Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 154


[Way of revenge]


A handful of blood poured out as he coughed. My hair, which I usually kept neatly combed, became strands and my neat clothes were torn here and there.

Changcheon Shingeom Namgung Jeongcheon.

His face, which always showed a relaxed smile, was distorted in pain and he was sweating like rain.

“This cowardly gnome…!!”

Namgung Jeongcheon swung his sword while literally coughing up blood.


The sword split the air without any vein. Normally, if I wanted to, I could extract up to one piece of strong energy, but now I could barely maintain the form of strong energy above the blade.

As such, Namgungjeongcheon was not in good condition.

“Are you cowardly?”

The great man snorted and questioned.

Unlike Namgung Jeongcheon, he looked clean and without any scars.

The great man prepared a lot for today.

The opponent is one of the best martial artists.

This was an opponent that could have been defeated if we had neglected our preparations.

He installed an anti-magic barrier that seals the opponent’s magical power and used all artifacts that can cast curse magic.

Silence magic was installed to prevent sound from leaking outside, and illusion magic was even activated to prevent the outside world from being able to see what was wrong with the guesthouse.

Even if a bomb exploded inside, it would not be known from the outside.

The great man shrugged his shoulders as if to appease the other person and said.

“If you were willing to accept a deal, I was willing to do the same. “Well, after observing it for a few days, I realized that I was definitely not that type of person.”

Through wiretapping, surveillance cameras, and ledgers and documents found in a secret safe, Daein learned what a dirty person Namgung Jeongcheon was.

It wasn’t just Geomhwangmun blood death. Namgung Jeongcheon sacrificed countless innocent sects and warriors to enhance his reputation and increase the power of his family.

“So I prepared more thoroughly. “It’s unpleasant for such trash to even touch my body.”

“How dare this guy!”

Namgung Jeongcheon screamed and attacked. Although he was very tired, his spirit was still as ferocious as a beast.

However, Daein simply avoided the attack by taking a few steps to the side. And he swung his sword at the gap revealed by his opponent.


A wound opened up on Namgung Jeongcheon’s side, and Shinhyeong stumbled greatly.

A fatal gap. But the great man did not approach any further.

“Where do you sell drugs?”

Because I knew it was a gap that was shown on purpose. Instead, he aimed the hand cannon in his left hand.


A hole the size of a coin was drilled in Namgung Jeongcheon’s side. I couldn’t block the attack with less than half my normal self-defense strength.


Namgung Jeongcheon took a step back, covering the bleeding wound. He continued to deliberately reveal loopholes, but the great man was never caught.

The great man was in no hurry. Step by step, he persistently drove the weakened Namgung Jeongcheon into a corner.

‘The more expert you are, the more likely you are to keep some of your secrets hidden.’

Reverse blood pressure method that explodes your power in an instant. Things like memorization and invisible poison hidden in unexpected places.

In addition, you must be careful of the common so-called Dongguijin (同歸於盡) herbivorous behavior.

“So don’t even dream of a possible twist.”

“Whoa! “I will kill you!”

Despite Daein’s thorough preparation, Namgung Jeongcheon was unable to do anything.

The memorization in my arms that I always carried with me was all blocked by Daein’s shield, the

intangible poison was meaningless in front of the anti-poison artifact, and

I didn’t even get a chance to use Donggwijin’s herbivorous.

And every time Namgung Jeongcheon’s attempt fails, he

sighs! Quack! Sigh!

As wounds piled up on Namgung Jeongcheon’s body, his movements became increasingly sluggish.

In the end, Namgung Jangcheon, who decided that he could not defeat Daein, shouted.

“I will hold him! Go and inform the governor of your home family about the situation here!”

If this happens, it’s a mixed bag.

That guy will never let himself go.

‘In that case, it would be better…’

The situation would change if at least one of the black masked men who came with him ran to Namgung House and called for support while he was holding the guy.

At Namgung Jeongcheon’s command, the black masked men fled in all directions. Some went down the stairs, others broke the window and jumped out.

“I’ll kill you!”

At the same time, Nangong Jeongcheon rushed towards Daein. This was to buy time for the black masked people to escape.


‘If he panics, there will be a gap. If you aim for it, there is a chance for a reversal…’

However, Daein was not embarrassed by the black masked people’s attempt to escape.

Because not a single one of them will be able to escape the barrier.


A single scream burst from the mouth of the masked man who was running away from the front. He looked at the sword sticking out of his chest.

“Where are you going?”

The person with the eerie voice was Old Man Jin.

Old Man Jin, who was hiding in the hidden space of the barrier, jumped out at the same time as the black masked people were running away.

