Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 142


[Murim Competition (6)-Come Up]

Yongbong The non-mulling preliminary round has begun.

“Participants, please check the back of the name plate you received! “The number of the non-stage where you will be competing in the preliminaries is written there!”

Daein and Namgung-hyeon headed to the off-stage where the ‘F’ flag was planted. They were assigned to the same group.

“If this continues, we won’t end up fighting in the preliminaries, right?”

“They said it wasn’t that way.”

Although participation was restricted to only those who received a letter of recommendation, more than hundreds of participants flocked to this year’s Yongbong dance.

Therefore, to save time, the preliminary round was divided into several groups.

Baek Jung-heon, the person in charge of the non-stage of Group 5 of the preliminaries, looked around at the gathered late-rounders and said.

“From now on, I will call out the names of the participants. Answer loudly and raise your hand. Gu Yang-ho!”

“Seomjeonsu Gu Yang-ho! Here it is!”


The tall man stepped forward and thrust his fist into the air. Pow! And the air burst out.

The name Goo Yang-ho was quite famous, and those who recognized him started whispering.

Baek Jung-heon nodded roughly and called out the next name.


“…Ilgeomjincheon Nabaekhan.”

The cold-faced man pulled out his sword and split the air like a thunderbolt, then put the sword back into its scabbard and answered softly.

“…Did you call me?”

Exclamations of admiration erupted from all directions at the speedy workmanship that is not easily seen.

The actions of the previous two people created a strange sense of competition among the later exponents. Subsequently, the later indexes who were called began to show their skills one by one.

“Ha! The wind is also great! “We have arrived here!”

“Taaa! I am unemployed and in the middle of nowhere! “The victory is mine!”

“Geumgang Yacha Sopalbong! “Eurachacha!”

Each time their names were called, the late exponents began to show off their talents.

The further I went, the more the burden grew. Sometimes I made a mistake and was laughed at or hurt the person next to me.

Above all, it took up too much time. Finally, Baek Jung-heon couldn’t stand it anymore and screamed.

“Go up to the off-stage and show off your martial arts skills, and answer quickly!”

However, the late exponents’ talent bragging did not stop.

Yongbongbimu is the best opportunity for late Jisoo to make his name known to Moorim.

In particular, those who thought it would be difficult to pass the preliminaries made a fuss.

“These guys…!”

The moment Baek Joong-heon was about to properly shout out the Lion’s Roar to his juniors at Moorim,

[Don’t be too strict. Aren’t they young people who came from afar to only see this day?]

It was the sound of the Murim Lord Yayulgi.

[But Lord…]

[Please be patient. This level should be overlooked as a young man’s act.]


Baek Jung-heon groaned and looked around. Now I see that the situation was similar for late-stage indices in other non-stages.

‘Oh my goodness. It’s not Yongbongbimu, it’s a gathering place for clowns.’

Still, what should I do if I criticize him?

Baek Jung-heon, who had half given up, called the next name.


The great man raised his hand and answered briefly.




“Are you doing nothing?”

“I told you not to do it.”

“Hmm. “That’s right.”

Baek Jung-heon cleared his throat and called out the next name.

“Lim Hyeon.”

Namgoonghyeon raised his hand next to Daein and answered.


Baek Jung-heon smiled happily at the girl’s beautiful smile. The short answer made me doubly happy.

However, it was embarrassing for the later indexes in the same group.

‘What are those?’

‘Why are you spraying me with cold water?’

When the two gave simple answers in the middle, those who were warming up and waiting for their turn became fools for a moment.

“Jang Hong!”

Next, the man whose name was called suddenly answered.

“Oh yeah!”

“Good. A man must have such serious taste. If you wield a weapon to show off your measly talent, will you use it? Next, Jangmugi!”

The bone in Baek Jung-heon’s words forced the next person to answer.


In the end, the talent show of the late exponents came to an end as Daein ruined the atmosphere. After that, everyone just answered calmly.

Fierce gazes were focused on Daein, who ruined the atmosphere.

‘What is that bastard?’

‘I don’t know where this hillbilly came from, but it’s putting a damper on the mood.’

‘That’s why I’m a wanderer…’

Most of the reviewers gathered around the off-stage had information about each other.

Clan name, nickname, type of martial arts used.

As they were all latter-day exponents who received letters of recommendation from famous leaders of the political faction, there was exchange among them as well.

However, nothing was known about Daein and Namgunghyeon.

At best, he had an obsolete nickname called ‘Kihyeopgeom’ and was able to defeat bandits.

‘How did you receive the recommendation?’

‘I guess I bought it with money.’

