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Possessing a Murim Clan’s Youngest Son Chapter 232

Episode 232. Afterword (2)

What happened just two tables away from Han Ibi’s seat.

The floor was littered with broken liquor and dried fruit snacks.

When Han Ibi looked, there were three women in their twenties sitting at the table who seemed quite beautiful by modern standards.

They seemed to be co-workers or friends I met after work.

While the two women’s faces were pale and frightened, the woman wearing a red dress under her leather jacket glared at the other man with an evil look on her face and said.

“What are you doing now?”

Then the man, who was probably the main character in this commotion, glared at her and said,

He was a muscular man wearing a tight-fitting suit.

“I’m not even thinking about this, and I’m being rude!”

Perhaps they tried to have a three-on-three impromptu meeting but were rejected.

Next to him, a man with a goofy vibe was pulling his arm to stop him.

“brother. Let’s not do this. I think I got drunk a lot today. Let’s go quickly before it gets noisy. huh?”

Another short man was apologizing to the women with a stern expression.

“I’m really sorry. We’ll pay for the drinks here. “This guy is very drunk.”

The woman in the red dress said.

“joy. Do you think we’re doing this to get drinks? How on earth are you going to compensate for the damage caused to you? “I’m really unlucky.”

Then the man who was yelling couldn’t control his anger again and slammed the table.

“Unlucky? This b*tch is still out of her mind! Are you going to try it out today?”


Beer bottles and glass cups poured out and shattered again…

So now even the employees who had sneaked up to stop them were all shriveled up and unable to intervene.

Han Yi-bi said while looking at Han Mu-wan.

“I guess I picked the wrong place. I came here for the first time today after receiving a recommendation, but it was a mistake. “It’s very noisy.”

“Tsk tsk. “That’s right…”

Han Mu-wan glanced at Han Ibi and added.

“If you are thinking of going out, don’t even dream about it. huh? “Because this is not a lawless powerhouse.”

Han Ibi nodded as if she was annoyed.

“Of course. “My mom would be very happy if a father and son were arrested for assault at a bar together.”

“You just need to know. “It will end in moderation.”

But contrary to their wishes, the commotion got worse.

The guests at several surrounding tables were already preparing to flee and leave.

However, most of the guests were watching this incident with interest, and some people were even secretly filming the scene using the video function on their cell phones.

The power of watching a fight is true regardless of the era.


Han Ibi sighed.

“Shall we move it somewhere else?”

Han Muwan said, pointing to the other side.

“no. I’ll be there soon. The boss or the manager is running towards me without any hesitation, so the situation will end soon. what.”

Han Yi-bi turned her head and saw a middle-aged man hurriedly running towards her.

Han Ibi’s eyes sparkle for a moment.

He looked again at the bar’s name engraved on the outside of the menu and laughed.

‘Flowery Floor…’

A man dressed neatly in a suit quickly approached them and said.

“sir. Please calm down.”

Then the man got angry and fired back.

“What are you again? “Do I look calm now?”

“I’m sorry, but I wonder if something happened to make you feel uncomfortable.”

The middle-aged man was responding calmly despite this situation.

But the muscular man still just used his evil teeth.

“Are you making such leisurely noises even after looking at it with your own eyes? ok?”

He raised his finger and poked the manager’s chest.

Every time that happened, the manager’s body was pushed backwards.

Despite this, he is a middle-aged man whose complexion does not change at all.

When it comes to serving customers, I felt like I already had a lot of experience.

At that time, the waitress who was shaking next to me came and whispered something to the manager.

Perhaps it explains the situation.

The manager nodded quickly and said.

“sir. Since there are other people… how about you move on and file a claim with us?”

“what? claim? Damn. Are you feeling proud just because you studied a bit? To customers in a bar or something? huh?”

The muscular man raised his voice even louder and lunged at the manager as if he were going to eat him.

But the manager spoke without even blinking.

“sir. “It’s our fault for not providing proper notice, but… our store does not officially provide a booking service.”

The man said while poking the man’s chest again.

“scent. This is being messed up again. Other people do just fine. Are you saying stop being a jerk and get out of here? As this b*tch says, don’t fuss about ugly topics?”

The manager, who had been quietly looking at the muscular man for a moment, opened his mouth.

“sir. “I’m being presumptuous, but… you don’t work at ‘X Taxi’ right in front of me, do you?”

XTaxi is a club targeting office workers across the street, so it could be said that their target customers overlap considerably.

Hearing his words, the muscular man’s pupils seemed to shake somewhat, but then he roughly lifted a beer bottle…

and clinked.

“What kind of bullshit is this guy!”

Just like in the movies, he made an impromptu weapon and threatened him.

Then, the people around them, who realized that the situation was truly serious, began to rush to run away.

The three women at the table eventually got up and joined the group.

The muttering of employees could be heard from afar.

“Call the police! hurry!”

“When are you reporting it? There is a bridge in front of me. “Run quickly and bring him!”

Han Muwan said with a troubled expression.

