Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 177


[Why is it here? ]

The Great Hall of the Heavenly Demon Church.

On top of the high altar, a sacred fire was burning its flame high into the sky.


The flame of the torch was much harsher than usual. The believers who filled the main shrine knelt in front of him and prayed.


“Let our savior lead us to paradise.”

And in the seats closest to the torch, 100 selected masters from the Heavenly Demon Church were waiting with nervous expressions.

They were the first group to go to Earth.

“Whew… I never thought there would be a day when I would be this nervous at this age.”

The Poisonous Blood Demon Emperor, the great leader of the Heavenly Demon Church, repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fist. My hands kept sweating from tension.

Daejangro, an absolute expert, also had trouble sleeping at night. Not to mention the other warriors around.

“Whew. “I’m shaking to death.”

“Are we really going to paradise?”

“Didn’t you hear what the savior said? A place called Earth is different from paradise…”

That was then. There was a commotion behind the temple.


The moment the girl’s cheerful voice was heard, everyone’s heads turned back.

Lily, the incarnation of Mazda, the red-haired girl, was walking across the main temple with her savior.

Cheon Mu-geuk and So Gyo-ju followed behind the two.

“It’s Mazda!”

“The savior has also come!”

The believers bowed their heads in respect.

Because it was a procession with the Sogyoju and the Taesanggyoju, along with God and the savior.

While most of the believers quietly bowed their heads, an old man stepped forward and shouted courageously.


The gaze of the old man with white hair was directed at Daein.

“Please, I beg you. Please bless those who leave for paradise in safety!”

The great man halfheartedly nodded and gave his blessing.

“yes. Elderly. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and may you live long and prosper.”

“yes? No, it’s not me, it’s them…”

“So don’t worry about them. “There won’t be any problem.”


When the great man grinned, the old man finally looked relieved. His son was among the first 100 people to leave for Earth.

“Thank you. Thank you so much….”

The old man bowed repeatedly. The great man quickly passed by the old man so that he could straighten his back.


“I only believe in the Savior!”

“Take us to paradise….”

Many people called Daein ‘savior.’ The great man sighed.

It was strange. The people here are really strange.

“I’ve told you several times that I’m not the savior, but why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

saver. After listening to it for a month, I got used to it, but it was quite difficult at first.

“kid. “This is all because of you.”

The great man glared at Lily, who was walking here and there waving her hand.

I think Aju Ji is Miss Korea.

“thank you! huh! I’ll come again! I’ll come again! “Let’s eat chicken together when you come to my house later!”

Every time Lily saw a believer with a familiar face, she stopped to say goodbye. Thanks to this, it took infinitely longer to get to the torch.

“hey. “Let’s just stop and go.”


The great man lifted Lily’s back and walked faster. Then Lily trembled and resisted.

“I haven’t finished saying hello yet!”

“Do you want to just say hello all day without going home?”

At that moment, Lily looked up at the great man with an expression of disbelief.

“Mister, are you cold-blooded? “No blood or tears?”

“…Where did you keep learning those words?”

The great man sighed lightly.

If the little boy was going to criticize himself like this, he had a plan.

The great man said as he put Lily down on her backside.

“good. Then, say hello to each and every one of them and then leave. “I arrived late on Earth, so all the chicken restaurants might be closed, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Red pupils shaking wildly as if there was an earthquake.

“That doesn’t work….”

“I haven’t taken it for several months already. “It’s okay if I don’t eat for one more day, right?”

It’s even worse because I haven’t eaten it in months!

It was inevitable that she couldn’t eat chicken when she was in the martial arts world, but if she couldn’t eat chicken even after arriving on Earth…

In the end, Lily couldn’t bear it.


Lily raised her arms. Then he waved his arms vigorously at all the believers and shouted.

“We’ll go now. See you later!”

After a while, the four people arrived in front of the torch.



In front of the overflowing torch, a red gate was opening and closing repeatedly.

When Daein and his group arrived in front of the Seonghwa, something came over from inside the gate.

“Whew. “I finally found it again.”

It was Abraxas who regained his lost body in the dimensional passage.


“Who came out of there!”

She swept her hair back in front of the astonished warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church. Most of the warriors swallowed their saliva at that beautiful appearance.

