Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 122


[Establishment of Pyongyang branch (2)]

Once over the horizon, A group of people appeared.

The number is approximately 100 people.

Considering the number of refugees flocking to Pyongyang every day, the number was not that large.

The men standing guard on the watchtower erected on the outskirts of the city had a separate reason for making a fuss.

“The Republic flag is flying!”

“It’s the People’s Army!”

Dae-in and Lee Cheol-jun, who came up to the watchtower, were handed a telescope and looked at them.

All of the 100 people were armed and dressed in military uniform.

And in the midst of them, the Republic flag was flying.

“I think they only sent a scouting party for now?”

The great man lifted the telescope and looked further behind the troops that had appeared.

A cloud of dust was rising in the distance. If it was not a natural phenomenon, it meant that troops were coming down from a few days away.

“I was waiting for something to come…”

Ri Cheol-jun muttered in a low voice.

The day Pyongyang was taken over by spirits, the North Korean government was destroyed, but North Korea was not completely destroyed.

Warlords centered around soldiers and superhumans were formed in various places. Number of people ranging from hundreds to thousands.

Ri Cheol-jun hated them.

‘Jongganna bastards who only think about being called a leader.’

The warlords took advantage of the country’s disaster to act like kings of each region.

They accepted young men and women and turned a blind eye to other people, even if they were treated like slaves or eaten by monsters.

Ri Chol-jun contacted them several times asking them to retake Pyongyang together, but they were ignored each time.

But to come down here just a few days after recapturing Pyongyang.

The intention was obvious.

The soldiers stopped a few hundred meters outside the city. Among them, one man stepped forward.

“Those in charge, come out here! “We are the warriors sent by General Kang Jeong-taek!”

The booming voice contained considerable magical power.

“Kang Jeong-taek….”

Ri Cheol-jun repeated the name and said, “Keuung.” He moaned.

The man who came forward shouted again.

“If you don’t come out quickly, you’ll regret it!”

The man was tall and large, and his eyes were slitted, giving him a fierce look.

When Daein saw him through the telescope, he felt that his face was somehow familiar.

‘I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere… who is it?’

You will know the exact details when you check for yourself. Daein looked back at Lee Cheoljun, who had a serious expression on his face.

“Shall we go together?”

Lee Cheoljun thought for a moment and then nodded.

“…Girae. “Let’s go down together.”

The opponent was a superhuman. If an armed conflict broke out, deterrence was also needed on this side.

Daein went to Bang Woohyuk and said.

“Team Leader Bang is here. “If South Korean super-humans rush in, it could be a nuisance.”

Bang Woo-hyuk stroked his spear and spoke with a sharp expression.

“Should I prepare for a fight?”

“well. “I also want to resolve the issue through conversation if possible…”

Daein gave a subtle smile. Bang Woo-hyuk, who clearly understood, told his team members to be ready to fight at any time.

“We arrived here today, so I will follow your judgment.”

“Thank you.”

After a while, Lee Cheol-jun came out of the city with Dae-in. About a dozen superhumans who followed Ri Cheol-jun followed behind him as if they were escorting him.

Daein then spoke into the microphone and gave instructions to Team 7.

-Everyone is hiding and hiding.

On the way, Ri Cheol-jun explained to Dae-in about Kang Jeong-taek.

“Kang Jeong-taek is the head of a warlord established in Hamgyeong Province. “It’s one of the biggest warlords… This has been a pain in the ass from the beginning.”

The great man said with an expression as if he were worried.

“What’s there to hurt? “You will be the chairman, so you can just ask them to come down.”

Lee Cheol-jun hesitated and said.

“…I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

“You probably won’t have much time to think.”

Daein actually thought it went well. The less time people have to think, the more likely they are to make choices that are faithful to their desires.

After a while, both sides stopped in front of the city, facing each other at a distance.

“I am Lee Cheol-jun.”

As Lee Cheol-jun stepped forward, the man with torn eyes looked him up and down.


I saw him snort.

“He had a great reputation as the people’s hero. “It was all just nonsense.”

He strode forward and offered Lee Cheol-jun to shake his hand. It was a confident attitude.

“My name is Captain Ro Gwang-cheol. “I’m working under General Kang Jeong-taek.”

At that moment, Daein’s eyes lit up.

‘Rho Gwang-cheol. A bigger figure than expected has arrived.’

Gwangcheol Ro.

He was later called one of North Korea’s three greatest superhumans and had the ability to control [lightning], an attribute of the natural world.

A powerful superhuman who will be compared to Korea’s top five superhumans in about 10 years.

I also understood his confident expression and cocky attitude.

‘They’re all just useless brats.’

Ro Gwang-cheol was puzzled. Lee Cheol-jun and all the superhumans around him seemed much weaker than him.

Ro Gwang-cheol knew just how strong his opponent was.

Because he was a superhuman stronger than anyone else and had more sensitive senses than anyone else.

‘I could have wiped out this place on my own.’

Ro Gwang-cheol never imagined that someone could deceive his senses.

