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Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 124

Episode 124

The place where Taehyun took Ayoung was the Night Walker Tokyo branch.

Night Walker had a branch in Tokyo along with Alchemist.

Taehyun had the right to visit there at any time.

That’s what it meant to be a VVIP of the 4 major guilds.

S-grade players and A-grade players from their country.

The branch was shaken for a moment by the visit of the two people.

“Uh, isn’t it Taehyun Kim?”

“What’s happening in Japan all of a sudden?”

“no way… Are you participating in the war?”

“no way. “The Japanese government said it would not accept human support.”

“Does the woman next to you look familiar?”

Although they were whispering, there was no way a player with good spirits would not notice.

The woman in charge of guidance smiled awkwardly.

“Because you’re so famous… sorry.”

“it’s okay.”

Taehyun responded as if he didn’t care.

Anyway, all I had to do was use the training room.

“Here it is.”

The training room the woman guided me to was not as spacious as I thought.

“It’s narrow.”

“I guess we are dispatched… .”

The woman blurted out her words as if she was embarrassed.

In short, it meant that they were too busy collecting information and didn’t even care about training.

“Still, the barrier was updated a while ago at the direction of the guild leader. Magical power equivalent to that of a low-level S-class player. “I think I can bear that much.”

She spread her shoulders as if she was proud of her.

Training room or sparring room.

There are many different names, but barriers that can withstand the magic power of an S-class player are rare even throughout Asia.

Was conquering the double dungeon with Taehyun a stimulus?

It was Ayoung who had recently been focusing on training the guild members.

Taehyun bowed his head to the woman.

“I will write well. “You can just leave.”

After sending away the curious woman.

When I pressed the button, the training room barrier activated.

As the woman said, it was a barrier set up to suit the power of a low-level S-class player.

Ayoung sighed softly as she looked at the barrier surrounding her.

He told me to become his partner, so I followed him, but it was a test like this.

Ayoung belatedly realized that he was trying to test her strength.

on the other way.

“don’t worry. “I won’t do it with all my might.”

Taehyun taunted her casually.


Nothing works as easily as simple provocation.

Ayoung’s pretty face was slightly distorted.

“Taehyun Kim. I know you’re strong, but… “I wasn’t just playing around either.”

Rather, as a rising rookie in New Korea, he achieved promotion from Grade B to Grade A in the shortest period of time.

Is that all?

Now, I was confident that I would not lose easily even against active S-rank players.

Of course, it is different if the opponent is a national power company.

“I want you to prove it.”

Taehyun smiled and distanced himself from her.

It is not a large place.

Even if you widen the distance, if you use your power, you can close it in two steps.

“5 minutes. “If even one of your attacks touches it, it’s my loss.”


It was truly an unprecedented advantage.

For a moment, I was shocked by that arrogance.

Ayoung belatedly remembered her mission.

“Taehyun Kim. It would be better to go to New Korea sooner than to stay here like this… .”

“What if I go to New Korea? Are you saying we should be prepared for a gate break that may occur at any moment?”


“Since when did New Korea rely on me alone?”

“You are a player in New Korea. Ji Jin-hee, the president of the association, said the same thing… .”

“I have a rough guess as to what orders you received… I don’t listen to anyone’s orders. That’s why I became S-rank. Oh, you’re not S-rank, so it must be hard to understand, right?”

“you… !!”

Ayoung’s face turned red as she tried to remain calm.

‘It’s simple.’

It was different from her older sister Yoo Ah-young.

Lim Ah-young was still young and didn’t know much about the world.

The proof was that she did not feel the fierceness that was characteristic of advanced players.

Overwhelming talent.

He has probably never used that power to kill monsters or demons before.


‘It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stimulate them a little.’

Overwhelming fear. unrest. Frustration. Or even more power.

Taehyun is an ‘adult’ to her.

I decided to tell you what the world of real players is like.

“If I win… .”

“okay. Let’s go back to New Korea without another word. In the opposite case, I will have to stick to my role as a partner.”

“… good.”

Ayoung answered without the slightest hesitation, and Taehyun smiled.

Blue magic overflowed from her body.

narrow space.

Versatility of skills.

His skills reached that of an S-rank player.

All things considered.

‘There is a chance of victory.’

Confidence bloomed in Ayoung’s eyes.

Taehyun wasn’t going to miss that.

“Unfortunately. “That won’t happen.”


[Skill Ice Age (S) has been activated.]

[Skill Lord’s Awe (AA) has been activated.]

The two people’s skills were activated at the same time.

* * *

Kwachang. Kwachang. Kwacha Chang.

Pieces of ice were shattered by the enormous magical power.

It was destroyed so easily that it was hard to believe that it contained S-class magical power.


“Huh… Huh… .”

Ayoung knelt down and gasped.

5 minutes.

During that time, he poured all his energy into it.

Block Taehyun’s escape route with ‘Ice Age’.

I approached Taehyun with ‘body enhancement’.

The belt around his waist was strengthened with ‘weapon reinforcement’.

New Korea’s youngest S-rank player.

New Korea’s first national power level.

