Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 113


[It must be delicious]

The moment Kim Tae-jin was embarrassed, Dae-in took advantage of the gap. I rushed in without missing a beat.


Daein quickly closed the distance and swung Shalit. From Taejin Kim’s perspective, it seemed like a light suddenly flashed.


The darkness surrounding Kim Tae-jin split and a shocked face was seen through the exposed space.

The great man thrust his sword there.


At that moment, Taejin Kim’s new model slid to the side. The sword pierced the empty air.

However, as if he could not completely avoid it, Taejin Kim wiped the blood flowing from his cheek and glared at Daein.


However, Taejin Kim, who seemed ready to explode at any moment, soon calmed down his excitement and spoke.

“You were hiding your skills.”

As a person, it wasn’t a very satisfactory reaction. It would be easier to let my anger boil over and attack me, spraying out darkness.

However, Taejin Kim instead increased his vigilance and drew darkness around him. This meant that Daein was judged to be a dangerous opponent.

The great man was making a fuss and making fun of himself.

“Just now, you were so confident that you were going to kill someone, but why did you suddenly become a scared hedgehog?”

Daein put his sword on his shoulder and looked crookedly at Taejin Kim. He lifted his finger and provoked Kim Tae-jin.

“Do you think you don’t have the confidence to beat me?”


The face of a man who had never suffered such an insult before was distorted. But those eyes were cold.

“Don’t worry. “I will kill you for sure.”

And then the counterattack began. The darkness released from Taejin Kim’s body turned into dozens of spears and flew out.

Daein dodged and struck away the spear of darkness and approached Taejin Kim. He no longer hid his skills.

Whi profit!

The breaking news was unfolding in full swing, and the watch on my left hand was already ready for transformation.

Grrrr-! Slam!

The fully charged hand cannon fired fire one after another. The darkness dispersed and a sword light flashed in its place.

However, Taejin Kim was no slouch either. He unleashed the darkness, created a shield in the air, created a whip, and swung it himself.

pop! Bubble bubbling!

The shield blocked the hand cannon’s beam, and the whip swung like a snake and aimed at the great man’s shoulder.


The great man turned to the side to avoid it and at the same time stretched out his hand and grabbed the whip. And he pulled the whip sharply.


Kim Tae-jin, who was suddenly pulled, was startled and let go of the whip.

However, Daein is already just around the corner. Blue magic power was flowing over the ink-colored blade.

At that moment, a very faint smile appeared on Taejin Kim’s lips.

‘It’s a trap.’

The moment he realized this, Daein opened his mouth and left the scene. There was no need to overdo it.

Almost at the same time, darkness exploded from Taejin Kim’s body.


After a while, the darkness that exploded slowly gathered in one place again.

Standing there was Taejin Kim, looking scraggly and without any trace of his usual neat appearance.

Taejin Kim said, brushing his hair back.

“You’re quite perceptive.”

“I need some.”

The great man aimed his sword and stared at the man in front of him.

[The First Awakening] Taejin Kim

One of the five strongest superhumans and the representative of ‘Blackhound’, one of the largest guilds in Korea.

At one time, I even respected him.

Intense charisma and formidable fighting power. Moreover, he is the master of [Darkness], a blessed individuality.

Every time Kim Tae-jin wrote a legend, he felt proud as a guild member belonging to Black Hound.

Of course, this is all from a time when I was immature.

During the three years I was at Blackhound, I was treated like a dog, treated like a dog, and when I left without being offered a contract renewal, I really wanted to kill everyone.

Of course, I never dreamed of revenge. After that, I endured for ten years like that in a frantic effort to survive.

And now?

Daein smiled and looked at Kim Taejin.

“It seemed so amazing back in the day. “Looking at it now, it doesn’t look like shit.”

An ugly scandal in which he was caught hanging out with his brother’s wife. An ugly figure who did not hesitate to do dirty things to bring down his rival.

To Daein, who knew everything, Taejin Kim was nothing more than a human who was worse than a bug and did not even want to deal with.

