Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 102


[Let’s buy some food]

Doo doo doo doo doo.

Seven vehicles were driving ahead or behind on a dirt road.

“What are you planning to do?”

Contrary to my expectation that the attack would begin immediately, the vehicles approaching us maintained a certain distance and did not move closer.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at that figure.

A total of 20 teams were dispatched to investigate the fog.

Seven of them were following us.

But there is no sign of attacking at all.

for a moment. Is this not an attack…?

That was when a radio call came from over there.

[Landlord Team Leader.] The

other person’s voice was heard through the public walkie-talkie distributed by the Disaster Management Headquarters.

[This is Team Leader Oh Jae-sik of the Blackhound Guild. Can we talk for a moment?]

Oh Jae-sik was a superman I knew well.

One of the few black hounds to think before action.

His combat power was low compared to that of a team leader, but he was quick-witted and resourceful.

Oh Jae-sik is talking to me like that?

Thinking that it would probably be quite a hassle, I agreed to the radio call.

“This is not a pleasant situation for conversation. “Why are you following us?”

At the same time, he looked back at his teammates and spoke only with his mouth. Depending on the situation, a battle may break out.

‘Prepare for battle.’

Wang Guho and Sirutdeok tensed their bodies, and the little boy created several rings of fire on his palms and spun them round and round.

Abraxas looked very excited, and Kiri looked anxious from earlier. The driver squeezed the steering wheel so hard that his hands turned white.

Oh Jae-sik said.

[I will ask you directly. Where are you going now?]

“Okay, let’s go investigate this red fog. “I guess you were sleepy during the meeting earlier?”

[Of course, I listened to the end. So I know that the area that Whitehouse will be searching is not in this direction.]


He must have realized that I was hiding information about the red fog.

[You know where to go, don’t you?]

Of course, I wasn’t going to admit it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about? “Wherever I search first, it’s my heart.”

[Of course you will. All right. Then we too…]

A voice that seemed to be holding back laughter was heard from the other end of the radio.

[I’ll follow along as I please.]

We were talking on the radio through a common channel, so superhumans in other vehicles could hear our conversation.

Other guilds also joined in the conversation one by one.

[Team Leader Lim. Let’s share some this time.]

[Okay. Also, don’t monopolize it all by yourself.]

[Why don’t you just tell me where we’re going?]

Look at these bastards. Would you proudly put a spoon in someone else’s food?

I spoke briefly into the radio.

“Do whatever you want.”

[Share our destination….]

I turned off the radio.

Then I turned my head out the window and looked at the cars following us.

A total of 7 units. Assuming there were at least 5 superhumans per team, there were at least 35 superhumans following us.

A little boy spoke next to me.

“mister. Are you going to fight?”

Wang Guho and Sirutdeok also looked at me with nervous expressions.

I looked out the window.


It became a pretty annoying situation. I continued, scratching my chin.

“There is no justification.”

It would have been easier if they had believed in numbers and attacked us.

All you have to do is destroy everything in self-defense.

There was a black box in the vehicle, so if you properly repaired it without killing it, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

But they made a different choice.

Instead of ambushing us in the fog, they started following us.

I made a confident assumption that I knew something.

It’s not unreasonable to think so, since I was the one who first discovered and warned about this fog.

‘In this situation, if I attack first or try to take them down, it’s like they’re admitting it all…’ I

couldn’t take them all the way to Incheon.

Because the person who created this fog is riding in our vehicle right now.

If Kiri’s existence is discovered, things will become complicated and my plans will all go wrong.

“It’s really annoying….”

There was a way to prevent them from following me.

It’s easy if I use [Stealth] to blow out the tires of the cars following us or break down the cars.


‘If all the cars break down except ours, of course they’ll be suspicious of us.’

In the end, when we go back, complicated things will arise again.

“ha. “You pesky bastards.”

I felt annoyed and a little murderous.

At the same time, I thought of the simplest and most obvious solution.

The simple method of making the six vehicles following us and all the superhumans in them ‘disappear’ in the fog tempted me.

It was then that driver Park Young-bae handed me a walkie-talkie.

“Hey, team leader. This…”

I shook my head.

“It’s done. “I don’t really want to radio again…”

“This is a different radio.”

“…something else?”

When I looked closely, it looked a little different. It was a product manufactured somewhere other than the military product issued by the Disaster Management Headquarters.

“Earlier, while I was waiting in the car, a certain superhuman gave it to me.”

“Some superhuman gave it to you?”

Out of curiosity, I accepted the walkie-talkie.

The green button was flashing as if there was a radio call going on over there.

‘Who is it?’

When I pressed the [Receive] button, a heavy, low-pitched voice came from the other side of the radio.

[Landlord team leader. This is Choi Seong-min of the Swift Guild.]

Choi Seong-min?

It didn’t immediately come to mind, but it was a name I felt like I’d heard of for some reason. I traced back memories of the past and first asked about the other person’s business.


[I am currently following behind on the left side of the team leader.] When

I turned my head and looked back, the vehicle following me from behind on the left flashed its headlights.

Seongmin Choi continued.

[You seem to be in an awkward situation. I think I can help.]


At that moment, I laughed as if it was fun.

At the same time, I remembered who Choi Seong-min was.

The representative of [Swift], a medium-sized guild that later became quite successful.

He was a quick-witted, clever and ambitious man whose ability and resourcefulness were recognized by everyone, although he was unable to grow much due to the checks of the large guilds that established him first.