‘joy. I came with high expectations…’

Kang Jeong-taek said that in order to wipe out the monsters in Pyongyang, there must be at least five superhumans similar to Ro Gwang-cheol.

Therefore, I have repeatedly emphasized that those who recapture Pyongyang must be careful because there may be very strong superhumans inside.

‘The general is really scared. Actually, where was there a superhuman stronger than me?’

Ro Gwang-cheol decided that way.

He was from Hamgyeong Province. I had heard a lot about it, but I had never been to Pyongyang before or after the disaster.

As the opponent was judged to be weaker than them, Ro Gwang-cheol’s words and attitude became more outspoken.

“I didn’t say much. “I will tell you what my general says, so wash your ears and listen carefully.”

Ro Gwang-cheol cleared his throat for a moment and spoke.

“Our general couldn’t sleep all night because he was worried about the people who had fallen into the ricochet…”

…Things like this and that.

In short, the main force would arrive within three days, so surrender gracefully before then.

There was also a harsh message that said that he had ‘thousands of troops and hundreds of superhumans’ and that if he refused, he would face bad consequences.

“Are you threatening me now?”

Lee Cheol-jun’s face turned red.

Ro Gwang-cheol smiled and answered at that sight. He was infinitely merciless towards those weaker than himself.

“I raised my eyes and asked where this little bastard was. “Do you want to leave this place?”


Ro Gwang-cheol raised his magic power and showed a ferocious spirit. At that momentum, Lee Cheol-jun took a deep breath and said, “Inhale!”

Smirk. Ro Gwang-cheol laughed.

“If you want to keep wearing those hats, get ready to meet our general.”

Lee Cheol-jun’s face turned pale. I had no idea that he would threaten me so blatantly. He bowed his head.


“Girae.” “If you remain polite like this when the general comes, you will be able to preserve everything.”

After finishing the warning, Ro Gwang-cheol turned around with a smile.

No, I tried to turn it.

“Do the damn thing.”

“…Which one are you?”

Ro Gwang-cheol turned his head again at the voice he heard from behind.

The man whose presence I had barely felt just moments ago was looking straight at me.

The great man said.

“You bastard, you have to hit it hard enough. Hundreds? “They say you have less than 30 superhumans, so I’m going to grab Wang Guho’s wrist.”

-Team leader T!

The great man continued speaking, lightly ignoring the wrist owner’s protest.

“I tried to stay still as much as possible. I’m so mad because these damn people want to eat it raw without even lifting a finger. Cheoljun Lee. Are you going to put up with this?”


Lee Cheoljun was still lowering his head. The great man could tell that he was worried.

“Are you the South Korean brat that’s been rumored?”

Ro Gwang-cheol looked Daein up and down and said. He looked at the great man as if he were looking at a strange animal.

Daein was curious about what those ‘rumours’ were.

“rumor? “What did the rumor say about me?”

“They say it’s Hong Gil-dong from South Korea.”

“Hong Gil Dong?”

There was even a saying that Hong Gil-dong from South Korea flew in the sky, summoned the Yellow Turbans from the ground, built buildings, and summoned devils from hell.

Of course, Ro Gwang-cheol did not believe such rumors. Moreover, the person I saw in person looked very ordinary.

“Ganna bastard. Watch out for that snout. “I can rip out your tongue.”

“Hey bastard. Would you like to revolutionize the order of your ribs?”

Harsh words were exchanged, but the two sides did not hastily start a fight.

What Kang Jeong-taek wanted was to enter Pyongyang without blood, and Ri Chol-jun had not yet made a decision.

In the end, the situation seemed to come to an end with Ro Gwang-cheol leading his comrades to retreat.

“Mark my words. “Shouldn’t we stop shedding unnecessary blood?”

But they did not go away quietly.

After widening the distance sufficiently, Ro Gwang-cheol raised his hand upward.

Crackling, crackling-!

Dark clouds gathered in the sky. A blue electric current flashed inside.

Ro Gwang-cheol grinned and lowered his hand.

Grumble! Grumble!

A bolt of lightning fell inside the city.

Because lightning was struck on purpose near the ruins, no one died, but several people passing by were electrocuted.

“Hahaha! “Let’s go back!”

Ro Gwang-cheol, who made a clear demonstration of force, led his soldiers and quickly retreated.

“Those damn bastards!”

Lee Cheol-jun hurriedly entered the city and looked at the people who had been electrocuted.

Since it wasn’t a direct hit, no one died right away, but they were foaming at the mouth and shaking.

Some of them seemed to be in critical condition.

“Sobbing! “Father!”

Beside them, their family and friends were screaming.

Lee Cheol-jun called Daein.

“…comrade landlord.”

His eyes no longer wavered. The voice was full of murder.


“Those bastards just now. “Don’t just send it back.”

“what? “I wish you could tell me more precisely.”

Lee Cheol-jun clenched his teeth and shouted. He gave the answer the great man wanted.

“Next year, I will become the supreme chairman of the party! “They stoned all the bastards who threatened the people to death!”

Lee Cheol-jun exploded with anger.

A lot of people watched it.

Whether it was sincere or a mixture of acting, it was a great cause.

