Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 174


[The best (rental) person in the world]

Yayulgi a long time ago I thought from

‘I may not have enough fame, but my martial arts skills are never inferior to the best in the world.’

The Three Days of the World are merely symbolic entities.

A legend that is 100 years old. It was nothing more than a remnant of its former glory, endlessly glorified.

‘Even if you defeat Samjeol with martial arts, you will only be criticized for damaging the legend, not the honor of being the best in the world.’

That was the hypocrisy of political faction members.

On the inside, they want to rule over others, but on the outside, they care about things like respect and courtesy.

When they meet, most people first check who is higher in rank, and if they are less skilled than the other person, they spread mean rumors behind their backs.

‘But I am different. I got to this point with just my two fists.’

Yayulgi was the successor to the Myeongwangjeon, which is passed down through one-person tradition. From the time he appeared in Gangho at the age of Gye-sang, his martial arts skills were overwhelming, but unfortunately, the martial arts world where he was born and worked was too peaceful compared to the past.

During this peaceful era, Ya Yul-gi earned the title of King Gwon and ascended to the position of Murim lord.

But Yayulgi’s ambition did not end there. He wanted higher ground.

Ya Yulgi took the cardinal pose of the Emperor of Heaven and looked at the young warrior standing in front of him.


The attitude of the guy who seemed relaxed even when he was standing face to face with me really irritated me.

‘I liked your spirit so much that I even gave you a nickname…’

I knew from the beginning that it was a tiger cub. However, he had no idea that it was a big enough tiger to threaten him.

Yayulgi warned, clenching his fists tightly.

“You’d better be prepared.”

Tens of thousands of people were watching. Among them, there were three days of the world. Yayulgi planned to clearly demonstrate his skills at this event.

That is, if Pacheon Geomje has the ability to pull it off.

“If you’re both ready, let’s get started.”

As soon as the swordsman finished speaking, Yayuki stepped forward boldly.

“You’d better surrender before it’s too late.”


Yayulgi unfolded the Myeongwangbo and extended his right fist forward. The formidable career of the herbivore known as Myeongwang Jincheon swept across the front like a tempest.


The wind pressure alone caused by King Gwon was enough to push a person’s body. The warriors were amazed by the formidable force.

“As expected, King of Power!”

“The best magistrate in the world!”

Exclamations of exclamation erupted from all directions. Even the Three Worlds looked quite surprised.

But the great man did not move from his spot. He watched King of Fist until the end with a calm expression.

‘Can I do it?’

This was an attack that I would have avoided without even thinking about before coming to Murim.

But it’s different now.

After coming to Wulin, Daein met Manbaknogoe, learned martial arts, acquired the skills left by Geomwang, and saw Pacheonmu shown by Geomseong.

A time of just a few months.

However, Daein’s martial arts skills were much deeper than before. Now, it was difficult for me to know exactly what level I was at.

So, I thought I would check it out.


As I concentrated my mind, I could clearly read the King’s attack. The great man drew his sword and swung it like a thunderbolt.


Myeongwang Jincheon’s herbalism was destroyed, and his career was scattered everywhere.


I could see Yayulgi’s expression with his eyes wide open. The great man stepped on the Pacheon Shinbo and advanced, stabbing the Changcheon Shin Sword.


A thrust like a flash attack was blocked by King Kwon’s forearm. But Daein was not disappointed.

Rather, a gentle smile appeared on his lips.

‘Is it worth a try?’

Before I knew it, my annoyance disappeared and interest arose. Originally, I wanted to do more of what I was good at.

‘Let’s try one more time.’

The great man quickly thrust his sword again. This time in succession.


Yayulgi raised his arm and blocked Daein’s attack. A shallow wound was left on his forearm, equivalent to a diamond Buddha ingot.

“What nonsense!”

The warriors brought by Yayulgi were all astonished. On the other hand, the military personnel of the Cheonghae branch clenched their fists and cheered.


“The Pacheon Geomje is stronger!”

The warriors of the Cheonghae branch saw Daein fighting on equal terms with the Cheonma cult leader who attacked the Cheonghae branch.

“Pacheongeomje also kicked out the demon who killed Chuhonchang Daehyeop!”

“The era of the King of Powers is over!”

Chu Honchang, one of the world’s top ten masters, and Majin, who slaughtered dozens of peak masters. And Pacheongeomje, who fought with the devil in a close match.

For the warriors of the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League who remember that day, the name of Pacheon Geomje was already higher than that of King Gwon.

“Great man…”

Cheongwoon was watching the battle between the two, shaking his shoulders. His gaze did not leave the great man’s sword for even a moment.

Until recently, it was a sword that could be easily blocked. But is that still the case?


Cheongwoon clenched his fists. He shouted at Daein.

“I must win this way! “I cannot allow you to lose to another warrior!”

I don’t know if he heard the shout, but Daein’s attack became more and more intense.

Go go go go!


Yayulgi’s expression was full of embarrassment. At some point, he was just trying to block Pacheon Geomje’s ceaseless attacks.

‘I am to such a brat!’