The great man said as he approached her.

“You managed to find me again. “I thought I lost it.”

“There was a trace of my magical power left on the doll.”

Abraxas grinned, satisfied with his limbs moving as he wanted.

“You don’t know how uncomfortable I’ve been. “Now I can comfortably wander around Murim alone.”

“Are you really going to stay here?”


Abraxas decided to remain in the martial arts world for a while longer. She has a new purpose.

“I’m going to look for a creature called a dragon.”

A divine beast that is legendary in the martial arts world. The reason was that I wanted to meet a dragon.

As a person, there was no reason or way to stop him.

“So, aren’t you coming to my house anymore?”

When Lily asked with a sullen expression, Abraxas said while stroking the girl’s red hair.

“When I meet the dragon, I’ll go play again. “Look, if he’s a good guy, I can take him with me.”

“…I’d like to decline that.”

The great man said with a wrinkled expression.

A dragon and a dragon in one house. The day the two even fought, a new world destruction scenario would begin.

“Anyway, be careful. “Don’t hurt my doll.”

Abraxas giggled at the great man’s words.

Be careful. The only person in the world who would say something like that even after knowing her identity is the landlord.

“You too. “Can’t you just do all the fun things when I’m not around?”

“huh! “Buy a gift when you come!”

After saying a calm goodbye, Abraxas said he would go first and used the fly magic to fly away.

The great man looked at her shrinking back with an expression full of regret.

“It was a convenient magic vending machine…”

[Can you still hear it?]

The great man pretended not to hear her telepathic magic and turned around.

Many people came out to see him off.

“…Great person. Are you going?”

It was Cheongun. When he heard the news that Daein was returning to Earth, he put aside his busy work and rushed over.

“Be careful and go back. “I put in 10 years’ worth of work because of you… but it was still fun.”

“okay. “I had fun too.”

“Although we only knew each other for a short time, I think friendship is something that cannot be determined by time alone…”

Cheongun’s eyes became increasingly moist. The great man asked with an expression of uncertainty.

“Are you crying? why?”

“Hmm. What does that mean? It’s because my eyes are sweaty. “Isn’t it a bit hot here in front of the fire?”

It was too lame an excuse for a transcendent expert to wait. Cheongwoon’s eyes were red and bloodshot as he fanned himself, saying it was hot.

‘This emotional talent…’

Daein chuckled and hugged Cheongwoon once. Cheongwoon finally stepped back, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.

Next was Sogyoju. Su Qiaoju said bluntly.

“Goodbye. “Thank you.”

“My father?”

“…You are getting better. Please take good care of my great-grandfather and the Buddhist priests.”

“okay. “I will contact you after negotiating with the government and see you then.”

The two shook hands, and Su Qiaoju stepped back.

And Geomseong approached with a grin.

“You bastard. “You made my disciple cry.”

“If I made you cry because I hit you, it wouldn’t be unfair.”

“Thank you.”

“…Because it rang?”

In response, Geomseong laughed for a while and then spoke in a serious voice.

“…in many ways.”

There is no need to say it in detail. Those who were saved by the great man must all feel the same way.

In this way, Daein said goodbye one by one to the people he met in Moorim.

Cheon Mu-geuk, who was quietly watching the scene from behind, approached and said.

“Cluck. “Are you done with the greetings?”

“I think so.”

“What about Hyeon?”

Namgoong Hyun did not appear here. Instead, we exchanged greetings in advance last night.

‘If I see my brother leaving tomorrow, I might follow him.’

For that reason, Namgoonghyun did not show up. Instead, Old Man Jin made a white noise, asking the man to wait for a few years, and was caught by the ear by Cheon Mu-geuk and dragged away.

“Okay then, the greetings are over.”

The great man looked around.

100 warriors selected from the Heavenly Demon Church were looking at him with tense expressions.

The first immigrants of the Heavenly Demon Church to immigrate to Earth.

‘It may be very different from the paradise these people imagined.’

At least on Earth, they will not be discriminated against because of their appearance or religion, nor will they live in a barren land without hope for the future.

‘What’s left on Earth is empty land, and what’s always lacking is manpower.’

In the end, it was a win-win deal for both parties.

