Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 136


[ To the Murim League (2) ]

Kwak Du-pal is startled. I lifted the ax.

The sword aimed at his chest by surprise hit the ax blade and bounced to the side.


The moment the sword and ax collided, the great man relaxed his hand. Instead of resisting the force of being thrown to the side, I turned my body and lowered my posture.

The sword, which rotated 360 degrees and lowered itself, was raised to cut Kwak Du-pal’s thigh.

“You brat!”

Kwak Du-pal shouted and retreated quickly. The great man rushed at the retreating opponent.

‘You have to win early and see it through to the end.’

However, the step method that did not use internal energy was too slow against a top-notch expert.

Kwak Du-pal, who had widened the distance sufficiently, corrected his stance and launched a counterattack.


The ax tore through the air like a ferocious beast. It came flying with the force of tearing the great man’s body in two.

The great man hurriedly lowered his head to avoid the ax blade. At the same time, he stepped on the opponent’s foot and stabbed his sword.

An exquisite technique of first blocking the opponent’s movement by stepping on his or her feet and then attacking.

However, Kwak Dupal pushed Daein’s feet away with his natural strength and endurance. Rather, Daein, who had lost his balance, was in danger.

“Get lost!”

At that moment, the great man threw his sword to block the ax and threw himself to the side with all his might. I rolled around on the floor, preparing for the next attack.

Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik!

The ax followed him and cut into the floor like the blade of a guillotine.

“You rat!”

Daein, who narrowly avoided the attack, pushed the floor with his palm and lifted himself up as if bouncing.

At the same time, he raised his foot and kicked Kwak Dupal’s chin.


Kwak Du-pal’s neck was bent backwards and Shin-hyeong stumbled. However, the goal only shook for a moment and was not a major blow. Daein immediately continued his next attack.


He reached out and grabbed the head of the huge man, Kwak Dupal, with both hands. And then pulled it down.

At the same time, he lifted his body into the air and took a picture of Kwak Du-pal’s face with his knee.


Double nosebleeds appear on Kwak Du-pal’s face! And it burst out. Kwak Du-pal, excited, swung his ax wildly and screamed.

“Fuck you! “If we catch you, we’ll kill you!”

However, the great man had already stepped back and picked up the sword that had fallen on the floor.

“Whoa…. Whoa….”

One attack and defense that passed by quickly. The great man took a deep breath.

On the other hand, Kwak Doo-pal was so angry that he reached the top of his head.

“I will tear you to pieces and kill you!”

Kwak Doo-pal injected a lot of internal power into the axe. A faint but faint glow formed on the blade of the axe.


The energy was cloudy and dull, as if proving its impure history. However, there was no significant difference in the power of tearing apart a bare human body with just a touch.

The great man tensed and raised his sword. He licked his lips with regret.

‘I should have ended it with the first attack earlier.’

It seemed like they had the upper hand, but it wasn’t anything like that. Rather, it only raised the awareness of the enemy that he was a formidable opponent.

‘In my current state, if I get hit by any type of sword energy, even just grazing it will result in serious injury.’

That ax couldn’t be stopped. The cheap iron sword I’m holding now will break the moment it hits the axe.

The tension in my body increased even more.

“Hyuna. “Can you help me?”

Daein asked for help from Namgunghyeon, who was dealing with small bandits in the back.

“I want to do that too…”

[Clark. Hey. You have to deal with the boss on your own.]

The sound of the Manbaknogoe, who was hiding and watching from somewhere, was heard. Namgoonghyeon also seemed to have received the same message.

“Master says no.”


The great man quenched his appetite and stepped forward again. Kwak Dupal came running like an angry wild boar.

The fight that followed was a repetition of a similar pattern.

Kwak Doo-pal swung his ax like crazy, but could hardly hit Daein.

Daein succeeded in making a small attack while avoiding the opponent’s ignorant attacks, but as expected, he barely landed a proper hit.

But there was a crucial difference between the two.

“Aaaah! “What a rat!”

Whoa! Huh!

While Kwak Du-pal was swinging the ax, consuming his stamina pointlessly, Daein received instruction from Manbaknogoe through Jeonum.

[Just now, I should have moved with the thought of taking half a step less. You have longer legs than Geomhwang and your body shape is also different. Even if it is the same walking method, it must be used differently depending on the person.]

