Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 171


[No business in Daguri (5) – Return of the Heavenly Demon ]

Rumble- Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwang!

The sound of the canyon collapsing could be heard hundreds of miles away. Thunder and lightning struck and a series of loud noises sounded as if the world was collapsing.


When something like a natural disaster occurred, the warriors became anxious.

“Nothing to be surprised! “Stay where you are!”

Cheongun walked around and calmed down the frightened warriors.

Thanks to his presence protecting the main camp, the warriors of the Cheonghae Murim Alliance have been able to fight against the Heavenly Demon Church without running away.

‘It looks like it’s started.’

Cheongun turned his head and looked in the direction where the roar was coming from.

A canyon surrounded by strangely shaped cliffs. An explosion erupted from within and light exploded.

Pow! Burbububbung!

Various types of light burst out between the huge clouds of dust.

‘The pure white light is Master. The bright yellow light is amazing. ‘Is it Shinchang’s martial arts skill that changes color so drastically?’

Cheongwoon recalled the three days of the world’s three most powerful seasons and imagined the battle going on inside. My hands naturally gained strength.

‘I want to see it with my own eyes!’

Cheongun wanted to go into the canyon and learn the martial arts of the world’s best and the martial arts of the Heavenly Demon, who was so powerful that all three people had to come forward.

But a strong sense of responsibility held him back. Cheongun sighed softly.

“…Since the three of you have stepped forward, it would be best for me to lead the warriors from here.”

Originally, Daein intended to include Cheongun in the battle of the canyon.

However, with all three world powers taking action, there was no need for Cheongun to step forward.

To be more precise….

‘My martial arts skills will only be a hindrance to the three of you.’

Cheongun smiled bitterly. Even though he was praised as a genius of the past, he was still just a child compared to the world’s three greatest warriors.


Cheongwoon was so angry at that fact that he clenched his fists.

Lately, I’ve often thought about wanting to become stronger.

The reason was because of one special friend.

“I am here, and you are there fighting with my master.”

Although it was a little bit, I was angry. Since meeting Daein, Cheongun often felt that way.

I felt that I did not have the talent, both martially and personally, to be defeated by a great person.

‘Why did heaven give birth to me and my landlord in the same era?’

I was so jealous that I even had those thoughts.

However, Cheongwoon was not the type of person who was blinded by jealousy and hated or distorted others. Rather, jealousy was the fuel that made him grow further.

“…One day I will catch up with you.”

With that promise, Cheongwoon turned his head away from the canyon.

While the Three Heavenly Kings and Daein were fighting the Heavenly Demon, he had something else to do.

It was something that had to be dealt with before the main force of the Murim Alliance arrived.

“The Exterminator Order will follow me, and the rest will wait here.”

Cheongwoon led the Destruction Demon Troupe to the headquarters of the Heavenly Demon Church.

After a while, the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who discovered them drew their weapons and shouted.

“They are the Murim League!”

Cheongun raised his hand, showing that he had no intention of fighting.

“Is Master Xiao here? “I would like to speak with you as the representative of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League.”

While the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church and the members of the Extermination Demon Church were in a standoff, the leader of the Heavenly Demon Church appeared with the elders after a while.


Su Jiaoju’s expression was dark. Cheongun thought it must be because of his father and sent a message.

[The leader will be safe. We may have to wait a while to preserve the space, but…]

[Thank you, but it was a consolation. Let’s do what needs to be done first.]

Cheongwoon nodded and spoke in a voice.

“This is Cheongwoon, acting head of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League. “I am Bio, proposing peace to the Heavenly Demon Church with the authority given to me by the branch leader!”

The warriors of the Murim Alliance who followed Cheongun and the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who lined up behind Sogyoju opened their eyes in surprise.


“Do you mean to surrender?”

“You ignorant bastard. “That doesn’t mean we should stop fighting.”


The murmur between the warriors on both sides grew louder.


It was a word that had never been used in a political war in history.

Everyone waited for Su Jiaoju’s answer. Depending on the answer, the history of Moorim could change.

Su Jiaoju opened his mouth.

“Make a place. I will talk to the guests. And I will ban all fighting until the story is over!”

While the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church were embarrassed and unable to answer, it was the elder who shouted.

