Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 105


[Water Snake Fishing]

The expression that the car flew is 3 seconds I think it would be appropriate to just write about it.

Three seconds later, we floated in the air and plummeted down into the river.


“Help me!”

The men in the car screamed and screamed,

“It’s exciting!”

The little boy and the dragon screamed with faces as if they were on an amusement ride.


I switched seats with the driver, who was on the verge of fainting, and grabbed the steering wheel. Even drivers with decades of experience would never have driven in this situation.


The shape of the car began to change while floating in the air. The wheels were laid to the side and the car was elongated from front to back, turning into a streamlined boat.

The transformation ended before we crashed into the river.

with a plop!

The moment we landed in the river, waves hit us. I let the boat go with the flow as much as possible without going against the waves.


The boat shook as if it was going to capsize, but I was barely able to keep my balance.

But it was too early to be at ease. Because there was a huge tentacle monster falling on our heads, following us.

“mister! Look above!”

The little boy was close to the window, looking up. I saw the same thing on the monitor. A huge shadow covered the sky completely black.

I immediately started the booster engine.


The boat sailed up the river at full speed and soon after that a tentacle landed behind us.


With a loud noise like a bomb exploding, the boat flew through the air again. We flew tens of meters in one go and fell into the river.


Wangguho and Sirutdeok hugged each other and screamed.

Anyway, the biggest ones are the ones with the most fear.


A tentacle jumped into the Han River and chased us, wading through the water with hundreds of tentacles.

Every time Tentacle moved, waves rose and exploded water droplets flew into the air. It chased us across the water at breakneck speed.

I said as I glanced behind me in the rearview mirror.

“Everyone hold on tight. “Because the boat might capsize.”

I sailed the boat straight towards the Ancient Serpent. A water snake the size of a building was glaring at us with bright yellow eyes.


In front is an Ancient Serpent tens of meters tall.

Behind them is a Tentacle chasing after them, waving hundreds of tentacles.

The men’s screams and the women’s cheers erupted again.

““We’re going to die!” “

“I’m excited!””

I didn’t agree with either of them and sighed and turned the steering wheel to the side.

As expected, the Ancient Serpent quickly lost interest in us.

The thing that was bothering the river ruler earlier was not us, but the giant tentacle monster that ignored his warning and invaded his territory.


The Ancient Serpent roared and blocked Tentacle.

Soon a fight broke out between the great monsters.

The first to attack was the Ancient Serpent. The guy exposed his sharp teeth and attacked the tentacle, biting the tentacle roughly.

Kwasik! Kwajikjik!

As the tentacle was torn off, Tentacle also began to fight back. Hundreds of tentacles stretched out and wrapped around the Ancient Serpent’s body.

Whilick! Whirling!

Tentacle, which was attached to the Ancient Serpent, began to tighten with its entire body. The Ancient Serpent twisted his body and roared.


A gust of wind began to blow around the two monsters, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and lightning flashed between them.

Kwakwakwakwa! Crackling, crackling-!

Gusts of wind struck the Tentacle one after another, and lightning rained down from the sky and struck the Tentacle without mercy.

As the two monsters clung to each other and engaged in a terrifying fight, the Han River began to shake violently like a pot over boiling.

I drove the boat to a safe distance and shook the half-fazed body of driver Park Young-bae.

“Knight. Take the wheel again. Don’t be afraid and cross to the other side of the river. “Did you know?”

“…Ugh. “Then what about the team leader?”

As for the operation, I explained it all earlier, but the driver didn’t seem to have heard because he was concentrating on driving.

I unfastened my seat belt and looked out the window.

Crumbling! Crumbling!

To say that the scene unfolding on the Han River under the night sky was terrible would be an understatement.

A series of loud noises and roars erupted from the red fog, gusts of wind blew, and lightning was falling.

If you’re sane, it’s probably best not to go near that place.

But I was planning on going in there.

Because you will never have an opportunity like this again.

“We have to catch them. “Is everyone ready?”

When I looked back, the kid in the yellow wetsuit was the first to raise his hand.


Abraxas nodded with a face full of anticipation, and Wang Guho and Sirutdeok answered, “Yes…” with white faces.

“good. “Then I go first.”

I nodded, put the harpoon on my shoulder, and opened the car door. At the same time, he used the Guardian’s Bracelet to create an oxygen helmet with a shield.



I dived straight down the river.

The river was swirling with torrent. I saw colorful fish reminiscent of tropical fish and all kinds of underwater monsters that do not exist on Earth.

The guys were running away in all directions, trying to protect themselves from the fight between the two great monsters. I swam in the opposite direction from them.



The closer I got, the stronger the current pushed my body. I raised the Breaking Heavenly Sword and continued swimming, protecting my body with the spirit of Dreitz.

How far did it go? I saw two massive bodies colliding like mountains in the water.

Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!


I closed the distance, trying to keep the presence as low as possible. [Stealth] has been used since before.

Normally, I wouldn’t have been able to completely hide my presence like this.

However, the two monsters were now engaged in a fierce fight, and their attention could only be focused on each other.

I took advantage of that gap and approached.


In the end, I succeeded in capturing the Ancient Serpent’s scales. I stuck my head out of the river and whispered into the ear microphone.

“We arrived here. “What about that one?”

A child’s cheerful voice came from beyond the ear microphone.

[We arrived too! Let’s start right away?]

“Wait a little longer….”


“…You can do it now. “Start.”

The fight between the two monsters, which seemed tense at first, was becoming increasingly one-sided.

Quack! Quad deuk!

Ancient Serpent, who had the home ground advantage, used gusts of wind and lightning waves to destroy Tentacle’s tentacles.

Tentacle continued to fight back by regenerating its tentacles, but its speed was noticeably slower than before.


