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Reborn as the Enemy Prince Chapter 526

Chapter 92. Punishment (4)

I don’t know. What was it like?

I don’t think I particularly liked it. Sometimes I find it annoying because my hair gets all over the place when it blows, sometimes I welcome it on a hot day, and sometimes I get scared when a storm rages on the sea. It was like that. Of course, it’s not that I hated or disliked the wind, but I don’t think I particularly liked it as much as I do now.

‘Why do you say it wasn’t done, rather than said it wasn’t done?’

‘I’m not sure. I can’t remember if I liked drinking or if it was just a habit, but it was a breeze. well. I do not know. Maybe I didn’t particularly like it, but I didn’t hate it either. I think that’s right, Master.’

‘then. ‘Do you like fire?’

White flames surrounded all directions.

A pure white flame rose up and spread out in all directions, like fog blooming silently in the twilight of dawn, but sure to bring about much more silence.

‘I didn’t have a good relationship with Bull. There was a time when I burned my hair in a bonfire, and before I took the path of the sword, I was quite hot, but there were many days when I had to light a fire in the fireplace. Master is good, but fire not so much. I do not like it.’

‘Water… you probably don’t like it.’

‘yes. ‘I can’t breathe.’

‘If that’s the case. ‘What about the land?’

The eyes of those who set foot on the wide ground are filled with fear.

I watched an unknown flame move as if it had come to life and approach my feet. Nevertheless, since I couldn’t move my legs or even my eyes at will, how could I not feel fear?

‘I really liked the sound of my horse, the gentle horse that Brother Chase now rides, hitting the floor. But I only liked it up to that point. When I was young, I was so tired of looking at the floor that when I needed to think, I still looked down at the floor out of habit. Normally I don’t like the land that much.’

White flames touch the bodies of countless people.

It was a misty flame that burned everything that was not white. Inside something extremely beautiful, there was an extremely cruel force.

– Sigh!

– …… Howling!

The bodies of those who were unable to disobey the archmage’s will of not allowing them to make a sound are burning. As always, as quietly as always.

‘Let’s see… Then are you interested in generating electricity?’

‘They said Lord Castrin’s body was completely burned. When I first received the report, I thought it was a fire, but it wasn’t. I heard that it happened because of electricity, which is faster than a sword. Still, I think it’s a good thing. ‘It was electricity, not fire.’

Since it was electricity, all I had to do was hold on until the force that rushed into my body burned my heart and brain. Bern’s teacher, Teilan, would have died not long after allowing the attack. Fortunately.

‘Oh, of course, the only fire I saw properly was Master’s fire, so I don’t know if you think that way. For me, yes. But as we talk, all I can say is that I hate everything.’

‘Does it matter whether it’s good or bad? It’s just good to know.’

But those in front were different.

It was exposed to fire rather than electricity.

Alan’s fire is different from electricity. Doesn’t it stimulate your nerves from the outside in and out until the very last moment, and only then does it burn your heart as if you are satisfied? Wouldn’t they let him die while listening to the sound of his heart burning?

– ……clutter.

One of those standing on one side made a low noise. It was the sound of one of Fabian’s troops, who was astonished by the sight of the enemy trapped in the Silent membrane and becoming a living sacrifice, unable to bear it and trying to take a step back before stopping.

In fact, rather than saying they stopped, it would have been more correct to say that they too were forced to move. Calian still didn’t know whether Fabian’s soldiers had turned their backs on the crown prince who found them. Didn’t he order Alan to tie his feet in case he ran away?

“Stay still. I have no intention of reaching out to you just yet.”

A sudden noise made Alan turn his head, having been momentarily freed from the reminiscence of a day long ago. He said these words in a soft voice and looked at Fabian’s soldiers. I stared blankly at the deep fear in the eyes of the soldier who had just made the noise, and who was probably the agent of the lord of this place, and then looked forward again.

It’s natural to feel fear.

With two snaps of your fingers, you have created hell before your eyes.

However, Allen had no intention of easily killing and eliminating Zeon’s troops. The Archmage has decided that the punishment meted out to them must be cruel, so even if they feel scared, it can’t be helped.

‘by the way. Did you say electricity is faster than Lord Castrin’s sword?’

‘yes. you’re right. ‘My old teacher lost his breath at that.’

‘You spoke so casually that I almost passed by without even noticing.’

‘Because it’s nothing special.’

‘He always speaks so calmly.’

‘Wouldn’t it be very different from how I think about those related to me? There is no reason not to be okay with something that didn’t happen. just. You have a younger sibling who is good at making delicious grapefruit cakes and Hina’s favorite strawberry ice cream. ‘I can’t think of anything more than that.’