‘The woman may have bought it with a smooth face…’

The disregard and contempt poured out as if it was natural.

The two felt the gazes of those around them, but ignored them without any reaction.

Anyway, everything will change after a while.


Baek Jung-heon quickly called the later indexes remaining on the list. Thanks to this, the number of people in group 5 of the preliminary round was confirmed faster than in other groups.

Baek Jung-heon’s eyes lit up after checking the last name on the list.

“Hoo. “There was one favorite to win.”

Favorite to win?

At those words, the late exponents looked around. It was to find someone whose name had not been called yet.

Baek Jung-heon called that name.



“Youngho style? “Aren’t you here?”

It was then. A new model soared high into the sky, not near the off-stage, but in a space reserved for the audience behind it.


It was a remarkable method of innovation that aroused admiration.

The man flew through the air as if walking on clouds and landed right in front of Baek Jung-heon.

When the young man lowered the fan that was covering his face, those who recognized his face shouted.

“It’s a volcanic nova!”

“Jade Kirin!”

Volcanic God and Jade Kirin.

The young man who was nicknamed with two stars was a very handsome man.

He is the youngest disciple of Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan Sect and has a handsome face that can steal the hearts of many women.

The man was perfect in everything.

Young Ho-sik grinned while receiving the jealous and envious looks of the men.

“sorry. “I was so blinded that I wandered around… I almost missed attending the Yongbongbimu.”

The woman in the audience was already screaming because he looked so handsome even saying that.

The great man laughed out loud when he saw that.

‘I’m playing. ‘Get all the babies ready.’

Anyone can see that it was a well-prepared production. However, no latter-day Jisoo was brave enough to point that out to the disciple of Jang Mun-in of the Hwasan Sect.

Daein was also annoyed so he stayed quiet. Baek Jung-heon looked around at the late indexes and said.

“Everyone was present. “Then, I will briefly explain the rules for the preliminaries.”

The rules for the preliminary round were simple.

3 consecutive wins.

If you win 3 times in a row on a non-stage basis, you will pass.

Alternatively, if no one came up on stage for half an hour (about 7 minutes), the contest passed the preliminary round.

Because it proves that you are strong enough to have no more challengers.

“Then we will start the preliminaries after a while. “In the meantime, go do your business and relax.”

The late exponents gathered together with familiar faces to relieve tension through conversation, did warm-up exercises alone, or meditated cross-legged.

Daein killed time by eating sweets with Namgunghyeon.

“This is delicious. Should I buy more on the way?”

“yes! “Grandpa will like it too.”

“Excuse me, but can I have one too?”

The person whose voice casually intervened was Young Ho-sik.

When the two people turned around, he raised his arms and formally greeted them.

“It’s called Yeonghosik. Kangho’s seniors gave him an undeserved nickname, Hwasan Shinseong.”

Because Daein ignored him, Namgunghyeon received the greeting instead.

“This is Lim Hyeon. “There are no special nicknames.”

“You are Hyeon Sojeo.”

Yeongho-sik also had no interest in men. His gaze was only focused on Namgoonghyeon.

‘I can’t believe there was such a beautiful woman in Moorim that I didn’t know about. From the looks of it, since she is not from a prestigious school, there will be no setbacks…’ Young

Ho-sik smiled softly, imagining the teachings he would hear from her tonight.

“Excuse me, but which monastery did you study at?”

“Even if I told you it’s a small sect, you wouldn’t know.”

As expected, you come from an unremarkable background. The smile on Yeongho-sik’s mouth grew deeper.

“Is there anything big or small in martial arts? All you have to do is have a big heart for learning, firmly believe in it, and work hard. So there is no need to be ashamed.”

Yeong Ho-sik kept saying plausible-looking words to impress Nam Gung-hyeon.

Normally, at this level, most women would just get over it.

But it wasn’t Namgoong Hyun.

“You didn’t say you were embarrassed?”

Young Ho-sik was unusually taken aback by the cold tone he had never heard from a woman before.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant…”

‘How dare this girl? ‘I know who I am.’

Chimi suppressed her anger and Yeonghosik tried to smile.

“There is a misunderstanding. I guess I made a mistake because I was nervous in front of a beautiful woman. “Will you give us a chance to correct any misunderstandings after the preliminaries are over?”

The idea was to have a cup of tea afterward.

It’s better if it’s alcohol.

People around looked at the two people with envy and jealousy.

Namgung-hyeon drew a line clearly but without going against etiquette.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have time for that. Confucius seems to be a busy person too.”

“haha. it’s okay. “I can spare as much time as I want for Sozer.”

As the other person clung to him persistently, Namgoong-hyun also gradually became irritated.