[Hold the sword lightly and step carefully. You are wasting too much on movement.]

[You bastard! Haven’t I told you more than a hundred times not to swing like that!]

The old man gave instructions to the great man, sometimes gently and sometimes with a scolding tone.

How to use herbivorous movements, use of footwork, how to read the opponent’s moves, etc.

As time passed, Daein’s movements got better and better. The Manbak Nogee chuckled and said.

[There will be no one in the martial arts world as blessed as you. It is unimaginable to learn the martial arts left behind by the Emperor of Swords and receive teachings from me!] The

essence of martial arts accumulated by Manbaknogoe for more than 100 years has been accumulating in the great man’s body one by one over the past month.

Actually, I was so tired that I was close to dying.

‘What is fortune? Unless it’s really a coin-operated horse…’

[This guy! I wonder if I can’t concentrate!]

‘If I think about anything else, I know it like a ghost.’

The great man sighed and dodged the ax that was in front of him.


It was an attack that I had already dodged hundreds of times, so now I could easily dodge it.

At that moment, the opponent’s attack suddenly seemed slow.

‘what. Why is it so slow?’

Daein didn’t miss the opportunity and crawled into Kwak Dupal’s arms. I stepped on the steps almost without realizing it.

[Clark. Now my walking skills have reached an acceptable level.]

And then the lightning-like sword strike follows.



Kwak Du-pal took a step back, blood spurting from his chest.


It was a good opportunity to chase after him and finish off the opponent, but the great man stopped for a moment and looked down at his sword blankly.

“…I just did that?”

It was a sword that was swung almost unconsciously. The thrilling sensation I felt at that moment. That lingering feeling still remained in my hand.

In my ears, the old man was bursting into laughter, unable to control his joy.

[Phuheul! The sword technique has also become quite useful! Hey! Didn’t I tell you! You have talent!]

The great man laughed. Since I couldn’t send a message, all I could do was smile.

‘I have talent?’

I had never heard of such a story in the past.

I thought I was far from talented.

But was that really the case?

When he first awakened as a superhuman, he injured his knee in a fall accident. The knee that broke down at that time tormented him for 20 years. It was a time when there were no potions or magic, and later it was too late.

-What if you woke up with your knees still intact?

-What if you first joined a good guild, received proper support, and grew?

-If a young man from the martial arts world had met a great teacher and learned martial arts from the basics instead of learning from a martial artist…

In his past life, the great man had missed out on all that possibility.

‘And now I have it all.’

Perhaps what has changed is not talent but only the environment.

And as the environment changed, Daein’s thoughts began to change little by little.

‘That’s fun. ‘Learning martial arts.’

Although it is still difficult.

The great man smiled and walked forward. In front of him, the seriously injured Kwak Du-pal stood with a pale face.

“Brother. “I’m bored. Should I finish this soon?”

Seeing the great man’s momentum change in a moment, Kwak Doo-pal was overcome with fear and took a step back.

“Yes you bastard. What on earth…”

It could never be like this.

The opponent was a guy whose strength was worse than third-rate. I, a first-class expert who can even clumsily load my weapon with energy, would lose!

“Who am I?”

The great man stopped in place for a moment. And he spoke in a serious voice.

“He’s so talented.”

Then he rushed at Kwak Du-pal and swung his sword.

“…Damn it.”

That was Kwak Doo-pal’s will.




“Thank you. thank you.”

The women who were released from captivity bowed repeatedly to the two men.

As they almost suffered terrible harm from the bandits, they regarded Daein and Namgunghyeon as more than just lifesavers.

“How can I repay this favor…”

A fair-haired middle-aged woman shed tears.

After the situation was resolved, Old Man Jin came up and handed her a handkerchief.

“Stop crying and wipe it with this.”

“Sniff. thank you “Daehyeop.”

“Hmm. “What about Daehyup…”

Old Man Jin turned his head, unable to make direct eye contact with the middle-aged woman.

A middle-aged woman said after wiping away her tears.

“I was on my way to Gaebong, my hometown, after packing up my family property and my husband. But I never thought something like this would happen…”

When I heard the story, it seemed like the carriage was attacked and the husband was killed by bandits, leaving only the wife and daughters.

