Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 130


[ Manbaknogoe ]

Torture means not killing the opponent. It is a premise.

The pinnacle of torture is to bring out as much pain and fear as the human body can endure without dying.

Ilho also had great knowledge when it came to advisors.

It was natural that in order to rise to an executive position in the dark blood group, one would have to torture dozens of people. Ilho did more than that.

All of those whom Ilho tortured died.

But they did not die from torture. They just killed it because it spit out all the information and became useless.

Yes. Torture should not be done to the point where a person dies….

‘I can’t say that, you fucking bastard!’


Ilho screamed with a gag in his mouth. Thick blood vessels stood out on his red-hot neck, and blood flowed from every pore of his body. Every bone in my body was shattered, and I fell to the floor and writhed like a bug.

The entire barn was stained red with Ilho’s blood.

‘This isn’t even torture! I’m just saying I’m going to kill him…!’

Ilho looked at Daein with blurred vision. He was holding a thick club that he had picked up from somewhere. His blood will be red with a club.

My vision became increasingly dark. Ilho sensed that he was going to die soon.

And after a while, Ilho felt his vision recovering again.


The wound was healing. Broken bones were healed, puncture wounds were filled, and torn muscles were regenerated.

And in front of me, Daein was smiling and pouring red liquid into Ilho’s face.

“Why are you going to die on your own terms?”


Although he came back from the dead, Ilho was not happy at all.

Because this was already my third experience of resurrection.

The great man crushed him to the brink of death and restored him to health by pouring that mysterious liquid on him.

And then he started swinging the club again.

Pow! Bub bub bub!

After not asking anything for several hours already.

What started this off was a conversation that happened a few hours ago.

“Where is your headquarters?”

Daein asked that question, and Ilho did not answer right away but thought for a moment.

It wasn’t because Ilho had any loyalty to the organization.

I just took a moment to gather my thoughts. I tried to lead the subsequent conversation by answering in a more favorable way…

But Daein did not tolerate that moment of silence.

“You bastard, are you rolling your head?”

“…Now wait a minute! “Answer me…”

“It’s late, you bastard.”

Daein immediately put a gag in Ilho’s mouth. And from then on, he literally beat me with a club ‘until I was about to die.’

Even Ilho had no talent to withstand the senseless assault that lasted for several hours.

‘please. stop!’

“Off! Turn it off! “Turn it off!”

Ilho now looked at Daein with an earnest expression.

Daein, who quickly raised his club, looked at Ilho blankly and said.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Ugh! Eupeup!”

Ilho nodded desperately. He was sick of this terrible violence.

‘I’ll tell you everything! ‘I’ll tell you everything!’

“Eup eup!”

Daein must have understood the earnest look in his eyes and removed Ilho’s gag.

“Ughhhhh. “Please save me!”

Ilho shed tears like chicken shit. This wasn’t acting, it was sincerity.

Of course, Daein was not interested in his sincerity.

“First of all, you guys. “Tell me what they are doing.”

Ilho was afraid that someone would hit him for being late in answering like before, so he poured out his words like a rapid-fire gun.

“We are a cancer group! “It is a distribution organization that receives various requests and handles tasks.”

“A sprinkler organization?”

“They do other things besides killing. Kidnapping, stealing, looking for people…”

As Ilho spoke, he looked at Old Man Jin and Namgoonghyeon behind Daein.

The two people were looking at Ilho with stern expressions.

The great man asked again.

“How big is it?”

Ilho started answering before the question was even finished. He was afraid that Daein would raise his club again, saying he was wasting time.

“It consists of one main group and four groups. There are 100 people in the main group and 50 people in each group. “In the organization, people are called by numbers instead of by name… I am the number one of the three generations.”

The Amhyeoldan was a fairly large organization among the assassination organizations. Even adults have heard it before.

But the great man pretended not to know and asked.

“Hoo. “So you’re an executive?”

Ilho responded with a groveling attitude.

“yes. “Please ask any questions you have.”

Ilho had a strong obsession with life. As long as he could survive, he could betray the organization as much as he wanted.

‘I can’t die like this, even if it’s a waste of the wealth I’ve accumulated through all the work I’ve done.’

Then the great man asked.

“You guys. “How many years have you been tracking these two people here?”

“About 10 years… I’m sorry! “I have committed a mortal sin!”

“It’s okay to be sorry. I wish I had chased you for 10 years. “Do you even know who that kid you’re after is?”


At that moment, Ilho’s eyes wavered.

If you want to survive here, is it better to say you know something?

Or would it be advantageous to pretend not to know?


A great man’s club rested on his shoulder.