Choi Seong-min was making a suggestion to me.

He said he would take care of the annoying work for me.

[I will drop the other vehicles.]

Look at this?

Realizing what that meant, I smiled mischievously and asked.

“Would you like to transfer to this ship? “I don’t really like bats.”

Seongmin Choi spoke in the same deep, deep voice.

[I had planned to get on that ship from the beginning. I hope you think that I have prepared a boat ticket for you.]

A sensible answer. And it couldn’t have been an attractive proposition.

But I didn’t agree suddenly.

“So what do you want?”

They could have asked them to take them to their destination together or share the loot.

However, Choi Seong-min’s answer again exceeded my expectations and also caught my heart.

[Let’s buy some food next time.]

I smiled and said yes, and Seongmin Choi explained the plan.

[This is a road I know well.]




[Good. Let’s go together.]

When he heard the landlord’s voice again on the radio, Oh Jae-sik was internally delighted.

‘That’s right! “Is there anything we can do in this situation?”

A situation where as many as 7 guilds are putting pressure on them.

No matter how strong the WH-7 team was, they were not at a level they could fight against, and even if they could fight, they couldn’t.

That would reveal that they are hiding something and their reputation would be ruined.

“Well thought out. Then, share your destination…”

A voice full of laughter came from the other end of the radio.

[Please follow along. Because the fog is heavy.]


Suddenly, the WH-7 team’s vehicle began to speed up. Oh Jae-sik, who understood the situation, radioed the team leaders of the other vehicles.

“They’re trying to bully us! “Let’s chase!”

Vehicles began to drive wildly on the broken road.

In thick fog. Driving through a ruined city by car was quite dangerous.

However, the WH-7 team car running at the front was unstoppable. The Swift Guild followed closely behind.

“Aren’t you crazy because you want to lose? I know where the monster will come out…”

In fact, the cries of the monster could be heard from all directions.



The gigantic silhouette that often appeared and disappeared beyond the fog stimulated my ominous imagination.

But I couldn’t stop the race once it started.

“Step further!”

“I know that if I miss, I’ll get cut!”

The drivers of each vehicle – or superhumans – stepped on the accelerator under the urging of their team leaders.

The more it happened, the more monsters, screams, and footsteps began to gather around me.


thud! Thump thump thump!

The superhumans felt goosebumps running down their spines. Monsters were coming through the fog.

To make matters worse, the lead WH-7 team vehicle made a loud noise, stimulating the monsters.

“That crazy guy!”

“What are you going to do by provoking the monsters?”

However, they did not slow down the vehicle either. The chase and chase race continued for a while.

Then, at some point, the road started to become winding and narrow. Vehicles had no choice but to slow down.


Oh Jae-sik sighed in relief as he saw the WH-7 team vehicle in front of him.


The vehicle that was following the WH-7 vehicle right behind suddenly skidded on a narrow road.

The vehicle that had made half a turn collided with a vehicle coming from behind.


The conflict did not end once.

Quang! Quang! Bang bang bang!

The vehicles following behind collided and collided one after another.

In an instant, a seven-vehicle collision occurred. The road was completely blocked with a tangle of cars.

Oh Jae-sik, who jumped out of the car in the fog without a mask, shouted with an angry expression on his face.

“Holy shit!”

He glared at the vehicle that caused the initial collision. A moment later, Choi Seong-min, the leader of the Swift Guild, staggered out of there.

“Maximum vote! “What is this now?”

Oh Jae-sik was the team leader and Choi Seong-min was the representative, but the size of the guild they both worked for was worlds apart.

A handsome man with a tall stature and a quiet expression. Seongmin Choi bowed his head and said.

“sorry. The car suddenly skidded…”

“Why did the car that was running normally skid?”

“My driving was poor.”

“That’s an excuse now!”

Meanwhile, the WH-7 team vehicle had already disappeared into the fog.

Oh Jae-sik almost lost his temper and shouted.

“How will you take responsibility! “I missed it because of you!”

The superhumans in the car were so strong that they were not injured, but the car was all crushed, toppled, and tangled up.

This was at least as good as it was because it was a reinforced vehicle. It took at least a few hours to fix the car and leave.

“Maximum vote! “It’s not something you can ignore as a mistake!”

“Don’t you know that if you make one mistake on this floor, it’s over?”

“Tsk. “I should have opposed it from the moment it was said that small and medium-sized guilds would be involved…”

Oh Jae-sik and other team leaders gave fierce looks, but Choi Seong-min silently ignored them.

“I’m sorry for talking…”

Rather, he was seeing something that other excited superhumans could not see.

“I don’t think now is the time to fight among ourselves.”

Oh Jae-sik snorted.

“It’s no use trying to avoid responsibility. “If this goes wrong, your guild will…”

Oh Jae-sik could not finish his sentence. Because the huge roar that came from behind covered that voice.


As the thick fog cleared, hundreds of monsters were approaching them.

“Damn it! Ready for battle!”

“Everyone put on your mask quickly!”

Superhumans quickly get into battle formation and draw their weapons. A fierce battle soon broke out.


Seongmin Choi cut down the monster in front of him. Then I turned my head and glanced behind me.

He recalled what Daein had said earlier before turning the steering wheel to the side.

[Choose what you want to eat. I will come back and buy you the most expensive one.]

‘The most expensive one…’

A gentle smile appeared on the lips of the man who was the only one to achieve his goal here.

[ Let’s buy some rice ] End

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