Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 159


[ Waiting ]

“…What are you thinking? “Is there one?”

“I guess I have the same thoughts as you.”

Daein and Cheongun were standing side by side, looking up at the sky with equally blank faces.

-A large hole opened in the sky.

To be exact, it was a gaping hole in the middle of the cloud. It was a trace of the Pacheonmu (破天舞) that Geomseong personally demonstrated.

It’s been quite a while since Geomseong showed off his Pacheonmu. After giving a demonstration, Geomseong said he was tired and went into the hut.

But the two still couldn’t leave.


Repeated hundreds and thousands of times. The scene never left my mind.

‘If the legendary blue dragon ascended to the sky, would that be what it would look like?’

Cheongun saw the great sword skills shown by his teacher. I realized how much of a frog I had been when I was arrogant about being strong.

Cheongun had the talent to be able to roughly imitate any herbivore at a glance, but Pacheonmu didn’t even dare to do that. I was just in awe.

‘Master, you are great, but how great is the Sword Emperor who created such martial arts?’

Cheongun shook his head. It is truly the level of success. I couldn’t even imagine it as I am now.

On the other hand, Daein, the successor to Pacheonshingong, felt a little different.

The great man thought as he looked at the traces of clouds swirling up into a whirlpool.

‘I may not be able to follow along yet… but I still got the hint.’

Pacheonmu was a martial artist who compiled the martial arts of the Emperor Geom. A great person who knew the structure and learned Pacheon Shingong was bound to have a high level of understanding.

‘…What I learned while rubbing against the yellow monkey earlier is also helpful.’

In Daein’s mind, Geomseong was still performing his martial arts skills.

However, his face gradually changed from that of the Sword Saint to his own. You put yourself in that position and perform Pacheonmu in your imagination.


Cheongun, who noticed that Daein was immersed in mental imagery training, became alert to his surroundings. He stood guard next to the great man.

‘Anyway, both teacher and student are monsters.’

The great man closed his eyes and continued drawing in his mind without even noticing this fact.

What Geomseong showed was a half-shaped Pacheonmu.

On the other hand, what Daein imagined was real. A perfect martial art that is performed by using one’s internal strength through Pacheonshingong.

I couldn’t even imagine what would happen if I actually unfolded it.


The great man finished his imagery training and slowly opened his eyes. Before we knew it, dawn had passed and dawn was breaking.

“what. “Is it already this late?”

“I was so absorbed that I didn’t even notice the time passing. “Have you come to any realization?”

Daein tilted his head in response to Cheongun’s question.


Enlightenment. Until recently, Daein did not believe such ambiguous words.

But now I felt like I knew somehow.

‘Enlightenment is not a big deal. Even if you just know that one posture is wrong, if you can correct it and become better than before, it is enlightenment.’

Enlightenment is not just something grandiose like Ogijowon or Samhwachwijeong.

Since coming to Wulin, Daein had become stronger and was still getting stronger. The whole process was enlightenment.

“It seems like that.”

Cheongun’s eyebrows twitched at the ambiguous laugh of the great man. I was inspired by great people who kept moving forward.

“Wait. “I’ll catch up with you soon.”

“You said so.”


Daein chuckled when he saw Cheongun making a disapproving expression.

‘This guy is really talented, so if he puts his mind to it, he’ll catch up to me in no time.’

The great man thought so. Perhaps Daein is the only one in Moorim who thinks that way.

At that time, Geomseong stuck his head out of the hut and said.

“you. “Are you still not going?”


The Sword Saint’s face looked quite pale. Performing the Pacheonmu was somewhat difficult even with Geomseong’s abilities.

The great man approached Geomseong and spoke politely.

“Thanks to you, I found the last martial art left behind by the Sword Emperor. “I don’t know how to repay you…”

It was sincere.

In the first place, Daein’s purpose in coming to Wulin was to obtain Pacheonmu – although he got caught up in all sorts of things.

Geomseong smiled with a pale face. That smile still looked like an innocent boy.

“It was a connection that came from my brother to me and then back to you. “You have nothing to thank me for.”

Geomseong looked at the great man for a moment. His eyes were tracing old memories.

“I was also an illegitimate child.”


“Like Namgung, my mother also came from a humble background. “Maybe that’s why we got along quite well from the first time we met.”

Geomseong was from Moyongse. But his origins were humble.

The great man who read the Geomwangbiro could well guess how Geomseong was treated in his childhood.

“My brother was my idol. At a young age, he defeated the head of the Namgung family and received an apology for insulting himself and his mother when he was young. As if that wasn’t enough, the King of Namgung built Geomhwangmun Gate in front of him.”

Geomseong laughed as if the memories of the past were enjoyable.

“My brother told me to do the same, but I didn’t. By then, I wasn’t on good terms with my family. … My mother was still alive.”

‘Because he became stronger, his family must have argued with him.’

Geomseong was smiling, but there was a bit of bitterness mixed into that smile.

100 years have passed since the last war. Few people knew that Geomseong was the illegitimate son of the Moyong family.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t dare say it because he was afraid of the power of the Mo Yong family.

“After the Great War, I did not return to Sega and mostly wandered around. “I defeated evil enemies, gained many disciples, and lived a happy life.”

Geomseong looked at Cheongun with happy eyes. Cheongun was the best among his students.

‘I thought you could become the best master of all time. Until I saw my brother’s disciple.’

Cheongwoon, feeling his teacher’s somewhat burdensome gaze, spoke in confusion.

“Master. “You’re not leaving a will now just to make yourself famous, are you?”

Sigh! The swordsman hit his disciple’s head.

“Hey. “Don’t worry, I’ll live another 100 years to torment you.”

“yes. “Please do so.”

Cheongwoon said that while holding his head and smiling. The teacher and student exchanged jokes without hesitation.

