Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 214


[ Little Hunter ]


Genji knelt down on one knee and looked at Daein. His eyes were filled with shock and fear.

‘Where did such a monster come from…!’

Genji had always thought that he could kill anyone if he put his mind to it.

He was confident that even if his opponent was Musashi, who was said to be the strongest man in Japan, he could assassinate him if he prepared sufficiently.

And Genji’s confidence just now was shattered.

Genji looked at the great man walking towards him with a face full of fear.

‘I attacked like that… but I couldn’t even inflict a single wound.’

On the other hand, Genji’s body was completely ruined.

The beak, which was harder than steel alloy, was cracked, and only one of the ogre’s four arms, thicker than a log, remained.

The tail, which could crush a tank with a single blow, was so tattered that it could no longer be moved.

All of this happened in just 5 minutes.

“Is this all? “Then it’s a bit disappointing.”

Daein looked almost the same as he did five minutes ago.

No, it actually looked more relaxed.

He was holding a sword in each hand and holding one in his teeth.

Genji muttered in bewilderment.

“Doing something that a cartoon character would do…”

What was even more absurd was that he was caught in the act of being caught in the middle of a cartoon character using the same techniques.

The beheading of demons, the song of tigers, the slashing of wolves…

The man in front of me was a monster who could turn techniques from cartoons into reality.

The great man said, clenching and unclenching his fist.

“What if they start making excuses already? “I’m still practicing the triple pole.”

Genji said with a grin.

“Himura-san. “Is it that much fun to play with me?”

“It’s not like that in particular.”

The great man stopped a few steps away from Genji.

“I told you. I want to see all your roots. Everything, including the secret tricks. So, if you have it, take it out quickly.”

Due to the nature of their profession, assassins each had one or two ‘secret weapons’.

Whether it’s poison, memorization, or any other skill.

As someone who once worked in the same industry, Daein knew that fact well.

However, Genji looked aggrieved.

“If there was something like that left, I would have used it a long time ago. “I don’t have the strength to fight anymore.”


Genji’s body, which was nearly 4 meters tall, began to shrink. The monster’s form remained the same, but its height shrank to that of an average human.

Genji looked at the great man’s eyes.

‘…Is there only one way left?’

Genji completely fell to his knees. And then I laid down flat on the floor with my palms down.

It was a Japanese temple called Dogeza.

“Himura-san! I lost. “I will swear loyalty, so please accept me as your subordinate!”


The great man glanced down at the back of Genji’s head.

But what he was seeing was not Genji.

The message that arose from the Star of Transcendence confirmed the truth of Genji’s words.

[The target does not truly submit to you.]

[Ministry is impossible in the current state.]

The great man asked with a chuckle.

“Are you going to be loyal to me? really?”

“of course!”

Genji raised his head and looked at the great man.

The great man was seen scratching his chin, sheathing his sword, and thinking.

“I may be bragging, but there is no one in Japan better than me at assassination, infiltration, tracking, and disruption missions. “It will be very useful if you take it under your wing.”

“I know that.”

The great man laughed and squatted down in front of Genji. He reached out and grabbed Genji’s red crest.

“The problem is that you are the one who will try to kill me if you get the chance. “How can I trust you?”

“Trust me just this once. Himura-san…”

It was the moment when Genji looked up at the great man with a pitiful expression.


Genji’s appearance disappeared.

Literally, existence itself disappeared as if evaporating.


Daein’s eyes widened at the completely unexpected situation.

I expected dozens of types of attacks, but there was no case where the opponent suddenly disappeared.

‘Where did it go?’

At that time, Genji appeared again from behind the great man. His one remaining arm sharpened its claws and pierced the great man’s heart.


For the first time, my clothes were torn and shallow cuts appeared on my skin.

The great man avoided the attack by reacting with his body before his consciousness. At the same time, I instinctively counterattacked.

However, the sword he swung split the air. This time, Genji disappeared again.



The great man was truly surprised.

I can assure you that at present, there is no superhuman anywhere in the world who can move fast enough to deceive their own eyes.

‘…This is not a movement of the body.’

The great man concentrated on the flow of energy around him. He turned his head in the direction where he felt an alien energy.


