Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 121


[Establishment of Pyongyang Branch]

Recapture Pyongyang from the spirits It’s been a week since I did it.

“Let’s move quickly!”

Ri Cheol-jun walked around the construction site and urged the workers. Pyongyang was currently in the midst of reconstruction work.

The city’s population was growing rapidly as refugees continued to come after hearing the news that Pyongyang had been regained.

Most of them were family units, sometimes dozens of people. Everyone came to Pyongyang looking scrawny and skinny.

Refugees who entered the city shed tears of joy.

“What that man said was not unexpected!”

“Oh, General! Thank you! “Thank you!”

Every time he saw something like that, Lee Cheol-jun felt indescribably proud. I couldn’t sleep for a few days because I was worried about the new people, but it wasn’t difficult at all.

“Comrade Lee Chol-jun! “How do I do that?”

“Comrade Li! A fight broke out!”

“Comrade Lee Chol-jun! “Please come and visit for a moment!”

Whenever something happened, people started looking for Lee Cheol-jun. He is a hero who led the operation to recapture Pyongyang and liberated the people.

– was known in North Korea.

Ri Cheol-jun raised his head and looked at the collapsed Supreme Command.

‘…Comrade Chairman is dead.’

The body has already been identified. Most other high-ranking officials also died.

Currently, North Korea is in a vacuum of political power. But the gap didn’t seem that long.

“Comrade Lee Chol-jun!”

“Comrade Lee Chol-jun!”

Because new power was naturally gathering around Ri Cheol-jun.

The people’s liberator who succeeded in the operation to recapture Pyongyang!

A superman who breaks rocks and flies through the sky!

An absolute person who can control fire giants, golden giants, and silver devils at will!

To the North Korean people, who were accustomed to deifying their leaders, Ri Chol-jun was a new leader sent from heaven.

There was no way Ri Cheol-jun could not have known the emotions contained in the people’s gaze towards him.

Lee Cheol-jun smiled bitterly.

‘The reality is completely different.’

All of the feats that Lee Cheol-jun is known to have done were done by his landlord. But the people did not know that fact.

Lee Cheol-jun did not intercept the ball. It’s just that the great man decided to do so.

“hey! Lee Cheol-jun!”

From a distance, a great man was approaching, waving his hand.

Dozens of refugees that Daein had rescued were following behind him.

Daein went out of the city several times a day to rescue refugees.

“These people. “I saw him on the way and brought him here.”

Although he always said that, Lee Cheol-jun knew that Dae-in was rushing to save the refugees.

“It’s so… it’s like that.”

Although he pretended to be indifferent, Lee Cheol-jun felt like he was about to burst into tears as he saw Dae-in’s warm heart.

He hugged Daein tightly.

“Comrade Daein! thanks!”

“Why is your child acting so disgusting? …Are you crying?”

The great man was puzzled. He was on his way after checking the location of the magic stone mine. They were only brought in because there were refugees hiding in the mine.

Daein’s refugee rescue was always like that.

But even if I explained it that way, Lee Cheol-jun didn’t believe it. He already regarded Daein as a benefactor of the nation.

‘If it weren’t for the help of our South Korean comrades…’

It wasn’t just Daein. Comrades from South Korea were helping rebuild Pyongyang with all their heart and soul.

thud! thud! thud!

At the center of the construction site, Wang Guho was single-handedly carrying out the work of dozens of heavy equipment, shouting,

“Patient, please come this way!”

“We will dismantle the monster. “I will share the edible parts and the ingredients.”

“A group of monsters were discovered at 11 o’clock. Refugees are being chased. “The 3rd platoon of people’s superhumans, please go.”

Seven teams of medical teams, equipment production teams, and filming teams were helping the city by utilizing their respective specialties.

And outside the city,


A little fire giant was clearing out monsters around the city.

The WH-7 team’s performance left a strong impression on the people of Pyongyang.

“South Korean comrades!”

“Thank you so much!”

“Try some of this!”

Before they knew it, they were becoming friendly, calling each other comrades. It was a change that occurred in just one week.

Lee Cheol-jun looked at this miraculous change with moved eyes. His gaze turned to Daein again.

“Comrade Daein. “I did not forget this grace of mine even after death.”

The great man nodded.

“of course. “The grace you gave me today will be received many times over.”

A soft smile formed on Lee Cheol-jun’s lips.

“friend. “You don’t have to say anything to make me feel at ease.”

“It’s true, man. “If only Pyongyang is rebuilt, how much more will you receive?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“what the. “Take these people away.”

He handed over the refugees brought by Daein to Ri Cheoljun and turned around.

It was then.


The boy who had followed Daein from the mine came to Daein and suddenly took something out of his arms and held it out.

It was a boiled potato. The boy said, holding out the dirty, burnt potatoes to the man like a treasure.

“This… please eat it.”

“You want me to eat? “You must be hungry, will you eat?”

The boy bowed his head and said.

“Thank you for saving our Omani.”

A pale-looking woman appeared behind the boy. The woman was also bowing her head to the man.