“What are you doing! “Can’t you hear Master Xiao’s command?”

“Oh yeah!”

In this way, the war between Jeongma and Daejeon entered into a brief truce.

And after a while, Cheongyun and Su Jiaoju sat facing each other in the tent.

For some reason, the two men had similar expressions.

Cheongwoon said with a grin.

“In the end, all the troublesome work is ours.”

“That’s right.”

Although this was their first time meeting each other, a strange feeling of kinship flowed between them.

It’s still rumbling outside! A series of loud noises were heard.

Cheongun said.

“Let’s talk slowly. “I don’t think the fight will end until evening.”

“That’s right. Would you like to have a drink?”


“By the way, how old are you? “I think he’s a little younger than me.”

“hmm? What are you talking about? “I think there are probably more of you…”

“Let’s look at the Hoppae.”

Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

With the loud roar still ringing outside, the two men used the sound as snacks to talk about various things.


The body of the Heavenly Demon Cult flew off and crashed into the cliff.


The Heavenly Demon Cult, who had been pushed deep into the cliff, immediately got up like a roly-poly and attacked again.


Seeing that his momentum had not diminished at all, the Three Heavenly Fathers frowned.

“That guy. “I’m in good spirits.”

The King of Dao grunted and raised his physical strength again. Crackle crackle over his body! The electric current jumped.


A yellow river of water spewed out from the sword the Tao King swung. It was his signature technique, Byeokryeokdobeop.

The Heavenly Demon also waved his arm against him. The magical energy overflowing throughout his body stretched and swung like a whip.


An explosion occurred in the air, and the king’s body was pushed backwards. He wiped the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“…Tsk. “I don’t know how long it’s been since I last tasted blood.”

For a moment, the spirit of fighting appeared in the King of Dao’s eyes. Although he has become much more mellow now that he is older, his other favorite hobby during his time on active duty was dog fighting.

“Come at me, you monster!”



The Heavenly Demon and the King of Dao collided head-on. The debris from the river that flew in all directions changed the topography of the canyon.

As time passed, the King of Dao showed his inferiority. He was an absolute master who could cut down mountains with a single sword, but the Heavenly Demon in front of him was a monster who could take his sword with his bare body.

Xinchang looked at that and sighed.

“Tsk. Brother, you should also consider your age. “How long will it continue to rage like a thunderbolt?”

“It’s my fight, don’t get involved!”

“I don’t want to.”

Shinchang joined the fight with a cold voice. He threw the spear in his hand at the Heavenly Demon.


The powerfully spun spear flew like a beam of light and aimed at the Heavenly Demon’s chest.


The Heavenly Demon swung his arm and threw the spear aside. But Shinchang’s attack was only just beginning.

“Please keep receiving it.”

Shinchang threw the remaining four spears in succession. Every time his arm moved, it felt like a laser was shooting out.

Pow! Pow! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

The spear flew through the space and aimed at the Cheonma’s shoulders, arms, thighs and legs.

The Heavenly Demon frantically moved his body and struck away the spear. The spear he struck flew into the cliff.


One side of the canyon collapsed again. Nature suffered from the battle between superhumans.


When Shinchang snapped his fingers, the spears that had been thrown out returned to him. Xinchang frowned and said.

“…He is a monster that should not exist in royalties.”

“cadet. “Move aside.”

Geomseong, who had been stepping back for a moment, stepped forward. The sword that left his hand pierced the Heavenly Demon’s shoulder.

Pooh wow!

Blood surged into the air and the Heavenly Demon’s body swayed. The King of Dao did not miss the opportunity and rushed at the Heavenly Demon. His whole body was tinged with lightning.


Shinchang also threw and recovered spears one after another. His arms moved constantly.

Pow! Pow! Bubble bubbling!

As the fight continued, the gigantic magic energy surrounding the Heavenly Demon’s body diminished little by little.

Geomseong sighed and said.

“Whew. “I can barely see the end.”

At that moment, a huge amount of magical energy exploded from the Heavenly Demon’s body. A storm of demon energy struck the three people.


“Everyone be careful!”

The world’s three most powerful fighters each raised their self-defense skills and spread their footwork to escape the range of the explosion.

