Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 179



Despite being shattered by Cheonmugeuk Hundreds of people and equipment were mobilized to remove the remains of the gray whale.

“Hey Kim! “Can’t you see everyone working?”

Despite shouting from the work crew behind him, Mr. Kim did not move a single inch.


Mr. Kim looked blankly at the remains of the gray whale. No, he wasn’t looking at the remains of the whale.

What he saw were traces of someone left here. What I’ve been looking for so long.

Mr. Kim muttered in a cracked voice.


Mr. Kim was a middle-aged man who had no wife or children and squandered most of the money he earned each day on alcohol. His face was tanned from long hours of hard work, and his eyes were always open.

But at least he was someone who did his job on the field.

“Hey Mr. Kim. “Can’t you hear me?”

The work crew leader, sensing something strange, came up behind Mr. Kim and asked.

“…found. I found it.”

“What are you fussing about? Mr. Kim. “You really came here after a daytime drink?”

“…found. Finally… heeheehee…!”

Mr. Kim suddenly let out a bizarre laugh. The work leader was naturally disgusted by that creepy laughter.

“You idiot. Mr. Kim! I told you not to come out if I was drunk! “And then, after an accident, you get ripped off!”


Mr. Kim did not even look back, let alone answer. He just laughed, shaking his shoulders as if he was out of breath.

“Did this bastard put an X in his ear hole? “Hey you fucking bastard!”

The rough-tempered work foreman grabbed Mr. Kim by the shoulders and turned him around strongly.

The next moment, the work leader’s expression became as hard as ice.

Because Mr. Kim’s face was completely different from the face of the person he knew.

“Uh uh huh…?”


The face was wrinkled, as if it had experienced decades in a single day, and red spots appeared on the black skin.

The nose was pointed, the eyes were slit sideways, and the whites of the eyes were stained yellow. A terrible odor came from the mouth.

…It was gradually changing that way.

“Heeheehee. kid. I found the child. “Child of fire…!”


The foreman fell backwards, his legs giving out. Mr. Kim smiled brightly and walked towards him.

“Oh, don’t come…”

The foreman, whose face became pale, desperately took a step back. He was also a man who had experienced many hardships in his life. I saw enough corpses and had experience fighting monsters.

“Don’t come!”

But this was my first time experiencing such fear. My legs started shaking just by looking into my eyes. I didn’t even know that there was a foul smell coming from my damp crotch.

The being in front of me was not human.

That face rather resembles some kind of monster.

A small, cunning, weak, but very persistent monster.

“Go Goblin…?”


Mr. Kim, or rather the goblin, reached out and grabbed the foreman’s neck.

“hey! “What’s wrong with you both!”

“You’re so busy, why are you fighting?”

Other workers sensed something strange and approached the two people. They first tried to separate the two people.


“What’s wrong with Mr. Kim’s face?”


Soon, the expressions of other workers who saw Mr. Kim’s face became equally astonished.


The goblin looked around at the workers and had a mean smile on his face. Jeok Jeok Jeok Jeok-. Incontinence began to creep across his dark red face.

The goblin spoke in a hoarse and cracked voice.

“Child of fire. “I’m satisfied with finding you today.”

To find this trace, the goblin was not even allowed to die.

Unlike his body that was torn apart by the explosion, his soul was pawned by his master.

By order of his master, he became a ghost and wandered across the continent, following small traces and even entering dimensional cracks.

And I finally found it.

The goblin’s eyes were stained with evil.

“My master will be happy to know that you are here. Hehehehe!”

“This is crazy…”

The workers surrounded the goblin with tools. They talked among themselves with serious expressions.

“Is this person Mr. Kim?”

“Aren’t you infected with some virus?”

“Let’s first report it to the police.”

“Mr. Kim! “Let go of those hands first!”

The goblin looked around at the chattering humans in confusion.

Fools. Insignificant insects struggling to survive each day, unaware of the coming destruction.

“All that is left for you is a future filled with pain. “I will have mercy and get rid of you.”

A smile grew on the goblin’s lips. At that moment, shit! Red light began to leak from his cracked skin.

“Avoid blood!”

As soon as someone shouted, the workers turned around and ran away in all directions, screaming.

But it was already too late to avoid it.


With a huge explosion, an area with a radius of several tens of meters was completely blown away. The workers caught up in the explosion left no bodies behind.

And in the cloud of dust rising from the explosion,


A lump of dark red energy soared high into the sky along with a mysterious laugh.

The goblin’s soul flew into the red gate that remained in the sky. This was where the gray whale appeared.

The goblin’s spirit stopped for a moment in front of the gate. He turned around and howled furiously at the world.

[Child of fire! wait! We will come back to look for you!]

After a while, it disappeared beyond the gate.





Lily held a chicken leg in each hand. The girl shouted, raising her chicken leg as high as the sidewalk of the temple.

“One chicken per person! But if you eat one, you can eat more!”

There was only one answer that the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church gathered in the restaurant could give.


“And again!”

Lily, who had encountered chicken for the first time in a long time, had red cheeks like a girl in love for the first time.

“Never steal from the person next to you!”


“Don’t just eat chicken legs just because they’re delicious! “Because picky eating is bad!”