He was a king. He was the most powerful man in the world and the man who would kill the Heavenly Demon and become the best man in the world.

‘It’s not my fate to be defeated by a bright green chick in a place like this!’

“The fun is over now!”


Yayulgi immediately raised the Myungwang Divine Gong to the peak. I completely gave up the feeling of looking down on the other person because they were my junior.


His entire body turned gray and self-defense energy covered his entire body.

The Myeongwang’s Divine Art, Five Ui (奧義), Myeongwanggangrim (明王降臨),

Yayulgi showed a completely different form and unleashed a lightning-like strike.


A force that was on a completely different level than before flew the great man tens of meters away.


King Gwon continued to push Daein without giving him a chance to come to his senses. With his entire body wrapped in strong energy, he swung his sword without stopping. Each and every one of them was deadly.

The great man corrected his broken posture and swung the Changcheon God Sword.

Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

A series of explosions erupted as the two drones collided. A scene unfolded that made it difficult to believe that human bodies and weapons collided.

Geomseong warned everyone with Lion’s Rear.

“If you don’t want to die, everyone step back!”

The warriors who were watching retreated back in haste. If he got caught between the two, he wouldn’t be able to leave a body behind.

“her. “This is really….”

“It’s something we made, so we can’t say anything about it.”

The world and the three worlds were busy moving around. They dispersed the debris from the river flying in all directions and spread a banner to protect anyone from getting hurt.

Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The confrontation between King Gwon and Pacheon Geomje became more and more ferocious as time went by.

King Gwon, whose entire body was surrounded by strong energy, was a murderous weapon in itself, and Pacheongeomje, who faced him, also swung his sword fiercely.

“older brother. Shouldn’t we just do it in moderation and stop it? “If we continue like this, one of the two will…”

said the king, looking at the two with a worried expression.

Geomsung shook his head.

“For now, let’s wait and see. “I don’t think they will listen even if we stop them.”

“Wow. “Kids these days are scary.”

The King of Dao swatted away the flying force and grunted.



The great man’s body was thrown away by more than a dozen pieces due to the king’s wild boar-like charge.


The great man frowned in pain. I blocked the opponent’s attack with my sword, but my grip on the sword tingled.

Daein was not the type of person obsessed with winning like the martial arts people.

Winning without fighting is best, and winning easily is second best. The pleasure of watching quietly and eating the last bite is truly amazing.

In other words, I wasn’t a fan of head-to-head competition like now.

‘But I don’t like losing either.’

If you fought this much, your martial arts skills were fully checked.

If we both come to an agreement, wouldn’t it be possible to end the fight with a ‘draw’?

“Lord, let’s just draw…”

But Yayulgi didn’t seem to have any intention of doing that.

“Shut up!”


Yayulgi hit the ground and pushed Daein with all his might. In order to deal with the Heavenly Demon, he even brought out all his hidden secret weapons.

-Quaang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Every time King Kwon struck his fist, a violent wind blew, and every time he stepped on the ground, the ground turned over.

The more he fought, the more Daein became certain of one thing.

‘Similar levels are nonsense. Yayulgi is much stronger than Nangong Jeongcheon!’


Daein narrowly avoided King Kwon’s attack. Daein was also in quite an awkward situation.

‘First of all, it’s too hard.’

The body of the King of Kwon who used the Myeonwang Gangrim was worthy of being described as a Diamond Buddha. Originally, he had trained external attack to the limit and also practiced self-defense techniques, so his strength was beyond imagination.

Truly a human tank.

Even attacks loaded with strength only caused shallow wounds and were unable to deliver a decisive blow.

‘Is there any way to take it down?’

The great man thought. All the martial arts and teachings he had learned so far began to appear in his mind one by one.

‘The strongest martial art I can use….’

The first thing that came to mind was Pacheonmu’s nine skills.

The martial art that Geomseong once demonstrated in front of the Geomwang’s tomb.


The swordsmanship that his teacher showed when subduing the Heavenly Demon that had been eaten by the Sim Demon was overlapped on top of it. That too was a sight that would be difficult to forget for the rest of my life.

‘Those two… look alike.’

When I thought about it again, the two martial arts skills were quite similar. I felt like it contained the same thing, just the way it was expressed was different.

The great man’s eyes sank deeply. It felt like something was out of my reach.

‘If it were me…’

Daein was the only master in the martial arts world who had learned both the Pacheon Shingung and the Cheonma Shingung.

He was also the only person who could compare two life-saving feats and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

‘If I show off that martial skill…’

the great man thought. I thought and thought while narrowly dodging the storm-like attack of the King of Powers. The speed of thinking became faster and faster.

‘Even if I couldn’t reproduce it exactly, if it was just an imitation…

I wasn’t confident that I would succeed. But it was well worth a try.


The moment I made up my mind, the sword began to move. The sword moved on its own and struck away King Kwon’s fist.


The king’s fist flew to the side with a clear metallic sound. A scar remained on his fist as thick as a pot lid. Blood flowed from the wound.

‘What was that just now?’

Yayulgi felt an unknown chill. Anxiety crept up on me. I had a gut feeling that I might be defeated.


