Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 243


[ Giant Monster Hunting (1) ]

Hwiiiiing ~

A cold wind blew and my hair blew.

‘It’s still a bit awkward.’

Musashi used his right hand to remove the hair that was sticking to his cheek. When I exhaled, white breath came out.


The image of his severed right arm being reattached was still vivid in his mind.

‘I thought I would have to live with one arm for the rest of my life…’

A few hours ago, when a guy named Black, who was said to have come from another world, came with his severed right arm, I thought he was playing some kind of nasty prank.

It wasn’t a joke.

[Now is the time when we need at least one more power. I’ll attach your arms to you.]

“Stop talking bullshit…”

Ryunosuke, who was next to him, didn’t even have time to react.


Black approached in an instant, separated the two people – thinking about it now, he seemed to know the situation he was in – and placed the severed arm on the amputated side of the arm.

Then, I opened what looked like a water bottle that I had taken out of my pocket and poured some liquid onto the cut surface


As if by magic, the wound healed and my arm came back together.

Now I can move around like this.

“…They said it was a precious medicine that is difficult to find even in this world. “I received great grace.”

Musashi muttered as he repeatedly closed and closed his fingers one by one.

After witnessing that scene, there was no longer anyone who did not believe that Black was a being from another world.

And now, several hours later.

2000 meters above sea level. The middle of Mt. Fuji.

An army of major powers in Tokyo erected barricades at the highest point accessible by car. Troops were gathering one after another at the foot of the mountain.

The reason why all the troops were gathered here was easy to see if you looked up at the summit of Mt. Fuji.


At the red gate in the sky, a gigantic monster that ignored perspective was trying to tear through the gate and get out.


The monster stuck its front paw out of the gate and started flailing wildly. Every time he did that, a strong wind blew all the way here.

‘If he had done something like that in Tokyo…’

All the buildings in the city would have been destroyed and the ground turned upside down. He was like a living natural disaster.


The soldiers, who were powerless from the roar that tore the heavens and earth apart, covered their ears and suffered in pain. Even with earplugs on, it was like that.

Everyone looking at the monster was thinking the same thing.

‘I’m so glad the gate was moved here…’

Black moved the location of the gate from Tokyo to the sky above the summit of Mt. Fuji.

To be exact, it was done with God’s [Gate] ability, but most people didn’t know those details.

“That should be coming out soon.”

Musashi turned around at the sound of a voice coming from beside him, putting his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Ryunosuke, startled, took a step back and smiled awkwardly.

“Don’t be too sharp when you’re on the same side. “Can you move your arms?”


At that moment, Musashi’s face was distorted like a murderous beast. He hated Ryuunosuke more than Red, who cut off his right arm.


Musashi said, half-drawing his katana.

“If you don’t want to die, I would have warned you not to come near me again.”

“…I wanted to do that too. “If the battle starts in this uncomfortable state, I don’t think you and I will be able to fight properly because we will be so anxious.”


It meant reconciliation.

Shortly after Musashi was defeated by Red, Ryunosuke betrayed him. Just a few hours ago, he was holding Musashi’s neck and threatening him.

If it weren’t for Black who appeared in the middle, Musashi would still be captured and threatened by Ryunosuke.

“Shameless guy…”

“I know that. “I think we need to cooperate now.”

Ryunosuke pointed his finger in a direction.

“We don’t want to end up like that either.”

There stood Kiyoshi, the Lord of Mandala, who had been missing for a while.

Kiyoshi, whose face was emaciated like that of a sick man, looked into space with unfocused eyes and muttered.

“I was wrong. please forgive me. Wrong. please forgive me. Wrong. please forgive me. Wrong. Please forgive me…. Hehehehe….”

The lord who once ruled the north of Tokyo was trembling and constantly apologizing to someone. Tears like chicken droppings flowed from both eyes.

Then, Kiyoshi’s eyes returned to focus for a moment.

“Am I serious? “If I kill a lot of enemies today… will you really forgive me?”

And as if he had heard an answer, Kiyoshi moved his head up and down like crazy.

“Yes yes yes! I’ll do it! I’ll do better! You can do it well! So please forgive me….”

Tears flowing down again. And the constant talking to myself.

The expressions of the two people who looked at that scene became stiff.

“That guy…”

“It’s broken. thoroughly.”

The man who was once considered their equal has been completely destroyed.

“What on earth can happen to end up like that?”

“I don’t know. “I heard that the missing guy suddenly appeared as if he had risen from the ground… I heard that his younger brother is in a similar condition.”



A moment of silence.

Musashi opened his mouth again.

“Did you hear what happened to Takeda?”

“That bastard usually doesn’t come forward at times like this. “Where else could he be hiding?”


Musashi turned his head and looked at the place where Orochi’s army was stationed.

I could see the army moving more smoothly than anywhere else.

The secret was the Tribe’s executives made up of superhumans.

“Everyone, come to your senses!”

“Don’t overexert yourself and get hurt, you bastards!”

“If anything happens, tell us everything! “I will help you!”

Orochi’s executives ran around enthusiastically and encouraged the soldiers. Even though they were superhumans, they did not treat civilian soldiers carelessly.

