Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 165


[Cheonghae Branch Head]

“Krrrrr…. “

The Heavenly Demon Cult’s black long clothes were completely stained with blood. However, most of the blood belonged to Murim warriors.

‘shit. ‘Why is the Heavenly Demon here?’

The great man held the Changcheonshinsword and Shalit in both hands. I was drooling from nervousness.


The enormous energy waves rushing around the body of the Heavenly Demon Cult created a whirlpool, and a thick layer of demonic energy flowed over the body, writhing as if alive.

His entire body and face were covered with demonic energy, and only the red glow of his eyes was visible on his face.

Anyone can see that it is not normal. The head of the Heavenly Demon Cult, who had become a madman, turned and started walking towards the great man.

“Krrr….” The


Demon Cult was barefoot. Bloody footprints were left on the path he walked. The left and right sides of the road were full of horribly torn human corpses.


Like an animal searching for prey, the Heavenly Demon Cult slowly approached the great man, sniffing its nose. Both hands hung limply on the ground and knees were slightly bent.

The great man looked closely at the appearance of the Heavenly Demon Cult, preparing to step out at any time.

‘You’re injured. ‘Quite a lot of that too.’

There were several stab wounds on his back and chest, and a grazed sword wound on his neck.

‘Besides, he’s not carrying a weapon.’

This may not be much consolation considering the fact that he tore so many warriors to death with his bare hands, but in any case, there were no weapons.

‘…It’s a little different than planned, but it might be better to subdue it here.’

The great man tightly held two swords, one in each hand, and prepared to fight.

“Who are you…?

At that time, a middle-aged man who was lying on one side barely raised his upper body and said.

The great man answered with his eyes still fixed on the Heavenly Demon Cult leader.

“I am the landlord of the Murim Alliance’s Destruction Demon Order. “What happened here?”

A middle-aged man with a pale expression widened his eyes.

“If you’re the Demon Master, you won the Dragonbong Secret Dance….”

“I don’t think there’s time to introduce myself in detail right now.”

“I’m sorry.”

The man hastily apologized. The position of the great man was much higher than that.

“So what’s the situation?”

“I was attacked by that monster. Everyone died. Chuhonchang Daehyup, Kunlun Samseong, Martial Sword, Noejeong, Daehyup….”

The people the middle-aged man was referring to were masters who were at least ranked among the top 100 masters.

Baek Ma-hon, Chief Chu Hon, was the head of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League and one of the world’s top ten masters.

“They all attacked together, but they couldn’t stop that one monster… Ugh…” The

middle-aged man held his head and trembled, as if he was afraid just thinking about it again.

The Heavenly Demon Cult slowly approached, as if still searching for a great person.


The man’s eyes looked at him calmly.

‘You got injured fighting against experts of that level.’

If so, you must be pretty tired now. It seemed like it would be worth dealing with.

Unless there are variables you don’t know about.

“Are there any other enemies?”

The middle-aged man shook his head in response to Daein’s question.

“doesn’t exist. “It was all done by that monster alone!”

Apparently, the middle-aged man didn’t know that the monster was the head of the Heavenly Demon Cult.

‘Well, not many people can imagine that the Cheonma, who has gone crazy due to the demonic magic, will attack this place alone. Did you run out alone?’

The great man decided to fight. When he aimed his sword, the Heavenly Demon Cult showed his teeth in displeasure and growled fiercely.

The middle-aged man who was watching this shouted.

“You can’t fight! Run away! This is not something you can deal with! At least I have to bring one of the three most powerful people in the world…”

The middle-aged man could not finish his sentence.


The middle-aged man’s head exploded. At the same time, the head of the Heavenly Demon Cult attacked the great man.

The great man held the Changcheonshin sword and Shalit in both hands and cut them down in succession.

-Go go go go!

As bare hands clashed with swords, loud noises erupted one after another. Daein frowned at the opponent’s attack, which was much stronger than expected.

“crazy. What kind of power….”


The moment the Heavenly Demon Cult roared, demonic energy exploded from his body. The great man was directly exposed to the storm of demonic energy.



