Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 170


[There is no business in Daguri (4)-More right they say? ]


The black power that stretched out from the hand of the Heavenly Demon Cult shattered one of the Murim Alliance’s guard posts.

But there was no one there. There were just a few scarecrows holding swords rolling around on the ground.

“Damn it…”

The leader gritted his teeth and glared at the shattered remains. As he nervously swung his arms, black energy erupted from his hands and devastated the surrounding area.


Even though the entire guard post was reduced to dust, the leader’s anger did not subside.

“How many times has this happened already!”

Wherever the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church attacked, especially the leader himself, they were all in vain.

I don’t know how the enemies knew, but they always dodged one step ahead. Instead, all that was there were poorly made scarecrows and all sorts of traps.

Even now, on one side, warriors from the Heavenly Demon Church who had fallen into a pit were coming up with the help of their comrades.

Luckily, no one died, but there were quite a few warriors who were unable to fight for a while due to injuries.

The cult leader glared at them and growled.

“Pathetic guys. “They didn’t even fight a decent battle…”


The warriors bowed their heads at the cool look in the religious leader’s eyes.

In fact, they were unfair. What they fell into was not a simple trap, but a trap cleverly disguised with magic. Even quite a few experts couldn’t notice it.

However, in the eyes of the religious leader, they only seemed like useless people who had fallen into a trivial trap.

‘Damn it. How many days has it been already?’

The Church of the Heavenly Demon, which declared its conquest of Wulin and moved south, was only following behind its enemies.

On the other hand, the small number of troops of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League thoroughly engaged in guerrilla warfare.

‘After setting up a trap at the guard post like this, without fail…’

Sure enough. The ominous prediction was correct.

“Master! “It’s an attack from the rear!”

Whi profit!

The moment the subordinate’s report was heard, the leader turned into a single black line and rushed to the back of the troops.

After a while, the leader was able to spot the insects of the Murim League running away.


The leader shouted and waved his hand. The black steel that stretched out from his hand like a stick of taffy struck the rear of the fleeing warriors.

At that moment, one person turned around and swung his sword. Blue-black steel soared from his sword.


A shock wave spread along with the explosion. The leader shouted, glaring at the other person.


“Do you see me often these days?”

After answering like that, the great man swung his sword and let out strong energy. Then he turned around and started running.

“You bastard! “Do you know how to miss it?”

The Heavenly Demon Cult tried to chase the great man. But from then on, all kinds of traps and magic began to hinder him.


A rock tumbled down and a tree suddenly moved, blocking the path. An earthen wall also rose from the ground.

“Something like a hex!”


The cult leader’s demonic energy exploded from his body and swept the surroundings. Rocks are breaking, trees are falling apart, and earthen walls are crumbling! It exploded.

Dust rose several meters high and obscured the view. And when the dust had settled, the great man had disappeared without a trace.

The Heavenly Demon Cult’s eyes were bloodshot.

“This guy again…!”

It was definitely in front of here just a moment ago. Although it was not visible to the eye, the leader sensed the presence of the great man and was clearly following behind.

But then it suddenly disappeared! It’s as if it was never here to begin with!


The leader gritted his teeth and looked around. It felt like blood was flowing out of my red, bloodshot eyes.



I was confident that if I faced that brat head-on, I would snap its neck in an instant.

But he avoided direct confrontation.

It always attacked the rear or logistics units of the Heavenly Demon Church, and when chased, it used clever magic to hide itself.

The leader felt like a fool.

“Pacheongeomje-! “Are you still an unmanned person after all this?”


Demon energy burst out from the body of the Heavenly Demon Cult leader. Red light flowed from both eyes. The magic that had reached the brain made it easy to lose one’s cool, and the desire to kill dyed one’s mind red.

“I will definitely kill you! certainly-!!”

The roar of the Heavenly Demon resounded loudly throughout the mountains and rivers. He destroyed everything in sight.


“Hwiyu. “The medicine has really kicked in.”

The great man whistled as he looked at the Heavenly Demon Cult, whose demonic energy was blooming steadily from several kilometers away.

In his right hand, he held a torn scroll of short-distance space travel.

The great man looked around and muttered.

“Somehow I got this far…”

A week has passed since the conflict between the Heavenly Demon Church and the Murim Alliance began in earnest.

In the meantime, Daein led the Destruction Demon Corps to block the advance of the Heavenly Demon Church as much as possible.

Aiming at the rear, attacking the enemy’s logistics and trapping them, they wasted time. Thanks to the many collaborators, the work was very easy.

[This is a chick! Did the eagle escape safely? Answer!]

“This is the eagle. okay. “I pulled it off well.”

[Good luck!]

Lily’s voice of relief was heard from the other side of the communicator. The great man laughed and said.

“Don’t worry about me, just take care of yourself. Are you ready?”

[It’s all over from before!]

“Okay. Then slowly…”

The great man turned his head again and saw the Heavenly Demon running wild in the place where he had disappeared.


“father! “Stop it!”

Even though his own son, So Jyoju, came, he was destroying the surrounding landmarks at will.

“Pacheongeomje! Where are you! Hahahahaha!”

‘I’m getting more and more crazy. It would be dangerous if we took any more time.’

Over the past few days, Daein has been getting on the nerves of the Heavenly Demon Cult and has continued to provoke him. To hate and obsess over yourself.

The task was easier than expected. Because the current Heavenly Demon Cult leader was almost out of his mind. In fact, it was still quite close.

‘They must be anxious because they can’t eat me anymore.’

“Pa-cheon-sword-je-! “If you don’t come out right now, I’ll kill you all!”

Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Just by looking at him destroying everything around him to the point where the terrain changed, I could see how insane the leader was.

[I don’t think this side can handle it any longer.]

To put it mildly, it was to the point where the leader of the Little League sent a communication first.

