Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 3


[How much will you give? ]

The wild dog that was rolling on the ground got up and barked fiercely at me.

Wow! Kkkkkkkkkk!

However, perhaps being hit once made him more alert, so he did not attack right away.

Meanwhile, I spoke to the little boy who was frozen in shock.

“I’m disturbing you, so go to your mom quickly.”

“Thank you!”

“Don’t just say thank you, give me a chocolate bar.”

The obnoxious little boy ran away without even looking back, let alone the chocolate bar. I blocked the way to prevent the wild dogs from chasing the kid.

Wow! Kkkkkkkkkkk!

Five or six red spotted wild dogs surrounded me.

Perhaps because I was hungry, these guys kept looking like antelope soup.

“Well, in the past, we sometimes caught and ate them….”


They seemed to be offended by what I said, so they all bared their teeth and attacked me.

I managed to avoid attacks from wild dogs. And I swung the palu with moderate force.

Pow! puck! Puk puk!

First of all, it was a warm-up exercise to check my body condition.

Although my body is from 20 years ago, it took some time to get used to it.

Strength Flexibility Stamina.

It was abysmally lower than when I was 40, before everything regressed.

It’s because my body hasn’t trained at all.

Still, there was one thing that was definitely better.

“It’s nice that my knees don’t hurt.”

My knees, which had been creaky for nearly 20 years due to a fall at a construction site, were so refreshed that I was able to naturally perform movements that had previously required me to endure pain, including jumping.


I immediately went back to the side of a wild dog and drove the stick into its temple.


The sharp part of the metal pierced the wild dog’s eyeball and pierced its brain.

At that time, before I could pull out the stuck palu, two wild dogs attacked from the left and right.

I jumped in place, dodged the two guys’ teeth, turned my body, and kicked up my feet.

Pow! Pow!

Wild dogs running away. However, the empty space was quickly filled by other wild dogs.


I was surrounded by wild dogs and moved around frantically for a while.

He swung his blood-stained palu like a madman, and when he saw a wild dog trying to attack a citizen, he threw a stone to attract aggro.


In my left hand, I took off the damn watch, held it like a knuckle, and whacked the bridge of the wild dog’s nose.

Wake up! Wow!

The watch was harder than I imagined. Even after breaking the monster’s nose, there wasn’t a single scratch.

As we fought so hard, my new jacket got scratched here and there and became a mess. Fortunately, it wasn’t completely torn because it was made of monster leather.

Well, I think it’s a vintage style and I should keep wearing it.

I took a moment to catch my breath and estimate the number of those remaining.

“Ten… I think there are roughly half of them left.”

Slowly, I started to feel out of breath. It seems like such poor physical strength. Besides…

“Ha. “I’m really hungry.”

When I woke up and couldn’t eat anything, I was so hungry that I felt dizzy.

It was time to raise the remaining mana, deciding to finish quickly.


A loud siren sound. I turned my head and saw a police bus coming.

Fully armed riot police jumped out of the bus and moved in unison.

[It’s the police! Citizens, please follow our instructions!]

The police evacuated the citizens and at the same time surrounded a pack of red-spotted wild dogs. Of course, I was in it too.

“Whew. “You’re coming quickly.”

I sighed and escaped the siege while the wild dogs were confused.

The police will take care of the rest.

“Tsk. “This is quite expensive…”

As I was examining the jacket, which had scratches here and there, a police officer came up to me and said.

“Superman! Thank you for saving our citizens!”

“Yes, well….”

“If you tell us your name and affiliation, compensation will be paid by the government later.”

Because it belongs.

Although there are some superhumans who work as freelancers on their own, in many ways it is convenient to have an affiliation.

It is almost impossible for an individual to surpass a group in terms of loot processing, tax management, and information power.

Well, my situation is a little different.

“Landlord. I have no affiliation yet. “I haven’t even registered as a superhuman yet.”


A police officer asks a question with a puzzled expression. They probably naturally thought that I was a superhuman belonging to a guild.

I said again.

Raise your voice a little so that others around you can hear.

“I woke up today.”

“…You mean today?!”

“yes. “It’s only been a few hours.”

The police officer’s face is filled with surprise. He looked back and forth between me and the scene I had created – the corpses of red-spotted wild dogs – and muttered.

“That’s amazing. On the day of awakening, I developed these skills…”

Actually, I did it once 20 years ago.

Instead of saying that, I gave a humble smile.

“You can deposit the compensation directly into my account. Oh, you can’t get it right now, right? “Can I leave my contact information and account first?”

“Ah yes! “We ask for your cooperation.”

I gave my cell phone number to the police officer. It’s probably only a few pennies, but they say they’ll give me compensation, so I should get it.


The police officer seemed to want to say something more.

I already guessed what he was going to say.

The same goes for other gazes around me.

Many eyes were watching me with drool flowing.

‘I have no affiliation.’ It’s probably because of the saying.

Then, should I wear it out a little more?

I interrupted the police officer’s sentence midway through.

“I’m sorry, but I’m a little busy.”

“It’ll just take a moment! “I have something to tell you…”

“Okay then.”

I literally kicked the floor.


And I left the scene quickly, but fast enough for people to know which direction I was going.


After the landlord left the scene.

Police executives immediately reported to superiors.

“I discovered a new awakened person. Name lessor. “I currently have no affiliation and have only secured contact information.”

That wasn’t all.

Quite a few of the witnesses at the scene called somewhere.

They spoke quickly into the phone, as if it were a competition.

“hello. “That’s the Phoenix Guild, right?”

