Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 160


[A favor]


The flames that bloomed from Lily’s fingertips shot towards the cliff in front. The flame split into several branches and exploded just before it collided with the cliff.


The cliff shook slightly from the successive explosions. A new trace has been engraved on top of the numerous traces left by past Heavenly Demons.

“As! “Did you just see it?”

Abraxas was wrapped around Lily’s neck like a scarf. He was still possessed by Lily’s pet Serpent Malang.

Abraxas nodded.

[The flame magic skill has finally reached level 6.]

The flames that Lily had just launched into the cliff split right before impact and changed color in three stages.

First, red flame,

then yellow flame, and

finally white flame. When you

reach white flame, it means that you have reached the 6th level of flame magic, and you can be called a peak expert in earnest.

It’s only been a few days since I learned martial arts.

Lily was accomplishing something that no one else in the history of the Heavenly Demon Church had been able to accomplish.

Although the points the parties liked were slightly different.

“succeded! “Now I can make white flames!”

Good luck! Good luck! Grumble!

Colorful fireworks of red, yellow, and white flames bloomed and danced in the air.

“Look at this! “It’s so pretty!”

Lily jumped up and down and loved it. I hugged Abraxas and bumped our cheeks. Abraxas wriggled in annoyance.


[Okay, so don’t run. I feel dizzy. Anyway, it’s white flame… As expected, the method of operation is different from magic. That’s an interesting part.]

“Yes, yes! “The white flames are so pretty!”

Lily was obsessed with learning martial arts these days.

A few days ago, Lily and Abraxas entered the Heavenly Demon Church’s Jangseogak at the request of a great person.

Daein’s request was to memorize some of the martial arts in Jangseogak. With Abraxas’ abilities, it was a simple task.

But something unexpected happened there.

As soon as he opened the first volume and read a few pages, Abraxas’ eyes lit up.

[It’s martial arts. It’s quite an interesting technique, isn’t it?]

Aside from curiosity, the corpse dragon began devouring all kinds of secrets in Jangseogak.

[It’s unique. It’s new. It’s exhilarating…!!]

Once Dragon started concentrating, he read most of the books in Jangseogak within a few days – he got faster and faster, and eventually he took less than 5 minutes to read one book – and beyond understanding the principles, he became even more curious. I started exploring deeply.

In the end, Abraxas came to this thought.

[If I wanted to know martial arts properly, I would have to learn them myself…]

Unfortunately, the Serpent’s body was unsuitable for learning martial arts. This was because all martial arts were originally created based on humans.

But Abraxas was not disappointed. Because there was a suitable target for learning martial arts right next to me.

[Lily. Why don’t you learn martial arts?]

Lily’s face was very dark as she looked at the thick book.

“I’m tired of studying…”

[There’s nothing difficult about it. You just have to do what I tell you.]

“But can’t I just not do it?”

Abraxas worked hard to seduce the annoying Lily.

What came to mind at that time was a phrase written in the Flame Divine Technique.

[If you learn this, you can add color to the flame. In addition to red, there are yellow flames, white flames, and blue flames. It would be more fun if we could make it in multiple colors, right?]

As expected, Lily blinked her big eyes and asked back.

“Is that true?”

From then on, it was all smooth sailing.

Lily’s enormous magical power and deceptive affinity for the fire attribute.

As Abraxas’ knowledge was added, Lily learned the 『Fire Magic』 like a sponge absorbing water. Even the compatibility was perfect.

[We will learn Choshik from Daein later, but for now, let’s focus on Neigongsimbeop.]

Now, a few days have passed and Lily has become the fastest master in the history of the Heavenly Demon Church.

Believers of the Heavenly Demon Church worshiped Lily even more, saying it was a miracle from God.

“As! Next is the blue flame, right?”

[that’s right. They say that from the 7th star onwards, the white flame gradually turns blue. When you reach 9 stars, you can use full blue flame.]

“What’s next after blue?”

[well. I heard that 10 stars is a level of imagination that even the guy who made this doesn’t know about? A human named Sun Mazon. [He’s an irresponsible guy.]