To shake off his anxiety, Yayulgi shouted on purpose. He believed in his strong body and pushed Pacheongeomje even more fiercely.

‘It’s dangerous to delay. We have to end it quickly…’

At that moment, the great man’s sword moved again.


Feeling an inexplicable sense of anxiety, Yayulgi hurriedly retreated.


Beast-like instincts and countless experiences saved him. When I looked down, I saw blood pouring out of my stomach.



The two were silent for a moment. The great man raised his sword and aimed it at Yayulgi.

At that moment, I knew Yayulgi. That that was the final warning that Pacheon Geomje sent to himself.

“Would you like to stop now?”

“Damn it…”

Cold sweat broke out on Yaulgi’s forehead.

The person who had promised that he would break the neck of the Heavenly Demon, and the person who thought he would become the best person in the world…

…could not move because he was afraid of that sword.


Ya Yulgi gritted his teeth and forced himself to shake off the fear.

‘no. ‘It’s not scary!’

I was just a little embarrassed. All you have to do is avoid getting hit by that kid’s sword.

There was venom in Yayulgi’s eyes. He could not give up his ambition here. I will definitely kill the Heavenly Demon and burn down the entire Demonic Cult, leaving a great mark on history!

“This Yayulgi is the man who will become the best in the world!”


Yayulgi brought up all the remaining energy in the Danjeon.


The air vibrated. The gray strong energy of Myungwang Shinkong made Yayulgi’s body look twice as big.

At that moment, Yayulgi forgot about Cheonma. No, he thought that the opponent in front of him was the Heavenly Demon and gave his all.


King Kwon put everything he had into his two fists.

Myeongwang’s seven consecutive attacks (冥王七連擊)

An attack that combines the seven herbal elements of the Myeongwang’s realm into one and unfolds them all at once.

The further it goes, the more powerful Chosik becomes, and in the end, it is a Chosik that is close to Donggwijin, pouring out all his inner strength.


He swung his Daeindo Changcheonshinsword against him.

Although it is not enough to be called a pacheonmu, I swung it with what I learned from seeing it.

At the moment of impact, a blindingly intense light exploded.


Most of the warriors were so dazzled that they could not see what was happening. They hastily covered their eyes with their hands.

“What happened?”

“Who won!”

When they opened their eyes, their new forms had already crossed paths.


There was a short silence as the two men turned their backs to each other, and

then Phuwaaaa!

Yayulgi’s chest was split diagonally and blood spurted out like a fountain.


The leaders of the Murim Alliance rushed to the side of the collapsing Murim Lord.


“Bring the congressman right now!”

Some warriors of the Murim Alliance, who were not convinced by the victory, drew their weapons and created an ugly atmosphere.


“You traitor!”

“They must have done something cowardly!”

Then, on the other side, warriors from the Cheonghae branch of the Murim League drew their weapons.

“You bastards! If you lose, just accept it!”

“Pacheon Geomje won!”

In the midst of a tense confrontation between warriors on both sides, Geomseong unleashed Lion’s Roar.


The warriors flinched at the loud voice. Geomseong looked around at everyone with fierce eyes.

“I can assure you on my honor that it was a fair match! “If you don’t want to insult these two tax savers, put up your weapons!”

The warriors had no choice but to put down their swords at the command of the Sword Master.

Meanwhile, the great man staggered back to his camp.


“Are you okay?”

Cheongun approached and asked Daein. The great man sighed with a pale face and nodded.

“I need to get some rest.”

I felt like all energy had drained out of my body. It was more of a mental exhaustion than an injury.

“Cheongun. “Let’s take care of the rest.”

“Don’t worry! “Isn’t that what I’ve always done?”

Daein finally went to rest, leaving behind Cheongwoon’s words, which he couldn’t tell if they were pride or a self-destructive joke.

Many warriors were watching his back.

‘You really beat the Murim Lord…’

‘You didn’t even get injured that much.’

‘This is ridiculous!’

There were thousands of warriors who directly watched the fight, and tens of thousands if you add up the number of warriors present.

The news spread quickly.

In fact, after that day, the news that Pacheon Geomje defeated the Murim lord and ended the Great Demon War spread throughout the entire Murim region.

News became rumors, rumors gave birth to rumors, and all kinds of stories were expanded and reproduced.

-It is said that Pacheongeomje alone killed the Heavenly Demon and defeated the Demon Cult.

-It is said that the three world powers made Pacheon Geomje their joint seal.

-Actually, Pacheon Geomje is not a human but a monster, etc.

Later, “They said Pacheon Geomje was actually a human from another world.” The same absurd rumor was spread to the point that even the wealthy people could not believe it.

One thing that is certain

is that a new title has begun to be added in front of the nickname Pacheongeomje.




“What? Pacheon Geomje is the best in the world?”

“Then this person. “Is the warrior who defeated the Demon Cult and the Murim Lord not the best person in the world?”

“That’s right…”

The title that found a new owner after 100 years of being the best person in

the world happened to be a disciple of the Emperor of Swords, the previous best person in the world.

[World’s Best (Rental) Inn] End

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