Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 181


[ To Busan (2) – The strongest rescue team in history ]

Cheonmugeuk looked at the disciple who came to see him and said.

“Cluck. “It’s a shame I can’t go with you.”

“It can’t be helped. “Master, you have work to do while staying here.”

In order to rescue the 7 missing teams in Busan, Daein decided to organize a rescue team himself.

The first person Daein visited was Cheonmugeuk.

However, Cheonmugeuk had work to do while remaining here for the migration of the Cheonma Shinyo religion. I could not participate in the rescue operation, which could take several days.

Instead, he said

, “I and the Grand Elder cannot go, but I will bring in the warriors of our school instead.”

That was exactly what Daein had hoped for in the first place.

This mission is rescue and search.

An appropriate number of high-quality personnel was more efficient than one overwhelmingly strong man.

“Master, there is no need to go with us. “Please select only 20 useful people.”

“Cluck. Well, you don’t have the skills to go anywhere and get hit anymore.”

“Now, I’m the one who gets hit most of the time.”

Cheon Mu-geuk burst out laughing at his student’s joke, which was equally serious.

“Hey. However, you should not neglect your efforts. When you think that martial arts has reached the end of the sky, in reality, you just cannot see the sky beyond.”

That was sincere advice from a teacher to his student.

Even as Cheonmugeuk reached his current state, he vaguely sensed that there was a world beyond this.

“Cluck. Even if you practice it for a hundred years, there is no end in sight. How mysterious and enjoyable is martial arts? “I don’t know…”

The great man nodded half-heartedly. Now was not the time to listen to the teacher’s sermon.

“I’m in a hurry, so please support the warriors quickly. “Only about twenty people.”

Cheonmugeuk narrowed his eyes and glanced at the great man.

“Goiyan bastard. “When a teacher gives a lesson, you must wash your ears carefully and listen.”

“If it’s too late, the kids might die.”

“…just wait a moment.”

After a while, Cheonmugeuk personally selected 20 warriors from the Heavenly Demon Church and assigned them to Daein.

“They are quick-footed and smart kids. “We all have mastered the following skills, and we learned the horse to some degree before we came here, so we will be able to use it to our advantage.”

The warriors, praying solemnly, were divided into two groups of 10 each. One by one, people from both groups walked forward.

A man with a knife mark running diagonally across his face and a woman radiating cold from her entire body.

“These two are each the major leaders of the Ten Ten.”

The two people said at the same time as they took arms at Daein.

“The blood rider is called Matthew Lake.”

“This is Yeomragwi Wiseolji.”

Blood Gisura and Yeomragui were among the top ten warriors among the 100 warriors brought from the Heavenly Demon Church.

Since the two were similar in age, they tended to view each other as rivals.

“Please let me do anything.”

“I will do my best.”

Blood Gisura and Flame Demon, who spoke at the same time, glared at each other and then quickly turned their heads as if they did not want to see him.

[Clark. These guys have a strong sense of competition, so if you stimulate them enough, they will move around on their own.]

[I will use it well and return

it to you.] The great man who saved twenty workers and combatants ordered the warriors to rest for now and called one person.

“CEO Choi? Are you busy now? “I’d like to see you.”


Less than 10 minutes after the call ended, Seongmin Choi arrived at Daein’s office.

Because he had rushed over using his trait, he sat down and fixed his windblown hair.

The great man said with a slightly surprised expression.

“You came so quickly?”

Choi Seong-min took a few breaths and spoke.

“The Vice President is looking for you. Shouldn’t you come right away?”

Choi Seong-min was the representative of [Swisok], a mid-sized guild, and was a quick-witted and clever person with good political sense.

With that sense, Choi Seong-min attached himself to Daein early on and has benefited greatly from that to this day.

The great man said as he handed him the tea.

“I heard the guild has grown a lot?”

“It’s all thanks to the Vice President.”

The [Speed] guild, headed by Choi Seong-min, was growing so fast that it was increasingly threatening its position, even though it was not yet in the top 10 guilds.

It was a secret that few people knew that there was great investment and support behind it.

