Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 295


[ Secret Operation (3) ]

Belial’s Demon Castle It is divided into external and internal.

Any demon could enter the outer castle. A wall widely surrounded the city, and there were various facilities for demons within the city.

On the other hand, the inner city is surrounded by walls and sharp spires that are much higher than the outer walls. Normally, the door was closed and only authorized high-ranking demons could enter, but now that the owner of the castle had long since disappeared, it was wide open.

It was because of the [Demon King Selection Test].

But currently, there were no demons who could enter it.

After three large demons occupied the front of the inner gate, blocking it.

“Giggle. “If you want to go in here, get your skills verified by us first.”

“If you’re lucky, you might be able to get inside, right?”

“From then on, we will have to compete with the commander of the 3rd legion of the Baal Legion.”

The demons, each with the faces of a wolf, snake, and lion, looked very large and strong at a glance.

And in front of them, the corpses of hundreds of demons were torn to pieces and piled up like a hill.

Among the corpses were demons who were Belial’s loyal subjects.

“You cowards!”

“You’re interfering with the selection test like this…”

“Shouldn’t we be given the same opportunity?”

Some of the demons who could not enter the inner room due to the three demons’ interference raised their voices and criticized the three demons.

“Are you cowardly? we?”

The demon with the face of a snake flicked its long tongue and rushed like a thunderbolt at the demon who had called him a coward.


In an instant, the snake demon’s hand pierced the opponent’s stomach.

The skewered demon screamed as it was torn apart, but a moment later its torn internal organs were pulled out and its breath was cut off.


The snake demon, who added one more piece of waste to the hill of corpses, glared at the demons who had been chatting just a moment ago with bright yellow eyes.

“Just my attack. “Is there anyone who can block it from the front?”


The chattering demons all fell silent.

The level is different.

All three demons blocking the door were so powerful that they could not be compared to the other demons who came to take the test.

They were just pretending to be gatekeepers.


The demon with the face of a lion stomped its foot loudly. Then the startled demons stepped back.

“Do you think we are disturbing you? The result is already decided! “We want to reduce unnecessary waste of time in the intermediate process.”

“After all, it is Berit-sama who becomes the Demon Lord.”

Next to him, a demon with a wolf face showed its ferocious teeth. The teeth were stained red with the blood of the demons.

“If you don’t want to do that, just kill us and get over here. “It’s simple, right?”

The demons who came from far away to participate in the demon king selection test had no choice but to remain silent even though it was unfair to them at that fierce momentum.

And the being on top of the tallest spire in the Demon King’s Castle’s inner city was looking down at it.

The top of the spire.

There, huge red eyes were blinking, watching the fight on the ground.

Eyes connected to the main core of the Demon King’s Castle.

The three demons who looked up at those eyes grinned.

“He just watches what we do.”

“It means that we have allowed blocking the road as part of this testing process.”

“of course. “If we can’t overcome it, we can’t even compete with Berit anyway.”

[The Demon King Selection Test] is a ceremony where the Demon King itself selects a new master.

The Demon King is a monster with spirituality.

The strongest monster weapon that stays with the Demon King for a long time, absorbs his power, grows and becomes stronger, and protects the Demon King from enemies.

He was also the most loyal subject.

But that was only when the Demon King was by his side.

“It’s already been more than 100 days since Belial went missing… so this guy has been waiting for his owner for quite some time.”

“Giggle. “You must have been quite hungry.”

“I like that. It is a loyal beast that endures hunger and waits for its master. “It’s a fitting match for Marquis Berit.”

If the Demon King dies or disappears along with the challenger, the Demon King attracts several demons and makes them compete with each other, making the strongest among them the master.

Because the Demon King also wants to serve a stronger demon as king.

Blink blink blink.

The eyes at the top of the tower blinked ceaselessly, scanning the ground. It seemed like it was looking for something, but it just kept blinking as if there was nothing it was looking for.

When no more demons approached, the three demons, who had nothing else to do, talked among themselves.

“When will Berit come out?”

It never occurred to them that their immediate superiors would fail.