A moment later, a monster as tall as 5 meters stood there.


The cult leader’s face was so covered with demonic energy that I couldn’t even see it anymore.

“Is that really a person?…”

The monster let out a long cry. As he swung his abnormally long arm, dozens of streams completely collapsed on one side of the canyon.


The Three World Wars narrowly avoided that attack. However, Daowang, who was closest to Cheonma, suffered a serious injury to his back.

“cadet! “Are you okay?”

“Ugh…. It’ll be okay if I just put some saliva on this thing!”

“Stop bragging and stay back!”

Geomseong grabbed the back of the Dao King and threw him far away. And then he faced the monster that had become gigantic head on.

The Sword Saint’s sword and the Heavenly Demon’s claws collided and sparks flew. Geomsung was pushed further and further back.


Unlike the Sword Saint whose internal power and stamina were gradually being depleted, the magic energy emitted by the Heavenly Demon actually became more and more enlarged.

In proportion to that, the vitality felt by the Heavenly Demon was gradually decreasing.

Geomsung looked up at the monster with a sad expression.

“…Are you fighting by burning the rest of your life? “Do you really have to do this?”


The Heavenly Demon just roared, with red light shining from its eyes.


Above the canyon.

The great man was watching the battle of the world’s three greatest warriors while using [Stealth].

‘…crazy. ‘What kind of martial arts is that?’

The Heavenly Demon was much stronger than I thought. If I were alone, I wouldn’t have dared to deal with him.

‘Originally, the plan was to go and absorb demonic energy after the three heavenly demons were half-killed…’ In addition, the

three heavenly demons that were believed were being pushed back, and there was also a problem with the plan to absorb demonic energy.

[I don’t want to eat that.]

The anglerfish that appeared on the great man’s right hand swayed its pudding-like body from side to side.

Even if Daein tried to persuade me, it was no use.

‘Why don’t you want to eat it?’

[If I eat it, I will have an upset stomach.]

Agwi answered firmly.

When I asked him if he was going to die just because he had an upset stomach, the monkfish bobbed its body up and down.

[huh. You could die.]

‘…Then you can’t do that.’

Inevitably, we had no choice but to revise the plan. The Great Man turned his head again and looked at the Heavenly Demon and the Three Worlds.


They were fighting, destroying the entire canyon. If there had been any life around, it would have been a terrible disaster in itself.


As time passed, the size of the Heavenly Demon grew bigger and bigger. It went from 5 meters to 7 meters to 8 meters and almost 10 meters in the blink of an eye.

That thing could no longer be called a Heavenly Demon. It was a monster that had been eaten by the mind and completely lost its sense of self.

“…I can’t help it.”

The great man made a decision. Looking at the old man’s face, I tried not to kill him if possible, but I couldn’t hesitate in a situation like this.

‘Kill the guy.’

The man’s eyes calmed down. I moved my body slowly, maximizing my concealment.

‘It’s done once.’

I was thinking of jumping off the top of the gorge and killing him in one fell swoop while he only cared about the world and the world.

The great man held his breath and waited for the right moment.

However, the opportunity for Daein to step forward never came.


Along with the familiar sound of laughter, something passed by at a speed that was difficult for even adults to perceive.


It soon hit the monster’s head hard.


The monster that was stuck on the floor immediately tried to raise itself like a roly-poly. However, the opponent did not tolerate it.

“Hey. “Don’t fuss and just stay calm.”

Quang! Quang! Boom boom boom boom!

As he swung his fists one after another, the magical energy that made up the monster’s body burst out like a balloon.

The demonic force ran wild and tried to claw at him, but the same energy flowed from the other person’s body and canceled out the attack.

“Cluck. “It’s refreshing to be outside after such a long time.”

The voice was just as Daein remembered.

But everything else had changed.

A tall, muscular body comparable to that of the King of Dao.

Thick lines, a fierce look, and thick eyebrows.

And her red hair, which reached down to her waist, blew wildly in the wind.


The man who had knocked the monster to the floor looked back.

The Three Worlds were looking up at him with blank faces.

“Cluck. Babies. It’s been a while.”

[No Business in Daguri (5)-Return to the Heavenly Demon] End

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