Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 175


[Why are you covering your eyes? ]

“Huh~ It’s refreshing.”

The great man took a dip in the open-air bath, sounding like a drunk man.

As I soaked in the hot water, it felt like heaven. It felt like my body was melting away.

“Hehehe. “This is a vacation.”

The great man smiled heartily and extended his hand outside the hot spring.


Seolsamju, made from 500-year-old ginseng, was pulled by empty water and fell into the hand of the great man. The great man drank the precious liquor from the bottle.

“Big~! “It also kills the taste of alcohol.”

There was no such thing as fresh play. Awesome alcohol made from centuries-old elixir in an open-air bath in the mountains overlooking a spectacular view. All of the snacks brought were made by the best masters of the Heavenly Demon Church.

The great man picked up a pancake with his fingers and put it in his mouth. It was a taste that made me nod my head.

“Hmm. “It’s delicious.”


Brother Geumo, who was enjoying a hot spring bath next to Daein, nodded with a wide face, as if he fully agreed with those words.

Daein picked up a pancake and handed it to Geumo.

“Is the execution of a monkey a good skill? “I found all these hot springs.”

It was Geumo who found this open-air bath.

A few days ago, Daein, who saw Geumo soaking in water, became curious and followed him, and was able to find Saeongsaeng enjoying a hot spring bath alone.

After that, this place became a hideout for Geomhwang disciples.

Ukki! Ukkkkkkk!

“Do you want rice cake instead of pancakes?”

As someone with multi-dimensional Korean language skills, Daein interpreted the monkey’s words without realizing it and handed him the rice cake. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to be a very wrong interpretation.

Ukki! Ukki moss moss!

Geum-o took the rice cake that Dae-in gave him, put it in his mouth, and chewed it well. In his other hand, he held a bottle of Seolsamju and drank it down like a man.

Oh my!

“Anyway, don’t monkeys like human food and alcohol too much?”


Geum-o, wondering what on earth he understood, slapped Dae-in’s shoulder with his long tail and laughed. It looked very friendly.

“Tsk tsk. “I’m drunk. I’m drunk.”

Geumo, who was drunk, giggled to himself, turned over and started backstroke like a jellyfish in a hot spring.

When the great man saw that, he clicked his tongue and then burst into laughter.


The great man closed his eyes and enjoyed this sweet rest.

A month has passed since the end of the Great War.

It may have been a long time for some and a very short time for others.

‘Cheongwoon and So Kyo-ju must be busy right now.’

While Cheongun and Sogyoju were busy cleaning up after the war, Daein was lounging around at the Heavenly Demon Church.

After playing and eating like that, a month has already passed. In times like this, time goes really fast.

I have to go back to Earth soon….

“A gift for me. “You’ve been so busy since you came to Moorim, right?”

The great man asked to himself with his eyes closed, and then said to himself, “Hmm. yes.” He answered himself.

Yes. This is a break to gain momentum to move forward again.

“Wow. “Good~.”

The great man closed his eyes and savored the honey-like taste of the alcohol. I slowly emptied the bottle. Today I was planning to enjoy a hot spring bath until my toes swollen.


If only I hadn’t heard the ominous sound of something growing.


“…hmm? Hey man!”

The great man opened his eyes and shouted in surprise.

Anyone would do that. If you see a drunk monkey with a red face wearing his own panties.

Jump up.

The great man stood up and shouted.

“Don’t take that off right now!”


Geum-o, who was drunk, giggled and pulled her panties up to her chest. The stretchy earthen panties stretched out nicely.

“You damn monkey! “I only brought three of those!”

Daein jumped out of the hot spring and rushed at Geumo. The distance was shortened in an instant with the Pacheon Shinbo.


However, the priest’s movements were clearly visible to the monkey brother, who had learned the same step 100 years earlier.


Perhaps because he was drunk, Geumo’s movements were more strangely shaky than before. The great man’s hand grasped the air in vain.


A double wick lit up in Daein’s eyes as he looked at Geumo, who was giggling.

“This drunken monkey…”

Daein raised his energy and rushed at Geumo. Geum-o, who thought it was a joke, laughed and attacked him.


The two executioners’ hands and feet went back and forth, exchanging dozens of sums in an instant.

Daein had the upper hand in terms of skill, but since he was not fighting to kill, it was not an easy match.

And then finally

, hot!


“hey! “Can’t you get away from me?”

Daein twisted his body and pushed away to get rid of Geumo, who was holding on to his waist.

And coincidentally, at the same time,

“Brother! “Master called me…”

Namgung-hyeon, who came to pick up Daein, saw him.




This is a picture of a naked, wet man and a monkey embracing in a strange position.


Pacheon Geomje, who shook the martial arts world by sending out Kangho.

It was the moment when one more incredible rumor about him was added.


“Damn monkey. “Just see if I ever drink again.”

The great man grumbled, shaking his wet hair with a towel.

Next to him, Namgoonghyun was walking while looking at the ground.

‘It won’t disappear from my mind…’

It probably won’t be erased for the rest of my life. The naked body of Daein, who was hugging Geumoh…

I happened to see it from the front.

Very precisely.

‘what should I do. It keeps shaking in my head… like Geum-o’s tail…’

Namgoong-hyeon lowered his head to avoid being seen with his red face. Next to him, Daein cursed at the monkey who was drunk and stretched out for a while, and then asked her.

“So Master, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh, you have something important to say…”

Namgoong-hyeon’s voice slowly entered. Those words are important. The great man scratched his chin.

‘Important story? ‘Is it because of the problem of migration to Earth?’