“Shouldn’t we join too?”

“You should join. So, please check in advance whether it is dead or not.”

Han Ibi answered while watching their confrontation with interest.

Han Muwan spoke again.

“square? What square? Anyway, if you walk, you’ll get noticed, so at least pretend to run… Huh? “Where has he gone?”

Han Muwan looked around in surprise.

And I was surprised.

Before I knew it, Han Ibi was next to the muscular man.

At that time, a dog next to him with his head upright spotted him and said.

“What are you?”

Was it because I no longer needed to be conscious of my surroundings?

He also changed into an overbearing attitude.

It looks like it was planned in advance.

In the end, it seemed like their goal was to create ‘bad rumors’ and hinder business.

Han Ibi said while waving her hand.

“oh my. Don’t worry about me and just keep doing what you’re doing. “I just…”

Han Ibi said, pointing to the middle-aged manager.

“…I have something to ask that person, so I’ll quietly wait for my turn.”

Then the tomboy got angry and said.

“Aren’t you crazy?”

Han Yi-bi pretended to sigh and said while looking at Han Mu-wan.

“It’s been a while since I took care of my old father…”

Han Mu-wan with an absurd expression.

He pointed to himself and said, ‘Nobu?’ It had a mouth shape like that.

“…I came to eat the whole garlic cheese butter chicken, which is the most famous dish in this store. “I was going to ask if it would be ordered today.”

Then the tomani became even more absurd and said.

“This is really crazy. “Can’t you see what we’re doing?”

“You see. Why can’t I see it? “You’re fighting.”

At the same time, Han Ibi spread a lot of the ketchup sauce for the french fries that was on the table next to her on her palm.

At that time, the manager spoke to the men.

“If you don’t leave right now, I will file a complaint for obstruction of business.”

The muscular man said.

“Huh? accusation?”

“That’s right. The owner of the house next door needs to be prepared. Well, don’t worry too much. “I won’t touch on the rumor that ‘medicine’ is being dispensed in the VIP room there.”


Obvious intimidation.

For a moment the men hesitated and looked at each other.

The manager said as he turned around.

“Well then, I would appreciate it if you could go back now. I will politely decline to pay for the alcohol. Then take a look.”

At that time, the muscular man was trembling with anger and could not bear to step forward.

It was then.

“You idiot! So you can’t do it. “There is no such thing as a gangster.”

Surprisingly, the person who shouted was a short man who had been apologizing to the women a little while ago.

In an instant, he grabbed the empty vodka bottle that was on the other table upside down…

and was striking it at the back of the manager’s head.


A smashed vodka bottle.

Everyone’s attention, including the middle-aged manager, was focused on that.

But surprisingly, Han Ibi, who had suddenly intervened in place of the manager, was holding her head in pain.

Isn’t blood even pouring out between my fingers?

Actually, it was ketchup.

“Ouch! “It hurts!”

Of course it hurts to death.

But it didn’t hurt.

Transferred random skills.

It included the magician’s secret art, ‘Dark Monster’.

The short man opened his eyes sharply and said.

“What are you?”

However, instead of answering, Han Ibi rubbed the back of her head covered in ketchup with her hand and asked the manager.

“hey. “Let’s have whole garlic cheese butter chicken today, right?”

A momentary silence.

But soon the manager answered.

“It’s possible.”

Han Ibi said with a smile.

“That’s good.”

It was then.

“You b*stard. “I fell asleep today.”

The short man, supported by evil, suddenly took out a pitch black folding knife.

Han Yi-bi was distraught and pretended to run away and glanced at Han Mu-wan.

Han Mu-wan grabbed the cell phone of the employee who was secretly filming the video to report it, turned it off…

and then pointed to the back of the table divider towards Han E-bi.

Han Ibi pretended to run away and soon slipped into the divider.

A man screaming in anger and running towards me with a knife.


Dead angle.

This is exactly what I meant when I said it to Han Muwan.

Outside the CCTV shooting range.

A place that can be seen by people’s eyes but cannot be seen by machines.

Han Ibi grinned as she saw the approaching man and said softly.

“Now it’s just the two of us left?”

For a moment, the man thought it was strange, but held out his knife as if he were boxing.

Han Ibi clicked her tongue and said.

“Tsk tsk. I was hoping for a little more fighting. upset. “It’s too poor.”

His eyes lit up as he activated another transferred weapon, ‘Nampacheontu’.

In an instant, Han Ibi wrapped the man’s arm around the man’s arm using the gold thread and

then spun him around one and a half without mercy.


Terrible noise.


However, Han Ibi held on to her arm without letting go.

A man hunched over, unable to fall or stand.

His face was crushed in pain.

Han Ibi said with a grin.

“I don’t have time. So…”

Han Ibi suddenly withdrew her smile and glared at the man.

“…I only ask once. “Who ordered it?”

At the same time, Han Ibi pulled on the man’s broken arm.


[Nampacheontu Truth and Inaction has been activated.]