“let’s go.”

The great man turned and walked towards the gate.

Following them, a monkey named Lily Cheonmugeuk and 100 warriors selected from the Heavenly Demon Church crossed the gate.



An alarm broadcast sounded throughout the city along with a loud siren sound.

[Notice to all residents in Seoul. This is a level 1 emergency. Please evacuate to the nearest shelter immediately.]

Citizens began to run.

Now a familiar routine. They evacuated in an orderly manner without screaming or becoming confused.


Until the building collapsed and the debris poured to the ground.


coo goo goo googung!

That is, until I spot a gigantic, perspective-defying gray whale floating in the sky.


Starting with someone’s screams, screams and confusion spread everywhere, as if contagious.

Coo goo goo goo goong!

The whale looked down on the humans on the ground. Hundreds of eyes on the head captured that many targets.


Monsters resembling flies poured out of the whale’s stomach with its mouth open. Each of those monsters was the size of a human being.

The fly monsters flew like hummingbirds and attacked humans on the ground. Its long, sharp snout could easily pierce a person’s torso.

Phew! Phew! Phew!


“Save me…”


Terrible screams came from all directions, and blood stained the ground.

Even after the superhumans arrived, the situation did not improve much.

“shit! “How can you be so fast!”

“be careful! “There’s poison in their snouts!”

While the panicked superhumans were struggling with the fly monsters, the gray whale in the sky destroyed the second building.


A building made of reinforced materials in preparation for a monster attack was shattered like Styrofoam. The falling debris hit the civilians who were unable to escape.

“What is that monster again?…”

The survivors looked at the gray whale in the sky with fascinated faces.

A huge monster appeared in the sky. Human-sized monsters resembling flies pouring out of their mouths.

“How can I catch something like that…”

No superhuman

species that first appeared in the world knew their identity.

When a huge shadow of despair falls over people’s heads,

“What is this?”

Daein, who returned to Earth after crossing the gate, arrived at the scene.

“Why is it here?”

The great man looked at the gray whale in the sky with a stern expression. Then he turned his gaze and saw a terrible scene unfolding on the ground.

Fortunately, the damage has not been too severe so far.

If you think about the identity of the guy who appeared in the sky.

‘That’s… 10 years too early.’

“Cluck. Disciple. “This place seems closer to hell than paradise.”

Daein quickly came to his senses when he heard his teacher’s voice coming from behind him.

“…I told you it’s not paradise. “I said it could become a paradise depending on what you do in the future.”

The great man looked back.

The 100 warriors brought from the Heavenly Demon Church were looking around with nervous faces.

However, no one was scared, just nervous about seeing the world and monsters for the first time.


Power that can easily wipe out a country if you put your mind to it.

The great man spoke with a much more relaxed mind.

“everyone. “First of all, what should I do about this situation?”

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church followed their savior’s orders without a word.

Wow! Wow!

One hundred masters scattered everywhere, cutting down the fly monsters. The situation began to turn around in an instant. The number of monsters decreased rapidly.

The superhumans who were able to breathe looked at the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church who suddenly appeared.

“Who are those people?”

“Are you a superhuman? It’s my first time seeing you…”

“Huh? That man! “Aren’t you the vice president of White House Landlord?”

“uh? really!”

“I heard that you reported him missing again a while ago…”

Daein waved his hand to the superhumans who recognized him.

“Cluck. “I guess you guys are pretty famous.”

“It is already considered a legend in the industry.”

It was a blatant lie, but Cheon Mu-geuk, who had no way of knowing the truth, just assumed it was so.

Cheonmugeuk looked up at the gray whale in the sky.

“Cluck. “It’s big.”

Its ridiculous size and ferocious appearance stimulated the Cheonma’s fighting spirit.

“Disciple. “I’ll take care of that guy.”


The new form of the Heavenly Demon rose up from the ground and immediately reached where the whale’s head was.

Before we knew it, only the two of them were left alone. Lily said, pulling the man’s arm.

“mister. “What do we do?”

“we? “We…”

The great man looked around.

Monster flies were being slaughtered by warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church, and a gray whale was screaming in the sky.


“Let’s just take a look here.”

[Why is that here? ]End

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