The fire magic was an unparalleled magic that no one had succeeded in in the history of martial arts.

There is a record that even the Sun Magon, the founder of the Flame Divine Art, called his disciples before his death and barely conveyed his enlightenment.

Lily asked with a slightly sullen expression.

“So is blue the end? “Can’t you make pink or light green?”

Of course, nothing is impossible for a great dragon.

[Of course you can make it. I will complete the parts that are lacking. So Lily, don’t worry, just learn.]

Lily’s expression brightened again. If we can make pink and light green, we can make beautiful fireworks in the night sky.

“As expected, Asga is the best!”

[It’s always too late to know that… Ugh. Okay, stop rubbing your face!]


Abraxas tried to run away from Lily, who kept rubbing his cheek, but was eventually caught and had to continue to be tormented.


There were two people watching Lily practice martial arts from afar.

“haha. This is a miracle. “I’ve already mastered the Flame God Sword, which is as difficult to learn as the Heavenly Demon God Sword, to level 6.”

The person who admired was an old man.

A sturdy look and a straight back. The straight white eyebrows were dark and abundant.

He is the elder of the Heavenly Demon Church. It was Gongseonhu, the poisonous blood demon.

The Grand Elder was smiling happily as he looked at Lily. It was a sight that those who knew him could not have imagined.

“Sometimes when I look at that person, it looks like fire itself. “It would be natural since you are the incarnation of Mazda.”


On the other hand, the young man next to the elder did not say anything. He was Cheon Mu-jin, the leader of the Cheon Demon Church.

Cheon Mujin was looking at Lily with a distraught expression. But the truth was that he wasn’t looking at Lily.


“yes. “Master Sujiao.”

“I would like to hear the opinion of someone who experienced the Great War 100 years ago. Do you think this war is absolutely necessary?”


At that moment, a heavy air flowed. The Grand Elder was silent for a moment and then slowly opened his mouth.

“Master Xiao. Please, if at all possible, never say something like that anywhere else. Especially if it gets into the ears of the religious leader, no matter how small the religious leader is, he will not forgive you.”

“I’m telling you this because you are a great elder.”

Su Jiaoju turned around and looked at Grand Elder. The young man’s eyes shone brightly.

“This war is meaningless. Even if we wipe out the Murim Alliance, they will not recognize us. In the end, there will be endless local wars and we will shed a lot of blood. And eventually I will come back here again.”

It was also the history of Moorim that was repeated several times.

The Heavenly Demon Church was strong enough to astonish the martial arts faction every time it started a war, but it always ended in defeat.

“Mistress Xiao…”

The elder had a bitter look on his face.

He has served three Heavenly Demons so far.

Cheonmugeuk, who almost took over the martial arts 100 years ago.

Cheon Mu-ho did not even have enough time to properly learn martial arts while dealing with the aftereffects of the war in which his father was defeated.

‘And the current leader, Cheon Mu-han, who grew up watching his father like that…’

All three had different personalities and their ways of leading the church were also different.

The Xiaoqiao master in front of me, Chen Mujin, would also be different.

However, in the eyes of the elder, the essence was all the same.

“Master Xiao. We will not be defeated any more. I have prepared well and learned from defeat. And…”

The Grand Elder turned his head and looked at Lily.

The little girl was floating in the sky, filling the night sky with fireworks.

By now, the believers of the Church of the Heavenly Demon are probably praying while looking at that flame.

“Mazda is with us.”

The Great Elder spoke with strength in his voice.

“…All right.”

Su Jyoju answered with a despairing face.


On the way back to my residence. The Grand Elder’s expression looked complicated.

‘It seems that the Little Lord is very anxious.’

Since I was still young, it was worth it. Aren’t you at an age where you start to feel antipathy towards everything your father says?

Although the elder had no children, he lived for a long time and saw many people struggling with the problem of children.

Children were something that even the heavenly demons of the world could not do as they pleased.

“In times like this, it might be easier not to have children.”

The elder shook his head and entered his house.