“So, let’s destroy those bastards right now!”

The great man answered by bending his neck left and right.

“Then now it’s Hong Gil-dong’s turn to be dispatched.”

He seemed to like the nickname Hong Gil-dong.


“Khahaha! “Did you see those bastards screaming?”

“As expected, Comrade Ro Gwang-cheol! “You are amazing!”

Ro Gwang-cheol was returning to base, being flattered by the soldiers.

I glanced behind me along the way, but there was no sign of anyone following me.

‘So, who is chasing this Ro Gwang-cheol?’

Even if all the superhumans in Pyongyang attacked, Ro Gwang-cheol was confident that he could take out at least one of his bodies.

‘Should I have killed a few people to set an example?’

General Kang Jeong-taek was very scared.

Pyongyang, which Ro Kwang-cheol had seen, was at a level that could be taken over within a day even if one just pushed through.

There were not many soldiers and the level of superhumans was poor. I was confident that I could take on 10 people by myself.

Ro Kwang-cheol only saw North Korean superhumans in Pyongyang and great people with hidden magical powers. That was all he decided.

It was around the time when the main unit began to appear in the distance that I heard someone scream.


As the man collapsed and screamed, looking up at the sky, other people’s eyes also turned to the sky.

“What what what is that!”

A demon that looked like something I feared would appear in my dreams was flying, flapping its wings.


The demon folded its wings and fell in front of them.

“older brother. “I found it.”

The devil said, waving his long tongue cunningly. The devil’s body was covered in silver scales, and two horns sprouted from its forehead. The 3-meter-tall body itself was overwhelming.

“Damn demon….”

“It’s a silver demon!”

The soldiers recalled the rumors they had heard about the ‘Silver Devil’.

A monster that roams the skies over Pyongyang and preys on bandits. However, they said that good people will be spared.

Regardless of whether the rumor was true or not, the devil was enough to instill fear in the People’s Army soldiers.

“What are you talking about! “I’m going to fly!”

At the officer’s command, the soldiers pulled the trigger in unison.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

However, the bullet simply bounced off the devil’s scales. The silver demon said, scratching his head incongruously.

“older brother. What should I do when they shoot guns? …Can’t I just run away? “I understand, brother!”

A loud “Brother!” With a sound, the devil rushed towards the soldiers.

Pow! Burbubbuk!

He took away the soldiers’ guns, broke their leg clubs, and threw them away. It was a much gentler method than the rumored method of pulling out the intestines and chewing the brain.

“Get out of the way!”

Ro Gwang-cheol stepped forward and stretched out his hands. A bolt of lightning shot out from his palm and struck the demon.


But only a slight scorch mark remained on the demon’s silver scales. Even that quickly disappeared.

“under. “Look at that kid?”

The devil approached, his thick eyelids twitching up and down. Ro Gwang-cheol felt as if his breath was taken away by that grim expression that even Satan could not make eye contact with.

‘I can’t believe my thunderbolt doesn’t work!’

Nothing else came to mind. The opponent was not a monster that humans could deal with.

“Run away!”

Ro Gwang-cheol turned around and ran away with his soldiers.

However, he did not get far before encountering another monster.

thud! thud!

A huge golden giant was walking. Ro Gwang-cheol shouted without even realizing it.

“Woe to Yellow Turban History!”

“Now… this… strange… special… name…”

Wang Guho waved his arm with a sullen expression. The soldiers who came into range fell down loudly.


Ro Gwang-cheol barely escaped the arm’s range. At the same time, he fired a bolt of lightning with all his might.

However, the Yellow Turban Station, hit by lightning, only twitched the bridge of its nose as if it had been bitten by a mosquito.

‘My thunderbolt!’

There was no time to be surprised. Ro Gwang-cheol, who had no choice but to run away, tried to escape to the side this time.

But it was already too late.


The flames soared like a wall, blocking everything from the front, back, left and right sides. Ro Gwang-cheol looked at the being walking beyond the flames with despairing eyes.

Ro Gwang-cheol muttered blankly.

“Yankee Eminai…?”

But I shouldn’t have said that much.

Lily, who had been learning North Korean for a few days, had a twinkle in her eye.

“The man said that was an insult! If you curse, you will be scolded twice! This is Ganna!”

“Didn’t you swear just now too!”

“They said self-defense was okay!”

Good luck! Good luck! Grumble!

Dozens of fireworks shaped like chicken legs were created in the air. The chicken legs all tilted towards Roh Gwang-cheol.

Sirutteok and Wang Guho, who surrounded Ro Gwang-cheol from front and back, expressed their brief condolences to him.

“Tsk tsk.”

A moment later, a desperate scream erupted from the flames.


At the time when Ro Gwang-cheol was screaming in hell, Dae-in was leisurely infiltrating the headquarters of the warlord where Kang Jeong-taek was located.

“Royal enemy Hong Gil-dong. Would you like to try his hand at it?”

A few hours later, Kang Jeong-taek was kneeling in front of Ri Cheol-jun, looking like he had turned into a night-cat.

[ Establishment of Pyongyang Branch (2) ] End

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