A shock wave spread around the two people. The great man swung his sword and relieved the shock.

The Heavenly Demon Cult tenaciously attacked the great man like a wild beast aiming for the neck of its prey.


Once again, demonic energy exploded from the body of the Heavenly Demon Cultist. A storm of magical energy swept around.

That demonic energy also affected the great people.


Daein felt a tingling sensation on his skin. In particular, my right hand was tingling so badly that it was difficult to hold the sword properly.


The great man let go of the Changcheonshinsword he was holding in his right hand. The Changcheonshingeom fell to the floor.


The head of the Heavenly Demon Cult, who had seized the momentum, put even more pressure on the great man. Daein retreated and was only focused on defending himself.


Fingers wrapped around the river tore the Daein’s clothes.

The great man rolled to the side. He narrowly escaped serious injury, but a handful of flesh was torn off his side.


The Heavenly Demon Cult licked the blood droplets that had formed on his finger with his tongue.

The great man said, glaring at him with a pale face.

“Is it delicious?”


He grinned, baring his teeth at the Heavenly Demon Cult leader who was approaching with an ugly smile. And he quietly snapped his fingers.

“I’ll let you eat something more delicious soon.”


At that moment, the Heavenly Demon Cult hurriedly turned around and waved his arms.

The Changcheonshingeom, which Daein thought had dropped on the floor, was flying towards his back.


Daein deliberately pretended to be on the defensive, drawing the attention of the Heavenly Demon Cult, and in the meantime secretly used the Igieo Sword to control the Changcheon God Sword.


The Changcheon God Sword and the hands of the Heavenly Demon Cult clashed, and the Heavenly Demon Cult was pushed back.

As if he had been waiting, the great man pounced from behind him.


Go go go go!

It was also the first time for Daein to use a sword and a sword at the same time. The great man wielded the sword with his hand with extreme concentration and at the same time controlled the Changcheon God Sword with his will.


The Changcheon Divine Sword trembled and resonated with the great man’s will. As time passed, I became accustomed to using swordsmanship and swordsmanship at the same time.

As time went by, the number of wounds on the Heavenly Demon Cult’s body increased.


However, the Heavenly Demon Cult leader was also an absolute expert. When faced with a crisis, the body, which had been left to its instincts like an animal, began to use proper herbivory.


The long wind loaded with enormous experience pushed the great man away, and the arm loaded with water force threw away the Changcheon Divine Sword.


The Heavenly Demon Cult Master, who had shaken off both the Great Man and the Changcheon God Sword, looked up at the sky and roared. Demon energy exploded from his body again.


This time the scale was much larger than before. The exploded magic energy soared into the sky and pierced the clouds.

It meant that the heart disease was getting worse.


The great man stepped back, massaging his numb right hand with his left. He took out a potion from his bag.

The great man grumbled as he hurriedly treated his wounds.

“I guess that’s not a Heavenly Demon, but a Super Saiyan.”

After a while, the rampaging demonic energy calmed down. And the head of the Heavenly Demon Cult appeared again within it.


He was in a different state than before. The eyes were no longer engulfed by demonic energy and had lost their senses.

‘Have I come back to my senses?’

The great man raised his sword and aimed it at the Heavenly Demon. The Heavenly Demon looked at the great man with indifferent eyes.

“…bantling. “What’s your name?”

A chilling voice full of life. But it was clearly a human language. It meant that, unlike before, he was thinking properly.

The great man answered briefly.


At that moment, the Heavenly Demon Cult’s eyebrows twitched.

Landlord. It was the name I heard most often from spies who had recently infiltrated the Murim Alliance.

“You are the one with the mad nickname Pacheongeomje.”

“Do you think it will soon change to that nickname?”

The great man floated the Changcheonshingeom above his head. At the same time, he held the shalit tightly with both hands and assumed the stance of the broken sword.



Neither of them could move easily.

From the brief clash just before, they felt that the other was not easy on the other.

‘My body is a mess. Will I be able to kill him and return to the school safely?’