Ancient Serpent, who had a premonition of victory, took a big bite of Tentacle. Quad deuk! Dozens of tentacles were caught in its teeth and torn apart, causing the Tentacle to struggle in pain.

In the meantime, I clung to the Ancient Serpent’s back and slowly, little by little, climbed up.

Quack! Quad deuk!

Tentacle’s structure was collapsing due to the Ancient Serpent’s continuous attacks.

Winners, losers and decisive moments.

It was then that the river water began to boil.


Bubbles began to rise little by little on the surface of the water, and soon the entire river boiled over.

Bubbly, bubbling!

Hazy steam rose from the river. Fish and underwater monsters that had cooked in the water flipped the boat and floated.

The Ancient Serpent was also surprised by the sudden temperature change.


A shrieking sound as if it were torn apart. The guy looked around, trying to find the culprit who changed the water temperature.

The criminal was talking to me now.

[mister. Should I make it hotter?]

‘Do it in moderation. Then I too will become ripe.’

Of course, it was thanks to the little boy that the crazy plan of boiling the river became a reality.

I spoke softly into the ear microphone.

‘Signal flare fired.’


A moment later, fireworks exploded like firecrackers beyond the fog.


The Ancient Serpent saw this and began to move towards the flame through the current.

An enormous amount of water vapor was added to the red fog, making visibility so blurry that it was difficult to distinguish even a few meters ahead.

Moreover, the water was hot and the cooked fish floating on the river were interfering with swimming, so the Ancient Serpent could not help but be very angry.


And I stopped breathing and was clinging to his back.


He waited until he almost reached the other side of the river to spot the kid and the others.

After a while, the Ancient Serpent found our group standing by the river and roared.


Lightning struck the sky and gusts of wind blew. It opened its large maw towards the group.

At that moment I started running.


The startled Ancient Serpent tried to shake me off. But I was already almost at the back of his head by then.

I unraveled the harpoon I carried on my back and injected as much magic as I could into it.


A meter of strong energy grew above the harpoon.

There was no time to hesitate.

I stuck the harpoon into the back of the guy’s head. The harpoon penetrated the scales and skull and became deeply embedded.

Quad deuk.


Lightning struck around me with a desperate scream.

Rumble- boom! bang! bang!

At the same time, a huge gust of wind struck my body and threatened to blow me into the sky.

I held on tightly to the harpoon so that it would not fall.


I already knew how hard it was.

No matter how strong you are with the harpoon, it cannot pierce the scales and skull and even rip out the brain in one go.

Still, once the fishing hook was inserted to this depth, it was up to the angler from then on.

I shouted at my group.

“Throw the rope!”

Wang Guho, who was twirling a steel rope over his head, threw the rope at me.


The rope flew in a trajectory that seemed to deviate more than a meter from my side. I screamed loudly.

“I won’t do it straight!”

“I’m sorry…”

At that moment, Abraxas’s lips uttered a spell and the rope came into my hands like a living snake.


I grabbed the rope and shouted in joy.

“As expected, a great dragon!”

“joy. “Only in this case?”

I grinned and attached the steel rope to the end of the harpoon.

Slam! With a sound, the rope was connected to the harpoon. From then on, we started playing tug-of-war with the giant water snake.


Wang Guho, who had grown to 5 meters, planted both feet firmly on the ground and held on like a stake, with the others helping.


The Ancient Serpent struggled and tried to return to the river.

However, the harpoon that was firmly embedded in its skull did not come off easily, and I was still standing next to it.

“Where are you running away to?”

I held the harpoon firmly with my left hand, picked up the shalit with my right, and hit the back of the Ancient Serpent’s head like I was using an axe.

Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwazijic!

The scales, which were almost incomparable in their hardness, were torn apart by the attack of the strong sword.

The scales were broken, exposing the inner flesh, and when the inner flesh was torn, blood flowed. I didn’t stop cutting.

Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik!

As I continued to tap on his head, the Ancient Serpent stumbled, unable to come to his senses. Lightning and gusts of wind coming from all directions gradually became weaker.


If it were in a normal state, it would not have been possible to hunt the Ancient Serpent so easily.

No, it would have been difficult to even get close.

“This is all thanks to you.”

I caught a glimpse of the Tentacle bubbling in the middle of the hot water of the Han River and shouted to my group.

“Let’s finish now!”

I lifted the sword with both hands and poured out all of my remaining magical energy to create powerful force.


Then he thrust his sword into the back of the Ancient Serpent’s head, which had a half hole in it.


After a while, we pulled the Ancient Serpent, who had a large hole in the back of his head, to the riverbank.


In fact, dismantling took longer than hunting.

Because it was so huge, I had to be careful about finding parts to take with me.

The scales were removed from the hardest parts, and the eyes, teeth, and horns worth studying were removed. I didn’t need much flesh, and I only took one bottle of blood.

Even if we just convert what we’ve earned now into money, it would be enough for the guild’s income for several years.

“For now, let’s just take care of the important things and then take care of more when we get back.”

I formed a camp around the remaining corpses. And Abraxas cast a preservation spell.

“Whoa… it’s almost over.”

The last time I removed the Ancient Serpent’s fangs.


A kid who went inside saying he was curious about the Ancient Serpent’s stomach came running towards me holding something.

As if he had found some kind of treasure, the little boy showed me what he had found and boasted to me.

“Look at this! “I found it in there!”

It was about the size of a small child’s body and oval in shape. It was bright silver and looked soft rather than hard.

“It’s an egg, right?”

The little boy who found the egg in the Ancient Serpent’s stomach opened his eyes brightly and looked at me.

“Let’s grow this!”

I asked back with an expression of complete disbelief.

“Not eating?”

[Water Snake Fishing] End

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