax levies, run away to the mountains, turn into bandits, and enrich themselves by robbing farmers like themselves of the ssamjit money?

“―Apostates who took advantage of the goddess’s mercy.”

Ellahan muttered softly at a volume that even Khan, who was standing next to him, could not hear. The voice was sharp, like a well-made sword, and even colder than usual.

The Holy Church did not forget.

The sins committed by humans who started the class system that is prevalent in this world.

The Goddess mercifully punished some of the instigators and took away her anger, but the world that was ruined by sinners has not yet been restored to its original form.

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“Hey, saint?”

Khan, who spoke cautiously as if sensing her unusual mood, took a few steps back.

He is a former gangster who has become an expert.

His innate intuition was more than that of a wild beast.

“sorry. “I ended up thinking of something rather unpleasant.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

But at his call, Ellahan smiled brightly and turned around.

The air, which was once ugly and distorted, becomes soft as if it were a lie.

‘No, this monster bitch…!’

But Khan was not fooled by that smile.

It wasn’t an illusion or anything.

The goosebumps running down my spine and the chills that gripped the back of my neck prove it. Just a ray of murderousness leaked out, freezing Khan, who had experienced it all before.

What he has seen so far has only been one aspect of his role in reforming evil and judging sin.

However, the saint is the actual head of the Holy Knights and the pinnacle of power to annihilate heresy. That ruthless side was not something that a back alley gangster could possibly encounter.

“Now, let’s start again. “I think we can get there before the sun sets.”

“…I will take the lead.”

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There are no servants who are as faithful to the logic of power as gangsters.

Following Khan’s guidance, which became even more polite, Ellahan was able to pass through the two territories and reach Blaine in four days.

Until then, the number of human cabbages planted in the ground was 958.

Unfortunately, twelve criminal organizations and nearly a thousand evildoers were suppressed because they were on Ellahan’s path.

Of course, all of the property and bounties were returned to those proven victims through the church branch. It was a bonus that the reputation of the Holy Order was raised once again.

* * *

“and! “It’s arrived!”

Ellahan, who entered Blaine’s gate, raised his voice. The two people’s moving speed was faster than expected.

I thought the sun would set by the time they arrived, but the sun was still high in the sky, looking down on them. It was only natural that Khan and Ellahan could run faster than a horse and that they did not get tired even after running like that for half a day.

“It doesn’t seem much different from a year ago.”

Khan said while looking around the city, which was still bustling with people, even feeling a subtle emotion.

There was a time when everyone had to keep an eye on him.

At that moment Ellahan spoke.

“If <Swallowing the City> had been successful, this bustling street would have collapsed tragically. If that had happened, you and your subordinates would never have been safe.”

“Well, I’m fortunate in many ways.”

“Do not miss the times when evil flourished, but be thankful for the good deeds that saved you.”

Khan, who flinched at those words, looked back at Ellahan, but she was not looking at him.

Is it a saintly insight or a coincidence?

It was as if he had looked into Khan’s inner thoughts.

Ellahan’s advice ended there.

“Let’s go to the slums first.”

“Slums… do you mean?”

“yes. “There’s no problem with Cesare whenever we meet, so I’d like to first look around the places where Leon was active.”

“All right.”

The two people’s steps overlapped in the same direction again.

We pass through streets crowded with peddlers and through alleys filled with street stalls and restaurants filled with all kinds of smells.

As the nickname “Free City” suggests, the scenery was truly diverse.


Not wanting to miss even a single glimpse, Ellahan moved her eyes to see a world she had never seen before. It wasn’t that I didn’t like life at the church headquarters, but after seeing the same scenery for nearly 20 years, it was natural to get bored.



Khan reached the destination and grabbed the back of my neck. Ellahan, who soon followed behind him, tilted his head.

“huh? “Did I take a wrong turn?”


Khan’s memory was not so bad that he forgot the route to his home base after only a year.

So this scene could only mean one thing.

“It looks like the slums have disappeared.”

Khan confessed honestly and let out a long sigh.

I thought about it, but I didn’t know it would really happen like this. As he thought about how to make an excuse to Ellahan, he looked around at the area, which was completely different from before.

There are no streets stained with dirt or buildings that are collapsing.

People laughing and chatting inside a well-built building. And even the street trees lined up around the well-maintained roads.