Aside from that, Taehyun has accumulated incredible achievements and titles.

I thought that if I had been training like crazy for a while, I would be able to at least give him a punch.

It was an illusion.

‘I can’t reach it…’ ‘No.’

I poured all my magical energy into it.

All skills were used.

Nevertheless, after 5 minutes, he was the one kneeling.

Taehyun was looking down at himself without the slightest bit of fatigue.

It seemed like a huge mountain was holding on.


Only then did Taehyun unlock the skill.


My fists suddenly clenched.

I realized how little power I had.

Taehyun opened his mouth while looking at Ahyoung like that.


“what… ?”

“It seems certain that you have reached S rank. “It’s still at a low level.”


Ayoung bit her teeth.

“Are you sympathizing?”

“no way. Anything you do from now on will only hold you back unless you are at S rank. “I guess I just checked in advance.”

Taehyun recalled the double dungeon he conquered with Yoo Ah-young.

She had a strength comparable to that of a partner.

“Thank you so much for that.”

Ayoung said sarcastically and stood up.

I think Taehyun would be the only one who would call a S-rank player with ‘ankles’.

“so? “What on earth are you planning on doing?”

“What is the reason you came to Japan in this situation?”

“No way, you… Are you trying to join the war? But at this rate, why not… .”

This is Ayoung, who checked information whenever she could while following Taehyun.

No, war videos are being played in many places as if they were live broadcasts.

It was strange that I couldn’t confirm it.

Although Japan lost Kyoto and suffered a lot of damage.

I was gathering all my strength and steadily dealing with the monsters.

Of course, it will only end when the two national power levels capture SS-level monsters.

At least the reason for rejecting support from New Korea was an understandable propaganda campaign.

“Well, I guess that’s it for now.”

When Taehyun operated the remote control provided, the screen in front turned on.

At that moment, the image of a saint and a demon sword appeared on the screen.

And what they are dealing with is the culprit of all these breaks.

It was the SS-rank monster Centazenas.

After a war of attrition, they broke through the S-class and S+-class monsters and finally reached the final boss.

Purple magic exploded from the body of the ghost sword that activated the skill.

Contrasting white magic flowed from the saintess’s body.

It was such an overwhelming force that it was conveyed to those on the other side of the screen.

‘That guy. Did you even receive a buff?’

The unique grade Byakuya was trembling because it could not contain all the demonic energy.

Ayoung was a little amazed as she looked at the two national power levels.

It was still a distant state for her.


“It’s not enough. “Let’s move.”

Taehyun left the training room with a cool assessment.

“Let’s go together!!”

Ayoung hurriedly followed behind him.

* * *

When the saintess used the skill ‘ultra-fast regeneration’, the demon sword’s body began to recover quickly.

S+ grade monster ‘Grand Centaur’.

The wound was caused by cutting down two monsters that blocked him.

It was a wound that could not even be considered a minor injury, but there was no need to conserve magical power any longer before the final battle.

“We finally met again.”

Demon Sword Shinji Nakata.

He controlled the demonic energy overflowing from his body and stared at the enemy in front of him.

“Don’t let down your guard. “Shinji.”

The saint stepped back and said.

She is also said to be a national force.

It is nothing compared to the combat-type ghost sword.

Her role would be thorough support.

The battle is 1 vs 1, not 2 vs 1.

“of course. “But this time it will be very different.”


The demonic energy contained in the midnight sun exploded.

His skill ‘Soul Taker’ absorbs the magic power of those he cuts down and increases his stats.

There were hundreds of monsters that were cut down to get here.

His body, which had been further strengthened by the saint’s skills, was already activating its skills to its limit.

‘This state cannot be maintained for long.’

It takes about 10 minutes to maintain the boiling spirit in your body.

If we don’t win before then.

‘This war is lost.’


The hand holding the midnight sun naturally gained strength.

Now it was time to put together the final puzzle piece to end the war.

[Are you here? King of bugs.]

Centazenas giggled and raised his halberd.


A huge amount of magical power flowed out from the halberd.

The energy that had been stored up until now was temporarily released.



The halberd, which had been ‘lightly’ lifted, was slammed down on the ground.

The impact was by no means light.

Kwazijic. Kwasik. Kwazizig.

The land in the area began to crack.







It was an instant.

The cracked ground swallowed up humans and monsters alike, like the jaws of a wild beast.

The movements of the monsters and humans who were engaged in a fierce battle stopped.

[It is the beginning of the festival.]

At those words, the monsters began to scream.

No, it was closer to a roar.

‘also. ‘Can’t we talk about victory without cutting that guy down?’


After making his judgment, this is the moment when he wants to fix the blood-stained midnight sun.

In the blink of an eye, everyone rushed to Centazenas and swung their swords.


Kenta Zenas easily blocked the attack with his halberd.



The players and monsters nearby were speechless at the incredible speed.

The people involved responded that there was nothing wrong.

[Try to struggle a little more. Bug.]

Kenta Zenas killed him using the language of monsters.

The battle was approaching its climax.

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Regressing with the King’s Power

Regressing with the King’s Power

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