His residence was located relatively on the outskirts of Shingyo.

Unlike the fearsome nickname known in the martial arts world as the Poisonous Demon Emperor, Daejangro had an easy-going personality.

Since I was single for a long time, I didn’t need a big house. That’s why I lived in one place for nearly 100 years. Now I was so attached to my house that I had no intention of moving.

“How nice it is to have a cozy home without a wife to rip you off.”

The Grand Elder chuckled and entered his room. As was my habit, I took off my clothes, hung them up on one side, and headed to the kitchen to make some tea.

Boiling water in a kettle can be done with inner strength, but Daejangro was a person who knew the beauty of waiting.

“Hmm. “Good.”

After taking a sip of slowly brewed tea, the elder looked at one wall and said.

“okay. “Who sent you?”

There was no answer. However, the great elder knew that someone was hiding from the moment he entered his room.

“If you sneak into my room, I’ll give you little credit for your courage…”


An enormous amount of energy emanated from the Grand Elder’s body. At the same time, all the open doors and windows banged on their own! Thump thump! It closed with a sound.

The Great Elder stood up and spoke in a cold voice.

“You shouldn’t even think about going back in peace.”


The Grand Elder’s eyes turned green.

A terrifying energy wave swirled around the room. The long guns were flapping like crazy and an enormous pressure was pressing down on the room.

Coo coo coo coo!

That was the true face of Gongsun Hu, an absolute expert and poisonous blood demon who was said to be second to none in the world.

Even those who hid in the room and waited for him couldn’t help but be impressed by the sight.

“Cluck. “You’ve become stronger than you can tell.”

“Say it one more time. Come out here. “If you destroy my house with my own hands, you will neither die nor live.”

“He also has an impatient personality. “Wouldn’t it be okay to go out?”


The person who emerged from the darkness was a shabby-looking old man.

His back was hunched, his wrinkled face was full of age spots. The eyes were cloudy and the whites of the eyes were yellow.

“Kkkkkk… It’s been a while.”

The elder frowned at the appearance of an old man with a strange appearance.

“Do you know me?”

Manbaknoge smiled bitterly at the expected reaction.

“I don’t recognize you either. Well, a lot of time has passed…”

The elder increased his power even more. I don’t know who the old man was, but when I looked at him up close, his skills seemed formidable.

“conflict! Forget the silly puns. “Where did you send this guy?”

“…I won’t believe you even if I tell you a hundred words, so I’ll have to show you in person.”


A black mist-like energy flowed from the Manbaknogoi’s entire body.

Even within the Heavenly Demon Church, it is a martial art that only those of the Heavenly Family with a blessed constitution can learn.

It was a sign that appeared when the Heavenly Demon Divine Power was raised.


The Grand Elder screamed one word. He widened his eyes and looked at the Manbaknogoe.

Then, very slowly, I was able to recall the young and arrogant face of 100 years ago from the old and shabby face of the old man.


The great elder who was kneeling hit his forehead on the floor and shouted.

“Gongsun Hu meets the sect leader! “Please kill this idiot.”

Bang bang bang!

Blood flowed from the Elder’s forehead as he continued to pound the floor. He intentionally hurt himself.

Manpak Nogee approached and helped Daejangro stand up.

“Hey. stop. “It’s been 100 years since I saw it, but it’s natural that I don’t recognize it.”

“Church leader… Are you really the cult leader?”

The old man grinned, showing his yellow teeth.

“I heard that the current religious leader is my grandson. So, call me brother like you did when you were little.”

The two played together as children and learned martial arts together. The Chen family and the Gongsun family have had a close relationship since ancient times.

“older brother! “Why did you come now?”

Hot tears flowed from the elder’s eyes. The old man just smiled sheepishly.

“Cluck, click, click.”

“I’m glad you came now. Since you came, this war is like winning!”

An old man over 100 years old was happy like a child.

However, I couldn’t just like the Cheonma Cheonmugeuk of the Jeonjeon Dynasty.

…The Manbak Nogoe opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Can you do me a favor?”

[A Favor] End

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