‘You’re much stronger than you think. Without the help of the magic sealing barrier…’

‘Why did the wounds on his body disappear?’

‘If you look weak here, it’s the end. Let’s hold on for now.’

‘This is someone who will suffer great harm if left alive. Should I go out of my way to kill him?’

‘How many artifacts are there that can be used right now?’

The two people were glaring at each other and making various calculations.

The sound of a lion’s hood heard from afar broke the tense standoff between the two.

“Big man-! “Just wait a moment!”

Cheongun was running towards me with a terrifying force. Instead of hiding the momentum of a top-notch expert, he ran forward, displaying his strength as if he was protesting.


The head of the Heavenly Demon Church frowned as he looked towards Cheongun. Two. Injuries were a concern to deal with.

Naturally, the calculations were in favor of retreating.

“bantling. “You’re lucky.”

“I need some.”

“This will be the last time.”

With those words, the Heavenly Demon Cult leader turned around. The great man did not chase him. I stood in place and quietly watched my back shrinking.


“You! “Are you okay?”

Cheongwoon arrived next to Daein and found the Celestial Demon Cult leader running away. Daein caught Cheongun, who was about to chase after him.

“Don’t chase me.”

“I think the author is already seriously injured. “Whoever chases after me and catches me right away…”


The man collapsed on the floor. The tension was relieved in an instant and a sigh escaped me.


“You? “Are you hurt somewhere?”

“I’m feeling fine, but I’m exhausted.”

It was the first time I had used the Igigeo sword to this extent in actual combat. The mental fatigue was enormous.

After confirming that the presence of the Heavenly Demon Cult had completely disappeared, the Great Man shook his head.

“I’m glad I escaped from there. “If that person had decided, we might all have died here.”

“No way…”

Daein showed the diagram of hell drawn by Cheonma to Cheongun, who could not easily believe it.


A scream came out of Cheongun’s mouth.


“I can’t believe that Daehyeop Chuhonchang passed away…”

Cheongun looked at the body with a devastated expression.

Chuhonchang Baekmahon.

The head of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League and one of the world’s top ten masters had turned into a gruesomely mangled body.

It wasn’t just Chuhonchang.

The leaders of the Cheonghae branch and the most elite experts have all died.

“Ha, it was just a moment. “Something black climbed over the wall and went straight to where the branch leader was…”

Cheongun gathered the surviving warriors and listened to their testimonies.

It was said that about an hour ago, something black came running at great speed from the direction of the Heavenly Demon Church.

The warriors of the Cheonghae branch tried to stop them by firing iron bows, but the black mass quickly jumped over the wall and came inside.

“It wasn’t even a fight. It was just slaughter…”

The black mass of the Heavenly Demon Cult crossed through the Cheonghae branch, slaughtering warriors at random. The place he was aiming for was the residence of Chuhonchang Baekmahon.

“At that time, all the leaders were having a meeting at the residence of the Great Council of Chu Honchang…”

The Celestial Demon Cult attacked the place where dozens of masters, including the world’s top ten and hundreds of masters, were located.

It is said that at first, the Cheonghae branch leaders were more embarrassed than angry at the situation.

“How dare you tell me where this is!”

“The demonic bastard has gone overboard!”


It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t think the other person was a thousand miles away.

A fight broke out immediately, with an outcome that no one could have imagined.

“That man was not a human, he was a monster!”

Sibi, who was running errands inside the conference hall and survived the scene because she was weak, trembled and said.

It is said that in that fight, only Chu Honchang and Kunlun Samseong inflicted injuries on the Heavenly Demon Cult leader, and the rest did nothing but waste time.

“If he hadn’t come, we would all have died.”

Shibi bowed towards Daein. It wasn’t just one person. All the people whose lives were saved thanks to Daein bowed their heads and expressed their gratitude.

“Great! “Thanks to you, I survived.”

“How should I repay this favor…”

The great man nodded roughly. It was decided to charge the cost of the potion to the Murim Alliance later.

Cheongun sighed and said.

“Among the remaining people, who has the highest rank?”