‘I knew they would build a new one since everything was destroyed during the subjugation war, but I didn’t know they would spend this much money…’

He also predicted the collapse of the slums.

The slum was doomed to collapse at the point when he and the ‘Guardian’ left. The ‘Guardian’ was a special assassin feared even by high-ranking nobles, and the Khan himself was a pressure stone who used force to rally gangsters to prevent large-scale conflicts from occurring.

It was impossible for the ‘Golden Pig’, who had nothing but money, to rebuild the collapsed slums and dominate the entire area.

‘Even that wealth was lost when mercenaries were mobilized against the evil guys.’

The Power of Money Wealth is ultimately an indirect power.

Without actual force, you cannot survive in the underworld where the law does not protect you.

Until then, Khan and the ‘Guardian’ had prevented the intervention of external forces, but since both disappeared after the subjugation war, they must have been able to hold out for only a short time before they collapsed in front of Count Blaine.

After hearing his explanation, Elahan was convinced.

“If a loan shark who already had many enemies was left without even the power to defend himself…”

“It would be the same as being thrown naked in front of a hungry beast.”

“I guess it’s a cause and effect.”

If you don’t have money, you sell things, and if you don’t have things, even your blood relatives, you are a moneylender in the back world.

There must have been more than one or two people shedding bloody tears and sharpening their swords.

Perhaps ‘The Golden Pig’ did not die a happy death.

It was then.

“omg! Tongue brother?!”

A person passing by made eye contact with Khan and dropped the luggage he was carrying.

Khan, who was facing the man, immediately remembered the other person.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Roy? “Are you alive?”

He was a man who was one of the action leaders of <Bastard> when he ruled as <Fang>. I remember that he was good at throwing daggers and hatchets. His skills were quite good, but he didn’t have the talent of an Auror, so he couldn’t get beyond the second-rate level.

The man, Roy, also nodded and answered those words.

“Ah yep! Somehow, I survived. “The bishop offered a compromise.”

“Bishop, do you mean that Holy Knight?”

“Yes, that’s right. “He cut all of us down and told us that if we didn’t want to be put to death on the guillotine, we should actively participate in the restoration of ruins and relief work for the poor.”

In a word, they paid for their lives with labor.

The entire area that had been devastated was rebuilt in less than a year, so the hardships must not have been significant.

Nevertheless, Roy didn’t seem to have any major complaints.

“Well, I want to play and eat like before. But living as a volunteer for a religious organization is quite nice…”

“That’s enough. “I don’t plan on being active anymore.”

By the time he encountered the saint, his coal road had long since burned up and disappeared without a trace.

“So where is that Mr. Joohyeong?”

When Khan asked that, Roy’s voice suddenly trembled.

“Brother, really?”

“This bastard, am I really crazy? Are you going to start a fight with Seong Cheol-soe? “It’s because there was one guest who brought us all the way here.”

“If you say you are a guest…”

Only then did Roy’s eyes focus on Ellahan, who was standing behind Khan.

“Ah ah…”

Although the hood was covered over her head, the beauty shining under it did not fade at all.

Roy, who had been entranced by one look, froze.

He was confident that he had met quite a few pretty women in the red-light district during his days as a leader in action. But when he made eye contact with Ellahan, he realized that this thought was absurd arrogance.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“ah! I’m sorry! “I will guide you right away!”

In the end, only after Khan gave him a warning did he move, and only after looking back several times was he able to reach his destination.

Blaine branch of the Holy Order.

They were greeted by a gray-white brick building that was larger and neater than a year ago. I could hear children talking from the back of the building, as if they were taking care of the children in the slums.

Khan, with a confused expression, knocked on the front door.


Immediately after that, the front door opened and an elf wearing the same outfit as before walked out.

From daotranslate dot com

Of course he was Cesare.


Cesare, seeing Khan’s appearance, spoke with a dry expression.

“I never thought I’d see that face again.”

“Me too, damn it.”

“Then why did you come to see me?”

He asked a question to the unexpected visitor, but before Khan could answer, Ellahan came out from behind him.

“Cesare! long time no see!”

Ellahan smiled broadly as he pulled back the hood covering his head.

“…Oh goddess.”

Cesare, seeing her, grabbed the back of her neck. Seeing that reaction, an inexplicable sense of kinship rose in Khan’s heart.

Saint Ellahan.

It was the moment when her righteous tyranny made the former slum boss realize the bond of sympathy for fellow soldiers.

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