Old Man Jin asked, feeling sorry for it as if it were his own.

“Well… when I go to the opening, is there a place I can trust myself to?”

“yes. There is a family I used to work with. “Despite my shame, I will try to go there first.”

“I’m glad I have a place to go.”


the middle-aged woman continued, looking at the three people’s looks.

“The owner there is such a good person that she will treat the benefactors who saved us so that they will never be disappointed. If you don’t mind, come with us…”

The great man shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but we still have work to do.”

There were a few more mountain vegetables still remaining on the way to Murimmaeng.

[Clark. If you want to go, you can follow. As promised, since you have beaten a top expert, I will exempt you from training for three days. There is no need to fight with bandits or anything like that anymore.]

The sound of the Manbaknogoe was heard. He didn’t show up because he was in front of other people.

The great man muttered very softly so that only the Manbaknogoe could hear.

‘It feels bad to give up when you’re almost there. ‘I’ll just finish what I started and the rest.’

[Clark. Do whatever you want.]

“Oh, I see…”

The middle-aged woman seemed disappointed, but soon bowed her head. Daein took them to a nearby village.

“Then go carefully. “I will probably never encounter bandits again.”

“yes. I plan to send a letter to Sega and wait here. thank you.”

Daein’s party parted ways with them and set off again.

On the way to the Murimmaeng, they subdued as many bandits as they saw, practiced martial arts, and rescued and released those who were captured.

The nickname ‘Ssanggeom of the Chivalry’ began to appear on people’s lips.

And a few days later, the group was able to arrive at their destination.

The great man muttered as he looked at the skyscraper towering in the distance.

“That place…”

It was the center of the martial arts faction.


Lily glared at Abraxas, who was standing in front of the gate.

“I’m going to Wulin too!”

Abraxas shook his head and said.

“Even if you cross the gate, there is no guarantee that you will land next to the landlord. There is a chance that it will fall somewhere nearby due to the magnetic effect, but it can also fall in the wrong place.”

Lily nodded with a sullen expression.

“I know. “You told me that last time.”

What can I do if you tell me? I can’t convince you at all. Abraxas sighed lightly.

“They could fall very far away from each other. Are you still going to look for it?”

“You can find it even if it’s far away!”

Lily held out the [Guardian’s Bracelet] on her left hand.

A pair of guardian bracelets allowed those who wore them to know each other’s locations.

“…are you going to believe in that one thing?”

“Have you finished preparing for the trip?”

Lily turned her body halfway to show the teddy bear bag on her back. The bag was so full that it felt like it was going to burst.

“I packed a lunch box, a dinner box, snacks, a midnight snack for dinner, and a pillow.”


Malang stuck his face out through the gap in the bag, telling me not to leave him out.


Abraxas said, maintaining his composure like a dragon in the midst of such total chaos.

“How about waiting a little longer? “You might come back soon, right?”


Lily snorted. That’s what I heard a week ago and two weeks ago.

I’ve already waited a month like that!

Lily could clearly guess what he was doing by now.

“You must be helping the poor people right now? So if I don’t go look for it, I’ll be back very late.”

Abraxas nodded as if he agreed.

“but. “He is a human being who can do that well.”

Kiri, who was waiting restlessly next to the dimensional terminal, also nodded. Daein was also the benefactor of the Rorlow race.

“you’re right. “You are the best human being in the world.”

A warm chat took place for a while in the absence of the parties involved.

“Anyway, I’m going too! So get out of the way!”

Lily’s eyes lit up as if she wouldn’t forgive her if she didn’t get out of the way.


Abraxas, who looked at Lily for a moment, turned his head and spoke to Kiri.

“Did you see it? “Have I stopped you enough?”

“yes? Ah yes…”

Abraxas turned his head again and looked at Lily. Her eyes were shining brightly.

“good. Instead, let me go with you.”

“Are you going to Asdo?”

Abraxas smiled and nodded.

To be honest, she was also curious about the world of Moorim.

Besides, there was enough reason to go with Lily.

“I can’t let you go alone because you’re anxious. You might burn that world down just because you’re hungry, right?”

After a while, the fire witch and dragon crossed the gate together.

[To Murimmaeng (2)] End

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