Genji’s figure appeared in a space where there was nothing. As soon as his eyes met, he turned and ran away. He fled inside rather than outside the territory.

The great man stared blankly at that for a moment and then widened his eyes.

“No way… teleportation?”

I needed some time to gather my thoughts.

Genji was a superhuman with [Doppelganger] characteristics.

But just now, I used my teleportation ability.

‘Did you copy the abilities of another superhuman with the doppelganger trait?’

As soon as Daein thought of that possibility, he denied it.

‘The doppelganger ability cannot copy the characteristics of another superhuman. If so, it would have been the strongest characteristic.’

The teleportation just now was an ability that had nothing to do with the doppelganger ability.

That means…

Daein couldn’t come up with anything but one conclusion.

“…A person with multiple abilities?”

The great man had already turned into a small dot and started chasing Genji, who was moving away. When I unfolded the Pacheon Shinbo, the distance quickly narrowed.

“A person with multiple abilities has appeared? already?”

The great man’s voice was trembling as he mumbled to himself.

[Multiple Abilities]

Superhumans with two or more characteristics were called that.

However, it was 10 years after the start of the First Gate that people with multiple abilities appeared in earnest.

But now, a superhuman who uses two abilities has appeared before the great human’s eyes.

“Hey Genji! “Just stand there for a moment!”


As Daein gradually narrowed the distance, Genji used teleportation one after another to widen the distance.

-Paaah! Faaah! Faaah!

Each time Genji’s appearance disappeared, he disappeared and reappeared in the distance.

‘Is the maximum distance that can be moved at once is about 300 meters?’

Daein continued to chase Genji. As the opponent used teleportation one after another, the distance gradually increased.

The great man muttered as if it were absurd.

“Teleportation to a doppelganger. If you look at the combination of characteristics, he is almost the king of assassins.”

The great man grumbled and increased the speed of the Divine Law.

‘How has someone with multiple abilities already appeared?’

Then it suddenly dawned on me that this wasn’t the only incident that sped up.

“Well, Hell Gate also appeared more than 10 years early…”

As if someone was quickly turning the clock, events and phenomena of the future that Daein knew were coming quickly.

‘But I understand that Genji wasn’t a multi-talented person?’

Of course, it could have been hidden from others.

Just looking at it now, he hid that ability until the very end. Even in the world before Daein’s return, there was no way to know if he had kept his abilities hidden until the end.

But what if the original Genji wasn’t multi-talented?

What if something happened as the clock in the future sped up and you gained new abilities?

‘Then maybe I too…’

The great man’s eyes twinkled as he looked at Genji desperately running away.

“It might be worth checking.”

The man’s muttering voice was strangely excited. The great man unfolded his divine law with all his might.


“Huh… huh…”

Genji looked back, breathing heavily.

The figure of the great man who had been chasing me at breakneck speed was no longer visible.

‘Did I just barely get away with it?’

My heart exploded and beat with all my might, and I squeezed all the magical energy in my body to move through space one after another.

Because I was not yet familiar with the ability to move through space, I wasted a lot of magical energy each time I used it.

‘I’m going to run out of magic soon. Moreover, the side effects of the chimera transformation…’

Genji forced his body, which wanted to collapse and rest, to hide inside the building.

‘If I run away like this, it’s only a matter of time before I get caught by him.’

Himura Kenshin.

It may have been an alias taken from a cartoon character, but the guy was so strong that I thought it would be better to fight that cartoon character.

‘No matter how hard I try, all I can do is run away!’

Genji’s heart still pounded when he remembered the sight of the guy chasing after him at an incredible speed.

Fortunately, we somehow succeeded in escaping him.

Since he completely killed his presence and entered a building full of people, he wouldn’t be able to find him easily.

At that moment, an evil light flowed from Genji’s eyes.

‘okay. ‘I admit you are strong as a monster.’

There was a reason why he ran inside the territory rather than outside.

‘But are the people you brought here also like that?’

Genji hid in the building where Daein’s group was. We had already figured out where they were staying.

Genji passed by the room where Joo Sang-wook was sleeping.

‘It’s hard to take a man with me in my current state.’

The injuries and aftereffects were too severe to move with the man as a hostage. Genji passed Joo Sang-wook’s room and headed to the room where the two girls were sleeping.