[Truth and Inaction Phase 1 has begun.]

“Ugh! Stop, stop. “The CEO of X Taxi ordered it.”

“What… are you blowing already? Tsk. But how do you prove that?”

[Truth and Inaction This phase has begun.]

“Please! Jeba~al! I got all the recordings. “I just did it for money.”

“Are you going to testify?”

“Ah Okay. Ouch! I will testify. “You can do it.”

“okay. I won’t record it separately. Why? ha ha ha.”

He said, twisting his arm vigorously once again.

“The moment I get involved in this matter… you are out of this world.”

At that moment, the man foamed at the mouth and his body sank down.

He fainted because he had no ability to endure the extreme pain.

Han Ibi threw him on the floor with a thud and clicked her tongue.

“These kind of weak modern people….”

At that time, there was a ‘thud’ sound of the wind.

A muscular man ran up and threw an iron chair.

However, instead of dodging, Han Ibi pulled the rock monster towards her head and headbutted the flying chair.


The iron chair shattered with a loud sound.

Han Ibi said with a smile.

“Are you done? “It looks like you don’t know how to throw…”

He grabbed the soy sauce ceramic bowl sitting next to him…

and threw it straight at the man.


The muscular man was startled and tried to avoid it, but…

it made a gentle curve and the bowl hit the ankle of the man’s right foot and shattered.


As things turned out like this, the man left alone became very frightened and had no idea what to do.

Han Ibi said, frowning.

“What are you looking at? “Would you like me to rip off your arms and legs too?”

“Oh no.”

“If you come to your senses, take these guys and get out of here quickly.”

At that time, the sound of a siren blared in a hurry.

Han Ibi hurriedly approached the middle-aged manager.

“I’ll come back to eat chicken next time. older brother.”

“yes? “Brother?”

“I always felt bad because I couldn’t even say hello properly.”

“yes? “I’m sorry, but do we know each other?”

Han Ibi said with a meaningful smile.

“Maybe I was mistaken. Well, anyway, take care of yourself. I would appreciate it if you could handle this matter quietly. Because nothing would have been captured on CCTV. “Then stay healthy.”

Just like that, Han Ibi went out the door with Han Muwan.

As we left the hallway, Han Mu-wan asked among the police officers rushing by while receiving radio calls.

“Is this someone you knew?”

“It was a symmetry. It appears out of nowhere like this sometimes. He was the owner of Giru. It’s called sojuitis…”

“Oh my. ha ha ha. That person was Yeohwaru Luju. Well… I also met symmetrical people from time to time. “But they didn’t recognize me at all.”

“Well, that would be normal. Anyway, I think that’s how our strange relationship continues.”

“By the way, are you doing well at work?”

The two people got into the elevator.

Han Ibi said as she pressed the button for the 32nd floor.

“Why are you going up when you have to go down?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? The day after I came back from my father, I immediately quit the company and came out…”

“Huh? “Why do you quit your job?”

“Because I don’t want such a trash company. Instead, I made a new one. The office was actually sold in this building. I became independent and made some money. Come to think of it, it’s already been over a month since we moved.”

Han Muwan asked with wide eyes.


Han Ibi said with a smile.

“Tsk tsk. I wanted to give my mom and dad a surprise. “Is there anything in the world that a small dragon, a blue dragon, can’t do?”


At that time, the elevator door opened, and the dazzling night view of Seoul came into view outside the hallway glass.

Han Ibi said, pointing to the office.

“Here.” –


Muwan of Blue Dragon Trading looked at the sign and said.

“Isn’t it a bit… tacky?”

“Foreigners liked it more than I expected.”

“You… aren’t even good at English.”


Han Ibi said as she opened the office door wide.

Inside, there was a woman sitting back at the entrance, holding the phone and chatting intently in English.

“…We specifically scouted an employee from Kazakhstan who was working for a Chinese client. Now, at the same time… he is also my lover.”

“what? lover?”

At that moment, she hung up the phone, turned around, and spoke in somewhat inaccurate Korean.

“what? brother. “I heard you have an appointment today.”

“huh. I have someone to introduce to you. “Now, would you like to say hello? It’s my father.”

Han Mu-wan couldn’t help but stare at her without realizing it.

This was because her face resembled like a twin that of Dam Hwayeon of the Kunlun Sect, who was one of her best disciples.

< Completion >


Possessing a Murim Clan’s Youngest Son

Possessing a Murim Clan’s Youngest Son

Murim Possesses the Youngest Son
Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
Han Yibi, frustrated with his life and job, stumbles into a run down comic store only to find his father’s martial arts novel there. As he reaches the last page of the novel: “Will you… continue?” When I woke up, I thought I was a noble but… I became dirt poor again. I got the unlucky short end of the stick. The ruined Murim world too, also is a fool for pointing fingers at everyone for being insufficient. I have to take down the faceless demon to get home? Save the original story to yourself! Let’s just grow stronger and help the main character. That’s how I’ll get out of this world!


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