‘…… is it so. I’ll consider it good.’

‘yes. Oh, by the way, that grapefruit cake. I ate it when I returned to the palace after being held at the residence of the Marquis of Briesen, and it was quite delicious. If you ever go to Astricia Street, give it a try. Master, even if you don’t like the bitter taste, you will like it.’

‘Doesn’t it taste bitter?’

‘little bit. It comes out very little. ‘You’ll be fine.’

‘In that case, I’ll stop by too.’

‘Yes, Master. However, you shouldn’t complain about not using it even though you said you didn’t. ‘I’m just saying it wasn’t to my taste.’

‘this. Are you turning away?’

‘You have to make a corner to escape. Unless it’s coffee, you hate everything bitter.’

We sit across from each other and drink tea, and if a dessert that suits our tastes comes up as a topic of conversation, we never forget to recommend it, and we always talk about it without even noticing the passage of time.

‘But whatever… I wonder if I’ll lose interest in magic if I keep learning wind magic like this.’

‘it’s okay. When the Master looked at me, he said that there was no attribute that was particularly suitable for me. That’s not to say that I couldn’t do anything, but I like the wind.’

‘It would be nice if you said that, but it looks like you have no fun with magic at all. ‘I’m worried that he might be reluctant to let the wind go.’

‘no. Do not worry. He has a longer habit of holding a sword, but it’s not that he doesn’t like the wind attribute or that he’s reluctant to use magic. So, you can just spend your time wondering about the taste of grapefruit cake without worrying about anything else, and I won’t let go of the magic. ‘Whether 30 years or 50 years pass.’

A smile that just makes you want to protect it.

‘Are you making such a promise that there is no way out?’

‘Of course. father. I have to bet. Whose son am I to cast a spell?’

He thought there was no reason to treat those who were sending cold blades at such a son kindly. Who can say anything about the Archmage’s decision?

– Saaaa……

So everyone died. Everyone lived that way, splendidly, quietly, and cruelly. According to Calian’s will, according to Alan’s will.

‘Only two people. Please let me live.’

two people.

Except for the two people Kalyan asked for.

* * *

It was because I didn’t know how to control it.

Arnaizel was not like that. Only the time flowing in the space that included the deep sea where he was and the huge ship on the sea where Calian was was stopped for a moment. It’s not that he couldn’t handle the power of the axis of time better than Calian, but because he could control it much better. There is no need to intentionally waste magical power.

But Kalian was not like that. Thanks to a hint given by Arnaizel, whom I met for the second time after bravely jumping into the sea, I somehow learned how to write a piece while in an urgent situation. However, I was not able to learn it well enough to know how to use it properly.

-Are you out of breath?

– are you okay. you.

Thanks to this, I was forced to suffer a loss, as if the power contained in a circle in my heart was being torn away.

– lie.

– It’s okay. you.

– I’m fine too.

– I won’t lie.

As if I had been robbed, the magic power that had been lost touched my entire body and escaped. Since that happened, it was natural that I was most shocked.

– In. I was shaken.

It was the heart of Calian.

There was enough shock that the seal of the oath almost broke.

– When was the last time I walked around outside unharmed? I’m used to it.

-……Be careful.

– yes.

– How are you going to make up for the time?

– well. But brother.

– why.

– I have a question.

– What.

– I guess the reason my brother and I are walking around like this right now is because you and I are —. I’ve said something like that before.

Could it be because the axis of time has already moved once? I said it without paying attention to the words that were erased. It was no longer something that could be considered taboo.

-There was.

Whether or not a ban is imposed, there will be no problem as long as the smart pea understands it at once.

– Then, is there another reason?

– I don’t know. why.

– Because I’m fighting Rashid Brissen. now.

– …… now.

– yes. Rashid Briesen broke it. Strangely enough.

-Why are you telling me that now, you carefree b*stard?

There is no such thing as foresight.

Didn’t you think that if you teach a pea to swear, it will be Calian himself who will end up swearing?

Calian only let out a chuckle and swung his sword.

– Kaaaaang!

A pure white sword that follows its owner out of the flow of time leaves a long, pure white afterimage as if to commemorate the long, long hair of its former owner.

– It’s not in good condition. Free up time. I wish I had gone with the Manasil corps commander.

– no. I haven’t recovered enough to solve it now. If another shock comes, I might not be able to withstand it.

He raised his sword, which flew like a thunderbolt.