Several injured people inside the mine. The great man used a potion to treat them.

“I have nothing to give but this…”

The boy holding the potatoes was watching the great man. My skinny hands were shaking.


The great man reached out and picked up a potato. Then I put it in my mouth and chewed it.

The potatoes were cold and dry. It was salty because it was pickled, but it could not be said to be delicious.


‘It’s been a while since I ate something like this again.’

Daein thought of Seoul right after the First Gate. It was a worse time than Pyongyang is today.

At that time, Daein lost his parents.


The man who had swallowed all the potatoes patted the skinny boy on the shoulder.

“I ate well. “I’ll tell that to my mother too.”


The boy answered with a bright face and turned around.

Over there, Lee Cheoljun was looking at Daein with a happy face.

‘Crazy guy.’

The great man grumbled softly and came out of the city.

Pyongyang was quickly coming back to life.

I saw hope in people’s faces. Hope that we can live again. They worked together to build a shelter and share food.

Laughter bloomed everywhere as if it was a funny story.

“Comrade landlord! “Where are we going?”

They greeted people warmly as they passed by.

Most of Daein’s achievements were Ri Chol-jun’s, but Daein was also a great benefactor who helped recapture Pyongyang.

The great man came out of the city, receiving greetings from people.

He muttered, looking south.

“It’s almost time to come…”

That afternoon, dozens of vehicles appeared in the distance, kicking up dust.

It was an aid material vehicle sent from Korea.

There were 10 trucks filled with supplies in the middle, with several guild vehicles escorting them from the front and back.

“older brother-!!”

Above him, a [demonized] Sirutdeok was flapping its wings and flying in the sky.

A smile spread across the great man’s lips.

“It’s finally here.”

A week ago, Daein brought Sirutdeok a stone statue of the Heavenly Demon and sent it to the guild. A message was sent to convey the news of the recapture of Pyongyang and to send aid supplies as quickly as possible.

“Aid supplies came from South Korea?”

Lee Cheol-jun, who heard the news, hurriedly rushed out.

Cars stopped at a location some distance from the city.

After a while, White House Guild’s second team leader Bang Woo-hyuk and Baek Young-hee got out of the lead vehicle.

Bang Woo-hyuk was the team leader that Baek Chang-soo trusted the most. In private, he and Baek Chang-soo were like sworn brothers.

Bang Woo-hyuk could not keep his mouth shut after seeing Pyongyang.

“…her. “We really recaptured Pyongyang.”

Even before arriving here, he was skeptical. Even though he is a landlord who has done so many great things, I never thought he would do something like this.

‘I wonder if this will lead to unification.’

Somehow, I thought that it might not be impossible.

Lee Cheol-jun and Bang Woo-hyuk shook hands.

“nice to see you. “This is Bang Woo-hyuk.”

“Nice to meet you. “It’s Lee Cheol-jun.”

“Team Leader Bang. “It’s been a while since I saw you.”

“…You always surprise me. “

Because of the situation in Pyongyang, all cumbersome procedures were omitted. They moved straight to the official residence.

“Team leader, no, vice president.”

When Daein turned to the side, Baek Young-hee approached him with a curious face and whispered.

“Please tell me more about the situation here. “I heard it from Minjae, but…”

Daein briefly explained to Baek Younghee what had happened here and what had happened until recently.

That alone was enough to keep her quiet.

“So, team leader, you saved Pyongyang?”

“The people’s hero Ri Chol-jun saved it. “It’s a painting that I helped with from the side.”

I wasn’t saying this out of humility.

I said this because only then would a better ‘picture’ emerge.

No matter how much Daein saved Pyongyang, he was a South Korean. If he became a hero, North Korean residents could feel both gratitude and rejection.

Also, from the outside, it may appear that South Korean troops have occupied Pyongyang.

‘There’s no way we can get caught like that later. ‘After all, fame isn’t what I want.’

Daein had no intention of returning after doing a lot of volunteer work here.

He intended to gain as much practical benefit as possible.

“The government doesn’t know yet, right?”

Baek Younghee nodded.

“yes. Neither the government nor other guilds know yet. “We purchased aid supplies through various channels and divided them into several teams when departing.”

The great man grinned. At times like this, Baek Young-hee was quite trustworthy.

“great job.”

The government and other guilds will find out about what’s going on here after Whitehouse has finished all the behind-the-scenes transactions here.

The great man said with his eyes shining.

“Let’s set up a branch here.”

Baek Young-hee’s eyes also shined brightly.

“I already brought the contract.”


Inside the conference room, the leaders of both sides sat across from each other.

“Our guild plans to continue providing assistance until the city normalizes to some extent.”


Daein again pushed away Lee Cheoljun, who was trying to hug him. And he said with a serious face.

“I’m not saying I’ll just give it to you. “I’m offering a deal.”


Only then did Lee Cheol-jun’s expression become serious. The great man nodded and said.

“The magic stone mine in North Korea. “We want to exclusively trade the magic stones that come from there.”

As technology advanced, the value of magic stones was increasing day by day.