‘It’s shameless.’

Now I think I understand why my grandfather told me to dress like a man.

Namgoonghyun’s tone naturally became cold.

“I refuse. “Can you please stop?”

“Is it because you have a lover in mind?”

Namgoonghyeon hesitated to answer for a moment and then shook his head.

“no. but.”

Namgoong Hyun spoke clearly to the idiot who mistakenly thought that all women in the world would like him.

“Because I’m not interested in weak men.”

“…Puhahaha! “You also have fun telling jokes.”

Yeongho-sik laughed heartily. However, there was no change in Namgoonghyeon’s expression.

“It’s no joke. “I don’t want someone as strong as my brother.”

Namgoonghyeon then wrapped his arms around Daein.

Daein, who caught everyone’s attention for a moment, frowned.

[Why are you dragging me in?]

[You can’t leave a bastard who looks like a gisaeng brother.]

Only then did Yeongho-sik see a great person in his eyes. The corners of his eyes trembled slightly.

“Excuse me, but you two are related…”

“You’re my brother. And he is much more advanced than Confucius.”


Although he was laughing, a cool smile formed on Younghosik’s lips.

‘How dare you compare me with this guy?’

Many eyes were eavesdropping on this exciting conversation.

Rejection in front of many people.

Moreover, the excuse was a masterpiece.

“So what you are saying is that I am weaker than the brother next to me?”


An answer without a second of hesitation.

For a young man who had been called a volcanic nova, it was an insult worse than being told to go away.

Yeongho-sik smiled coldly and looked at Daein.

“Your younger brother has extreme affection for your older brother. “It’s to the point where I can’t tell the difference between right and wrong…”

Daein responded with a chuckle.

“He didn’t say anything wrong?”

I came here to win anyway.

I probably shouldn’t start an argument, but I had no intention of just walking over from the other side.


“I’m more expert than you.”


At that moment, Baek Jung-heon shouted to the late exponents.

“Then the preliminaries will begin. When your name is called, go up to the off-stage…”

Before he could finish his words, Young Ho-sik pulled a new model into the air.


Young Ho-sik stepped down to the middle of the off-stage, once again showing off his impressive light techniques.

And he taunted Daein by flicking the fan he was holding.

“Come up. “Let’s take a look at that amazing skill.”

“What are you doing now!”

Baek Jung-heon raised his eyes like a tiger at those arrogant words and actions.

Yeong Ho-sik took the gun from him and spoke loudly for everyone to hear, putting his energy into his voice.

“Respected heartless senior. I am here on behalf of the Hwasan faction. But I just heard from the previous Yongbongbimu participant that I was weak. How can you remain silent in the face of such insults? Please give us a chance to restore the volcano’s honor.”

Although it took a lot of force, Baek Jung-heon looked embarrassed when he brought up the reputation of the Hwasan faction.

“Still, there is a certain order…”

At that time, the Murim lord Ya Yul-gi sent a message to Baek Jung-heon.

[It would be perfect to spice up the competition.]


[Take a look around.]

Baek Jung-heon looked around as the leader said.

Everyone who came to see Yongbongbimu was looking at Yeonghosik standing on the stage.

Not only was his status and appearance aroused interest, but the words that Young Ho-sik had just shouted with deep emotion aroused his interest.

‘Such a clever bastard…’

[Let the volcano god do whatever he wants.]

[Lord. If you do that, the fairness of the competition….]

[Is there a problem? Isn’t Hwasan Shinseong capable of easily passing the preliminaries anyway?]

‘Then who will be my opponent?’

Baek Jung-heon wanted to question it, but he did not dare to challenge the authority of the Murim lord.

[…I understand.]

Baek Jung-heon looked at Daein and said in a bitter voice.

“Would you like to come up? “It doesn’t matter if you abstain.”

“Of course I have to go up.”

Daein did not show flashy techniques like Yeonghosik. I just walked up to the off-stage.

Soon the two men stood facing each other in the center of the off-stage.



On one hand, he is a disciple of Gu File Il Bang and a strong candidate for the championship.

On the other side is a young man who has just entered the river.

The result seemed obvious to anyone. Still, the audience waited with excitement for the dance to begin.

A match for one of the favorites to win.

Just seeing the seasons of volcanic waves will be a feast for the eyes.

‘…A young man will become the victim of this ridiculous clown play.’

Baek Jung-heon, a martial artist, sighed lightly and said.

“Let’s begin.”

After a while, as he expected, a young man became a victim of clown play.

Although his face was different from the person I was thinking of.

[Moorim Competition (6)-Come Up] End

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