Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 28



I put my hand on my forehead and sighed. rested.


Now in front of me was a one-horned white lion grilled to golden brown.

I had the little boy practice controlling the intensity of the flame, and he ended up making a whole roast.

A little boy was squatting

in front of a whole roasted lion that gave off a fragrant smell with a rather serious expression.


The little boy poked the whole roast with his hand to see if it was cooked well

and sniffed.

Put your nose in it, smell it,

and poof!

He turned his head and looked at me.



The sound of swallowing can be heard up to here.

“Can you eat this?”

Saliva was already flowing from the corner of my mouth.

I shook my head firmly.

“no. “I have an upset stomach.”


I lifted the back of the little boy who couldn’t let go of my regret and walked away from the whole roast.

And spoke into the ear microphone.

“Control room. Are there any more monsters left?

[There are no objects left! Gate disappearance has also been confirmed! The situation is over!]

Operator Chae Su-min’s voice was full of fighting spirit.

Well, maybe it’s because I’m still a newbie.

I nodded and said.

“Then let’s sort it out. 7 teams. Thank you for your effort.”

Soon, several people answered simultaneously through the ear microphone.

[[[Thank you for your hard work!!]]]

After a while, the field support team arrived where we were.

“Move quickly!”

They loaded the monster’s body into the vehicle, retrieved the camera, checked our injuries, checked the gear we were wearing, and more.

Cheon Il-nam, the medical team leader, approached me.

Cheon Il-nam was a handsome man with glasses and a cold expression, wearing a white gown.

“manager. “Is there anything that makes you feel uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine.”

“What about Lily?”

“Wash your hands, please. “I touched something dirty earlier.”

Cheon Il-nam said as he wiped Lily’s hands with a wet tissue.

“Where is Wang Guho…”

I pointed in one direction with my finger.

There, Wang Guho was lying on his back, gasping for breath.


Before the little boy made a whole roast, it was Wangguho who sparred with the one-horned white lion to his heart’s content.

Cheon Il-nam looked at Wang Gu-hao with a worried face, but at the same time subtle as if he was expecting something.

“Are you hurt somewhere?”

I gestured to him that it was okay.

“I’m doing this because I’m tired, so please bring me some water.”

“…I have nothing to do.”

Cheon Il-nam sighed with a disappointed expression, then went to Wang Gu-hao and began to ask him various questions.

The next person to come to me was Cheon Lee-nam, the head of the filming team.

“manager! “A killer video has come out. Would you like to watch it?”

Cheon Lee Nam.

Wearing jeans and a hoodie, he had a cheerful and affable personality, unlike his older brother Cheon Il-nam.

“This is it! Take a look!”

The video that Cheon Yi-nam showed me showed me hunting a second one-horned white lion.

There was a series of images of me using a gunshot gun to put a sword in the eye of a white lion in one go, and images of superhumans chasing after me and turning into dogs chasing chickens.

It was like a scene from a movie, with a bit of exaggeration.

“Kya! If I had missed this, I would have regretted it forever. “It’s in the top 10 videos I shot this year!”

Cheon Yi-nam flirted with me for a while and then left.

Although Cheon Yi-nam looks like he has nothing to do, his drone control skills and sense of taking video were amazing.

The last one to come was the third of the three Cheon siblings.

Following Cheon Il-nam and Cheon I-nam, her name is….


“It’s Cheon Seol-ah!”

Cheon Seol-ah shouted pointedly, dismantling the armor I was wearing one by one and taking it off.

I shrugged my shoulders and said.

“Everyone calls me ‘three daughters.’”

Seol-Ah Cheon was the head of the equipment support team and was wearing short-cut, loose-fitting work clothes and eye protection goggles on top of her head.

She said, pouting her lips as if she were dissatisfied.

Yet the hands dismantling my armor did not rest even for a moment.

“When I was young, my older brothers started calling me ‘Samnyeo’ as a joke, but it has stuck and now everyone calls me ‘Samnyeo’. “Oh, please raise your arm for a moment.”

I said, raising my arms.

“I bet my brothers would have done that. Their names are Il Nam and I Nam, but their younger sister is Seol A. Your father is the one who named you, right? “If he were a man, he would definitely have been the third son.”

Cheon Seol-ah sighed.

“It’s not my fault. “It’s done now.”

“thank you.”

After Cheon Seol-ah took off my equipment, she also took off the kid’s equipment and took it to the car.

The Equipment Support Team vehicle was loaded with equipment needed for various environments and situations.

They always kept their superhuman equipment in top condition and were also able to create the necessary tools on the fly.

The three Cheon siblings.

Nowadays, it is an unusual career for both siblings to work in the superhuman industry, but

in the future, each and every one of them will make a name for themselves as specialists in their respective fields.

Just having these people on my team was reassuring.

For your information, the reason they are called team leaders even though they lead each team is because their titles overlap with mine.

After watching the field support team work for a while, I muttered to myself.

“I guess I should at least praise my manager later.”

[oh. Really?]

A familiar voice came through the ear microphone.

I said with a sigh.

“Baek Younghee. “Isn’t this wiretapping?”

[What are you talking about? I am definitely a member of the team.]

When you say that, I don’t have anything to say.

Younghee Baek said.