It seemed as if it would rip Rashid’s heart out at any moment. He aimed at Rashid’s neck with the Wind Spear and tried to pierce his heart with the pure white sword.

He moved and spoke.

– And it would be better to turn back time after catching Rashid. Kirie is right next to me, but she is not in good condition. You can’t have Hina near you while you’re fighting, and you can’t make the injured guy wait. There is no way Rashid will leave, so it would be better for time to stop…

Kaga River! Kaang!

– It’s better.

– Breathe.

Kugung… cum!

– It would be difficult to breathe. you.

– it’s okay.

– I’m out of breath even when I’m standing up. How are you okay?

– If I do that, Rashid Briesen will do the same. That way, I have a greater advantage.


– I’m probably more used to holding my breath.

Kalian, who returned the flying sword and launched himself, extended his sword towards Rashid’s neck. As a result, Rashid, who avoided the attack by taking two steps back, struck away the pure white sword. Then he returned his extended sword and aimed at Calian’s neck.

– Ugh!

Rashid clicked his tongue briefly and lashed out at Calian with a red aura he had never used before on his sword. Calian, who saw this, filled his pure white sword with a red aura and swung it at them.

Similar but different red lights tangle in the darkness. Once, twice, three times, they continued to clash and fall as if they didn’t know the end.

– Kaaaaaaaa!

And at some point, they collided violently with a violent sound.

I’m crying!

Calian, who smelled the fishy smell of blood, grinned. And he looked at Rashid with red eyes like the eyes of a wild beast, shining alone in the deep dawn.

“I guess you had a good time with Kyrie.”

To be exact, I followed the scent of blood.

I looked at the deep wound on Rashid’s shoulder.

The Auror spat out blood all at once. After being stabbed by Kirie’s sword, blood was flowing again from the wound that had healed well.

“You’re in bad shape, too. I guess your healing power is infinite.”

– Hwiik!

– Kagagagagang!

Instead of an answer, an attack comes.

Calian, who was blocking it again, held back the breath that was about to come out.

Another battle continues. A sharp metallic sound buzzes through the eardrums as the two of them attack Kalian, who was trying to get as far away from Kyrie as possible.

– Kalyan.

Thanks to this, I knew what Planz was saying, but I couldn’t understand it right away. Because the lump of thought was conveyed as a whole, even though it was not a voice that I heard with my ears, I passed by without hearing it.

“I can’t believe your condition is bad. Do you want to say what I was going to say first, Prince?”

Instead, I heard Rashid’s voice.

“Not so much for me. It’s okay because I’m used to it. What about you?”

“Me too. I’m used to it so it’s okay.”

“I guess it didn’t grow well.”

“I’m saying I’m used to it because I grew up well.”

The same aura was released. One person spit out blood and the other swallowed blood. This means that neither is normal. Even then, they talk calmly.

Soon Rashid took a long breath. It’s because everything in the world has stopped and I’m trying to move alone, so I’m short of breath. It was obvious that he was having a hard time taking in air. however. There’s something hanging on.

“Why are you so obedient? Rashid Brissen.”

“Haven’t I always been obedient to the prince?”

“It’s not.”

Calian took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then turned his head. He struck down Rashid’s sword passing by and struck down his own sword. Rashid straightened up and slashed his sword horizontally. His sword cut into the wall behind where Calian had been standing just moments ago.

The split-second moment when Rashid pulls out his sword from the wall. Calian, who could not miss the opportunity, moved his hand.

– Suddenly!

A deep sigh is heard.

Rashid’s face is clearly visible even in the darkness as he takes a few steps back, holding on to his deeply cut waist.

Calian saw that face.

I saw it clearly.

“I have a plan. Now.”

Kalian’s red lips create a luxurious smile.

I have already seen the sword marks left on the wall submerged in darkness. Judging by the direction, there was no trace of Kirie’s sword being stuck. It was Rashid’s.

But then it attacks the wall again.

“Obviously… there is.”

It’s hasty. Rashid Briesen is uncharacteristically impatient. Calian narrowed his eyes when he was convinced of that.

Is it because my body doesn’t listen to me? Is it because I have trouble breathing? Is he doing that to look for an opportunity to escape?

– Kalyan.

As Calian was thinking, Plantz’s voice sounded again in his head.

It was only then that I heard Pea’s voice. I belatedly remembered that Planz had given me a chunk of thought a little while ago. And Plantz’s complicated thoughts were unraveled in an instant. I understood.

– Release time, Kalyan.

