Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 30


[ Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls ]

I did something in front of the office mirror. I was trying on the warm new combat uniform that was completed some time ago.

“hmm. “It’s not bad, is it?”

The new combat uniform, made by processing white Uruk leather previously obtained from the Uruk village, had a clean design, was lightweight, and had excellent defensive power.

In the future, it was planned to use this combat uniform as basic armament and wear various types of equipment on top depending on the situation.

Next to me, Lily, wearing the same combat uniform as me, was looking back and forth at her reflection in the mirror.

“kid. “Do you like your new clothes?”

The little boy nodded and held out both sleeves to me.

“huh! Look at this!”

The left sleeve of the little boy’s combat uniform had a chicken leg embroidered on it.

“This is chicken!”

And the right sleeve had pizza embroidered on it.

“This is pizza! “The pizza is delicious too.”

…Jang Young-shin. It seems that the timid little boy expressed his feelings in that way.

This combat uniform was Jang Young-shin’s first work.

Two days ago, we talked a lot while eating chicken and pizza, which the two kids like, at a hair salon.

When they found out that the little boy and I were superhumans, they were surprised.

What happened next was a natural process.

I told Youngshin Jang that he seemed to have talent and suggested that he try working in the guild workshop as a test.

Still, I didn’t know that he would come visit me the next day…

I glanced at the little boy.

“Is this the power of love?”

As soon as Jang Young-shin came to the workshop, he surprised all the technicians in the guild.

Not only is he a genius from the beginning, but he also has the deceitful personality of a [producer].

He caught up with the workshop technicians and asked them how to use the equipment in the workshop, and within a few hours he was able to handle most of it.

One day was enough to make two sets of clothes for Jang Young-shin.

But it looks like the three sets were a bit difficult.

“Hey, team leader. “My combat uniform is…”

I said clearly to Wang Guho, who timidly asserted himself.

“You don’t need combat uniforms or anything.”

“That’s true, but… I thought it would be nice to have one too…”

Wang Guho seemed to be envious of our new combat uniform.

I nodded roughly, saying I understood.

“I’ll ask you to make yours too later.”


Looking at Wang Guhao smiling timidly and clenching his fists, it seems like he really believes that I’m going to tell him.

At that time, Younghee Baek came into the office.

“The field support team preparations are complete. “You can go down right now.”

I nodded.

In the last few days, I have done everything I can to prepare.

Because I couldn’t let my guard down as I was entering one of the worst dungeons.

I said as I headed toward the elevator.

“let’s go.”

The little boy and Baek Young-hee were on either side of me, and Wang Gu-ho was following behind me. We rode the elevator together.

While I was simulating various situations that could occur in the dungeon in my head, Baek Young-hee spoke next to me.

“Hey, team leader.”


“Your new combat uniform looks really good on you.”

“thank you.”


I could see Baek Young-hee’s eyes directed towards my head through the mirror installed in the elevator.

Baek Young-hee covered her mouth with her hand and laughed softly.

“That fluffy hair… isn’t it so cute?”

“…Let’s just stop there.”

I was still distraught every time I looked in the mirror.

Unlike her son, Jang Young-shin’s mother did not have much manual dexterity.

For some reason, there were no customers in the store.




When we arrived at the gate, absurd news awaited us.

Baek Young-hee glared at the government official and shouted.

“What do you mean! “I can’t believe another guild left first!”

The government official, who looked like a slob, protested with an expression of resentment.

“No, that’s all I heard? “I thought we talked about the operation time being changed…?”

Baek Young-hee asked back with a puzzled expression.

“yes? “We have never heard of such a thing!” “It’s strange,”

said a government official, scratching his rough, bearded chin

. They say Whitehouse is a latecomer…”

“What? “Who on earth said that?!”

“No… don’t be so excited…”

The situation is like this.

This operation was a joint operation carried out by four guilds at the request of the government.

White House.

Black hound.


Red Shark.

The original schedule was for these four guilds to gather here by 9 a.m. and depart together.

But when I got to the gate, I realized that all the other guilds had left two hours earlier.

A government official said.

“Anyway, that’s what I heard. “The three guilds will leave first, and White House will join later…”

Baek Young-hee glared at the government official as if she were going to eat him.

“So you’re saying you didn’t notify us at all? “Have you ever thought that something was strange?”

A government official spoke while breaking into a cold sweat.

“No, it’s useless to argue with me….”

“I’m going to file a formal complaint to the government!”

I looked at that figure and sighed.

I knew roughly what was going on.

In short, three guilds came together and fucked us.

We’re going to eat it with everyone but us.

It was obvious who was leading this incident.

“Kim Tae-jin, that person. “It’s still the same.”

It was clear that Blackhound was in charge of this.

Warriors was also not a guild that I had particularly good feelings about. I recently had a bad relationship with the fat team leader.

Red Shark persuaded two guilds to do something together, so he must have passed on it.

I stepped forward and grabbed Baek Young-hee’s arm.

“There’s nothing to get upset about. “We just have to leave as planned.”

Baek Young-hee looked back at me with a face full of resentment.

