Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 23



Contact me in advance when you arrive at the guild building. Baek Young-hee, who received the gift, was waiting for us in the lobby.


Baek Young-hee spotted us and walked over, waving her hand.

She looked gorgeous today too. He wore a black V-neck T-shirt that exposed his collarbone and chest line and matched it with a red-toned suit.

Here, the makeup and accessories are not overly accentuated.

It was a sophisticated yet elegant look that made it clear why so many men were obsessed with her.

But it seems like you put in more effort today than usual?

Baek Young-hee approached me with the sound of her shoes clicking again and again and said with a wide smile.

“long time no see! “Did you have a good rest?”

What a long time.

I said, shaking my head.

“Not at all. “It was three days that felt like three minutes.”

Baek Young-hee laughed softly and then smiled softly.

“That’s too much~ Did you miss me?”

The gentle charm made all the men passing by the lobby glance in this direction.

Anyway, it’s a fox.

Younghee Baek bowed and greeted Lily.

“Hello, Lily?”

The little boy said with a very disapproving expression, pointing to Baek Young-hee’s chest.

“Boob monster!”

Baek Young-hee smiled brightly at those words.

“I know that. It means pretty sister, right? thank you!”

It seems that he still remembered what he interpreted last time.

I cleared my throat lightly and said.

“Hmm. “Now that we’ve said hello, let’s go up quickly.”

“yes! “I’ll take you straight to the office.”

We rode the elevator together.

While the elevator was going up, Baek Young-hee asked me various questions about how I was doing, but I answered half-heartedly, just looking out of one ear.

Team 7’s office was on the 11th floor.


The elevator doors opened and a moment later I couldn’t help but burst out in exclamation.


The space felt more like a luxury mansion than an office.

Nothing looked expensive. Overall, the space was bright and open, and all the most convenient facilities were provided.

Honestly, it’s too much for just me and my two little kids.

“That’s the team leader’s seat.”

My desk was where Baek Young-hee’s hand pointed.

And there was a nameplate on top of it.

[Team Leader 7 Landlord]

I sat down on the chair. The soft feel was much more comfortable than the bed in my tent.

“…Honestly, it’s more than I expected.”

It was so perfect that even if I wanted to find fault with it, I couldn’t.

Baek Young-hee smiled proudly.

“I paid special attention to it. We prepared everything, including the tape in the interior furniture drawers, with only the best. “Even Team 1’s office isn’t like this.”

Then he put his finger on his lips and winked.

“You can’t go anywhere and talk about this. “A secret just for the two of us.”

It was an obvious commercial comment, but I was able to laugh happily this time.

Younghee Baek also provided a children’s desk for Lily.

“This is Lily’s desk. “Would you like to sit down?”

It was a cute-looking bear character desk, and the height was adjustable.

The little boy seemed to like having his own desk, so he sat on the chair and played with his feet in the air.

There were also a few empty desks.

“We have prepared empty seats so that they can be used as soon as team members are added. Oh, and speaking of the newly hired employees….”

“They look a little different today.”

At my words, Baek Young-hee tilted her head without speaking.

“yes? What?”

To be honest, I thought she only had a pretty face, but I never thought she would be this good at work.

Well, all I knew about her was the scandal articles I read before I returned.

I said with a grin.

“Because it looks cool at work.”

At that moment, Baek Young-hee’s eyes sparkled.

“oh. Are you asking me out on a date? But today… I don’t know if I’ll have time…”

…As expected, what I saw wasn’t wrong.

I alleviated the worries of Baek Young-hee, who was trying to find time somehow.

“Just keep busy. “Because I’m not asking you out on a date.”


Baek Young-hee, with her lips twitching, continued talking about what she was talking about earlier.

“Are there the employees I mentioned last time? “The team leader’s exclusive driver, Team 7’s new operator, was hired yesterday.”

“Did they go to work too?”

Then Baek Young-hee looked at me and said.

“of course. “Unlike others who came to work after 3 p.m., I came to work early in the morning and am now taking over work.”

I shrugged my shoulders as if there was some problem.


“…The field support team leaders will be going to work starting tomorrow due to an emergency. Anyway, I wasn’t planning on assigning a mission to Team 7 today. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

In order to run one superhuman team, you need more people than you think.

The field support team alone provides medical equipment for filming.

The headquarters support team includes operators, secretaries, and even lawyers.

Baek Young-hee, who was able to organize the staff in just three days, clearly had outstanding abilities.

…wait for a sec.

As I listened to this quietly, Baek Young-hee seemed to be my….

I asked with a bit of anxiety.

“What about our team secretary?”

“For now, it’s me.”


