Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 106


[Do whatever you ask for]

“Is it that good?”


The little boy said while holding the Ancient Serpent egg tightly in his arms and rubbing his cheek against the soft surface of the egg.

“His name is Malang. “So soft, so soft~.”

“You know it’s a snake, right?”

The little boy glared at me, saying he thought I was a fool.

“Of course I know!”

I took a deep breath and asked the little boy about his childcare plan.

“Where are you going to raise it once it’s born?”

“In the fish tank!”

…You want to raise a monster that grows as big as a building in a fish tank?

okay. Let’s make a hundred concessions and say that’s the case when it’s a baby.

“How are you going to feed me?”

“You will eat with me. “Snakes are carnivores, so they can eat chicken.”

And then he looks at me with a look in his eyes that asks if he doesn’t even know. I was so embarrassed that I was speechless.


It was a mistake to expect a normal answer from this kid in the first place.

Abraxas smiled and said to me as I shook my head.

“Serpents are not difficult monsters to raise. They are smart and easy to tame if you raise them from a young age. “I’ve raised a few dogs in the past.”

“…How do you manage to feed yourself? “If you’re that big, the amount of food you eat must be enormous.”

I remembered the Ancient Serpent we caught. It was clear that if it grew to that size, it would eat several tons a day.

“It takes hundreds of years to grow that big. “Because the growth rate is slow.”

Now I see that a professional monster breeder was here.

I asked in a quiet voice.

“··Anything to be careful about while raising children?”

“The most important thing is the environment. First of all…”

After hearing the dragon’s advice that he had raised most monsters, I began to think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try raising them.

If you have any questions while growing up, you can ask.

“Did you hear? As will help you!”

The little boy looked at me with a triumphant expression.

I tap the tip of the little boy’s nose with my finger! It bounced loudly.


“Why are you showing off? “Give it to me.”

I took the softie from the little boy’s hand.

The silver shell was as soft as its name, and a very faint pulsation could be felt inside.

It was a strange feeling. I felt like I knew a little bit why the little boy wanted to raise this.

I said, deliberately licking my lips.

“…It sounds delicious. Should I fry this and eat it?”


The startled little boy snatched the softie from my hand. Their eyes were full of shock and anger.

“You barbarian! no way!”

I laughed and pulled the cheek of the little boy who was glaring at me.

“It’s a joke. “Why not try growing one?”

“…is it true? “You’re not going to eat it, are you?”

I nodded with a very serious expression to the little boy who was still looking at me with suspicious eyes.

“Instead, you take full responsibility. You need to feed them well and educate them so that they grow up well. “Can you do it?”

“huh! “Leave it to me!”

Anyway, I heard you are good at answering.

We decided to raise the serpents in a fish tank when they hatched from eggs, and then release them into Emerald Lake when they were older.

A fierce protest is expected from the existing tenants, Nunnuni, but what can they do if the owner of the lake tells them to do it? If you want to live, you’ll become friends.

“Smooth. “Unni, I will raise you beautifully?”

The little boy decided that the gender of the serpent to be born would be female, and held the egg tightly and continued to stroke it.


I shook my head and looked out the car window.

After many twists and turns, we crossed the Han River, rested for a while, and then continued driving toward our destination, Incheon Station.

And another day passed.

There were several battles, but the schedule was shortened thanks to the quick run through the city.

“Knight. “Are we almost there now?”

“yes. “If there are no problems, we will arrive at Incheon Station within an hour.”

I looked at the red fog approaching outside the window.


As we got closer to the source of the fog, the red fog now almost looked blood red. Because of this, the car had no choice but to drive slowly.

Twenty twenty.

The fog that threatened to overtake us has retreated. And then it repeated coming and going again.

“It feels like they are observing us somehow.”

It was just something I said to myself, but Kiri, who was sitting in the back seat, answered in a serious voice.

“I… maybe that’s really true.”

Floating on Kiri’s shoulders were three [Red Eyes of Disaster] that had been recovered on the way, the size of ping-pong balls.

These were things that were sealed on the way here after dealing with the Ancient Serpent in the Han River.

“Really? What are you talking about?”

Kiri answered with an anxious expression.

“As I came this far, I kept thinking about why the parasite demons were trying to catch me…”

A Tentacle cooked in the Han River.

It found us hiding in Jinbeop and targeted Kiri precisely.

But that wasn’t the end. Even after we crossed the Han River, there were several more cases where monsters attacked Kiri.

There was no one as large and strong as Tentacle, but its tenacity was the same.

“I heard they’ve been targeting you from another dimension?”

“I thought so too… that was when I had [Ron].”

Kiri touched the center of her chest.

The place where the ‘Black Stone’ that I removed in return for saving Kiri’s life was embedded. In the language of the Rorlow race, it was called [Ron].

“Ron is an organ that contains the special abilities of our species. Each of us has different Ron abilities, but in my case, it is the power to control minerals.”

It was the moment when Blackstone’s secret was revealed. I quietly waited for further words.

“But I don’t have ‘Ron’ now. Oh, I’m not blaming you for leaving. It will grow back anyway over time. In addition, he promised us land…”

“To summarize, just get to the point. “Just the main point.”

At my urging, Kiri took a moment to gather her thoughts and then spoke.

“There is nothing more to desire in my body now. However, the parasite demons continue to target me. “And be persistent.”

My expression also became serious. Red fog repeatedly stuck to the window and fell.