Seongmin Choi asked directly first.

“What did you come looking for me for?”

“I’m trying to quickly form a team. “I need CEO Choi’s help.”

Seongmin Choi’s head turned quickly. After a while he figured out the situation.

“Is it because of Team 7 who went missing in Busan?”

“As expected, you are quick with information.”

Choi Seong-min, who had a diverse network of information channels, also knew that the WH-7 team was missing.

“What specifically can I help you with?”

The great man briefly explained his plan.

“The goal is to rescue the missing Team 7 and search for an item. “I think there will be a maximum of 30 people going with us.”

The number of people missing in Busan was close to 30, including Team 7 Choin vehicle support team members and Low-low technicians.

Assuming they lost their vehicle and had many injured, a considerable number of people were needed to find, protect, and bring them back.

‘If we expect a battle here… we’ll need this many people.’

After completing the calculation, the great man spoke with a serious expression that is rarely seen.

“As you know, speed is key in rescue operations. So, I plan to use only one vehicle.”

The vehicle has already been arranged.

A 25-ton combat truck manufactured by the Whitehouse Guild workshop for combat. It was planned to be put into practice for the first time.

“This is a work in which the best creators in our workshop participated. But unfortunately…”

Even though that was all that was said, Choi Seong-min nodded as if he understood. He said with his eyes shining.

“I think I know why you need me.”

Choi Seong-min’s superhuman trait was [acceleration],

and he had the ability to accelerate even very rare vehicles.

In other words,

“You need a driver for your team.”

With this special ability, Choi Seong-min played a major role several times in the future that everyone knows.

The great man nodded. The money invested in the speed guild was not a waste.

‘I mean, he’s a useful person if you get to know him.’

“yes. With CEO Choi’s ability, it wouldn’t take half a day to get to Busan. Even assuming there are battles in between.”

Seongmin Choi readily agreed.

“Please leave it to me. “We will get you there as quickly and safely as possible.”

An ambitious smile appeared on Choi Seong-min’s lips as he looked at Daein.

‘This is my chance to really make a mark on this man.’

The best guild in Korea.

It was a matter of granting a favor to a man who would become the next representative and the person with real power in White House.

If he heard it, he would say it was crazy, but Choi Seong-min was convinced that Dae-in was hiding a huge ambition.

‘The landlord already has a special relationship with the people of this world.’

‘It’s an open secret that Baek Young-hee has a crush on him.’

‘A significant portion of the income earned from the potion business is invested in charity work. That too would be a ploy to dominate the public sentiment.’

It was a conclusion reached through information obtained through various channels and an innate sense of politics.

‘If we solve this Busan incident…’

Choi Seong-min felt light goosebumps growing all over his body.

What does this male landlord really want?

“CEO Choi?”

What else is hiding behind that calm face?

‘Do you want to become president? Or the king of a dictatorship? no. No, it’s just a hunch, but I don’t think he’ll be that satisfied…’

It was difficult for Choi Seong-min to guess what great ambition Dae-in was hiding.

But I was sure of one thing.

Just by being by his side, you will be able to occupy a position of power in the future.

“…yes. “Please speak.”

“Are you okay? “Your eyes looked strange just now.”


Seongmin Choi hid his nervousness and smiled as naturally as possible.

“it’s okay. By the way, when is the scheduled departure time? “I will prepare right away.”

The great man grinned and said, as if everything went well.

“Then shall we go right now? “I’m ready.”


Choi Seong-min answered that he would prepare immediately, thinking that the landlord was a person who exceeded his expectations.


“I’ll be back!”

Lily waved back from the back of the battle truck’s trailer. The people who came to see me off became smaller and smaller.

“kid. “The car will get faster, so sit still.”

Daein nagged at Lily. However, Lily still waved her hand outside, as if she couldn’t hear her because it was drowned out by the sound of the engine.

“I’ll get the hogu, sirutdeok, and everything else!”


The moment Daein stretched out his arm and tried to pull Lily in, he said,

“…It’s dangerous. Come on.”