[I didn’t mean to listen to it on purpose. I have a lot to report to you, so I would like to advise you to return quickly.]

“Okay. I’ll be there soon. But my car is…”

Operator Chae Su-min said as if he had been waiting.

[Driver Youngbae Park has called you now! If you are at your current location, we will arrive within 1 minute!]

Chae Su-min. It’s good that our new operator is also quick.

I was just waiting for the vehicle to arrive, but a thought occurred to me and I stepped forward to the field support team.


Nearly 20 people stopped what they were doing and looked at me.


Even though I had been doing this for 20 years before I returned, I had never been a team leader or held a high position.

I have always been a person who followed someone’s orders.

Later, I got tired of it, so I left the guild and started playing free.

Anyway, that’s why I know it well.

How should I treat them?

It is best to be polite as a person, but at the same time keep an appropriate distance.

I looked around at them and said,

“I’ve been with you for a while now, so I barely know your names. It’s so annoying that you probably won’t be able to memorize it later. So don’t be upset.”

Some people forced smiles at my words, while others looked like they were busy but asked why they were like that.

I chuckled and continued.

“Instead, when you come back from the dungeon this time, I will tell the guild and we will pay for dinner for each team, send you on vacation, and give you a generous bonus. “It’s good, right?”

Cheon Yi-nam raised his hand and shouted playfully.

“manager! “Everything you just said has been recorded!”

I said with a grin.

“Do whatever you want. “If the guild doesn’t give you a bonus, I’ll give it to you myself.”

Cheers erupted from all directions.

“wow! Really?”

“Team leader, you’re the best!”

“Long live the landlord!”

In an instant, the atmosphere became festive.

Although I made too many promises, the guild would have no choice but to give them bonuses later.

What we will bring from the ‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’ will be enormous.

It must have been that hard… but

I was the only one who knew that fact.

Well, I guess this is enough motivation.

“Then let’s go first. “Thank you for your hard work.”

After saying hello to them, I got into my private car with little Wang Guho.

Driver Park Young-bae smiled kindly and said.

“manager. “You are very popular with your subordinates.”

I leaned back against the soft sheets and closed my eyes.

“I know how my subordinates feel quite well. “Please wake me up when we arrive.”

“Hehehe. All right.”

The driver smiled kindly and started the car.

The driving was so smooth that I didn’t even know it was moving.

If it weren’t for the sound of something rustling next to me.

I said with my eyes still closed.

“kid. “Don’t touch the snack box.”

I flinch.

The little boy sighed softly and grumbled.

“How did you know…”




When I returned to the office, Younghee Baek was waiting for me.

She looked at me with a curious face.

“Team leader, are you really 20 years old?”

“…hmm? why?”

When I looked at him for no reason, Baek Young-hee smiled brightly and continued speaking.

“You’re so skilled. “The way he treats people is the same. He is relaxed in his speech and actions, unlike his peers. He is surprisingly kind… Can’t I just call him oppa?”

I sighed as I saw Baek Young-hee smiling.

I thought I caught something again.

It was just Baek Young-hee as usual today too.

“That’s enough, let’s see. “I heard there’s a lot to talk about.”

Baek Young-hee, with her lips pursed, held out a document to me and said.

“This is the purchase details of the item you requested. “They will all be delivered to the office by tomorrow.”

I glanced through the documents and nodded.

“It’s good.”

Two more days until entering the ‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’.

I asked to get the items needed to conquer the dungeon, and even though some of them would have been quite difficult to obtain, Baek Young-hee saved them all.

“As expected, our talented secretary. Perfect.”

“I think I’ll become more competent if you give me a reward… For example, a meal in a private place…”

I lightly ignored that opinion and moved on to the next question.

“What happened to the special equipment?”

Baek Young-hee glanced at me lightly and then spoke.

“I think the special equipment you requested from the workshop will be completed by the day after tomorrow morning. But there isn’t enough time until the test…”

“That can’t be helped. Once completed, send it to the equipment support team immediately.”

“yes. All right.”

After that, Baek Young-hee reported a few more things, but most of them had already been dealt with so that I could just nod my head.

“Oh, and the person the team leader told me to look for.”

Younghee Baek took out a document from a thick file and handed it to me.

“I think I found it.”

It was a document containing one person’s personal information.

Baek Young-hee continued.

“I thought it would be hard to find because there was almost no information other than the name. “There was a video of someone posting something they made on the Internet.”

The moment I saw the picture in front of me, without even looking at it closely, I nodded.

Although he was much younger than I thought, he still had that unique vibe.

“I guess that’s right.”

In the photo, a boy who could not make eye contact with the camera was standing with his mother with an anxious face.

I knew this boy’s name.

Youngshin Jang.

A name that will become the greatest superhuman equipment maker in the future.

In the future, each piece of equipment made by Jang Young-shin was traded for at least tens of billions of dollars.

Some people may have doubts.

This is not an era where swords were made in blacksmith shops, but

an era where everything from design to production is possible with cutting-edge scientific technology. How different would it be?

However, it is different when Jang Young-shin makes it.

Because Jang Young-shin is the only [producer] superhuman in Korea with personality.

Originally, it would be a few years before Jang Young-shin became famous, but

there was no reason to wait until then.

I asked Younghee Baek.

“Where is he now?”

[Dedicated Designer] End

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