“…They keep targeting you even though they don’t need anything? “You mean there’s some other reason?”

Kiri nodded with a dark expression.

“yes. I think the reason may be…”

Coincidentally, we arrived at our destination just at that time.


The driver suddenly stopped the car and called to me in an ecstatic voice.

“…everyone. “I think you should look at that…”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Kiri and turned straight ahead.


The red fog around the point where we entered was thinning.

And in front of me, hundreds of meters in the air, I saw an open gate and the eye of disaster swirling below.


An open gate above Incheon Station.

The first and largest [Eye of Red Disaster] created below was looking down at us with its gigantic gaze.

Up to this point, it was pretty much what I knew.

“…What is that?”

Under the eye of disaster, there was a huge tree growing around Incheon Station.

The tree was red as if it had grown soaked in blood, and its height grew to hundreds of meters, reaching just below the Eye of Disaster.

Thousands of stems were tangled and twisted, stretching out in all directions and writhing.


The tree was alive and moving.


The monster tree showed clear hostility towards us, pointing something that was difficult to tell whether it was a tentacle or a branch towards us.

Kiri looked up at the tree with a yellow face and barely managed to squeeze out a voice.

“…My younger brother’s ability is the ability to communicate with plants and animals.”

I saw something similar to Kiri hanging at the tip of a tree that grew hundreds of meters high.

“Are you saying that over there is your younger brother?”

Tears began to flow from Kiri’s eyes.

“You can’t see it… but you can feel it. My younger brother is in pain…”

At that moment, the tree leaned towards us.

Quad dud deud deuk!

Thousands of trunks and branches turned towards us, moving around to create something that resembled a face.

The face roared.

[ЧжидIJÐŒŦıij ɥɣɳɮɬɞλ!!]

An alien language that I cannot understand. Kiri groaned with a shocked expression.


At the same time, monsters in the shape of all kinds of insects began pouring out from inside the tree like a flood.


A wave of insects rushing in, staining the ground pitch black.

The moment I saw that scene, I couldn’t help but scream.

“Retreat now!”



We stepped back and entered into a countermeasures meeting.

“So, some parasite demon took over your brother’s body. And you used your younger brother’s [Ron] ability to transform into that monster tree?”


Kiri nodded with a face covered in tears and snot. But my doubts have not been resolved yet.

“Why is that guy trying to kidnap you? You don’t even have Ron anymore, do you? “Is it because you are so worried about your brother even though you are infected with parasites?”

As I spoke, I swung my sword horizontally.


The insects that attacked were split in half and green blood poured out. However, there were some who crawled even after being cut in half.

I looked around, stepping on and kicking the crawling insects.

We were surrounded by bugs released by the monster tree. The number of enemies seemed to easily be in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

The group members were each using their abilities to fight against the bugs.


The little boy created a firestorm and wiped out the bugs, and


Wang Guho, who had turned into a huge petrified monster, faced the most insects from the front.

Sirutteok swung his ax vigorously next to Wangguho, and Abraxas stood on the roof of the car, shooting arrows and assisting the party with magic.

However, the number of enemies was too large. No matter how much we burned, crushed, and trampled, insects continued to fly and crawl.

Kiri, who was hiding behind me, said.

“To strengthen the fog further…”


The hand cannon burst into flames in my left hand. There was an open road tens of meters in front, but it was quickly filled.

“Tell me more!”

Abraxas added further explanation on behalf of Kiri, who was shaking. She seemed to have already figured out the situation.

“To remove the red fog or neutralize the poison, both the brothers’ knowledge and abilities are needed. Then the opposite is also possible.”

“Enhancing toxicity? Why…”

I soon realized the reason myself.

Unlike humans, red fog is a kind of stimulant for monsters. Monsters exposed to the fog become much more ferocious and powerful.

And Kiri’s younger brother’s ability is to communicate with plants and animals.

The parasite demon absorbed his abilities and his brother’s memories.

So conclusion.

“…After strengthening the fog further, they plan to invade Seoul with an army of monsters.”

That monster tree is something that has never existed in the past that I have experienced.

Perhaps only Kiri had come to Earth at that time, or maybe his younger brother had died before him.

But the future had changed, and if I were not careful, [Red Fog] could turn into a much more terrible disaster than I knew.


As I cut down the bugs once more, I looked up at the monster tree in the distance.

[жидij ɥɣɳɮɬɞλ!]


The face of the monster tree. I could see Kiri’s younger brother buried in the middle of that forehead. Did I say Siri? He was groaning in pain with only his upper body exposed.


Meanwhile, the red gem embedded in his chest continued to shine. That’s probably what controls these numerous bugs.

…You mean you control it with that?

I looked back at Kiri and said.

“don’t worry. “I will definitely save your younger brother.”


Kiri looked at me with a tearful face.

But while I’m being moved, I’m sorry, but let’s make one thing clear.

“In return, I will take your brother’s [Ron]. “No complaints?”


“They say it’s going to grow back anyway. no?”

Kiri’s expression began to change subtly.

A strange expression that combines gratitude and bewilderment.

But soon his expression completely changed and he smiled awkwardly.

“…of course I should give it to you.”

child. I know how to live a social life.

I tapped Kiri on the shoulder and said,

“And later, teach me how to use Ron. “Yours and your brother’s, both of them…”

Kiri couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted.

“I’ll give you whatever you ask for! “Please save my little brother first!”

“Just wait. I’m planning a strategy right now.”

[Do whatever you ask for] End

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