When Old Man Jin blocked the way, the black masked people who were trying to run away all stopped.

Old man Jin told them.

“Some of you may have attacked the text from 15 years ago.”


Old man Jin thought of the brothers and priests who studied with him.

The young disciples who grew up learning martial arts from the priest who was strict but affectionate and followed them around and bothered him…. The

faces of each and every one of them came to mind clearly.

“The day has finally come to comfort your soul.”

Old man Jin walked towards the black masked people. Formidable murderous energy bloomed from his body and strangled the masked people.

“Today, I will pay for that blood a thousand times ten thousand times more.”

Jinchong, the lion sword, roared and jumped in.


Old man Jin ran wild like a hungry lion jumping into a flock of sheep.

He cut off the enemy’s limbs, pulled out their internal organs, and willingly drank their blood. The black masked men, whose internal power was sealed in the barrier, were unable to withstand the rampaging beast.

“Run to the other side of the bar!”

Some of the black masked people ran away to avoid Old Man Jin.

However, they did not go far before they encountered a girl with a cold face.

“I don’t remember you. “Just like I don’t remember my father and mother.”


Namgung-hyeon drew his sword. The bitterly cold blade of the sword lingered in the moonlight.

“That’s why I can’t forgive you. “You guys made it so that I couldn’t even remember my parents’ faces.”

Namgoonghyeon was coldly angry. Each time the sword light flashed, a heart was pierced.

After a while, all the black-clothed masked people who tried to escape became cold corpses.


“Damn it…!”

Realizing that everyone had suffered, Namgung Jeongcheon’s face distorted like a demon. He was still being pushed unilaterally, and there was not a single wound on his body.


Namgung Jeongcheon shouted, swinging his sword strongly and pushing the great man away.

“for a moment! “Stop!”

The great man did not stop his sword. He clung tenaciously and harassed Namgung Jeongcheon. Namgung Jeongcheon shouted out of breath.

“If I die, you won’t be safe either! Do you think you can turn the five generations into enemies and still get away with it? …omg!”

The Changcheon God Sword flew into the face of Namgung Jeongcheon, who was breathing heavily.


Namgung Jeongcheon’s lips were torn all the way to his cheek. With blood gushing from his face, Namgung Jeongcheon shouted as if pleading.

“Listen to me just a moment! We will support the reconstruction of the Sword Emperor Gate as you requested! I’ll give you anything else you want! Martial arts elixir money…. Wow!”

The Changcheon God Sword cut off Nangong Jeongcheon’s left arm.

Nangong Jeongcheon, with fear in his eyes, hurriedly stepped back.

“Are you asking for an apology? would! “I’ll go to the Murim Lord and tell him everything… Wow!”


The Changcheon God Sword severed both of Nangong Jeongcheon’s legs.

Namgung Jeongcheon, who fell backwards, dragged himself backwards with his only remaining arm. A long trace of blood was left on the floor.

“Save me…”

Only then did the great man open his mouth.

“You should have said it that way from the beginning so it was easier to understand.”

The more a person has to lose, the more humble he becomes in the end.

A person who has not hesitated to harm countless lives for his own ambitions and has deceived the world by wearing the mask of a charlatan.


Although he was a martial artist strong enough to be called a teenage master in the world, in the eyes of great people, he was nothing more than trash.

Daein looked back at Old Man Jin and Namgunghyeon who were behind him and said.

“I’ll leave the finishing touches to you two.”

In fact, this fight was not for Daein.

I happened to get involved and it turned out that he was such a bastard that I decided to kill him.

The last one was a problem that had to be resolved by the two people involved in this matter.

“…Thank you.”

“thank you. Brother.”

“Save me, save me…”

Leaving behind the three people who had a lot to talk about, the great man came out, carrying the masked man lying in a corner over his shoulder.

He was Biyoung.

A shadow that has taken care of all the dirty work of Namgung Jeongcheon for decades.

Daein had predicted Biyeong in advance, and at the beginning of the fight, he had pinpointed the demon blood and pinned it to a corner.

“hey. “Wake up.”

Daein put Biyoung down on the floor and slapped her cheek to wake her up.


Biyoung slowly opened her eyes. He blinked his only eye and looked at the great man.

A short period of time was enough to determine what was going on. Biyoung, who soon gave up everything, sighed.

“Kill me.”

“If you were going to kill me, why did you bother to wake me up?”

“…Are you planning on torturing me?”

“That’s wrong too.”


Daein said to Biyoung, who was looking at him with puzzled eyes.

“I will kill Namgung Jeongcheon, but I will not kill you.”