“manager! “If we go in there now…”

“Then, let’s come all the way here and go back to the guild?”

“That’s not it, but….”

Baek Young-hee lowers her head helplessly. I turned and spoke to the government official.

“We will enter the gate as scheduled.”

Government officials breathed a sigh of relief.

“phew. “Don’t waste time. Instead, you should do it a long time ago… The team leader has a good way of speaking.”

I smiled and looked at him.

I thought there was an agreement between the guilds?

It’s bullshit. This guy must have taken bribes and changed his schedule.

So they probably didn’t even contact us.

Well, something like this has happened in the past so it was nothing new.

I took Baek Young-hee and returned to where the team members were gathered.

“What is all this?…”


The field support team members who heard the news also looked devastated.

It would be absurd and disappointing. Everyone has been busy preparing for today.

I clapped my hands to get their attention.

“Now everyone.”

I felt everyone’s eyes were on me.

I said it as if it was no big deal.

“Let’s not be too disappointed. Do you know anything else? “If we go in late, we might hit the jackpot even more.”

The team members nodded their heads helplessly, as if it wasn’t much of a consolation.

Well, what can I do now?

“Anyway, we’re starting in 5 minutes. Please report after final inspection by team.”

“There is nothing wrong with the filming crew.”

“There is nothing wrong with the medical team.”

“There is nothing wrong with the equipment team.”

After a while, we finished preparing everything and stood in front of the gate.

White House 7 teams total 18 people.

Among them, there were 15 people, excluding the secretary operator and driver.

Baek Young-hee bowed her head as she saw me off.

“sorry. “I should have definitely checked…”

Baek Young-hee looked up and there were a few tears in the corners of her eyes.

The tears came out of resentment and resentment.

“If I go in now, I won’t gain much…”


Well, it wasn’t unreasonable for everyone to think that way.

According to my memory, the danger level of ‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’ was B at first.

However, after failing to conquer several times, the danger level gradually increased, and it eventually became one of the worst dungeons.

Since they didn’t know that, the three guilds that went first ignored us and went in alone.

I sighed softly.

“Jerk the. I tried my best to take you with me, but…”


“Oh, I’m just talking to myself.”

I had no intention of taking care of those who had crawled into the grave on their own feet.

I tapped Baek Young-hee’s shoulder, whose eyes were bright red.

“Don’t worry. “I’ll come back with so much loot that my trunk will explode.”

“Team leader….”

“Then I’ll see you in a few days.”

I left those words and crossed the gate. Following me, Little Boy, Wang Guho, and the field support team vehicles crossed the gate.


After entering the dungeon,

we advanced for more than two hours, but there was no battle.

All that was visible were traces of battle and the crushed or dismembered corpses of monsters.

Next to me, Cheon Seol-ah spoke in a nervous voice.

“manager. “It was swept away from the front.”

I was currently riding in the equipment support team vehicle.

‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’ was a large dungeon that could be entered by vehicle.

The space was wide enough for vehicles to move up to approximately one-third of the dungeon.

I clasped my hands behind my head and leaned against the seat.

“are you okay. “Dungeons are long.”

“…I wish I could be as relaxed as the team leader.”

Cheon Seol-ah shook her head and took out my equipment and started wiping it.

I watched it for a moment and then turned my head to see what the kid in the backseat was doing.



The little boy had forgotten the lunch box Sirutdeok had packed for him, and when our eyes met, he quietly avoided my gaze and hid the lunch box behind his back.



“Hey. “Don’t avert your eyes and look at me.”


The little boy just rolled his eyes and looked at me.

“You just ate your lunch, right? “Something to eat for lunch.”

The little boy shook his head in denial.

“Oh, you’re not staying?”

My cheeks were puffy like a squirrel with an acorn in my mouth, so even if I said that, it wasn’t even the slightest bit persuasive.

I quickly snatched the lunch box that the little boy had hidden behind his back.

“This will be confiscated until lunch.”

“eye patch! Give it back-!”

I sighed, pushing the forehead of the charging kid away with my palm.

“ha. If you continue to be like this and become obese…”

That was back then. Something grabbed hold of my senses, which were spread out as wide as possible.

“…All vehicles stop!”

When my expression suddenly hardened, the little boy also became calm.

The little boy asked, blinking his big eyes.

“what’s the matter?”

“What’s out there?”

I put the lunch box aside and got out of the car with the little boy.

“All vehicles wait here. Wang Guho. “You guard the vehicle here.”

“Four four!”

Leaving Wang Guho’s voice behind, I walked forward with the little boy.


Something like the howl of an animal was heard from the darkness beyond.

The cries, which were only one at first, began to increase in number.



It wasn’t just one or two. At least five. The number continued to increase.

Soon the number of figures increased to ten and began to approach us.

After a while, they appeared.

“Oh my god…”

“What is that…”

I could feel the field support team members behind me being surprised.

It was worth it.


Because the people who entered the dungeon before us were crawling on all fours with their white eyes exposed.

The reason why this dungeon is called ‘Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls’.

This was because it turned anyone who entered the dungeon into a monster.

[Labyrinth of Corrupted Souls] End

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