“It’s been a while since you went in, so you should come out soon. “He has been under Baal-nim for a long time, but Berit-nim’s power has long been comparable to that of a low-level demon lord.”

The lion-headed demon answered the question of the wolf-headed demon. He was the leader among the three.

“But if Berit sits on the throne, do we also get a seat?”

“I don’t want to be sent to a remote area like this.”

“It’s useless to worry. When Berit becomes the Demon King, he will immediately gather the demons here and go to Baal. “After that, it’s war with the Allied forces.”

“Well, you said you would definitely capture the dimensional hub during the next attack.”

“After taking over the dimensional hub. “I heard that each corps commander is given a governorship position?”

“You mean that? “I heard some rumors, too…”

“Maybe an opportunity will come to us.”


The three demons were excited, dreaming of the rosy future that would unfold before them.

There was no signs of tension or anxiety on their faces.

Berit, commander of the Baal Army’s 3rd Corps.

The most powerful demon among Baal’s direct subordinates will soon return as the demon lord.

“hey! Are there any more challengers? “I’ll only use one hand, so give it a try!”

Even the conversation seemed to have become boring, as the snake-faced demon flicked its tongue and taunted the demons who had been reduced to bystanders.

It was then.


A murmur grew louder behind the gathered demons, and soon a path opened to the left and right, and demons I had never seen before appeared.

They were Lily and her group disguised as demons.

The mood of the three demons who discovered them became a little sharper.

“…A satyr. “It looks pretty strong.”

“There are quite a few succubi next to him?”

“Giggle. There are also demon rabbits. “It’s my favorite special meal.”

However, all three were only a little wary of the appearance of new demons and did not appear nervous.

Because they were commanders under the commander of the 3rd Corps directly under Baal, the most elite fighting group in the Demon World.

“For a novice, it seems quite useful.”

“It’s obvious that the people who come to these rural areas are strong.”

“Giggle. Don’t be too scared. “It was already a boring car, right?”

I did not see the three demons who were so conceited.

The appearance of other demons following behind the newly appeared demons with expressions as if they were possessed.

And the pupils of the devil’s castle at the top of the inner spire were doubled in size.

“Stop. To get through here, you must pass our test. Or die.”

The snake-faced demon stepped forward alone and flicked its long tongue.


The toad demon who guided Lily and the others there glanced back.

Behind me, beings that made my stomach tingle just by looking at them were walking with stern expressions.

And in front, high-ranking demons dispatched from Baal’s direct army were blocking the road.

‘What are you going to do about me!’

“These people over there…”

When the toad demon stopped and broke into a cold sweat, unable to do either this or

that, “Tsk. “Get out of the way.”

Cheonmugeuk pushed the toad demon aside and stepped forward.

The snake demon that saw this narrowed its pupils vertically and blocked Cheonmugeuk’s path.

“Giggle. I’ll take care of these guys. hey. You look pretty strong, so don’t disappoint me…”

– Pow!

Everyone except Lily and the others opened their mouths in silence at what happened in an instant.

“What… just now…”

“What, how…”

A corpse with only the lower half of its body left standing on two legs in the place where the snake demon had been standing just moments ago.

“Cluck. “You look pretty strong, so you put in a lot of effort, but you can’t even hold on to the power of the throne.”

Only after Cheon Mu-geuk lowered his fist while grumbling

– Coo!

The snake demon, with only the lower body remaining, fell sideways.

At that moment, the lion-faced demon shouted.

“Kill me-!”

Sreuk. Slurp.

The bodyguard under the direct command of Baal Army’s 3rd Corps Commander Berit appeared from thin air and instantly surrounded and attacked the party.

In the group, Abraxas stepped forward.

“I will handle this. “Magic is faster when processing a lot at once.”

“What are you talking about? My Heavenly Demon Divine Art is the best in the world when it comes to dealing with multiple people….”

“That’s enough, just leave it to this sister.”

As Abraxas lightly waved his hand, fire, cold, lightning, wind, earth, light, and darkness surrounded her body. The magic of seven attributes was realized at the same time and shot out in all directions.



