Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 111


[Things got bigger]

“What kind of mess is this? they say.”

The man standing at the counter of the chicken restaurant clicked his tongue at the bloody sight seen through the glass door.


Drones flying in the sky and sturdy men searching the streets.

The men were holding wanted leaflets for missing persons in their hands, and they were stopping people passing by and showing them the leaflets.

It wasn’t just catching people passing by.

Even today, someone came to the [Happy Chicken] he runs and handed out a flyer.

“president. Have you ever seen a kid who looks like this?”

Inside the wanted flyer was a picture of a young girl. Red hair and red eyes. He was so cute that I thought he was a child model.

“I didn’t see it.”

“Don’t do that, just look carefully. “Have you never come here to eat chicken?”

“It’s nice to see. “If you saw such an unusual kid, there’s no way you wouldn’t remember it.”


The man scratching his neck said in a lower voice as he handed him a leaflet.

“If you find anything, please contact us here. “I will provide you with generous compensation.”

“How much is the compensation?”

“You can’t say where this is.”

The compensation the man said was a jaw-dropping amount, but the chicken restaurant owner was not particularly surprised.

Dozens of flyers with slightly different pictures were already piled up in the store. Everyone who gave it to them talked about the compensation.

There were more than one person looking for the child. The police also began searching for famous super guilds, corporations, and gangsters starting yesterday.

“Then please take care of me. “Please contact me.”

After the man left, the chicken restaurant owner looked at the flyer he had given.

“Who on earth is this kid to make such a fuss?”

From what I heard from nearby merchants, the men were said to be passing out flyers mainly to restaurants, and not to mention chicken restaurants.

They say this young kid is a superhuman, but he wasn’t really interested in celebrities or superhumans. I’m busy making a living, so what?

“Superhumans and police… Did they commit some crime and run away?”


The owner of the chicken restaurant turned his head at the sudden sound.


It was a table where guests had left a little while ago. I was going to clean up the table right away, but I had to leave it for a moment because of the man who came with a flyer.


Both the rattling sound and the appearance of the table were quite different from what he remembered.

‘There were definitely two female customers. I was cracking it with a fork and left half….’

Why is there no chicken left in the chicken basket?

It sent shivers down my spine.

This was my first time in my 16 years of experience at a chicken restaurant. However, as a veteran of the chicken industry who has experienced many hardships, the owner tried to remain calm.

‘You might have eaten more while I wasn’t looking. Ah. ‘Of course.’

The chicken restaurant owner hypnotized himself and turned away from the table. I was scared to keep watching.


But in the end, his head slowly turned back to the table.

And then I saw it.

The sight of chicken and french fries flying through the air and suddenly disappearing.

“Ahh! “It’s a ghost-!!!”

At the same time as the chicken restaurant owner’s scream, a loud scream erupted.

“I’m sorry! “I’m sorry!”

It was a young voice. His voice sounded like he was raw when he spoke with his mouth full of something. The chicken restaurant owner screamed again.

“Aaaahhh-!! It’s a ghost, a ghost! honey! Hello! “Come out!”

“I’m sorry! “Well done!”

At that moment, whee! Then something pushed the owner of the chicken restaurant, and after a while, the door opened by itself.

Hehehe. A cold wind blew through the open door.


The owner of the chicken restaurant sat down on the floor and looked out the door blankly.

It was like a ghost crying. He ran out of the kitchen and stuttered out what had just happened to his wife who asked what was going on.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even realize that I was holding the leaflet so tightly that my hands turned white.

“…no way?”

After a while, he opened the leaflet in his hand and muttered.



‘I should have saved the allowance that Ars gave me…’

Lily covered her head with the [Invisibility Cloak] and walked carefully down the street, hugging the Serpent Egg tightly with both arms.

I couldn’t fly because I didn’t have the Guardian’s Bracelet. The girl had no choice but to walk down the street.

Lily held Serpent’s egg close in her arms. The egg was shaking little by little from side to side.

‘Shh. ‘Don’t get caught.’

A huge number of adults were looking for themselves. And there were flyers stuck on every wall. There were many different types of flyers.

-Looking for a missing child-

Name: Lily

Age: 9~10 years old

Height: about 130cm

Characteristics: Red hair, red eyes, poor at Korean.

Reporting reward: (the amount was different)

The men who were smoking cigarettes and looking at the flyer had a conversation.

“If we don’t do this for a week, isn’t the conversation over?”

“Honestly, I think it’s gone.”

‘no it’s not! ‘You idiots!’

Lily suppressed the urge to shout and passed by the people. After a while, a “Aaah!” came from behind me. “what’s this!” Suddenly, men whose shoes caught fire started screaming and tap dancing.

Tuk Tuk Tuk-.

Rain began to fall, drop by drop. Lily hurried to find a place to shelter from the rain.

‘So soft. ‘Isn’t it cold?’

After a while, they settled down under the eaves of a small supermarket.


Lily created a thin flame inside her palm to warm the egg. The warmth warmed the egg, which in turn warmed Lily’s body.

‘We can live well together. right?’

Instead of answering, the egg vibrated. Lily hugged Malang tightly.

“It’s a hassle to raise them.”

The uncle said so. It’s annoying.

There was no “you too” in those words, but that’s what Lily heard.

Moreover, he said, ‘It’s not our house, it’s my house.’ They said they wouldn’t give me a room, and I don’t play well with them because they’re busy, and I think it’s because they’ll eat everything when they get angry.