On one side, a timid-looking man raised his hand. The man said while looking at me.

“It’s called Zhuge Bridge.”

He was a man in his 30s from the Zhuge Dynasty and was dispatched to the Cheonghae branch in the role of a soldier, not a warrior.

“hmm. “You must be a soldier…”

Cheongwoon groaned without realizing it.

The highest-ranking person among those who survived was a soldier, not a warrior. ‘The brains of Zhuge soldiers are essential for war, but

it is difficult to lead rough warriors…’

No, it’s almost impossible.

It was difficult for a man with weak martial skills to be recognized in martial arts.

‘The warriors will not follow my orders.’

Zhuge Jiao also knew about Qingyun’s worries. He was a man who knew his stuff.

“I cannot command the Cheonghae branch as I am of low military skill.”

“What do you mean. According to the command system, Zhuge Daehyup should lead the warriors of the Cheonghae branch.”

Qingyun tried to encourage him, but Zhuge Qiao shook his head with a stern expression.

“This is an emergency. More important than the command system is stopping the demonic cult. And I’m not the right person for the job.”

Zhuge Qiao walked forward. Everyone’s eyes were focused on his movements.

“The person who will lead us at a time like this must be an expert with strong martial arts skills. It must also be a chivalrous association that values the lives of its subordinates.”

Everyone’s eyes followed Zhuge Qiao and turned to Daein.


Daein was puzzled by the sudden gazes directed at him. Zhuge Qiao came up in front of him and said.


Zhuge Qiao hid and watched everything.

It depicts a great man fighting as an equal against the monster-like man, and after the fight, he takes out a mysterious elixir and generously treats the injured.

‘It’s an elixir that heals wounds instantly. I’ve never heard of anything like that in my life. Surely one drop is worth a thousand gold.’

The great man generously gave such elixirs. There were at least dozens of people whose lives were saved thanks to their help.

Even if I saw it for the first time today, how could I not follow my lifesaver with all my heart!

Zhuge Qiao politely said goodbye to Daein.

“Please take charge of the Cheonghae branch on behalf of the deceased Chu Honchang Daehyup and prevent the spread of the Demonic Cult!”

As if they had made a promise, the surviving warriors of the Cheonghae branch also took up arms and spoke.

“Pacheongeomje! Lead us!”

“Let’s stop the demonic cult together!”

Most of the surviving warriors of the Cheonghae branch pleaded with Daein.

They either saw Daein fighting the Heavenly Demon Cult leader from afar, or their lives were saved thanks to Daein.

“…Me? why?”

Daein blinked at the sudden situation and asked, pointing at himself with his finger.

In fact, Daein was thinking about something else for a moment.

While reminiscing about the fight with the Heavenly Demon Cult leader, he was also thinking about why he suddenly invaded here.

Zhuge Qiao said with a confident face.

“The only person who can take charge of this position, whether in terms of martial arts or character, is Master Pacheon!”


The great man did not answer right away. Because understanding the situation came first.

After a while, the great man slowly opened his mouth.

“But there are procedures and you will have to get permission from the leader…”

The head of the Murim League branch has great power. With a single word, he had the power to mobilize warriors of all clans in the area.

In particular, the head of the Cheonghae branch was the second most powerful person in times of war after the Murim lord.

In normal times, no matter how expert a person was, he would not have been able to become a branch leader through martial arts alone.

But now it is literally an emergency.

“Don’t worry. I will write and upload the documents myself. The issues at hand are even more urgent now!”

Among those who survived in the Cheonghae branch, the highest-ranking soldier appealed to Daein, and other warriors also pleaded.

The great man’s head turned quickly. There was no need to think for long.

What the Heavenly Demon Cult leader said was right. Daein was lucky.

‘Things are going to go well, but it happens because of Cheonma.’

“Hmm. Then there’s nothing I can do.”

Daein nodded, pretending not to be able to win.

“In that case, I will temporarily command the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League.”


With the cheers of the warriors, Daein became the leader of the Murim League and the head of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League.

[Cheonghae Branch Head] End

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