The demons’ attacks all exploded in the air before they could reach the group.



Before they knew it, only the two remaining, the wolf head and the lion head, looked at the demons walking straight towards them with shocked faces.

“Are you going to keep blocking it? Are we going in?”

The bewitching succubus – Abraxas – spoke with a coquettish smile.


“How could this…”

The high-ranking demons from the demon world’s most elite corps became scared and began to back away.

At that time, the keen-eyed lion-headed demon noticed something. He immediately sent a telepathic message to his colleague.

-When I give the signal, attack the demon rabbit behind them.

-what? why?

-That is not a raised animal.

Two demon rabbits, each with a red ribbon and a blue ribbon on their chests, were waddling behind the satyr and the succubus.

-They are protecting those two. I don’t know why… but that’s all I can do right now.

-…I get it. Trust your judgment.

-We just need to buy time until Berit comes out.

The lion that was walking backwards stopped in place and gave a signal.


The moment the lion, whose body had doubled in size, roared and attracted attention, the wolf hid behind the lion’s back and jumped out like a thunderbolt.

‘I’ll make sure to catch one of the two!’

His target was a Demon World rabbit with a blue ribbon on its chest.

Fortunately, the lion must have caught their attention and arrived a short distance away, but there was no interference from the satyr or succubus.

“If you don’t stop, I will kill this guy!”

Just before the claws of the wolf demon reach the nape of the demon rabbit’s neck,

“Wolf is bad!” “Rabbit hates wolves!”

The demon rabbit wearing a blue ribbon raised its short arm and aimed it at the wolf.

The cold air released from those soft fingertips poured down on the wolf.

-Blah blah blah…!

A wolf demon frozen in the air falls to the ground with a clang! It was shattered.


The lion demon was speechless and gritted its teeth.

Still, the satyr and succubus could understand.

Because they are originally strong races.

But the Demon World Rabbit

is that plump-looking Demon World Rabbit!

It’s a special meal that you sometimes eat when you’re hungry!

“Where on earth do you monsters come from?”

Lily, the demon rabbit with a red ribbon, stepped forward and spoke to the screaming lion.

“We trained for a long time because we wanted to become demon kings! “I’m here to take the exam, so get out of the way!”

It was a comment he had prepared on his way here, but the lion demon vehemently denied it.

“Do not lie! No matter how much I train, there is no way that a Demon World Rabbit can kill a high-ranking demon…”

“It’s not a lie! “You can do anything if you try!”

“As expected, something is suspicious. You guys. “With a certain purpose…”

The lion was quick-witted, and that quick-wittedness shortened his lifespan.


Lily rushed up and punched the lion demon in the face.


What touched the lion’s cheek was a thick and soft rabbit fist, but there was a bunch of highly concentrated flames there.


The lion, which was thrown to the wall of the inner spire with a single blow, trembled for a moment and then dropped its head.

“You’re fussing.”

Lily slapped her palm and walked to the front with strides. The group followed suit.



Abraxas turned his head at the sound coming from behind him.

A demon resembling a toad I met at a bar was kneeling.

That was just the beginning.

thud! thud! thud!

Thump thump thump thump thump!

All the demons who witnessed the party’s fight knelt down.

“Why are they like that? “You didn’t do anything over there?”

“Cluck. “The demons are similar to warriors in some ways.”

Cheon Mu-geuk said, stroking his chin as if he was in a good mood.

“When encountering a powerful person of a level they cannot even imagine, warriors tend to kneel in awe that naturally arises. “Well, it’s something I’m familiar with.”

“In the end, I am proud…”

The power they showed was well worth it.

He kills the high-ranking demons dispatched from Baal’s legion like catching insects and walks proudly towards the spire.

The demons must have already felt like they were witnessing the birth of a new demon king.

Although the group was really anxious.

“We have to catch up before the exam is over. Once the devil is decided, things get complicated…”

That was then.


The top of the spire crumbled, revealing a demon with gray hair fluttering inside.


[Secret Operation (3)] End

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