…as if something big would happen.

The soldiers elsewhere looked at Orochi’s soldiers with envy.

They look too disciplined to say that the lord is absent.

‘Maybe Takeda wasn’t hiding…’

After seeing Kiyoshi’s broken appearance, it was Musashi who looked unusual.

‘It may have been removed by someone.’

Musashi’s guess was only half correct.

Nobu Takeda, the former lord of Orochi, had died, but was instead reborn as a member of the great people. Genji was there.

Four lords who ruled Tokyo by dividing it into quarters.

Superhumans who each formed a powerful force and whose individual power was also enormous.

But their appearance now was extremely shabby compared to their reputation.

Ryunosuke said with an angry expression.

“First of all, I have to survive. So let’s forget the past and cooperate again. “Wouldn’t that help you plan for the future?”

“…You idiot. Do you think there will be a future for us?”

Musashi sighed and looked around.

I saw superhuman soldiers rushing around and civilian technicians who had come up here to build a camp.

None of them paid attention to the two lords of the Four Great Tribes of Tokyo.

“This is our reality. And look over there.”

Where Musashi’s finger pointed, there was a Shinjuku Ranger.

‘Black is there too.’

black. He was at the center of this whole operation.

Everyone went to him, asked for his opinion, talked to him, and the plan went forward.

Focusing on black, red, blue, and yellow were also busy. It seemed like there was some kind of halo coming from them.

Musashi said with a grin.

“…Our time is over. “I’m not interested in what’s going on behind your back, so if you want to keep getting ugly, do it yourself.”

“Damn it…”

Ryunosuke gritted his teeth and returned to his seat.

Musashi, who was left alone, looked up at the sky.

The sky was bleeding and torn apart.


The monster was struggling with its face halfway out of the gate. The gate got wider and people started coming out.

“The monster is coming out soon!”

“Ready for battle-!!”

Everyone was running around frantically. Anti-aircraft guns were aimed at the sky, and the barrels of self-propelled guns moved in unison.

The superhumans raised their magic power and prepared for the fight that was about to begin.

Everyone looked very nervous.

Can you survive the fight against that monster?

No one could guarantee.

Yet strangely, Musashi felt that his mind was as calm as a lake.

“…It’s more convenient.”

He lost his title as ‘Japan’s Strongest’ today.

And once this fight is over, the forces he created will be naturally absorbed into the government.

Is it because there is nothing to worry about anymore?

My shoulders, which had always been stiff, felt very light and my head was clear.

There was only one thought filling Musashi’s mind right now.

‘The last sword he showed me. It was really cool.’

Ever since I got my right arm back, Red’s final swordsmanship has been playing in my mind.

‘That swordsmanship. Was it really something that this guy called Red did? At that moment, it seemed like some transcendent being intervened…’

Musashi’s eyes naturally turned to Black.

‘no way?’

I had my doubts, but now it was good anyway.

Even if that were the case, I had no intention of claiming that the lost fight was invalid.

I just wanted to become stronger than I am now.

‘If I survive this fight… I’ll go into the mountains alone and train.’


If history had gone the way it should have, the man would have ultimately defeated all competitors and unified Japan.

But history has changed.

Musashi did not gain Japan.

Instead, he took a step toward a level he would never have achieved if his fate had gone as planned.

‘I want to become stronger. So much so that I will never lose again…’

In the end, no one knew which would lead to a happier future.

Musashi looked up at the sky and muttered.

“In order to do that… I have to survive today first.”

A monster as huge as a mountain crawled, tore the sky apart and descended to the earth.



A creature with a mass of hundreds of thousands of tons can cause disaster just by lightly jumping in place.

The moment Abaddon fell to the ground

– Quad deud deud!

An enormous amount of pressure was generated, enough to create a crater with a radius of several kilometers.

Under that pressure, the topography of Mt. Fuji itself changed. The entire roots of the huge tree were ripped out and the rocks were shattered. Dust rose hundreds of meters high and covered the mountain.

The great monster of the demon world caused a natural disaster just by appearing.


A monster roared from the rising dust.

“All batteries ready to fire!”

“Send the fighter jets!”

Commanders tried to control the chaos. However, they could not help but tremble in fear.

It was then.


The dust that had obscured my vision was instantly sucked in. Abaddon inhaled the dust around him.

“Why is it so big…”

Abaddon, who appeared at the top of the mountain, is a monster well over 100 meters tall.

Overall, it looked similar to a dragon, but its upper body was much larger and its wings had degenerated, leaving only traces.

The entire body was thickly covered with black scales, like the exoskeleton of a crustacean. It was covered in spikes like shark teeth, growing from the top of its head down its spine to its bifurcated tail.


When Abaddon raised his head and roared, the entire mountain shook. A landslide occurred and a large amount of soil flowed down.

“This is crazy…!”

“come! “Be prepared!”

The earth, which had been rolling down like a wave, slowly stopped when it reached the halfway point of the mountain. This was thanks to the defenses and barricades that had been set up in advance.


“I survived….”

Once blocked, it was now time to attack.

Black, who had been quietly observing the situation since the monster appeared, said.

[Pour everything you have.]

[Hunting giant monsters (1)] End

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