“Don’t be rude and be honest. For your information, I hope you know a lot.”

“yes! I know! I know everything! “I understand that that child is the hidden son of Namgung Merchant, the last lord of the Sword Emperor Gate.”

Although she was a daughter and not a son, it was safe to say that she knew that much.

The great man smiled contentedly.

“You guys know it well. “I guess you did a lot of research?”

“That’s because it’s such a unique request…”

Ilho told me the details of the request and the tracking route so far.

A large amount of money was requested from the Amhyeoldan 10 years ago.

“When I first received the request to find Jinchung, the Lion Sword who was said to be dead, I had no idea it would take this long. But the client kept sending us large amounts of money, so we kept tracking it… and we learned a lot about this and that.”

“Who is the client?”

At that moment, behind Daein, Old Man Jin and Namgung Hyeon brightened their eyes.

The culprit who burned down Geomhwangmun and forced them to live in hiding for 15 years.

Its identity could have been revealed now.

“I don’t know that either.”

As Daein looked at him suspiciously, Ilho looked down and shook his head.

“Really! Danju was the only one who met that client… Please believe me!”

“I’m not going to guess who it is.”

“The only thing is that the five major families are related…”

“The five major families!”

Old Man Jin could not hold back any longer and stepped forward. He said, grabbing Ilho by the collar.

“Is that really true? “Did the Odaese bastards make up the text like that?”

Ilho answered with a frightened face.

“I don’t know exactly. “I only briefly heard what Danju said last time…”

Ilho really didn’t seem to know anything more than that.

‘In this situation, if you know it, there’s no reason to hide it.’

After calming down the angry old man, Daein spoke to Ilho again.

“The information you recorded while chasing these two people for 10 years. And data and evidence collected during separate investigations. “You have all of that, right?”

Ilho nodded eagerly.

“Documents were organized and sent to headquarters every ten days, and the relics that the old man dug up not long ago are also at headquarters.”

In the end, the question came back to the beginning.

“Where is your headquarters?”

Ilho did not hesitate this time and spoke very specifically.

“The Amhyeoldan has purchased manors throughout the central plains and changes its headquarters once every three years. “We are now headquartered in Liaoning.”

“If it’s Liaoning, there’s no need to turn around.”

It wasn’t far and it was on the way to the Murimmaeng.

The great man looked back at the two people and said.

“Let’s stop by the cancer blood group headquarters.”

Of course, you can’t just stop by. When you arrive, there will be a fight one way or another.



Old Man Jin and Nam Gung Hyeon nodded willingly.

Going back and finding the pursuers who had been chasing them until now gave them both fear and a strange sense of pleasure.

Also, if you hit the headquarters of the Amhyeoldan, you might be able to get clues about the culprit who caused the bloody death of Geomhwangmun 15 years ago.

At that time, Ilho joined the conversation. He was impatient.

“I will help! I know the rules set up in the manor and how to contact members of the organization. “If I help you, you can easily deal with the cancer group.”

Ilho lay face down.

This was because he didn’t know when Daein would kill him if he decided he was no longer useful.

‘I can’t be killed like this. I will survive at all costs.’

“Great gangsters! Please make this guy your servant and use him as your servant!”

In order to survive, Ilho decided to betray the dark blood group.

“This guy… his despicability is beyond compare.”

Old Man Jin glared at Ilho with a disapproving expression.

But Daein thought it wasn’t a bad plan.

“It would be nice if I could do it comfortably. “I give directions and work as a handyman along the way.”

“Please just order me anything!”

So the group heading to Liaoning was decided. After getting enough rest, they left the farmhouse and headed to a bustling city in Jilin Province to rescue their horses.

When they arrived in the city, Ilho hesitated and spoke.


“Why again?”

Ilho said hesitantly.

“We have to report the situation here to Jeonseo-gu to headquarters once every three days. “Today is the third day, and if Jeon Seo-gu doesn’t arrive on time, headquarters will be suspicious of me.”

After hearing what he said, it was true, so Daein wrote a letter to Ilho and had him send Jeon Seo-gu to Amhyeoldan.

“Then write it down. “I will tell you the details.”

“yes. “Of course.”

Ilho wrote the letter as instructed by the master. I laid the book outright so that the person could see it clearly.

However, at that moment, Ilho’s eyes were shining unusually as he lowered his head to write down the note.

‘For now, I am your slave, but sooner or later you will kneel before me and pray.’

And Daein chuckled as he watched Ilho write a letter above Ilho’s head.

‘young. ‘Look at this move.’




In the room, two people were sitting across from each other and drinking tea.

“A letter came from Ilho in Jilin.”