Jang Young-shin took the first step and pulled Lily in. Lily was gently guided by the hand and entered the trailer.


The great man slowly withdrew his hand that had been stretched out into the air.

It was thanks to his strong request that Jang Young-shin was included in the rescue team.

An hour ago

“…If you don’t take me with you this time, I will disassemble this truck.”

Because he held a screwdriver in one hand and made such threats in a calm voice, Daein had Jang Young-shin join the team as a mechanic.

‘That’s good. All you have to do is have the kid watch to make sure he doesn’t have an accident.’

Daein decided to think so and turned his head to check the number of people in the trailer.

Twenty warriors from the Heavenly Demon Church were seated, 10 on each side, and two children were playing in the back seat.


And a golden monkey climbed onto the roof of the trailer and looked around curiously.

“Monkey execution. Then, when it falls, I throw it away.”

I don’t know if he understood what I said, but Geum-o quickly came inside and sat down next to Dae-in.

Daein checked the situation outside on the monitor inside the trailer and spoke into the ear microphone.

“CEO Choi. “As soon as you leave the city, please run at full speed.”

[If many monsters appear…]

“We will take care of that, so just take the shortest route.”

Although he had a lot of questions, Choi Seong-min chose to trust Daein and nod his head.


After leaving the city, the battle truck accelerated in earnest.

The two engines began to make a tremendous roar. The wheels gradually gained speed and the surrounding scenery quickly passed by.


When Choi Seong-min’s superhuman characteristic, [Acceleration], was added, the 25-ton battle truck, engulfed in magical power, raced across the ground like a giant cannonball.

Quad deud deuk!

Debris on the dirt road was trampled by as many as 18 wheels and turned to dust. A new road that had never existed before was almost created.



Flames spewed out powerfully from the exhaust vents on both sides of the truck.

[…This is amazing.]

The majesty of the battle truck was so great that the driver was mesmerized.

A road appeared where there wasn’t one before, and small monsters were ground up by the scoop on the front of the truck and turned into pieces of meat.

Quad deuk, quade deuk!

A combat truck with red flame patterns on a black background began its long journey across the Korean territory.

But maybe it was because it was so loud.



Monsters who live and dominate lands that humanity has not yet recovered have begun to come out, angry at the fact that their territory has been invaded.

Doo doo doo doo doo!

The number quickly reached hundreds.

[Vice President! There are a lot of monsters in front!]

Daein told Choi Seong-min, who unknowingly slowed down, not to do so.

“Keep your speed. “We will break through like this.”

[…I understand!]

“If you’re really scared, you can close your eyes for a moment.”

The great man turned his head and looked at the Blood Gisura and the Flame Demon.

“I think the time has come for you to act. “Which one would you like to leave first?”

“I’m going out!”

“I’m going out!”

Jump up!

The two people who responded by standing up at the same time soon started fighting while glaring at each other.

“You give in.”

“That way.”

Daein presented a fair solution to the two people who had no intention of backing down.

“Then we can go out together. “Would you like to bet on which side can catch more monsters?”

Both people’s eyebrows twitched at the word ‘bet’.

As the teacher had taught, Daein stimulated their competitive spirit. The effect was amazing.


Blood Gisura and Yeomragwi each led their minions and went out of the trailer. Using handles and footrests installed throughout.

Doo doo doo doo doo!

The battle truck was running at an incredible speed, but there was no unmanned vehicle here that was so low-level that it couldn’t keep its balance on top of it.

The warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church began to slaughter the incoming monsters.

Wow! Wow!

Pow! Bubble bubbling!

The flesh of monsters being torn apart by the sword and exploding under strong tension.

The battle truck continued to advance, trampling the wreckage.


Choi Seong-min swallowed his saliva as he watched the slaughter committed by the warriors of the Heavenly Demon Church. He gripped the steering wheel tightly so as not to let go.

[This is…]

Without realizing it, Seongmin Choi muttered his honest feelings.

[…It looks like they are going to wipe out a city, not a rescue team.]

[To Busan (2) – The strongest rescue team in history] End

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