Stupid idiot!

‘joy. ‘I’ll never go back.’

As I crouched down and looked up at the sky, I heard the sound of raindrops hitting the eaves. Under the eaves, yellow light bulbs hung like the moon.

A few flying insects were flitting about underneath it.

Lily looked at the figure blankly and muttered.

“…want to go home.”

– He said, then quickly covered his mouth. Fortunately, no one heard it.

Phew. Lily sighed and spoke to Malang. These days, the girl’s only conversation partner was soft.

‘Is he very angry?’

Actually, I wanted to go home.

I was so angry that I left the house, but now I really wanted to go home.

I didn’t want to sleep anywhere anymore and I didn’t want to secretly eat what other people left.

But when I was about to go back, I got scared.

I didn’t know how to go back and tell him, and I was scared that so many people were looking for me.

The scariest thing among them was the worry of what would happen if the man truly hated me.

In the end, the girl who couldn’t do anything was running away from home for a week already.

“What should I do…”

The eyes that were looking at the yellow moon-like light bulb slowly closed. Lily hugged the soft animal tightly and curled up more.

Perhaps because she was tired, the girl quickly fell asleep.


Raindrops were crashing against the eaves.


The next day.

Lily entered the food court of a general shopping mall.

Because it was lunch time, the food court was crowded with people.

‘Be careful.’

Lily walked carefully to avoid bumping into people and looked around. The girl’s eyes sparkled like a hawk stalking its prey.

In the food court, you have to return your plate when you finish eating, but sometimes people just leave.

Lily was aiming for that. At that moment, I saw a mother and child leaving, leaving behind some Jjajangmyeon.


Lily quietly approached and sat Malang down next to her and looked around to make sure no one was watching.

After making sure no one was watching, I picked up my chopsticks.

The ensuing storm inhalation.


Lily, who finished the Jjajangmyeon in one bite, quickly got up from her seat. There was black bean paste on the tip of the girl’s nose, but no one could see it. Even yourself.


Lily realized that crowded and large restaurants were actually safer.

No one cared about other people’s dishes until the staff came to clean them up.

It was all Lily’s fault.

‘I’m full…’

Lily patted her plump stomach and looked satisfied. I felt good, so I hugged the softie and rubbed his cheeks.


The surface of the egg was torn. Lily screamed in surprise.


People turned around at the sudden scream of a girl.

Lily covered her mouth. And then I looked at Malang.


It wasn’t torn from rubbing my cheek. A baby serpent was hatching from the egg.

Lily was embarrassed. I expected to be born soon, but I had no idea that I would be born in this situation.

‘Not here!’

Lily hugged Al and stood up. I intuitively knew that crowded places were not good places for eggs to hatch.

There was only one face that came to mind at this moment.

‘mister! ‘I have to take you to my uncle!’

However, Lily, who was embarrassed, couldn’t look around properly, and people who couldn’t see the invisible man couldn’t pay attention to the girl who was running and the snake that was just starting to come out of the egg.


The unexpected collision caused the plate to fly through the air.

There was curry on the plate, and the spilled curry ran down the invisibility cloak.

The woman who hit her butt screamed when she saw the curry monster that appeared in front of her.


At that moment, a baby serpent tore open its egg and stuck its head out, shouting at the human who was screaming at him.


No matter how new-born a serpent was, it was a monster that reached the level of a monstrous species from birth.

The roar was enough to make humans fall into fear.

It took less than 10 seconds for the food court to fall into chaos.


“It’s a monster-!!”

Plates flew everywhere and citizens started screaming and running away.

“Sorry! “I’m sorry!”

Lily hugged the soft cat and started running.

Because of the curry flowing on the invisibility cloak, half of the figure was revealed, making it look like a bizarre ghost.

People who saw that were scared.

“A monster is chasing you!”


The Serpent, with only his face sticking out of the eggshell, shouted menacingly.

Wow! Kyaaaaaaa!

“You softie! “Be quiet!”

Confusion soon spread throughout the mall. A loud alarm sounded throughout the building and citizens evacuated.

There was one superhuman in the shopping mall who was on leave.

“A monster?”


Hwang Taesan took out the sword he was wearing on his belt. And then I walked in the opposite direction from which the people were running.

Hwang Taesan was a superman who was confident in his abilities.

Although his characteristics were unremarkable, he was confident that his sword-handling skills were second to none.

“It looks like the guy who ran away from the gate has gone into hiding.”

After a while, a ghost-like monster covered in curry appeared.

In front of the ghost, a ferocious snake was also seen with its face sticking out of the egg.


“Sorry! Please get out of the way!”

Hwang Taesan frowned at the sight of a ghost speaking human language. But he didn’t get out of the way.

“…is this a monster that speaks human language?”

Although it is very rare, there were also monsters that imitated humans. Types of doppelgangers, people, parrots, three-horned chameleons, etc.

Hwang Taesan took a stance, thinking that the ghost might also be of that type.

“I’ll cut you down in one go!”

“Please get out of the way! Please get out of the way!”

“joy. “There is no way!”

Hwang Taesan snorted and rushed at the curry ghost. His sword swung like a beam of light.

And after a while



Hwangtaesan, whose head had been burned, was lying on the floor. Fortunately, he was not dead, as a groan, “Ugh…” came out from his charred face.


Malang raised his head high and roared as if he had won.

But Lily was in tears.

“We’re in big trouble…”

The invisibility cloak was torn.

[Things got bigger] End

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