Daein also agreed with that statement. Now it was time to put the plan into action.

‘It’s a pity that the master hasn’t come yet…’

The old man who said he would come in two days has not contacted me even after a week.

Since the war had already started, I couldn’t go pick him up.

“If you don’t have teeth, you have to fill them with gums.”

Fortunately, my gums were pretty strong. Daein turned on the ear microphone and spoke.

“iced coffee. everyone. Can you hear me?”

[This is Cheongun. I can hear you well.]

[…I’m Cheon Mu-jin. I can hear you well.]

[Huh. This is really amazing.]

[Here is a chick!]

Cheongun Sogyoju Geomseong and Lily answered in order. The great man said.

“From now on, we will begin Operation [Cheonma Daguri]. “You know what it is, so I don’t have to explain it twice, right?”

I heard an answer from everyone that they understood.

Daein measured the remaining distance to the canyon. Inside the canyon, the world’s three most powerful creatures were waiting, their presence in sight dead.

“Then, players. “Please wait.”

The great man waited a moment more and jumped down.


He shouted as he ran toward the rampaging Heavenly Demon Cult leader.

“hey! “Heavenly Demon Cult!”

The Heavenly Demon turned his head and glared at the great man. The great man shouted, waving his hand happily.

“Did you find me by any chance?”

“Yes no om…!”

The moment he saw Daein’s smiling face, the last string holding on to the religious leader’s reason was snapped.

The head of the Heavenly Demon Cult roared like an animal and rushed at the great man.


The demonic energy that surged from his body spread out in all directions. The demonic energy and the strong energy mixed together as one, crushing and destroying everything.


“…Be brutal.”

After swallowing dry saliva, the great man immediately turned around and ran towards the canyon. The Heavenly Demon chased after him at incredible speed.

Although he had a relaxed expression on the outside, a ray of cold sweat trickled down his back.


A young man and two middle-aged people were sitting casually on a rock.

Among them, a sharp-looking middle-aged man carrying five spears on his back spoke.

“Brothers. “Here he comes.”

At those words, the large middle-aged man who had been lying on his side and picking his ears turned his head.

I felt two strong energy approaching at great speed from afar.

“Tsk tsk. That guy indeed. “It looks like he’s running and his feet are sweating.”

The Tao King adjusted his posture, sat up straight, and draped the Tao that was lying next to him over his shoulder.

Daowang frowned as he felt the demonic energy emanating from the Heavenly Demon. As the presence of the Heavenly Demon got closer, his expression became increasingly hard.

“I didn’t know this when I only heard about it…”


Even an absolute expert who has lived for hundreds of years and overcome all kinds of chaos has never experienced such formidable demonic energy and life.


As the Heavenly Demon’s presence got closer, the strength of the Tao King’s hand holding the Dao Sect increased.

After a while, the image of a great man and a devil chasing him was seen.

“What is that…”

The Heavenly Demon Cult leader, who was following behind, no longer had a human form. It was a giant about 3 meters tall, surrounded by demonic energy.

Not only did the overflowing demonic energy cover its entire body like armor, it also jumped on all fours like an animal. It opened its ferocious mouth wide and roared.


An eerie red light flashed from both eyes. The great man who was being narrowly chased in front of him had his clothes torn here and there.

The expressions of Dowang and Sinchang hardened.

“If you do that, that guy will get hurt.”

“…We should help.”

At that time, Geomsung, who was quietly meditating with his eyes closed, spoke.

“Brothers. “Stay still.”

“large. Can you say that even after looking at that? If you’re not careful, that monster…”

“Why do you think the Sword Emperor’s disciple told us to wait here?”

“That’s right…”

The king didn’t really know the reason. In fact, he was distracted when Daein explained this plan.

“I wonder if the Heavenly Demon will notice our presence and take precautions. “If we reveal our presence now, the Heavenly Demon may not come here and may retreat.”

“large. But…”

“I know what you’re worried about. “Are you worried about what will happen if that child dies at the hands of the Heavenly Demon, just like Brother Namgung?”



The two old men were silent. Geomseong slowly opened his eyes and smiled at his younger siblings.

“But see. “Aren’t we almost there already while we’re talking?”

Geomseong stood up and grabbed his sword.

His gaze turned to the great man and the Heavenly Demon following behind him. Both were now almost entering the canyon.

Daein sent a signal through the communicator.



Geomseong threw his sword into the sky. The sword imbued with his will roughly clawed at the cliffs on both sides of the canyon.


One side of the cliff collapsed and a pile of stones poured out. It fell straight onto the heads of the Great Man and the Heavenly Demon.

At that moment, Daein tore up the last remaining teleportation scroll.


The moment the great man’s body moved several kilometers in an instant and left the spot, he shouted,


The Heavenly Demon roared as he looked at the pile of stones falling over his head.

Quang! Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Falling rocks fell like a shower. It seemed like hundreds and thousands of lightning bolts struck the ground at the same time.

After the earth-shattering roar finally subsided, a huge stone tomb was piled up in its place.

“You’re not dead, are you?”

“He’s not that easy of a guy.”

“Still, I think I had bruises all over my body.”

Cheonha Samjeol walked towards the stone tomb while talking a lot.


The center of the stone tomb exploded, and the Heavenly Demon Cult erupted from within.


With a painful roar, the Heavenly Demon Cult looked around. He found the great man.

However, the great man was not even visible without his nose. Instead, he was surrounded by humans who each had a formidable spirit.

Geomseong asked on behalf of the Three Worlds of the World.

“Are you going to come to your senses? Or will you come to your senses after being hit more?”

There was no need to hear an answer. The Heavenly Demon spewed out magical energy from his entire body and rushed at the Sword Saint.

[No business in Daguri (4) – Want more? ]End

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