“also! “You’re looking at me with those eyes again!”

An enormous amount of darkness burst out from the body of Kim Tae-jin, who opened his eyes.


The darkness came like a wave and hit Daein. The great man swung his sword to cut down the waves and also dealt with the approaching darkness step by step.

As time passed, Taejin Kim became more and more embarrassed.

‘How do you know all my tricks?’

It was as if he was someone he had fought with hundreds of times. If you aim for the left, the left side will be blocked in advance, and if you aim for the right, the sword will be on the right.

Fake didn’t work and some attacks were blocked before they even started.

‘This is crazy…!’

Anyone who looks at it will say that it all adds up perfectly.

The problem is that it is his first time fighting with his landlord.

The longer the fight went on, the more injured Kim Taejin was.


The darkness parted again and the landlord appeared. The landlord raised one corner of his mouth.

Taejin Kim felt fear along with anger. He shouted loudly to hide it.

“How dare you!”


The darkness rose up in a gigantic manner and attacked the great man.

There was a gap, but instead of digging into it, Daein used [Stealth] to hide for a while.


Although I couldn’t completely fool Taejin Kim with this, I was able to confuse him for a moment.

“You think they won’t find you if you hide!”

Taejin Kim was excited and spread darkness everywhere.

Very slightly disheveled. That was enough.

The great man took a step forward and swung his sword.

The great man swung his sword from top to bottom. Due to lack of time, I couldn’t unfold it properly, but the 1-second Cheonma Cham of the Pacheon Shingeom was unfolded in an abbreviated manner.


Light erased the darkness and filled its place.

Taejin Kim hurriedly fled the scene, but one of his arms was unable to escape the path of light and melted.


Taejin Kim, whose right arm disappeared, screamed and stepped back. He gathered all the remaining darkness and attacked Daein.

The darkness was still powerful, but the owner, who was in great pain and shock, could not utilize its abilities properly.

“This can’t be happening!”

Taejin Kim was now completely terrified.

He did not acknowledge reality and screamed loudly.

“I! “I’m the strongest superhuman…!”


Daein walked towards Kim Taejin and snorted. Taejin Kim took a step back.

“He probably has the strongest personality.”

[Darkness] was a powerful personality that was ranked among the top ten in the world.

On the day the First Gate opened, Kim Tae-jin was lucky enough to gain that ability and became one of the strongest superhumans in Korea.

But it ended there.

Kim Tae-jin had a much better personality than Baek Chang-soo or Min Tae-woong, who he considered his rivals, and Kim Su-ho’s [Colossus] was also one or two levels lower than [Darkness].

The only similar level is Glacier Hanjiye.

However, later evaluations of them were far from the strength of their personalities.

The great man knew the reason.

“Taejin Kim. “You are less talented than me.”

“What nonsense is that!”

“That doesn’t mean I tried my best.”

No one would be able to watch the two fight now and say that they don’t have talent.

But the great man knew.

Taejin Kim’s ability to use his personality is really poor.

Later, a foreign superhuman with the same abilities as Kim Tae-jin becomes strong enough to compete for the world’s strongest.

“If you have that kind of ability and aren’t even the best in Korea, you’re an idiot. is not it?”

The strongest superman in Korea was Baek Chang-soo.

I don’t know what he was like before his regression, but now he was definitely Baek Chang-soo.

Daein clearly felt this today while fighting Taejin Kim.

“You are much weaker than Baek Chang-soo. “I was nervous because I thought it would be at the same level.”

“How long did you think I would listen to that kind of bullshit!”

Taejin Kim pretended to take a step back and exploded the darkness he had gathered all at once.

The darkness that had gathered underground soared upward like lava and exploded.

-Phew! Pow! Bubble bubbling!

It was Taejin Kim’s secret trick that he kept hidden until the end.

A move that has never been shown to anyone except when fighting powerful monsters alone.

The opponent, who did not expect darkness to explode from the ground, turns into a beehive at that moment.

It was a special move that he saved to use in the future when eliminating Baek Chang-soo or Min Tae-woong.