Kalian, who was taking a shallow breath while keeping a short distance from Rashid, who took a step back, lowered his eyes. I thought about this as I blocked Rashid, who was charging at me again, and hit him away.

I turned my head slightly and looked at Kirie. Thinking of Hina standing far away, frozen in time. Without forgetting Alan, who must be out there somewhere, and Plantz, who must be moving alone in Whitlin’s dungeon.

– Unless the reason Rashid Brissen can move now is because he moved the axis of time. Then Kalyan. We have to solve it quickly.

Time stopped because Kyrie was in danger. The wound was deep enough to require immediate treatment, so there was not enough time to block Rashid’s sword heading towards Kyrie’s neck, so time stopped. In this way, Kirie was saved. It was kept alive. however.

Now Plantz was saying that he needed to free up the time he had tied up. Even though I said it wouldn’t be able to hold up if I moved it one more time right now.

– Brother Randel’s red rose. Think about it, Kalyan. If I think right. Unless I’m wrong.

Randel’s red rose, which seemed to have escaped the shackles of time. A stone in the heart that instantly healed the wounds of those belonging to Zeon. Rashid Briesen’s wounds suddenly stopped healing after time stopped.

Unless it has healing properties.

Not healing power.

“…… if.”

Calian opened his mouth.

Calian, who blocked Rashid’s sword from coming down with his pure white sword, brought his face in front of Rashid’s nose and opened his mouth.

“Are you wasting your time? So now that you’re putting out an aura, it’s causing a lot of damage to your body and it’s not being treated properly?”

I asked about the truth of what Plantz had just told me.

“Are you cutting life to create abnormal strength, then filling that cut life with the time contained in the stone, and then when the body is lost, you move the time contained in the stone to return the wound to its original state? Are you not healing, but defying time? Zeon’s b*stards outside. Is this all like that?”

Because we have already escaped the normal flow of time. Is that why I opened my eyes in frozen time? Maybe that’s why they don’t have time to resist, and that’s why they’re being harmed by the Auras they were forced to use, and their wounds aren’t healing. asked for it

Then, tap, tap.

Instead of answering, there was the sound of Rashid Brissen hitting the floor.

Why does that sound similar to the word ‘tired’ that Randel used to return when asked about something important? Although I don’t understand.

– Rashid Briesen may not be the only one running around now like you think. The survivors of Xeon captured in Whitlin may also be awake. The Vulcan crew there are in danger.

– I’m on my way now.

– Brother Randel is probably awake too… Ah.

Dear Alan.

I asked you to save the two people.

– Master is also dangerous.

The situation was exchanged with Plantz for just enough time for Rashid’s sword to touch Calian’s sword.

After throwing away Rashid’s sword, he lowered his pure white sword. While Rashid, who was far behind, rushed forward once again, Kalian stopped for a moment.

I gathered all the mana that was in the circle. And just before blowing it into the axis of time, he spoke again to Plantz.

– Even if time is released here, there may be a time difference in reaching there.

– know.

– Hina said she left her communication bead in the study. It’s unstable, but if you concentrate properly, you’ll be able to convey the story to Hina. If the study is nearby

– have it. I received it from Reric.

– yes. then. Please use the shield right away. Please tell Hina.

– Right away.

– yes. I think… I probably won’t be okay.

– …… okay.

– yes.

Calian answered briefly and tightened his grip on his sword.

– Kaaaaaaaaaaa!

I struck Rashid’s sword with all my might.

I pushed Rashid away with all my might.

– Kwagwagwagwang!

The wind exploded.

As far away as possible.

As far away as possible.

So that Rashid Brissen can step down.

-Please bring beef jerky when you come. Hina, eat it secretly.

– I’ll take it.

– See you later.

– okay.

– yes.

After exchanging sounds that were quite far from saying that we would see each other again alive, Calian raised his head. I gritted my teeth.

axis of time.

I touched it again, which was only a fragment.

– …Exciting!

It shakes once again.

Reborn as the Enemy Prince

Reborn as the Enemy Prince

How to Live as the Enemy Prince, Jokkkuge Wangjaro Saneun Bop
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
I could hear the hum of life in my ears. It was hard to breathe. I raised my gaze and stared into the distance. However, my blurred vision could not see anything. The light began to fade. That was my last memory. When I opened my eyes once again, it was 10 years before that last memory took place. And of all the things I could have become, it was from the enemy country that drove Secretia to ruin – I became Kyris’ third prince Calian. Bern was the proud Crown Prince of Secretia who fought and died in the war against Kyris. But he woke up 10 years into the past – as the timid Third Prince of Kyris, Calian.


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