“I saw a superhuman who had just awakened.”

“He looks about 20 years old.”

“I think he has considerable skills. “He can kill as many as thirty monsters alone…”

Superhumans are precious.

Guilds sponsored by state institutions and corporations have always needed superhumans.

Therefore, when a newly awakened superhuman appears, fierce competition to recruit him begins.

In particular, in order to stay ahead of the recruitment competition, guilds advertised a lot on a regular basis and paid rewards just for reporting awakened superhumans.

The result was this scene.

“I just went to Jongno City Hall!”

“But how long will the reward be paid?”

“Contact information? “I don’t know that either.”

The name ‘Leaseman’ was spread to all guilds in Seoul by eyewitnesses at the scene.

A new awakener.

Rumors quickly spread that the skills he showed while dealing with monsters were incredible.

The appearance of an outstanding rookie!

It was natural for there to be competition between guilds.

In other words, the ransom price was rising rapidly.

Of course, the person involved knew that better than anyone else.




Ji-ing! Ji-ing!

I looked at my cell phone, which had been ringing non-stop for a while. It was an unknown number.

“Children. “It’s also fast.”

From my point of view, there was no need to rush. I put my phone in my pocket and looked around as I walked.

The time I returned was two years after the ‘First Gate’ occurred.

A time when superhumans with mana and [personality] began to replace the military and police, and guilds began to gain power and influence in earnest.

It was a time when monster response manuals were still lacking and proper superhuman training institutions had not yet been established.

“There was something else…”

I tried to think about what happened during this time to make future plans.

“It was roughly around this time that superhuman criminal organizations began to flourish…”

I knew that some of the [Six Disasters] that would appear later had already begun at this time.

“…I don’t know anything else, but I have to avoid disaster well.”

If you get caught up in a disaster by mistake, you will die.

Well, these are things that were blocked in the past regardless of me, so I don’t have to worry about them.

At that time, the restaurant came into view. A small soup restaurant. I opened the door, went in, and ordered two bowls of soup.

Once my stomach was full, I began to think in earnest about what to do next.

There was no need to think for long.

The only thing I wanted was to retire and live comfortably.

Retire as soon as possible….

“You spend your whole life playing and eating and being lazy.”

I was just mumbling to myself, but the man at the table next to me clicked his tongue as if he heard me.

“Tsk. Anyway, young people these days don’t think about going through hardships.”

“…what? Aren’t you having a hard time? “Do you know how I feel about being bullied in the future for 20 years?!!”

– Instead of grabbing the man by the collar and shouting, I called the kitchen aunt.

“aunt. “Here, please give me some soju.”

After paying the bill, I went outside and looked at the sky. The sky was coldly blue.

I thought my life after retirement would be that green and clear.

“ha. “The weather is so fucking nice.”

Anyway, the important thing is to retire again.

To do that, you must first create a retirement plan.

Fortunately, I had knowledge of the future and information that others did not know.

Money, health, power-based connections.

Essential elements for a happy retirement life.

It used to take 20 years, but now it can be achieved much faster than before.

“I will retire within three years at the latest.”

As I clenched my fists with that promise, I heard a voice next to me that I had never heard before.

“Are you by any chance the landlord?”

When I turned my head, a neatly dressed man was approaching me with a business smile.

I answered indifferently.

“yes. But what?”

The man’s smile deepened. He said, handing over his business card.

“My name is Kim Gil-su, the manager of the Royal Family Guild. It’s no different…”

As I was roughly hearing those words in one ear and letting them out of the other, a pure white limousine stopped right in front of me.

Getting out of the limousine was a beautiful woman.

She spoke in a slightly nasal voice.

“You are the landlord, right? My name is Younghee Baek, a scout at the Whitehouse Guild. If you have time…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a loud voice from the left interrupted.

“Hello, brother! From the Warriors Guild!”

The man, who looked like a gangster no matter how I looked at him, bent his waist at a 90 degree angle to me.

That wasn’t the end. In a moment, people from all kinds of guilds surrounded me and started talking.

They even fight among themselves over order.

“Move! “I came first!”

“gibberish! “I came first!”

“no it’s not!”

“That’s right!”

There was no separate market on market days. I sighed lightly and told them.

“Everyone, shut up. “If you say one more word, I will never join that guild.”


The managers are in agreement as if they never made such a fuss. I looked around at them and said,

“What am I talking about here, so just follow me.”

I took them to a nearby cafe. The cafe owner looked very embarrassed as a bunch of expensively dressed men and women, excluding me, came in.

“Please give me the most expensive one here. “Please give us a reasonable amount of dessert… Who will do the billing?”

There was an uproar, with each party offering to pay for my words.


“I will do it!”

“Here’s your card!”

I looked at that figure with a happy face.

It’s worth it after throwing away a lot of rice cakes.

I sat cross-legged at the head of the longest table. And I took a light sip of coffee.

The guild managers looked nervous.

Everyone probably wants to take me to their guild somehow. However, in this situation, speaking first may end up being a handshake.

So, you need to make it easier to speak.

I said, crossing my legs in opposite directions.

“There’s no need to talk too much, let’s start with the down payment. “How much will you give me?”

The managers began to look at each other at my words.

[How much will you give? ]End

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Regressor’s Life After Retirement

Regressor’s Life After Retirement

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After the first Gate opened in 2018, Lim Dae-In survived for 20 years on Earth while being connected to other dimensions. The day after his long-awaited retirement celebration, he regresses by 20 years, back to when he had nothing…


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