“Because you know the most. The true appearance of Namgung Jeongcheon. And all the dirty things he did. “I only know you and the Commander-in-Chief, right?”

Daein bugged Namgung Jeongcheon’s room for several days. Thanks to this, I was able to understand the power structure of the Namgung family.

If Chong-gwan was Namgung Jeong-cheon’s right hand man, who appeared in the sun, Biyeong was Namgung Jeong-cheon’s left hand man, who handled all kinds of dirty work in the shadows.

Aside from the two, Namgung Jeongcheon wore a mask and acted like a charlatan even to his children. Even the heads of the five major families did not know all about his dirty side.

“There are also places that can be used separately.”

However, Biyoung’s expression did not brighten even after being told that she would be saved.

“If the head of the family dies, I will die too. There is loneliness inside my body. When the head of the family dies, the loneliness within his body dies, and the loneliness within me also…” “

I know. “Open your mouth.”

Daein forced Biyoung’s mouth open. And I poured some detox potion into it.

The detox potion that Daein brought from Earth was of the highest quality.

That too was taken from Abraxas’s rare a long time ago.

All poisons created at the level of martial arts can be detoxified, and of course even loneliness, a type of poison, can be easily dissolved.

“How can this be…”

Biyoung opened her eyes as she felt the loneliness melting away from her body.

Daein smiled evilly and said to Biyoung, who was dumbfounded.

“Now you will not die of loneliness. But it’s too early to be at ease.”


“If I want to, I will easily die.”

The great man took out a piece of paper with a tattoo on it from his bag.

It was attached to Biyoung’s abdomen like a patch. And when I pulled it off, the tattoo soaked into my abdomen and I felt like I was cumming.

“What kind of strange thing is this…”

Daein said in a chilling voice to Biyeong, who was terrified by the unknown phenomenon.

“It’s an ancient spell. With just one spell from me, I can make you die slowly and in terrible pain. Shall we give it a quick test?”

“Oh no! Please don’t do that!”

Biyoung was horrified. He had already seen countless magic tricks shown by the great man.

It’s not a mountain gong poison, but it makes you unable to use internal energy, slows down your body, and makes you see the shape of a ghost.

Even the loneliness that could not be eliminated by any means was simply melted away.

Biyoung looked at Daein as if he were looking at a ghost.

‘Pacheongeomje…. Not only was he a transcendent expert, but he was also a magician with formidable abilities!’

It was natural for Biyoung to think that way.

In fact, what Daein attached to his stomach was a tattoo magic that only had a simple location tracking function.

However, it was enough to terrify Biyoung, who knew nothing about magic.

‘This man is a monster worse than Namgung Jeongcheon. 15 years ago, we created a monster…’

Biyoung didn’t dare to resist and knelt down in front of Daein. His body was shaking.

“I will treat you as my lord.”

After losing one eye to Namgung Jeongcheon 15 years ago, Biyoung was not truly loyal to him.

Moreover, now his life is in the hands of Pacheon Geomje.

There was no hesitation about changing the lord.

The great man smiled as if he was satisfied.

“It’s nice that he’s a guy I can communicate well with. “If I had endured it regardless of my loyalty, I would have been tired because I had to start with the torture.”

‘indeed. His personality is horrifyingly cruel…’

Bi-young didn’t even dare to think about betrayal. He said, hitting his forehead on the floor.

“I will do my best!”

“First of all, I’d like to ask you a few things.”

Daein asked what he was curious about about the Namgung family and Namgung Jeongcheon, and Biyeong answered sincerely according to what he knew.

When Daein had almost answered all of his questions,

he said, “Thank you for waiting.”

As if the story was over, Old Man Jin cut off Nangong Jeongcheon’s head and brought it to him.

As he said in advance, his face was in relatively good condition. Although I was in extreme fear, I wasn’t cut off or anything.

“How are you feeling after taking revenge?”

In response to Daein’s question, old man Jin smiled bitterly.

“I’m so sad. “No one will come back alive if this happens, but… a lot of the built-up pain has been relieved.”

“What about Hyeon?”

“…I don’t know. But I think I did well.”

In response to the two people’s reactions, Daein simply nodded. I didn’t like meddling with other people’s revenge.

‘From now on, I just need to take care of what I need to take care of.’

Daein looked back at Biyoung.

“Biyoung. “You have work to do.”

Biyoung corrected her posture and prostrated herself before the great man.

The first command of the lord with a fearful heart. It had to be performed perfectly.

“Please give orders. “I will sacrifice my life to carry it out.”

The great man took out the doppelganger’s mask from his bag and said with an evil smile.

“From now on, you will become Namgung Jeongcheon.”


[Way of Revenge] End

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