And North Korea had several mines producing high-quality magic stones. It was created by the mixing of several dimensions during the First Gate.

What Daein wanted was exclusive trading rights for the mine.

“I have no intention of hitting on the price. “I will pay a reasonable price.”

Ri Cheol-jun finally realized that this position did not come from simple favor. A perplexed look appeared on his face.

The great man continued speaking.

“Many jobs will be provided to North Korean residents.”

It was by no means a bad proposition for North Korea.

In any case, the magic stone could not be processed using North Korea’s current technology. Moreover, many people will get jobs.

As jobs increase, the economy will be revitalized quickly, and the money can be used to accelerate national reconstruction.

‘It’s not bad.’

Lee Cheol-jun was not a man with a bad mind.

He was a former special forces operative and received sufficient training.

But I couldn’t answer hastily.

“…What happens if I refuse?”

The great man shrugged his shoulders. And he said it as if there was nothing he could do.

“Unfortunately, this aid will come to an end. We’ll have to go back soon too. “Personally, I want to help, but… I’m barely a salaried employee, so I can’t act as I please.”

At that moment, Bang Woo-hyuk and Baek Young-hee looked at Dae-in in bewilderment, but Dae-in neatly ignored them and continued speaking.

“When we return, news from here will be officially delivered to South Korea. Then, delegations from both countries will come and go. But you know what? “There are people who will come faster than the delegation.”


The great man said, taking a pause on purpose.

“…Korean superhuman guilds. They will flock around like a flock of wildcats, wondering if there is anything to eat. If it looks easy, it might bite you. “Don’t think they’ll be as friendly as we are.”


Lee Cheoljun’s complexion worsened.

Since he had already seen the skills of Daein and Team 7, he thought that all Korean superhumans would be that strong.

‘If such superhumans come…’

The great man spoke again as Lee Cheoljun’s ominous imagination reached its worst point.

“We can prevent that too.”

Bang Woo-hyuk, who had only been listening until now, received Daein’s words.

“Ri Cheol-jun. White House is the strongest guild in Korea. As long as we are here, no guild can threaten Pyongyang.”

Bang Woo-hyuk spoke with a confident attitude. He was a man who earned trust just by his presence.

In fact, the WH-2 team was one of the strongest teams in the guild. In addition, the number of staff has recently been increased to 20.

Even if Team 7 returned to Seoul, they could easily replace that role.

‘This is an opportunity that will never be seen again in our guild.’

Exclusive trading in the magicite mine will bring enormous wealth to the guild.

That’s not all.

Connecting to a stable distribution network in North Korea meant that it could later advance into China or Russia via land routes.

‘I can’t miss the opportunity to expand into the world.’

Bang Woo-hyuk’s resolve was revealed through his brilliant eyes. He was entrusted with full authority over this transaction by Baek Chang-soo and was planning to make it happen somehow.

“We will provide free food and medical supplies for the next three years. A guild that can make such a suggestion. “I assure you, it is not in Korea.”

“Three years…”

Ri Cheol-jun muttered with a serious expression.

Pyongyang was in a situation where it would be difficult to survive for even a few days without external aid. It would be foolish to refuse the hand extended at this time.

But still…

Ri Cheol-jun decided to be honest.

“I am just a soldier. Comrade Chairman is the one who decides on such a big matter…”

The answer was already expected. The great man spoke in a low voice.

“Chairman. “You can do it.”

“Be careful what you say!”


Lee Cheol-jun got up from his seat and shouted. His face was turning red.

Seeing that reaction, Daein was convinced.

‘It’s not like I don’t have a heart.’

Ri Chol-jun has been called a hero by the people for a week.

It was even more strange that the desire to seize power did not linger in his heart.

The great man continued speaking in a soft voice.

“The chairman is dead, and most of the people in power are dead. “We need a new leader.”

“…there remain generals who formed warlords in the provinces.”

“The ones who ran away first when Pyongyang was taken? Are you going to give Pyongyang to those bastards?”


Lee Cheol-jun gritted his teeth. That couldn’t be possible. How was Pyongyang regained?

Are we allowing bastards who haven’t shed a single drop of blood to take power?

‘We can’t entrust the people’s future to unqualified bastards!’

The great man read his expression.

‘Can I just do it a little more?’

From the public’s perspective, it was better for Ri Chol-jun to take control of the North Korean regime.

Lee Cheol-jun was a man with a moderate amount of humanity and a moderate desire for power.

Moreover, he was indebted to Daein. I feel sorry that I stole the credit that Daein contributed. That feeling of debt made it difficult to refuse Daein’s offer.

Daein took full advantage of it.

“think carefully. “More than anything, we must think about what is best for the people.”

“For the people….”

Ri Cheol-jun looked around. The comrades gathered were quietly waiting for his choice.

With just one word here, he could become the new leader of North Korea.


That was then. The door to the conference room opened roughly and a man rushed in.

“Comrade Lee Cheol-jun! We’re in big trouble!”

“What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Soldiers are coming outside!”


Everyone got up and went outside.

[ Establishment of Pyongyang branch ] End

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