‘The pretty girls he brought…’

The other warriors thought of the two as the great man’s concubines or playthings, but Genji, who had carefully observed the great man’s treatment of the two, knew that was not the case.

‘He seemed very close to those girls. Especially with the little girl, we even joked around with each other.’

How would that Himura react if I put a couple of knife marks on those pretty faces?

Thinking about that, Genji felt a little better.


Genji entered the room where the two girls(?) were sleeping.


‘Why is there only one?’

There was only one girl lying on the bed with the blanket pulled away. Genji looked around quickly.

‘I can’t see where one has gone.’

Of the two, the slightly larger one was not visible. Genji quickly walked to the bed. It’s unfortunate, but I decided to take at least one hostage.

“Who… are you uncle?”

Lily, sensing an unfamiliar presence, rubbed her sleepy eyes and mumbled like she was talking in her sleep.


Genji was startled and stopped in place. Lily turned her head towards him without opening her eyes.

“Ugh? “I don’t think it’s you…”

Lily slowly opened her eyes. And then he made eye contact with Genji, who was looking down at him.

Genji muttered in a somber voice.

“If you don’t want to die, be quiet.”



Lily blinked her big eyes and slowly tilted her head. A smile formed on Genji’s lips as he was convinced that the girl was scared.

“You’re more perceptive than I thought. good. “Then I will treat you like a gentleman from now on.”

“Uh huh…?!”

Lily, with a surprised expression, pointed her finger at Genji’s face.

Genji was still in the form of a chimera.

It had a face that looked very similar to some kind of bird, a cracked beak, and even a red crest on its head.

Moreover, his face was covered in scars and his eyes were even bloodshot.

Lily raised her big eyes even wider and muttered.


“What do you mean?”

The girl was still half asleep, it was late at night, and she remembered the scary story her uncle had told her before.

Lily pulled the blanket she had kicked off closer.

“Are you here to get revenge because I ate too much chicken?”

“…I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. “Close your mouth and follow quietly.”

Genji covered Lily’s mouth with one hand.

No, I tried to block it.


At that moment, the soft horse that was hiding under the blanket struck Genji like a thunderbolt. Genji, who had been bitten on the arm, screamed and threw the animal away.


The soft-spoken cat that fell to the ground raised its head and roared fiercely. Although it was small in size, its force was as strong as that of any beast.


Genji tried to stomp the horse with his foot. However, Malang avoided all of his feet with agile movements.

bang! Bang bang bang!

Lily, who saw that, jumped up from the bed. The girl in the pink kitty pajamas shouted, pointing her finger at the chicken ghost.

“Malrang is innocent! “I ate the chicken by myself!”

“If you don’t shut up right now, I’ll open your mouth…!”

At that moment, a flame bloomed from Lily’s fingertips.


The flame that bloomed in an instant soon took on a single form.

It looks similar to a club, but the end is much thicker and looks more delicious.

Lily, holding the flame chicken leg with both hands, rushed towards the chicken ghost.


Lily immediately attacked the chicken ghost with the special magic she had learned from Daein. And he swung the chicken leg with all his might.


My face was instantly cooked by the scorching heat.


Genji stared blankly at the flaming chicken leg in front of him.

“There wasn’t just one monster….”


Genji burst through the door and bounced in the direction he came in.

Coincidentally, Daein, who was following Genji’s traces, witnessed the scene.

Daein barely realized what was happening and clicked his tongue.

“Even if I touch one of the three….”

In fact, there was a barrier in Joo Sang-wook’s room, so he wouldn’t have been able to enter.

“I won!”

Lily, who was riding on top of the charred chicken ghost, looked back at the great man. The girl was elated, like a little hunter who had just succeeded in hunting.

“Man, look at this! “It’s the chicken ghost! I got it!”

“First, get rid of those big chicken legs.”

The great man poured a potion on Genji’s body, hoping that he would just stay alive.

After a while, Genji came to his senses and his eyes met two faces looking down at him.

“Are you awake?”

“Chicken ghost!”

At that moment, a heartfelt word flowed from deep within Genji’s heart.


[The target truly surrenders to you.]

[You can minister to the target as a member of your household.]

The great man grinned after checking the message.

[Little Hunter] End

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