“Even though it’s so delicious, you can’t eat the bones!”

“Jo Jonmyeong!”

“And bring your own chicken and radish!”

“My name…”

Some religious believers wrote down every word that Hwasin said.

Later, it was called the [Chicken Ten Commandments] and was passed down to the Heavenly Demon Church in Wulin for a while. Anyway,

“Then enjoy it!”

Lily allowed the believers to take communion, and the hungry samurai began to eat the unfamiliar food of the Earth one by one.

Immediately, exclamations erupted from all directions.

“Oh my…”

“Is this the food of paradise…”

“Heh heh. “Such a gracious flavor…”

The warriors who had been carefully handling the chicken soon began to tear into the chicken in a panic. It took less than 3 minutes for them to become addicted to chicken.

The Great Venomous Demon, who was the first to kill all of them, jumped up from his seat and shouted.

“Hey, Suksu! “Give me one more here!”

“Give it to me too! “Your skills are amazing!”

“Give me that red sauce!”

White House’s chefs began frying chicken diligently under the menacing gaze of the chefs.

“…I expected it, but there really was a chicken party.”

Daein, who arrived at the restaurant with Baek Younghee, looked around and clicked his tongue.

It was all chicken.

Fried, seasoned, soy sauce, barbecue, etc….

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Religion were gathered in the center of the restaurant and eating, and chicken bones were piled up in front of them.

“Murim hillbillies….”

“Mister! “Here!”

Lily, who spotted the great man, waved her hand from over there. In the girl’s hand, there was a chicken wing with its bony bones half exposed.

The great man walked to where Lily was.

At that time, Baek Young-hee, who was walking next to me, took out her cell phone from her pocket and said.

“I’m going to take a phone call for a moment. “Please eat first.”

“If you come late, I don’t think there will be anything left.”

“I’m on a diet anyway.”

Baek Young-hee left for a moment. The great man walked across from Lily and sat down.

“Is it delicious?”


Lily nodded, her fingers and lips covered in seasoned chicken sauce.

“Well, I left you some here too.”

“really? “What’s wrong with you?”

Lily handed Daein a chicken leg with a very serious expression.

“It’s a special award. “You also had a hard time in Moorim.”

“It’s tricky.”

The great man grinned as he took the chicken leg and put it in his mouth.

Crispy skin and soft flesh. I chewed it in my mouth and the juice flowed out.

To be honest, Daein was a little impressed.

What I said earlier about the Moorim hillbillies is cancelled.

“…It’s been a while since I ate it, so it’s really delicious.”

“right? “Isn’t it delicious?”

Lily smiled brightly and this time picked up a chicken wing and gave it to Daein.

“Eat this too!”


The great man looked at the chicken wings, chuckled, and playfully tapped Lily on the head.

“I’m proud of the little guy. “Now I know how to give up my eating to others.”

“I was usually good at giving in, right?”

“Plus, the number of lies is increasing. “Are you all grown up?”

Lily pouted her lips at the giggling Daein’s teasing.

“Don’t want to eat it!”

Lily put the chicken wings she was planning to give to Daein into her mouth. The great man smiled and looked at that figure.

“Eat a lot. “I might have to go around again soon.”

‘When Hell Gate begins…’

As the name suggests, Hell Gate means a gate connected to hell.

A dimension called hell or the demon world.

At first, the demons there became stronger as time went by, and later the demon kings invaded the Earth.

‘It also happens simultaneously all over the world.’

And a multidimensional alliance is formed on Earth to fight the invasion of the demon world.

The formation of the Allied Forces was the result of everyone’s interests coming together.

It was obvious that if Earth was taken over, the Demon World would attack other dimensions using Earth, the dimensional hub, as a base.

‘…The war continued for three years.’

Daein had vivid memories of fighting against the invasion of the demon world.

Although most of the missions involved dealing with demonic beasts, they fought desperately for their lives and survived.

“…I don’t want to do that again.”

“huh? what?”

“There is such a thing.”

The great man put a chicken leg in his mouth and mumbled, thinking.

Isn’t there an easy way to deal with a disaster?

There was some time to spare.

From what I heard from Baek Young-hee, it started about a month ago…

‘That means it’s still at the stage where only the demonic beasts appear.’

It takes one year for the demons to come out of the gate. The demons can only open the gate and come out after two years.

The size of the gate needs to be that big to handle them.

‘If this is the same as what I know.’

In any case, not all variables can be included in the calculation.

Once you make a plan thinking that things will proceed according to the information you know, you will have to improvise when variables arise.

‘The Dimensional Allied Forces are out of reach right now. ‘There is no way to unite the country right now.’

‘Including Hell Gate, there are three remaining disasters.’

‘The information about the future that can be used is…’

Daein made plans one by one based on the memories and information in his head.


Just when I was starting to think of a way,

Baek Young-hee, who had left for a while with her cell phone in hand, returned.

“Vice President.”

However, the expression on her face as she approached Daein was unusual.

“Why? What’s wrong?”


After a while, the great man had no choice but to put down the chicken leg he was holding on the plate.

“I think team 7 that went on a mission has gone missing.”

[Variable] End

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