The man who spoke first was a middle-aged man with a grave look. Straight facial features and a straight waist. Just by looking at his appearance, it was easy to believe that he was a scholar.

He was Dok Go-jun, the leader of the Amhyeoldan.

“Cluck. “Are you talking about the guy who goes around looking for Geomwang’s bloodline?”

Sitting across from Dok Gu-jun was an old man with a stooped back.

The old man had wrinkles that made it impossible to guess his age. Age spots had bloomed on his face, his eyes were cloudy, and the whites of his eyes had turned yellow.

However, his snow-white hair and beard were shiny and abundant, like those of a hermit, which made the old man look even more bizarre.

Dok Go-jun spoke to the old man while drinking tea with an upright posture.

“exactly. All the best. “Sooner or later the time will come when you will do the right thing.”

All the best.

He was one of the current Moorim’s top 100 masters, and in terms of his eccentric behavior, he was counted among the top 10, not the top 10.

The old man said with a faint smile.

“Cluck. I still can’t believe it. It means that the blood of the real Geomhwang is still alive. “I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.”

“I’m sure. We worked hard for 10 years to find it. Even digging into the client’s back.”

The two had a kind of cooperative relationship, not a superior-subordinate relationship. We became familiar with each other a few years ago, and since then we have often helped each other.

“Cluck. So what did it say on that letter?”

“Lion Sword Jinchung. And it is said that they found and captured a child who appears to be a descendant of the Geomwang. “It said we would arrive here in four days.”

At that moment, the old man’s eyes narrowed.

“If that were true… it would be a surprise to the world. “Geomwang’s blood is alive.”

“There are a lot of doubts. I didn’t say it was true. But do you know what’s interesting?”


Dok Go-jun showed the letter Il-ho had sent to Manbakno-goe.

“Look at the writing here. I was supposed to put just one dot, but I put another dot next to it. The end of the sentence next to it is raised unnaturally. And the next sentence is….”

“It’s a secret language.”

As befits his nickname ‘Manbaknoge’, he was knowledgeable and fluent in the techniques of jinbeop, giwanjutsu, etc. At a glance, I realized that there was a secret word hidden in the letter Ilho sent.

“It looks like he wrote it because he was captured by the enemy.”

“Huh. Do you even know how to read? “I have never taught you a secret language that is only used in our organization.”

“Isn’t that why my nickname is ‘Hangbaknogun’? “Cluck, click, click.”

‘It’s not the old soldiers, it’s the old monsters.’

Dok Go-Jun did not bother to point out that part.

“Anyway, Ilho was caught by them. And it looks like they are coming here with their enemies.”

“You’re coming here? Are you really going to kill me yourself?”

Dok Go-jun frowned as if he was displeased.

“It seems like that.”


Manbaknogoe burst into laughter. He laughed so hard that tears came to his eyes.

“That guy is so special. I wonder if someone is of Geomhwang’s bloodline. Ah. “If you’re a man, you have to make sure you have a secure relationship with your beneficiaries!”

“…Do you know who you are using your mouth against right now?”

When Dok Go-jun started to fight, Manbak Nogee looked surprised and said,

“Oh my. “So is your neck in danger now?”

“That won’t happen.”

Dok Go-Jun, the leader of the dark blood group, spoke clearly.

Although his name is little known in the world, he was a master who could easily enter the ranks of the top 100 masters.

I was confident that I would not lose even if I had to fight the Manpaku Nogei in front of me.

Moreover, this was the manor where Jinbeop and his subordinates were waiting.


Dok Go-jun put down the tea cup and spoke in a cold voice.

“I’m going to sell traps. If they attack by surprise, you have to pretend to attack them, draw them in deep, then attack them all at once and capture them alive. At that time, please also lend a hand to the labor force. Remuneration is separate….”

“No compensation is necessary.”

The old man’s eyes shone brightly like a child’s. He seemed genuinely excited.

“Cluck. It would be enough if I could see the living descendants of the Sword Emperor again. Ah. “That’s enough.”

To Dok Gojun, Manbaknogoe seemed overly excited.

‘This old man probably has ulterior motives, right?’

All the best.

The reason he was classified as a sect even though he had never committed any particularly serious sins was because he had a vague distinction between good and evil and had a personality that did not know when to act unruly.


Dok Go-jun increased his strength and gave a stern warning.

“Don’t forget. The reason I called you here is…”

At that moment, the old man stopped laughing. He was still smiling, but he spoke in a much calmer manner.

“The idea is to find out the martial arts left behind by the Emperor of Swords through the art of seduction. And aren’t you asking me to erase all of that memory before handing the child over to the client?”

[ Manbaknogoe ] End

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