It has been about three weeks since we started creating a fixed gate between Earth and Moorim.

I heard from Kiri a few days ago that it is almost in the final stages of work.

“Did you call me because of the problem of moving to Earth?”

“I do not know. “Master said he would discuss the details when your brother comes.”

Even after discovering Manbaknogoe’s identity, Namgunghyeon continued to call him Master.

The reason was simple.

‘It happened 100 years ago. It’s not like Master destroyed the Sword Emperor Gate. And even though you have given me so much, even if you are not a Heavenly Demon but something more than that, you are still a teacher to me.’

The fact that Cheonmugeuk’s eyes became moist at her words at that time was a secret known only to the three of them, including Daein.

Daein thought as he looked at Namgoonghyeon’s profile.

‘I heard that the child grew up early despite his age. Even if the little boy is half as mature as he is…’

…But then again, I didn’t think it would be any fun.

A kid who suddenly became mature like an adult. For some reason, I didn’t want to even imagine it.

Daein asked Namgunghyeon.

“So have you decided what to do? “Are you going to go to Earth with us?”

Namgoonghyeon’s steps stopped in place at the sudden question that struck him.


If it had been around the time I first met Daein, the answer would have been simple.

I’m going to leave the boring Murim and go to another world. That I would live there under a different name.

However, the current Namgoong Hyeon could not answer so easily. Because everything has changed since then.

Namgoonghyun thought.

‘Do my parents want me to rebuild Geomhwangmun? Or do you just want me to find my happiness?’

Even if you ask Old Man Jin, he only advises his granddaughter to decide her own life.

Namgoonghyeon turned his head and looked at Daein.

“…What do you want me to do, Onii-sama?”

“That’s your freedom. If you want to go with me, go. “If you want to stay, you can stay.”

At one time, Daein even thought about entrusting the Geomhwangmun to serve as a bridgehead for the Whitehouse Guild to advance into the martial arts world in the future.

But there was no need for that anymore.

‘There is Cheongun in the Murim Alliance, and there is Biyeong who is loyal to the point of being burdensome.’

Those two alone were more than enough for the Whitehouse Guild to advance into the martial arts world.

And I didn’t want Namgoonghyun to remain in the martial arts if he didn’t want to.

“Don’t worry too much about this and that, just do what you want.”

Daein chuckled and lightly stroked Namgoonghyeon’s head. Namgoonghyeon felt very happy with that warm touch.

‘Big brother…’

The person who saved him from the fate of living in hiding his whole life and dying painfully.

A benefactor who cured the transylvanic vein, which was thought to be a natural fit, and saved the life of my grandfather who was dying after being deceived in a trap.

They started traveling together to find the Changcheon Godgeom. But now that I think about it, it seems like it was just a great excuse.

‘With your brother’s ability, you could have gone to find the sword on your own.’

But Daein didn’t do that. Every time something happened, Daein came up with various excuses, but in Namgoonghyun’s opinion, there was always one reason.

Because he is a good person.

‘…I want to follow in my footsteps like that.’

But at that moment, the words that came out of Namgoonghyeon’s mouth were completely opposite to his feelings.

“I will stay here.”

“Okay then.”

An answer that shows no regrets at all about breaking up with him. However, Namgoonghyeon was not discouraged. Because I knew it would be like this.

‘It would be nice if I followed my brother, but then I would end up living solely relying on my brother.’

That was not the life Namgoong Hyun wanted.

It was a new life gained like a miracle. The girl wanted to create her own life.

‘I’m not a child anymore. ‘I don’t like following behind.’

After growing up to the point where she thought she was enough, the girl wanted to stand proudly in front of the person she liked.

When that time comes….

“Once the gate is connected, we can meet again later, right?”

The great man thought for a moment and nodded.

“There will be a few passing procedures in the future, but Hyun, I will let you pass right away by saying my name.”

It wasn’t a difficult task for Daein. Because the only dimensional terminal on Earth belonged to him.

“Come visit me sometimes. “I’ll buy you something delicious.”


Namgoonghyun answered with a smile as bright as sunlight.

It was then.

“mister-! “Hyunnie!”

Lily, who spotted the two people from afar, flew over, waving her hand.

The great man frowned and clicked his tongue as he saw something flying away with something on his cheek again.

“Ugh, that Chilpoonie.”

Daein took out a wet tissue from his pocket. The look was so natural that Namgoong Hyun became a little jealous.

Sometimes, the smallest trigger was enough for a girl to commit a bold act.


“huh? why?”


The moment Namgoonghyeon turned towards Daein, Abraxas, who had been wrapped around Lily’s neck like a scarf, opened his eyes.

[That scene…!]

When I looked at the countless romance novels I’ve read over thousands of years and the dramas, movies, and cartoons I’ve seen on Earth, there was only one scene that would follow.


Abraxas moved at lightning speed and covered Lily’s eyes.

“oh! Ah! What if I suddenly cover my eyes!”

Lily, whose eyes were covered, stopped in the air and flapped her arms and legs.

At the same time, Namgoonghyun’s lips, raised on tiptoe, lightly touched Daein’s cheek and then fell.


“…thank you.”

“What are you doing now….”

“Master is in Josa-dong, so go alone.”

Namgoonghyun left those words and turned around to run away. The great man looked at the girl’s shrinking back with a bewildered expression.

And on one side,

“Ass!” I told you not to! Get out of my way! “I can’t see it!”


[Stay still. I’m saving the world right now?]

“What are you talking about!”

A dragon was struggling to protect the peace of Wulin.

[Why are you covering your eyes? ]End

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