Baek Young-hee said calmly, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I have decided to temporarily serve as team 7’s secretary. “It’s a newly established team, so we need someone who knows the guild well, right?”

For a moment, I narrowed my eyes and asked.

“Are you sure it’s temporary? “Are you going to find a real secretary for me later?”

Baek Young-hee kept tucking her hair behind her ear while avoiding my gaze.

“of course. Do I look that leisurely? “Isn’t a day usually not enough just to do my work?”


I don’t believe you at all?

I sighed and nodded.

“Then please be nice to me for a while. Temporary secretary.”

“yes! “I understand, team leader!”

…I think I just saw a meaningful smile.

Younghee Baek opened the file she was holding in her hand, took out the documents inside and placed them in front of me.

“Team 7’s normal work will begin tomorrow. So, I hope you will read what is here today.”

I sighed at the thickness of the document, which seemed to be at least 1cm.




I was reading through the documents Baek Young-hee gave me and stopped looking at a certain point.

“Gate destruction mission?”

Baek Young-hee, who was playing with Lily, said, “Oh, that?” He looked back at me while doing so.

Didn’t he say he was busy earlier?

“Two days ago, the government requested a mission to destroy the gate. The operation begins in 5 days. At that time, we were the only team that could move according to the schedule….”

There are two types of gates that appear on Earth.

Type A.

A type that disappears on its own after releasing monsters.

Type B.

When monsters do not disappear even after being poured out, or when monsters do not come out even when the gate is opened.

The gate destruction mission was to go directly into the B-type gate, kill the monsters inside, destroy the ‘core’, and then return.

Gates with destroyed cores disappear on their own after about 48 hours on average.

The gate destruction mission was several times more difficult than fighting on Earth because it basically involved entering an unfamiliar environment.

Plus, it takes a long time.

I crossed my arms with a disapproving expression.

“I think the clause in my contract included the right to refuse long-term missions…”

As I muttered that, Baek Young-hee looked at me and said,

“It doesn’t take that long. “This is an operation involving four guilds, and the government estimates that the operation will be completed in two days.”

That damn government prediction.

I have rarely seen a hit in my life.

It’s better to trust the weather forecast.

“What is the inner type of gate? “What kind of monsters appear?”

Baek Young-hee looked a little surprised at my question.

It’s the same facial expression you get when a student who doesn’t seem to be good at studying asks a surprisingly sharp question.

“The inside of the gate is a dungeon type, and the monsters that appear… will be detailed if you flip back a few pages.”

I flipped through the papers.

A few pages later, there were printed photos of monsters appearing outside and inside the dungeon.

Valuable information captured by an investigation team dispatched in advance.

The moment I saw that photo, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“This is…”

Dozens of stakes stuck around the dungeon entrance and dark red chains wrapped around them.

The photo, taken from a bird’s eye view from high up, looked like the wide-open maw of a devil.

It is clearly a ‘labyrinth of fallen souls’.

“manager? “Why do you look like that?”


I have never been inside there myself.

If I had gone in, I probably would have died without being able to return.

But I knew that place very well.

This is a place that was covered a lot in the lecture materials I created to show students when I briefly worked as an instructor at a superhuman training school a few years ago due to an injury.

The title of the lecture at that time was usually this:

“The worst dungeons that have occurred since the First Gate”

The superhuman kids who listened to my lecture were initially amused by the provocative title, but later, after watching the survivor interviews or data screens, their faces turned pale.

There were a few people who vomited in the classroom.

“…Are you telling me to go in here now?”

Perhaps because my expression was so stiff, Baek Young-hee timidly asked back.

“If you don’t want to go, can I cancel? It’s okay to hand it over to another guild, but…”


“Then I guess I’ll just hand it over to another guild…”

The moment Baek Young-hee lifted up her phone to make a call, I lifted the chair. I pushed back and jumped up.


And then he grabbed Baek Young-hee’s hand.

“What are you talking about? I have to go! “I must go!”

“yes yes?”

I grinned at Baek Young-hee, who looked puzzled by my dramatic change.

“sorry. “I took a moment to gather my thoughts.”

The worst dungeons.

One of them is ‘The Labyrinth of Corrupt Souls.’

Of course, at the time it was a symbol of fear and death.

However, it was also a dungeon that was later analyzed and studied a lot.

Even just now, in my head, the methods suggested by researchers in the future as strategy methods were emerging.

Moreover, when I think about the things I can gain from there…

I let go of Baek Young-hee’s hand and asked.

“You said the operation would be in a few days, right?”

“yes? “Five days later.”

5 days.

A smile slowly spread across my lips.

“That should be enough time to get ready.”

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