‘I never thought I’d use it on a landlord… but anyway, if the landlord dies, it becomes a skill no one knows about again.’

Taejin Kim was confident. The landlord will die or at least be irreparably injured in this attack.

…That’s how it should be.

“Oh this?”

Why can he hear the landlord’s voice coming from behind him?


The tip of the sword pierced Kim Tae-jin’s chest.

Cough. Taejin Kim knelt down and vomited blood. He looked up at the great man with an expression of disbelief.


The great man spoke in a calm voice.

“I thought I would use that in the end. Because I also wrote it to a kid 10 years later. The fight between the five superhumans and the fire witch. “Any superhuman would have watched that video hundreds of times, right?”

In particular, I watched you fight more closely than anyone else.

“What are you talking about…”

He could have kindly explained it as they were all dying, but Daein didn’t feel the need to do so.

Instead, I decided to let you know the results at that time.

The great man said with a grin.

“For your information, it didn’t work back then either. “The secret technique is nonsense.”


Daein blew off the head of Taejin Kim, who was glaring at him with evil.

Deng Geng.

A body with its head cut off fell to the floor. A superman who ruled Korea died a meaningless death in a forest unknown to anyone.


At the same time, the [darkness] that lost its owner began to scatter in all directions. The great man looked at it regretfully.

“Tsk. This good personality…”

That was then. The great man felt something awakening in his body.


A translucent spirit visible only to adults peeked out from above the back of his right hand.

It was a spirit obtained from the basement of Archmage Draitz on the Gaia continent.

This guy, who was usually sleeping quietly unless I called him out, woke up for some reason.

I was thinking about growing it further later, but I didn’t really need it right now, so I just left it alone…

“Why all of a sudden?”

[It must be delicious.]

That meaning was conveyed in Daein’s mind. The spirit looked around and suddenly opened its mouth.


The darkness that had been scattered in all directions gathered together. Like a super-powerful vacuum cleaner, the spirit sucked up all the darkness scattered in the forest.


Oh my!

It felt like I heard that sound. The spirit that turned black looked at the great man. Its body gradually turned gray and then became transparent again.

[I feel sleepy.]

And then it seems to seep into the back of my hand again.

The great man looked at the back of his hand with a blank face and then laughed.

“What is this….”

Then I thought, ‘Perhaps?’ After thinking about this, the great man turned over the back of his hand and pointed his palm towards the sky.


Darkness was flowing out according to his will. Although it was only a small amount, it was clearly the [Dark] ability that Taejin Kim used.

“ha ha ha. ha?”

Are there any absurd cases like this? A spirit eats darkness and becomes able to use its abilities.

‘…When I get back, I’ll have to look for the book Dreitz left behind.’

Daein decided to keep this a secret for now.

That is, until the media became quiet about the Kim Tae-jin disappearance case.

As Daein was massaging the darkness on his palm like cotton candy with a curious expression,

Lily approached him.


The great man cleared away the darkness and turned around. Lily still held her hands up, her arms close to her ears.

Lily said, looking at the person’s eyes.

“I did something wrong…”

It seemed like he knew he did something wrong. When I see people using polite language that they don’t normally use.

“And my arm hurts…”

The great man said with a stern expression.

“no. “Hold more.”

“…until when?”

The great man said as he put the [Guardian’s Bracelet] on Lily’s wrist again.

“Until I get back home.”

“…Can I fly?”

“no. “I’m going to walk.”

“I was really wrong…”

After a while, Daein, who had completely erased all traces of the battle, flew into the sky with Lily.

The sunset was already setting. Orange sunset.

Lily’s hair, reflected in the sunset, had a richer color and sparkled.

The mallang popped its head out of the egg and roared at the sunset.


And Lily looked back at the person with a prepared face.

“mister. I have something to confess…”

“What is it?”

“I am there. I might end up in jail…”

At Lily’s subsequent confession, Daein burst out laughing, “Haha!”

The long runaway commotion ended like that.

[Sounds delicious] End

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