The great man thought as he saw that.

‘also. ‘The Sword Master doesn’t know that Mo Yong’s family helped destroy the Sword Emperor Gate 15 years ago.’

If Geomsung had known that fact, he would never have left it alone, no matter how much it was his family.

‘Until now, the five generations have kept this fact completely secret. Moreover, Geomseong had almost cut off all ties with the secular world, so he had no interest in news from the outside world. But now…’

The great man’s eyes sparkled as several ideas came to mind.

‘I need to tell Biyoung where Geomseong is and give him a sneak peek. He’s a smart guy, he’ll take care of the rest.’

It was a moment when Biyeong’s control over the five generations was further strengthened.


Meeting Geomseong took longer than expected. Daein and Cheongun hurriedly returned to where the Demon Slayer was waiting.

Geomseong saw them off. Next to him, Geum-o, who had disappeared into the forest, was following him, holding Geom-seong’s hand.

right! Ukkkkkkk!

Geum-o expressed something to Dae-in with hand gestures and foot gestures. Of course, Daein didn’t understand at all.

“What is this guy saying?”

“Please take care of me in the future. That’s probably what it means.”


Ukki! Ukkkkkkk!

Geumo let go of Geomseong’s hand and came next to Daein. And then he extended his hand to Daein.

Daein looked at Geumo with a shocked expression.



When Daein stayed still, Geumo held Daein’s hand. And stood side by side next to him.

Geomseong said with a smile.

“It looks like he’s planning to follow you.”


“How can you possibly know that it’s me? “It could be that he reminded me of his dead brother when he saw you, or that he wants to make you the leader since he lost the fight.”

The great man did not look very pleased to be with the monkey executioner.

“Hasn’t the Sword Saint taken good care of you until now?”

“I’m sorry too, but I think I like you more. I guess it’s because he’s a young man. “Actually, that guy is a female.”


Daein, who had goosebumps, slapped Geumo’s hand away. Geomseong held his stomach and laughed.

“Hahaha! I’m kidding. “It’s a male, so you don’t have to worry about being tempted.”

“There are some jokes in this world that shouldn’t be told…”

But Geomseong continued to laugh for a while longer. He was laughing so hard that tears came to his eyes.

“iced coffee. I’m finally calming down a bit. “Then be careful before leaving.”

“Master. “I’ll see you again soon.”

Cheongun and the members of the Demon Slayer who had been watching the legendary swordsman from afar bowed their heads respectfully.

He looked sulky, probably because only Daein was making fun of him.

“Take care of your health. “Even though you look about the same age as me, you are older than me.”

As Daein grumbled, Geomseong smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about me and cherish your current relationship. There’s no use in missing it later. Friends at that time and enemies at that time. “It’s all just that time.”

Although he spoke calmly, the great man felt loneliness in the words of the Sword Saint.

‘I think it would be okay for older people to be friends in their later years.’

Daein spoke after a sudden thought.

“What if?”


“For example, what would you think if the Heavenly Demon who fought during the previous Demon War was still alive today?”

Geomseong tilted his head and then smiled and said.

“I want to have a drink while cursing at Namgoong. “We could probably talk and drink for days.”

His smile was as innocent as when we first met.

The great man nodded and said.

“All right. “Don’t go anywhere, just wait.”


Instead of explaining in detail, the great man bowed his head. Because it would be more fun to surprise them later.

“We’ll just go.”

“okay. “Go carefully.”

Daein Cheongun and the Destruction Demon Dan following them left.

Geomseong stood there until their figures became smaller and were no longer visible. He stood in the same spot for a long time because he went beyond human limitations.

“Guy Geumo. You should get along well without fighting with the priest…”

Geomseong, who was worried about Geum-o who left his side, soon recalled the scene of Dae-in fighting with Geum-o.

“guy. The movements were really good….”

Then it suddenly occurred to me that the movements Daein showed were very similar to someone I knew in the past.

I wasn’t sure because the memories were so old.

Until just now.

‘What would you think if the Heavenly Demon who fought during the Great Demon War was alive?’

Starting with the hint given by Daein, old memories of Geomseong began to surface one by one.

‘I learned most of my martial arts skills by myself.’

“…That movement is definitely not something you can learn on your own. “I learned it.”

A simple yet efficient route.

A unique feature that was subtly mixed into the walking method.

The traces of the sword that had almost killed the sword saint himself several times in the past were visible overlapping with the great man’s sword.

And Daein’s meaningful smile at the end.

‘Don’t go far, just wait.’

Why didn’t I notice it sooner?

Geomsung widened his eyes and mumbled the name of the person who taught Daein martial arts.


The Heavenly Demon Cult leader who filled the world with fear 100 years ago.

“Was Cheon Mu-geuk alive? “You even taught the Emperor’s successor?”

Geomseong shook his head, thinking it was nonsense.

But what if that nonsense is true?

“Heh heh…”

Geomseong couldn’t move from that spot for a long time.



The old man, who was once the master of the Heavenly Demon God Church, let out a characteristic laugh.

“Damn you guys. “The treatment of the elderly is poor.”

There was no sunlight where he was, and there was a lot of mold on the walls and floor. There wasn’t even a single person coming and going.

If someone found out, he would be in quite a bit of trouble.

So, you must have put yourself in this deep prison.

“Cluck, click, click…”

Cheon Mu-geuk felt that his little remaining life was quickly fading away.

From the beginning, his body was broken and would not live long.

Now that even his Danjeon was broken and his limbs were like stakes, it was natural that the time would be shortened even further.

“Cl…. Cough!”

Blood poured from the mouth. It was a bad sign. However, Cheonmugeuk no longer cared about his own body.

What he was worried about now was the safety of his one and only disciple.

“Daein, you must not come here….”

[Please wait] End

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